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Personal as-sistant batch 7

Episode 17
A month was about to go by before she would
hear from James again. During this time the
whole ordeal about the painting would slowly
b!ow over and become old news.
Elizabeth went about her job as usual and
occasionally she would meet up with Natalie
and sometimes she’d visit Jack.
She was quite contend with the way things
were going and only occasionally thought of
James. Sure she could still see the painting
hanging in his [email protected], but it would bother
her less and less.
As for James himself, well he’d actually been
quite busy. He was going from meeting to
meeting, from country to country. On the few
occasions that he actually was in town, he’d
still have no time for anything else than work.
Unlike Elizabeth however, he didn’t just
occasionally think of her. His old as-sistant
was nearly always on his mind…
“Natalie, I want you to make me dinner
reservations at that steak house near my
[email protected] for tonight.” He spoke throu-gh the
phone as he waited at O’Hare airport.
“For how many and at what time?” She
answered on the other end.
“For one and at about 7. Also, get me a new
as-sistant the last one didn’t cut it.”
Natalie couldn’t help herself when she heard
that, “Two weeks sir, that’s a new record.”
Followed by an, “o god, I’m so sorry sir I
didn’t mean it.” But by then she had alre-ady
heard the cli-ck of him hanging up on her.
James shook his head as he hung up his
phone. He had alre-ady been on edge and that
comment might have pushed him over it…
Usually, the young billionaire flew on his
pri-vate plane. Due to some problems with
planning the flight, his now ex-as-sistant had,
he now had to fly commercial, something he
truly, utterly, despised.
“Natalie I am not going on a blind [email protected]£”
Elizabeth exclaimed. “Oh come on, he’s a nice
guy.” She retorted.
“Nice guy my as-s. The last guy you set me up
with collected dolls. That man was all kinds of
crazy.” Elizabeth scoffed. “Alright, I have to
admit, I didn’t know that Dennis guy very
well… But Pete is really a great guy, trust me
on this one.”
Elizabeth sighed as she shook her head.
“Alright, one [email protected]£.” She said holding up one
f!nger. “I’ll text him right away!” Natalie said
Elizabeth had regretted saying yes to going on
a [email protected]£ with this Pete guy the second she had
said yes. She couldn’t quite fathom why she
had agreed in the first place, but now here she
was, waiting for this guy to show up at the
Sure she had only been waiting for a few
minutes, and she was quite early, but still, she
didn’t like the waiting. It was right then and
there that a Tesla drove up onto the parking lot
and a young man stepped out of it.
The man was tall, blond and overall quite
handsome. He had a kind face and brown
eyes, that zeroed in on Elizabeth the second he
saw her.
He handed the valet the keys to the car as he
walked over to her. “Hi,” He said extending his
hand for her to shake. “I’m Pete.” Elizabeth
greeted him and shook his hand in the two of
them went inside.
James wasn’t sad to sit by himself at the
table, for he had sat alone many times. Today
though, he would’ve preferred to have someone
to talk to.
Quietly he just sat there, waiting for his dinner,
drinking his wine and watching the people in
the restaurant. James liked sitting in
restaurants like this. It is sorta quiet, and sorta
really not quiet and that he found just right.
Everything changed however when the hostess
walked in with two people walking behind
There she was, stunning as ever. Her hair was
loose and curled, her dress was ti-ght fitted
and navy and on her feet, she wore simple
black heels. Elizabeth didn’t even look at him
as she walked pas-sed him following the guy in
front of her.
The guy she was following, however, wasn’t a
guy that he knew. He didn’t give him any
glances as all he had eyes for was her.
Annoyance and some anger filled his b©dy as
he watched the two of them. Sure he had no
right to feel that way, but he didn’t care.
Elizabeth had noticed him the second she
walked in. quic-kly she looked away and
pretended to not have seen him, guilt
however, filled her as she did so…
She watched as he looked upset as he threw
down a couple of fifties, stood up and left. But
not before throwing her one last look at her as
he did do….

“So I heard you and Pete are going on a [email protected]£
again?” Natalie said taking a bite of her
sandwich. “He told you that?” Elizabeth said
surprised. “No, he told Jack.”
“How’s he doing by the way?” Elizabeth
The two of them were sitting in a booth of a
small diner. Though it didn’t have the best
food in town, they did have nice sandwiches
and was close to both of the girls their
“Don’t change the subject. But he’s doing
great.” Natalie said shooting her an accusing
look. “Good. And well he kind of texted me
yesterday, I mean the [email protected]£ went well like I told
“Except for mister drama queen.” Natalie
“Oh come on that’s exaggerating it,” Elizabeth
said. “I wasn’t just talking about that, the man
still hasn’t found a new, good as-sistant, I
mean it has been nearly two months…”
“Ah, well with that I can’t help you.”
