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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 45

Chapter 45
Theme : Alpha Jayden vs Rogue Killian
Jay’s POV
I drove at an unimaginable speed, surpas-sing the speed
limit on this highway. I had to arrive at the airport before
that jet t©uçhed down. I gr!pp£dthe steering wheel in
frustration and anger, I changed plans at the very last
minute once I received Emily’s text message.
She said she was on the plane with a man with ‘yellow
eyes and teeth’ – I had no doubts that that was Killian. My
jaw ti-ght£ñed, wondering how he was able to see
throu-gh our plan.
Was there a spy in our warrior f0rç£, who ti-pped him
off? Or was this all a coincidence, and he was just
expecting Elisia to be on the plane? Nonetheless, Emily’s
life was in danger.
I had ordered twenty warriors to accompany me when
we get her off Killian’s hands. I had ninety stay behind to
ambush the Rogue Warriors, who were expecting ‘Elisia’
near my territory.
I frowned at the turn of events. Something tells me that
Killian wasn’t expecting us to swap Elisia with Emily, and
that he decided to join the plane ride just for the fun of
it. He must’ve been boiling with fury once he realised
Elisia wasn’t on the plane. He knows that we’ve figured
out his plan.
Now I’m just praying he hadn’t had the time to warn his
Rogue Warriors to retreat from their ‘hiding position’.
The highway was roaring with our five large Jeeps
speeding along the road to the airport, we were almost
there. I had alre-ady contacted someone there who can
let us in without delay, I also happened to know the
leader in air traffic control. He informed me that once we
arrived, we only had fifteen minutes to wra-p everything
My stomach churned with regret, I felt so bad about
Emily. She ba-rely knew us, but still agreed to help despite
the dangers. She got into this mess because of her
kindness, I had to make sure she gets to safety. We
turned into a side road, used only by airport staff, and
zoomed past security.
“Gate 18, you’ll see the sign.” An officer called out once
we reached the gates. It was a pri-vate shortcut to the air
field, where the runways are. We entered the runaway
area with our vehicles, easily finding Gate 18.”
All twenty one of us got out the cars, armed with
weapons. I walked over to the front of the group, and
crossed my arms. My gaze was trained of the jet that was
currently landing, we had made it just on time.
There was fifteen minutes on the clock.
“On my orders.” I said in the mind-link, reminding the
warriors when they can act.
The jet slowly turned around and st©pped right in front
of us, we had a good view of the door. God, I hoped
Emily was fine. Tuning my s-en-sitive s-en-se of smell, I
couldn’t smell any blood to my relief.
I frowned in confusion, when another scent hit me
I smelt…
The door opened suddenly, along with the stairs.
Everyone stiffened, their hands ti-ght£ñing around their
weapons. A flight attendant [email protected]£ into view first, raising
her eyebrows at us in surprise and confusion. She started
to make her way down the steps warily, she’s just a
human.My eyes were still trained on the doorway, I
s-en-sed several people still in there. I smelt one werewolf,
Emily, while the others smelt like humans. I knew the
rogues figured out a smart way of masking their scent.
It’s crazy how they can pas-s off as humans…
A figure [email protected]£ into view, standing in the doorway of the
“Killian.” I informed everyone.
There no doubt about that, those reckless yellow eyes
and sinister sm-irk. What angered me the most, was the
person he was carrying – bridal style.
By the looks of it, she was completely knocked out in his
arms. What had he done to her?
That delicious, add!çting scent hit me again. It smelt like
mouth-watering cherries and cotton candy…
My eyes zeroed in on Emily’s figure in the rogue’s arms.
Realisation hit me just as my wolf advanced to the front
of my mind. “That’s my MATE!”
Emily is my mate.
I was boiling with anger, not able to take my gaze from
Killian’s grip on my mate. He drugged <>her, and has the
nerve to t©uçh her?
