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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 46

Chapter 46
Theme : The Hostage Letter
Theo’s POV
“This is a weird, maybe ridiculous question, but do you
know who Darkness is?” Jayden asked over the phone.
My mood turned sour, wondering how he’d had come
across that guy’s name. Elisia, who was sprawled on the
floor from her hilarious fall earlier, raised an eyebrow at
my ha-rd ened expression. I smiled at her in reas-surance,
ma-king her shrug away her worries and look throu-gh the
letters spre-ad on the wooden floor.
“Yes, Elisia and I have encountered him today.” I
responded gravely. “Why do you ask? Stay away from
him, he’s a dangerous… thing.”
Elisia [email protected] quietly, her gray eyes fixed on the paper she
sli-pped on. Her eyes wi-de-ned as she re-ad what was on it.
Feeling curious by her expression, I started to approach
her. Could that be the hostage letter?
“Thing?” He repeated, bringing my attention back to him.
I st©pped in my tracks to explain, watching Noah
approach her looking equally as curious.
“fv¢k knows what he is, Jayden. But he sure isn’t a man,
or a werewolf. He probably could’ve killed Elisia and I
today, but deliberately let us live. Don’t ever face him
alone.” I explained darkly.
As much as I hated to admit it, that Darkness guy is
beyond our un-derstanding. It would be best to avoid him
as much as possible, until we have grasped what he is.
Now that Killian is dead, the likelihood of encountering
him is a lot higher.
Elisia stood up suddenly, screaming with shock and
disbelief. She held the paper delicately, her eyes welling
up with relief.
I couldn’t help but [email protected] as I walked towards her. “No
Elisia handed the letter over to Noah for him to re-ad. “I
can’t believe it.”
Realising Jayden was still on the line, I quic-kly said, “Sorry
man, I have to hang up. I’ll call you later.”
“Sure.” I heard him reply reluctantly. I made a mental
note to call him soon, he sounded like he wanted to
share more information.
I tucked my phone into my pocket and engulfed Elisia in
a hvg. I shivered as her curves pressed against me, the
power of her simple t©uçh was enough to bring me
down to my knees. She looked up at me, her eyes glossy
from unshed tears.
“I’ll be able to clear my parents’ name, Theo.” She
whispered, trying to sink it all in. “Clear all the horrible
crimes they were unrightfully stuck with.”
I ti-ght£ñed my [email protected] and k!$$£d the t©p of her head.
With this letter, we were going to change history. Her
parents were labelled as betrayers – Alex was named the
murderer of his own people and Lily was called the Luna
who abandoned her pack.
The werewolf world will finally be enlightened with the
truth. Maxwell ordered the mas-s killing of those people
with the help of The Rogue f0rç£. Lily didn’t abandon her
pack, she was kidnapped and held hostage by Maxwell.
Alex was f0rç£d to turn himself in for the mas-s murder,
for the sake of his mate’s life.
Her parents lived tragically ever since they got together, it
was unfair. They suffered quietly while the entire
community despised them. Some may say it’s too late for
justice, but this was important.
Important for Elisia.
Important for Noah.
And important for The MoonKnight Pack.
“The next time someone utters any of your parents’
name, it will be with admiration for what they had gone
throu-gh.” I told her, bending down to her ear.Noah
smiled at us, watching how we were [email protected] each
other. “I had a feeling you were mates.”
Elisia blu-shed and turned around to face me. “I’m so
She ti-p toed and unexpectantly, k!$$£d myl-ips. My eyes
wi-de-ned at her confidence, as my heart started doing
fli-ps in my che-st. I clutched my che-st, knowing I looked
star-struck, and stumbled back from the effects of her
She laughed and [email protected] my arm with amusement.
“Such a Drama Queen.”
I laughed ha-rd at that because I was being far from
dramatic. I glanced at Noah who was re-re-ading the
hostage letter with a grim expression.
Elisia’s expression turned dark as she watched the letter.
My gaze returned back to Noah, really wanting to know
the contents of the letter. As if he heard my thoughts, he
looked up and wordlessly handed over the letter.
Once I received it, I started to re-ad.
*******To Alexander Gray,
To put it simply, this piece of paper is a hostage letter so
re-ad carefully.
If you are re-ading this, then it’s safe to say that Lily is with
me. I’ve ordered rogues to kidnap your dear mate, and
she will be with me for the time being. Now, for me to
keep her hostage and not kill her, you must be
wondering what price you’ll nee-d to pay to save her.
I don’t want nor do I nee-d money, gold, land or power.
I just want to destroy you.