Natalie sighed. “I know…”
Elizabeth reached for her phone when she
heard a buzzing sound but st©pped once she
saw Natalie holding up one f!nger. “That’s
mine.” She said gr-abbing it and picking it up.
Elizabeth couldn’t hear the person on the other
end, but she did see the facial expression of
Natalie change into work mode, indicating it
probably was James.
Natalie just said yes and no a couple of times
before hanging up again. “I have to go.” She
said as she [email protected]£d her purse and left money
on the table. “I’ll walk with you,” Elizabeth
“The idiot just fired the last as-sistant and now
he nee-ds me, again. I mean I am not his
as-sistant, but currently, I am the closest thing
to it…” She sighed.
“You’ll find one, don’t worry.”
The two talked for some time more before they
both had to go a different way. Elizabeth
sighed as she walked the last couple of blocks
to her office alone. She didn’t mind being
alone on the streets of a busy city like this.
Some girls would say that she’s insane for
thinking that. But she actually thought it to be
quite peaceful and a time for her to just get
lost in her own thoughts.
She would have nearly walked past her office
building, hadn’t she st©pped daydreaming in
time. Casually and Quietly she went up to her
floor and got out of the elevator. “Daniel wants
to see you in his office.” Said Paul causing her
to look up.
“He does?” she asked, “Why?”
“I don’t know, but he’s looking for you,” Paul
said shrugging.
It didn’t bother her that her boss wanted to see
her. But it did spike her curiosity…
She started ma-king her way over to his office
when she was intercepted by Oscar. “He’s in
our office, so you nee-d to go the other way.”
He said pla-yfully.
“Thank you, dear!” She yelled after him, ma-king
him laugh as he continued along his way.
“Ah Elizabeth, there you are.” Daniel Trenton
said as she walked into her office. “Yeah, I
heard that you’re looking for me, whats up?”
She asked him.
“I’ve got a project for you!” He said
enthusiastically. “The man even asked for you
in person.”
“Really?” She said not really believing it.
“He’s building a new mansion, right outside of
town. I’m not yet allowed to tell you his name
as of yet. But this is a big opportunity.”
“A mansion?” Elizabeth asked, “I’ve never done
anything like that, how did he even know me?”
“I don’t know, tomorrow he’ll be here to
discuss things with you, so be prepared,”
Daniel said as he walked over to the door.
“Good luck!”
“That’s a hvge thing!” Hailey said as Oscar
emptied his beer. “I know, it’s just so weird,”
Elizabeth said sighing. “I don’t know man, it
just doesn’t sit right with me,” Oscar replied,
staring off in the distance for a moment.
“What do you mean?” Hailey said confused.
“Well she hasn’t been doing this for long, how
would he even know her?”
“Maybe because of the painting?” Hailey
replied earring a look from Elizabeth. “What? It
was on the news.”
It didn’t take long however for the conversation
to switch t©pic again. Elizabeth loved the
evenings that they would spent at the bar. They
had invited her along in the first week and
she’d joined them every week, so on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Friday’s, you could find them
Most of the time they’d stay until quarter to
midnight walk home afterward. Tonight had
been no exception as they left at exactly that
time. Elizabeth said goodbye to Oscar and
then two blocks later to Hailey. After that, she
walked the last two blocks on her own and
into her building.
She sighed as she entered her [email protected] and
looked out of the window. From where she
stood she couldn’t see him as his lights were
off. She did however still notice the painting
on the wall… She looked at it once more
before deciding to go to be-d.
The following morning actually might have
been one of her better mornings. She dressed
in one of the best outfits she owned and went
to the large building. Smiling she gave
everyone their coffee before walking over to
Daniels office.
She knocked on the open door before causing
Daniel to turn around, “Ah, there you are” He
said as she approached. This is the man you’ll
be designing it for, his name is-” The tall man
standing beside him turned around too.
“James.” She breathed out as a sm-irk formed
on his face.

“Ah, of course, the two of you are alre-ady
acquainted,” Daniel said smiling. “Now Mr.
McGregor, as you requested, Ms. Waverton will
be overseeing your project.”
“She might not be the most seasoned one
here,” Daniel said glancing at her, “But she is
quite capable if you ask me.”
“Oh, I have faith in that,” James said sm-irking.
Elizabeth sh0t him a glare from the corner of
her eye before turning to Daniel. “So where do
we start?”