I reached for my gun that was loaded with, ha-rd to come
by, pure silver bullets. I’m going to KILL this fv¢ker.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He called out, ma-king
his way down the steps. “I have this lovely lady in my
arms, after all. You wouldn’t want her to, ‘accidently’ die
from silver poisoning? My silver knife might sl!pinto her
I watched him carefully with distaste and hate. My wolf
was angrily clawing to let himself out, he wanted to rip
into Killian’s flesh for harming our mate. “Stay down, I’ll
sort this out.” I reas-sured him.
“You better.” He snarled back. “That’s our mate.”
“Would you care to tell me, who the hell this girl is?” He
continued, looking down at her. “I must say, she’s
Calm yourself. Don’t feed into his words.
“However, she isn’t who I was expecting. Where is Elisia?”
He asked, finally reaching the ground.
“Jay?” A warrior called out to me.
It was a warrior leading the ambush a couple miles away.
“What’s the problem?” I asked.
“Nothing, the rogues are here. We’re going to attack
“Kill every last one of them.” I snarled, with distaste.
“Don’t hesitate.”
I cut the link to focus on the scene in front of me.
“Create a circle, tra-p him.” I ordered in this mind link.
“Do it swiftly. He will tell you to st©p, obey him.”
All twenty of them immediately moved to my command.
“St©p!” Killian barked, glaring at the warriors. “I will not
hesitate to kill this girl.”
If he killed her, he would not have anything to negotiate
his life with. He knows Emily is the only reason we
haven’t killed him yet. He is clearly outnumbered,
however we couldn’t afford to lose any more time. He
might’ve contacted someone prior to landing, so there
may be rogues on the way.
“Jay, he has no weapon on him.” The warrior closest to
Killian said. “He’s bluffing.”
But he can still snap her n£¢k.But then, would he really?
He nee-ds her alive, after all.
“Don’t gamble her life.” My wolf warned me in the back
of my mind. I supressed the urge to roll my eyes at that
“Sometimes you act like an idiot, you can’t blame me for
being careful.” He sh0t back.
I shut him out as I thought of something, it was risky but
I had to act fast.
“Nathan?” I called into the mind-link. “I nee-d you to
shoot him in the shoulder, the momentary shock should
give me time to gr-ab Emily from him.”
Nathan was the best shooter in the f0rç£, his aim was
impeccable – has never missed since he joined.
“You don’t want me to go for the kill?” He asked with
surprise. “No head sh0t?”
“No.” I replied firmly. “As soon as I say the word, ‘plea-se’,
you shoot!”
I regarded Killian with an annoyed expression. “Alright,
hand over the girl.”
Nathan had alre-ady pu-ll-ed out his gun and fired at Killian,
hitting him in the shoulder. Despite having great trust in
Nathan’s skills, my heart lurched at the possibility of the
bullet hitting Emily.
It only took me a split second to reach Killian, kick him
while I [email protected]£d a hold of her and retreat. He had
recovered within seconds, but that was fine – I reached
the important objective. I looked down at the
unconscious girl in my arms, I had safely retrieved my
Observing her skin, I was relieved to see no blue
blotching – a sign of silver poisoning. We didn’t nee-d to
rush to the hospital…
I felt Killian shift to attack. Not wanting him to t©uçh my
mate again, I carefully handed her over to Nathan.
“Take her to my Jeep!” I barked. “Take four warriors with
I took my coat off and threw it their direction, not taking
my gaze off Killian. “[email protected] down in the back seats and
cover her with my coat. Do not t©uçh her any further.”
They obeyed me with a curt nod and went into action.
Killian snorted in amusement. “The boy wants act like an
“It’s in my nature.” I responded calmly.
And I’m going to kill you, I promise.
My eyes zeroed in on his hands, they were visibly in sight
– no weapon. If I attacked, the chances of him counter
attacking were low.
I sped forward to initiate close combat, and roundhouse
kicked him in the che-st. He grunted with discomfort, and
steadied himself to throw a punch. It was coming fast,
but not fast enough – I dodged it. I had a loaded pistol on
me, but decided against using it – I liked using my b©dy.
“Not fast enough, old man.” I sneered, as I threw a series
of punches.
He stayed in defence mode, blocking most of my hits. I
crouched down and swiftly swung my leg out
un-derneath him. Unexpectantly, he calculatedly rolled
forward rather than falling – controlling his fall and
landing with no injury.