I have carefully timed the attack, so that you’d find
yourself to be the only person alive within a mile of your
Manor. You’re probably re-ading this with an
unimaginable amount of corpses surrounding you. No
witnesses have been left behind, so no one can claim
they’ve seen rogues.
The first thing I nee-d you to do is to turn yourself in as
the person who murdered all those people. Simple, right?
A simple enough task to save Lily.
Of course, this would mean you’ll be str!pped of your
title, money, power and pack. But remember, this has to
be done for the sake of your mate’s life.
Secondly, you must not utter a single word about the
hostage of Lily, about me, and about the true story
behind the mas-s murder to anyone. If you do, then I’m
afraid torture will have to be added to the equation.
You are the so called ‘smart Alpha’, I wouldn’t expect you
to risk Lily’s life. I have spies everywhere, I will find out if
you tell even one person. Don’t organise a secret heist or
mission to save her, I’ll find out about it and administer
If I find that you are not upholding these conditions, then
torture is out of the question. I will introduce a slow,
painful death for Lily. I will be honest, this is something I
want to avoid. However, I will not hesitate to use this
option if you anger me.
Once everything ends up how I like it, I will ensure Lily’s
health and safety. She will not return to The MoonKnight
Pack, as I know she’d tell everyone about me. However, I
will provide her with whatever she wants and nee-ds as
long as she stays on my territory. The point of this
hostage is to destroy you, not her.
I will be keeping a close eye on you.
Do it well.*
Alpha Maxwell Hunter – The BlackShadowed Pack
#Holding back my anger, I carefully handed the letter to
Elisia and k!$$£d her forehead. “Keep it safe, I’m glad the
letter survived throu-gh almost two decades.”
She trembled as her gaze swept over the harsh words of
Maxwell. “Yeah, I’ll keep it with me.”
Anna [email protected]£ upstairs with a large plate full of cookies and
a smile. “Now usually I don’t let anyone eat snacks before
meals, but today is an exception.”
She took one look at our expressions and lowered the
plate, looking weary. “What’s wrong?”
Elisia shook her head and smiled. “Nothing, we found it!”
She held up the letter to prove her statement, ma-king
Anna squeak in excitement. “I-I can’t believe it! This is
amazing! I can’t believe you found it so quic-kly!”
She placed the plate of cookies on the floor and hvgged
Noah, who had been quiet. “I’m so glad…”
Noah hvgged his mate back just as ti-ghtly, hiding his face
in the crook of her n£¢k. A sniffle escaped him as she
soothingly ru-bbe-d the back of his n£¢k, she smiled at us
and mouthed ‘thank you’.
Elisia and I smiled back and started to leave the room to
give them space. Once we made it downstairs, we held
hands and sighed in relief. The rest of the evening was
spent eating, catching up and meeting their baby girl,
I got smug about how much she seemed to love being
with me, and not Elisia, who was begging for her
attention. I spent most of the time pla-ying with her,
gaining surprised and admirable looks by everyone. We
found out that Anna and Noah had been on their
honeymoon when the attack happened, reminding me of
how I found out what had happened to my mother
during my NYC trip seven years ago.
At some point during the evening, I checked my emails;
once I realised I hadn’t looked at my inbox in quite a long
while. I saw an email flagged as ‘important’ at the t©p of
the list, s£nt from Magnus Steel.
Alre-ady knowing what it was about, I cli-cked and re-ad its
contents before telling Elisia about it. It was concerning
the emergency meeting between all the leaders in the
werewolf community – all Alphas, Lunas and potentially
Betas will attend it.
Apparently, several leaders have alre-ady arrived at The
Imperial Pride Pack and are staying overnight. The
meeting will be held tomorrow at noon to discuss about
The Rogue f0rç£ and what to do about them.
Once I told Elisia about it, I called Julian to book us a
flight since we didn’t have our pas-sports on us to book it
ourselves. He was extremely confused on why we were
still here, but did it nonetheless. I told him to meet us at
the airport so I could explain everything.
Feeling content about finding the hostage letter, we sle-pt
throu-gh the night peacefully.
We waved goodbye to the Gray family once more, before
I drove away. It was a new day, and we were on our way
to the airport so early in the morning. Julian was alre-ady
at the airport and had our pas-sports since we left it back
at the manor.
“Too bad we couldn’t sleep together last night.” I spoke
up, sm-irking behind my sunglas-ses. I took a quic-k glance
at her reaction, plea-sed to see her looking flvstered at my
“It was sweet of you to sleep beside Nina.” She said with a
smile. I smiled at that, Nina refused to sleep without me
somewhat near her. She was adorable, it isn’t too often
that I come across babies but when I do, they seem to
get attached so quic-kly.”I felt bad leaving.” I added,
remembering her cries once she realised I was leaving.