“The piece of land is on the edge of the city in
quite a wooded area,” Daniel said turning on
the beamer pointed at his wall. On that a
picture of the piece of land was shown, to be
honest, it looked nice, quite idyllic actually.
“The plan is to make a modern, yet somewhat
vintage mansion.” Daniel continued showing
more pictures of examples. “plea-se, sit down.”
He motioned for the two of them to sit down.
Elizabeth sat down at the table and James sat
down right next to her. She gave him another
glare as she focused on the wall in front of
them again.
“I’ll get Donaldson and Miller to help you set it
all up and then you can start with-” Daniel
turned as Paul knocked on the door and
walked in, “April called, she asked if you could
call her back asap.” He said and Daniel
nodded. “Thanks, Paul.”
“Excuse me.” He said to Elizabeth and James
gr-abbing his phone, “I really nee-d to make a
quic-k call.” as he walked out of his office.
“Requested me, that sure is something new.”
She said not even looking at him. “Well let’s
just say I have good faith in your
competence.” He said leaning back.
Elizabeth chuckled softly before standing up
and walking over to the sink, “Coffee?”
“Yes plea-se.”
James watched her from behind as she started
ma-king the coffee. He watched her balance on
the ti-ps of her toes as she tried to reach the
t©p cabinet.
He chuckled shaking his head, “nee-d some
“No, I don’t.” She said ma-king a small jump
and gr-abbing the coffee. “I am perfectly
capable on my own thank you very much.”
He smiled as she finished ma-king the coffee
and walked over to him with two mugs of
“Here you go.” She said setting down the cu-p
in front of him. “Thank you.” He replied.
“How do you feel about dinner.” He said
turning to her. “Not sure, I mean they say it is
the least important meal of the day, yet we put
the most time into it.”
“I meant dinner with me.” He said leaning over
to her. “I figured.” She replied as Daniel walked
back in.
“Alright, that is settled, now let’s start.”
The meeting lasted for half an hour before
James had to leave for his next meeting. Right
when he was about to leave he turned to
Elizabeth, “I’ll pick you up at seven.” She was
about to say no when he said, “Wear
something nice.” Leaving a steaming Elizabeth
She walked into her shared office with a look
of murder on her face. Oscar and Hailey
shared a look before asking her what
happened. “The one who requested me, the
idiot, was James. That mother fv¢ker.” She
said sitting down at her desk.
“That’s…” Oscar started, “A little stalker-ish.”
Hailey finished for him. “Then the fv¢ker had
the audacity to, not ask me, no, to inform me
that we are going on a [email protected]£.”
“Oh god, he didn’t…” Hailey sighed. “I thought
some girls thought that was S-xy?” Oscar said.
“That my friend depends on the girl and on the
context,” Hailey said.
“So whats the plan?”
“Well, tonight we’re going out,” Elizabeth said.
“Out?” Oscar asked confused. “Yeah, as long
as I’m not home for the entire night, I’m
It was seven o’clock on the dot when James
stood in front of her door carrying a bouquet
of roses. When she didn’t open the door
however he felt a pang in his heart. He stood
there for a while before going down stairs
“She’s not in.” The large African american man
sitting at the front desk said. “I’m sorry?”
James questioned. “Lizzy, she isn’t in. Her two
friends picked her up an hour ago.”
“Do you know where they went?” James asked
curiously. “I don’t know sir, but if you want, I
could bring the roses up to her [email protected]
“Thank you.” James sighed looking defeated.
Wallace sighed before saying. “Alright, I heard
her talking about the club near her old place at
second street.”
James looked up. “A club?”
“Elizabeth is a strange gal, now go and get
James told his driver to go down to the
address Wallace had given him. But it turned
out there was more then one club there…
An hour had gone by as he had figured out that
she wasn’t in any of the clubs there. Defeated
he was about to walk back to his car when he
saw someone sitting by the water. Someone
with auburn hair.
Thinking it was his last sh0t at finding her that
night he walked over to the girl. She didn’t
look up as he sat down next to her. Instead,
she said, “[email protected]£ all the way out her just to find
me huh?”
“You’re really ma-king me work for it you know.”
He said looking at her.
“It’s not like your giving me any choice.” She
said finally looking at him.
“Why are you here?” He asked her. “I wanted to
be unfindable so I decided to go down to a
club. So I [email protected], pretending to like going out,
and now I am sitting here. You see there is
some guy at my house waiting for me.”
“Alright fair point.” He said nodding. “I still
haven’t eaten though.”
“That’s, not my fault.” She said holding up her
index f!nger. “True. very true.”
The two of them just sat there for a while
staring at the water without saying anything

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