Before I knew it, he was behind me and administered a
lethal kick to my lower back.
“fv¢k.” I muttered un-der my breath, cringing from the
pain. I quic-kly turned to face him before he could do any
The fifteen warriors, who were surrounding us, stepped
forward to help me.
“Don’t.” I ordered.He sm-irked, wiping the blood from his
bustedl-ip. He glanced at my Jeep in regret and
displea-sure. “I should’ve killed the girl when I had the
“Kill him.” My wolf ordered.
“No nee-d to tell me twice.” I snarled back,
I bounced in mid air, aimed my right knee straight at his
face, of cos I wouldn’t have pu-ll-ed such trick if I hadn’t
observed am very much fas-ter at him, my knee [email protected]£
crashing right into his face, he staggered backwards, then
his bleeding increa-sed, I pushed forward pres£nting him
an uppercut which s£nt him flying miles away and
landing him on his bu-ttocks. He quic-kly stood up, but not
without wincing in pain,
He must be stupid thinking he could take on me after the
bullet into his shoulder, he was foolish enough to come
here alone, so much for the badas-s Killian, I laughed
cheekily, inwardly of cause. By now he was on his legs,
s£nding me a death glare while I quic-kly sm-irked back.
Sure by now he knows there’s no getting out of this one. I
aimed at him again, this time going for a head sh0t. He
blocked it, but I was more concerned with kicking him
down. Knowing he was pre-occu-pied with my punches, I
quic-kly switched position and kicked him in the jaw.
A satisfying crunch of his jaw bone shattering, filled the
air. He stumbled back a couple metres, reeling from the
shock, but I wasn’t done yet. Not allowing him to recover
from that b!ow, I [email protected]£d the injured [email protected] of his face and
squee-zed with no mercy.
I looked into his yellow eyes, watching him roar from the
pain. Blood was pouring from his mouth, dripping onto
the concrete runway. I [email protected]£d the back of his n£¢k with
a sm-irk.
“Anything else to say?” I asked with a dangerous glare. I,
theatrically, placed my ear near him and heard nothing,
but him gurgling on his blood.
“Oh, that’s right. You can’t speak now.” I said, letting his
broken jaw flop. I [email protected]£d it once again, ti-ght£ñing my
grip on his n£¢k.
Realising my intention, he started to struggle against my
firm grip – for the first time, I saw fear in his eyes. He
didn’t think I had the intention of killing him, probably
thought I would bring him in for questioning – he is the
Leader of The Rogue f0rç£ after all.
He would’ve found a way to escape with all the tricks he
has up his sleeve. I watched him struggle against my grip,
looking pitiful and angry. I honestly thought he’d die a
much cooler death…
“Oh well.”
I snapped his n£¢k, and let go – watching his large figure
fall to the ground.
“Jay?” A warrior called out in concern. I looked around
me, the other fifteen warriors relaxing from their stiff
and defensive stances. They were all looking at Killian’s
lifeless form on the ground with mixed of emotions.
“He’s dead.” One of them muttered. “The Leader of The
Rogue f0rç£ is dead…”
Another stepped forward. “With all due respect, we
could’ve taken him in for questioning.”
“I know.” I responded with a sigh, pinching my nose
“But…the consequences!”
“I know there are consequences, I’ll deal with it.” I told
them. “I was the one who killed him, not you – don’t
“I was more worried about you, Jay.”
I shook my head at him. “Thank you, but it’ll be fine.
plea-se, sort the b©dy out.”
I rushed to my Jeep where Nathan had placed Emily. He,
along with the other four warriors, were stood outside
the car, guarding her. I appreciated that no one was
actually waiting inside, anyone can be vulnerable if
they’re unconscious.
“We nee-d to go to the hospital.” I said. “We don’t know
what she was injected with, thankfully it isn’t anything
I handed the keys to Nathan and told him to drive, I slid
into the back where Emily was. She was curled up, only
taking up two seats, giving me space to sit. We were
finally on the road, on our way to the pack hospital.