Once we arrived at the airport, I parked the car and we
[email protected]£d our duffle bags. We texted our location to Julian
and found him walking towards us, he looked so done
with us.
“Ya’ll better have an explanation for all this!” He
exclaimed, pointing at us. “So I’m guessing Jay is
completely fine?”
“He’s totally fine, the silver box was successfully taken off
him.” Elisia reas-sured him.
“Well, you guys have three hours to kill – hit me with the
explanation.” He said, handing over our tickets. We sat
down in the sitting area by the entrance and explained
We told him about the fake email, about Kobi, The Rogue
f0rç£, Darkness and our plan that fooled them.
“So Emily went instead of you?” He reiterated. “And you
guys spent the night in the third town?”
“Well…you guys fooled me.” He said, shaking his head.
“And you definitely fooled Kobi, he’s still in the second
town – he gave himself two days of vacation. You know
how close I was about to book a flight to see Jay?”
I patted his shoulder. “Sorry about that, bro.”
He grinned at me. “Nah man, it had to be done. I should
[email protected]£ Leona about all this, she’s going to fli-p. She’ll be
on her way from the second town to the main town
today, it’s too bad she’ll miss you guys.”
His smile dropped like he remembered something bitter.
“I can’t believe Kobi is like that. I mean, working with The
Rogue f0rç£ and trying to get Elisia kidnapped? $h!t, I’ll
fv¢king kill that guy.”
“Nope, sorry.” Elisia cut in. “I alre-ady have dibs on him.”
We both looked her, flin-ching from the powerful, dark
energy radiating from her. She wore a knowing sm-irk,
looking forward to the day she gets her revenge. Julian
shifted uncomfortably, wondering why he probably felt
[email protected]£d.
“Fine, then I have dibs on Killian.” Julian chuckled,
shaking it off. I raised my eyebrow at that, cursing myself
for forgetting to tell them what Jay told me last night.
“Right, Killian is dead.” I said, dropping the bomb on
them. “Jayden called yesterday, and he told me he killed
They gaped at me in disbelief. “No way.” Elisia muttered.
“The leader is dead?”
Julian laughed nervously. “Isn’t that somewhat a good
thing? I mean, sure the rogues might want to avenge
their leader’s death but without a leader, we can take
them down.”
She shook her head. “Killian was their official leader, but
something tells me he wasn’t The
leader. I don’t think he was the one really giving out the
Julian c0cked his head at her in confusion. “Say what?”
“Darkness.” I said simply, ma-king Elisia nod in agreement.
Just because Killian was dead, it, unfortunately, didn’t
mean that the threat was over.
“The weird, creepy dude that ambushed the both of
you?” Julian asked, remembering what we had told him.
“That’s the one.”
Julian watched us warily, his green eyes filled with
concern. “He…he’s a problem, isn’t he?”
We nodded, clearly feeling unsettled. After talking for a
couple more minutes, we [email protected] ways with Julian and
checked in. We got throu-gh security, and found out our
plane was allowing pas-s£ngers on board earlier than
We boarded on a regular plane, due to there being some
issues with my pri-vate one. The plane ride was spent
productively – we sle-pt.
Once we landed, we made our way to the arrivals lobby
where Jayden said he’d meet us. He texted Elisia, saying
he would be happy to pick us up. We saw him in the
crowd on his phone, not realising we had arrived. I
mentally face-palmed myself, remembering I forgot to
call him back yesterday.We st©pped right in front of him,
and waited for him to look up. Elisia and I exchanged
amused looks, before returning our gaze on him. He was
smiling at his phone, his cheeks tinged with colour.
Who was he talking to?
Being the impatient person I was, I [email protected] the t©p of his
head to get his attention. He jumped in surprise, anger
clouding his features, before realising it was just us. He
chuckled, ru-bbing the t©p of his head, as he greeted us.
We followed him to his car, got in and headed off to the
Manor. He told us about what had happened yesterday,
that Emily was drugged by Killian and he ended up killing
“I can’t believe Killian ended up on my jet…” I muttered,
frowning at the possibility. “But she’s fine now, isn’t she?”
Jayden nodded. “She’s currently in the hospital. They’ve
taken blood tests to see what drug it was, but the results
were unclear. So they’ve recommended that she stay for
further an-alysis.”
We fell into a comfortable silence after that, enjoying the
peacefulness of the ride. Although, I noticed that he kept
sneaking glances at Elisia and I. His f!ngerswas also
drumming the steering wheel as he drove.