I took this opportunity to actually take in my mate, I
didn’t even know how she looked like. She was alre-ady so
precious to me, innocence and peacefulness clear on her
face. Her short straight, raven black coloured hair
perfectly framed her heart-shaped face.What my eyes
were drawn to, however, were her rosy, plumpl-ips. They
were a little glossy, like she had put a little l!pproduct on
them – they accentuated the fullness of herl-ips. Herl-ips
were [email protected] open, and curled up as she breathed steadily.
She had delicate, high cheekbones which added
fierceness to her pure features. I wanted to trace her
dark, perfectly shaped eyebrows with my f!nger. That’s
when I noticed a beauty sp©t on her right cheek, without
thinking I t©uçhed it.
Suddenly, her dark lashes fluttered open.
She was awake.
I was completely entranced by the golden, brown depths
of her eyes. Her striking eyes took my breath away, her
feline shaped eyes held confusion as she took in her
surroundings. Her feline-like features made her look
alluring, mysterious and se-duc-tive.
I was completely mesmerised.
Her hand sh0t out, gr-abbing me by the throat and
squee-zed ha-rd . Keeping her ti-ght grip on me, she snarled
– her beautiful features clouded with anger.
“Who are you, and where am I?”
Despite the pain, a stupid grin spre-ad across my face.
Her t©uçh initiated a series of plea-surable shocks,
rippling throu-ghout my b©dy. Without realising, she had
initiated the skin to skin stage of the mate bond. I
happened to not have t©uçhed her skin earlier, when I
took her from Killian.
Her eyes wi-de-ned at me, as realisation dawned on her. I
gave her a genuine smile and gently t©uçhed that hand
that was gripping my throat, I literally couldn’t breathe.
Her grip lessoned with each second that pas-sed, the
shock evident from her face.
“We were not formally introduced.” I managed to say,
hiding my nerves. “Hello, my name is Jayden Steel.”
Her hand dropped from my throat, her beautiful brown
eyes scanning my face with curiosity and wonder. “My
name is Emily Stevenson.” She replied in a quieter voice.
“Thank you for coming for me, I wasn’t sure you got my
“I [email protected]£ for you as soon as I re-ad it.” I told her. “I got
there on time, managed to take you away from Killian
and now we’re here.”
Nathan raised his eyebrow at me in the rear-view mirror,
probably amused that I left out the [email protected] when I killed
him. Just then, my phone started to ring. I, reluctantly,
answered with an apologetic smile.
“Jay, the ambush was successful.”
“How are the warriors?” I asked.
“We have many injured, but no causalities on our [email protected]
He responded. “We killed all, except the one who was
leading the group.”
I nodded, but then remembered he couldn’t see me.
“Alright, and what questions have you asked so far?”
“He’s refusing to answer to us, but he agreed to answer
to you.” He responded, sounding confused. “That’s why I
called rather than mind-linking you, so that he could
answer your questions.”
“Okay, is he with you now?” I asked unsure about the
rogue’s intentions.
“Yes, I’m putting you on loudspeaker.”
“Hello Jayden.” An unfamiliar voice spoke on the
receiving end.
“Hello.” I greeted coldly. “Your plan to ambush Elisia had
A hysterical laugh startled me, ma-king me cringe away
from the speaker. “You-you think
this was the big plan? You fv¢k-heads think this is the
power of The Rogue f0rç£? You are delusional!””Your
leader is dead.” I chuckled darkly.
The hysterical laugh continued uncontrollably, I was
beginning to question this rogue’s sanity. Even Emily
wore a weirded out expression. Nathan snorted, rolled
his eyes and shook his head.
“You killed Killian?” He asked after finally calming down.
“Yes.” I responded, getting impatient.
“And you think you’ve won, just because you killed our
official leader?” He asked rhetorically. “Oh ho ho ho, you
killed the wrong person!”
I gritted my teeth in annoyance. “What do you mean?”
“Th-the person you should all be afraid of is
him .” He cackled, ba-rely stringing his s£ntences together
from laughing so ha-rd .
I pinched my nose to calm myself down. “Who is him?”
“The one who will bring us glory. The one who will
empower the rogues. The one they call Darkness.” He
responded with a dark cackle. “You will never stand a
chance against him .”
I sighed, unimpressed. “So this…guy is called ‘Darkness’?”
Nathan rolled his eyes again, ma-king me chuckle. “Okay,
and you’re saying this ‘Darkness’ guy is the one behind
“He will bring us glory! He-”
“Alright, you alre-ady said that.” I interrupted him. “Care
to tell us what he has planned?”
Emily raised an eyebrow at me, her expression telling me
the rogue won’t answer that. I shrugged back, you never
“Like I’d ever tell you.” The rogue snarled.
She flashed me an ‘I told you so’ smile, ma-king me want
to melt into a puddle.
“You have a pretty smile.” I complimented her.
“Well, thank you.” A male voice replied.
Emily and I stared at my phone in horror before she
bur-st into hysterical fits of laughter, while I held back
“I wasn’t talking to you.” I addressed the rogue.
“So, now I feel awkward.” He continued, elongating the
“Okay, that’s enough talk for today.” I said, moving on.
“I’m hanging up.”
I hung up, staring at my phone in disbelief. Emily
sniggered and said, “I can’t believe I just witnessed that
“Welcome to my life.” I told her, alre-ady dialling
someone else.
“Hello?” A de-ep voice answered.
“Hey, Theo.” I greeted him. “The ambush was a success,
and Emily is safely with me.”
“Thank God.” He responded, sounding happy about the
outcome. “Hold on, let me tell Elisia.”
A few seconds later, I heard Elisia screeching with
happiness and relief.
“We showed those motherfv¢kers!” I heard her singing in
background. There was a loud crash following her
“Goodness, are you okay?” I heard a different male ask.
Theo started to crack up, laughing ha-rd at what had
“What was that sound?” I asked curiously.
“Elisia was dancing and she sli-pped on a piece of paper.”
He responded, still laughing. “Now she’s laying on the
floor, refusing to get up.”
“Theo, Killian is dead.” I suddenly said, wanting to break
the news.
There was silence on the other side.
“Really?” He finally asked.
“Yes, I killed him.” I confessed, not looking at Emily’s
“Well, the chances of rogues attacking us is much higher
now.” Theo reminded me. “But it’s nothing we can’t
handle. I would’ve killed him myself, good job Jayden.”
“This is a weird, maybe ridiculous question, but do you
know who Darkness is?” I asked, just for the sake of it.
There was a brief pause before he answered. “Yes, Elisia
and I have encountered him today. Why do you ask? Stay
away from him, he’s a dangerous…thing.”
“Thing?” I repeated. I was shocked to find that this
‘Darkness’ guy actually existed. What kind of name is
“fv¢k knows what he is, Jayden. But he sure isn’t a man,
or a werewolf. He probably could’ve killed Elisia and I
today, but deliberately let us live. Don’t ever face him
alone.” Theo explained, warning me.
Elisia suddenly screamed in background, ma-king me
Theo [email protected], it sounded like he was walking towards
Elisia. “No way!”
The male from earlier [email protected], “I can’t believe it.”
“Sorry Jay, I have to hang up.” Theo told me, excitement
lacing his voice. “I’ll call you later.”
“Sure.” I hung up before he did and slumped in my seat. I
didn’t even get to tell them I found my mate…
I glanced at Emily, her gaze was fixed on me. “That
Darkness guy sounds…dangerous.” She said, looking
I reached for her hand, and held it reas-suringly. She
stiffed from my t©uçh, before relaxing yet again. Nathan
made eye contact with me throu-gh the rear-view mirror,
also wearing a concerned expression.
We both agreed with her.
Almost 85% of the re-aders alre-ady guessed Emily and Jay
are mates right from 1 chapter away,
I must commend ur intelligence. I’m humbled…….
So which puts it best?
Jamily? Emay? Emiden? I don’t know what works, choose
or create whichever you want.
Killian died in this chapter! What do you guys think about
the rogue’s words? About Darkness?
It’s gonna be crazy.
See ya in the next chapter.
Sleep ti-ght….

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