Elisia also noticed this and spoke up first.
“Spit it out, boy.” She said, watching him in amusement.
Jayden face contorted from looking unsure, to being
amused about something – like he knew something
“What is it?” I spoke up, suddenly curious.
He looked forward, the ghost of a smile still lingering on
his face. “Well, I was thinking about something that
suddenly makes s-en-se…”
I raised an eyebrow while Elisia snorted at his words.
“Something that never crossed my mind until recently.”
He added, with a wistful expression. My mate looked at
him with a creeped out expression. “Okay, so what is it
that’s ma-king you like this?”
“When mates first find each other, the scent of your
mate becomes very apparent.” He started to say. “The
scent of your mate is unique to you and is tailored to
smell irresistible. Only you can smell that scent from
your mate, aren’t I correct?”
He glanced at us one last time, and shook his head with a
chuckle. “Well, I was just thinking about the day we first
arrived onto Theo’s territory. I can’t believe I didn’t put
two and two together.”
“Busted.” Elisia said in the mate link. “We were literally
planning on telling him today.”
The side of myl-ips curled up at that, remembering the
long conversation we had yesterday evening.
Other than discussing what we would do and say during
the meeting, we also agreed it was time to publicly reveal
our relationsh!p. Although, we kept in mind to tell Jay,
Magnus and Kaitlyn first, in pri-vate, before telling the
She was a nervous wreck, wondering how he would react
to such a big secret that was kept from him. She broke
down even more, realising she had to break a bigger
secret to him – her true roots and true rank.
“If I remember correctly, Elisia kept smelling chocolate
and some spice?” Jayden continued with a thoughtful
“Cinnamon.” She told him with a sheepish smile.
Jay carried on. “Leona mentioned during the first dinner
that Theo smelt vanilla and strawberries, a scent no one
else could smell. Just like the cinnamon and chocolate
scent Elisia kept insisting she smelt.”
He rolled his eyes, still focusing on the road. “Long story
short, you’re mates.”
Elisia and I simply nodded, he figured it out before we
could even tell him.
“This may surprise you, but I actually like it.” He said
unexpectantly. “The fact that you’re mates reas-sures me
that Theo’s actions had always been done with good
intentions, so I’m glad. Although, as you may have
expected, I’m hurt that you kept it from me.”
Elisia visibly winced at that, guilt clouding her expression.
A heavy wave of guilt and uneasiness filled the link space
that connected the both of us. I reached out in the bond,
[email protected]£ss!ngher worries and showering her with reas-suring
“However, I could also see why you’ve done that.” He
carried on, shrugging. “We all know that I hated Theo,
because of the rumors and because of who your father
I didn’t know whether to be angry or sad at that
comment. Every leader in the werewolf community
somewhat has a grudge or hatred towards me, not
because of who I am, but because of whose son I am.
It was something I thought I’d have to live with or deal
with my entire life, until Magnus suggested I attend this
meeting and introduce myself. Due to Maxwell’s
leadersh!p, The BlackShadowed Pack has no allies in the
country because he thought there was no nee-d. I
disagreed, I believed good relations with other packs had
many benefits.
I never took the step forward to fulfil my values and
beliefs, because of the prejudice I would most likely face.
It only took one pep talk from Magnus to light a glimmer
of hope for my pack’s future.
“Honestly, my logic was clouded by the rumors to realise
they weren’t true. I was afraid you would hurt Elisia, and
tried my best to protect her. I guess she didn’t nee-d
protecting, so I apologise. I also apologise for judging
you and your intentions, before actually getting to know
you.” He said, catching my surprised expression in the
rear-view mirror.
Elisia watched him with wi-de eyes, admiring his sudden
mature attitude.
“If I had known sooner, I would’ve probably freaked out
and messed things up.” He admitted, scratching the back
of his n£¢k. “I’d alre-ady warmed up to the idea of Theo
hanging around, before I even realised ya’ll were mates.”
Without realising, I started to grin at those words. I didn’t
think hearing that from Jay would elicit such a response
from me.
He caught my expression in the mirror and frowned.
“Take that smile off your face, you nee-d to explain why
the fv¢k you were ‘friendly’ with Irene when you knew
Elisia was your girl! Don’t think for a second you’re off
the hook!”
Dre-ad and embarras-sment filled every cell in my b©dy,
just as regret and guilt washed over me so ha-rd that I
could’ve pas-sed out. I’d have to explain my actions to
him, in order to gain his trust. I wanted to work on my
relationsh!pwith my future brother-in-law.

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