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Personal as-sistant Batch 6

The second Elizabeth had set foot outside of
the building she saw the news van coming her
way. She avoided the lady in the [email protected] and
hurried off to the park. Here she just sat
quietly, wanting to be alone for a moment.
After that, there were several moments that
some paparazzi tried to get her to appear on
[email protected]£ra. So before noon she had alre-ady run
home and decided to stay in for the rest of the
At first, she had thought about calling Natalie,
but decided against it. Thinking that for now
she just didn’t feel like talking to anyone.
Then around six in the evening, she decided to
order in. So she got the menu from the
Chinese restaurant around the block and
She hung up the phone and turned around. The
lights in the [email protected] across from her had
turned on. It was dark outside so she could
see rather clearly into the [email protected] on the
other side and that’s when she saw it…
There the painting was, hanging above a
fireplace were probably the tv had been before.
She squinted her eyes trying to see if it was
actually her painting when she saw a man
walking into the room.
quic-kly she ducked behind her counter and
turned off the lights. Does James live across
the street from me? She thought as she sat
She squatted peeking over the counter trying to
see whether it was him. Though she could see
his overall features, it was too far away to
actually see his face…
But then there was a knock on the door. Who
could that be? She thought as she turned on
the light and walked over to the door. She
looked throu-gh the peephole and saw an Asian
man holding a Chinese takeout bag. That’s
really fast… she thought but opened the door
never the less.
The man swung the door open further pushing
her out of the way. Two more people [email protected]£
into the [email protected], one of them being a
woman in a [email protected] with a microphone and
the other being a man with a [email protected]£ra.
“Get out!” Elizabeth said seething with anger.
“Ms. Waverton, what is your thought on the
events of last night?” The lady said not even a
little bit phased.
“Get out!” She just yelled, tears welling up in
her eyes.
Suddenly the door bur-st open once more.
From it emerges the dark tall form of Wallace.
Wallace was one of the kindest men that
Elizabeth knew and she had never seen him
angry, that is until now…
“Everyb©dy that doesn’t live here, out!” He
bellowed. The crew still didn’t seem to fased
by it. Then suddenly he [email protected]£d the [email protected]£ra
and smashed it to the ground. “Now get out
before I do the same for you!” He said to the
people ma-king them leave.
It was only then that Elizabeth realized she was
sitting on the floor. Wallace put out a hand to
her and helped her up, immediately pu-lling her
into a hvg. “I’m so so sorry sweetie.”
“They all [email protected]£ in separate and it all seemed
fine.” He said still holding her.
“If it wasn’t for the person across the street to
see it happen I wouldn’t have been here when I
was. That man is a good man.” He said.
Wallace stayed with her for a moment before
going back downstairs. She called the Chinese
place canceling the order, as she did not want
to open her door again.
She sat down on the couch for a moment
thinking about what to do when the doorbell
rang once more.
At first, she ignored it, but then the man behind
it yelled her name. The second he did that she
knew it was him. She recognized James his
She walked over to the door and stood next to
it. “What do you want?” She yelled back.
“To talk to you.” He said in a quieter voice.
She scoffed, “About what?”
“Look I want to apologize for what I said on
your last day of work.” He said and staying
quiet for a moment. Then he added, “And I
brou-ght food.”

“Come Elizabeth, just let me in…” James
sighed out as he stood outside her door. He
heard her sigh as well. “Why did you do it?”
She asked him.
James knew exactly what she was talking
about, he knew she was asking about the
painting. In all honesty, he himself didn’t even
really know why. All he could think at that
moment was that he didn’t want anyone else to
have that painting.
“I…” He started ranking his f!ngersthrou-gh his
hair. “I don’t really know…” He said leaning on
to the door. “I think it would’ve just felt weird
of some stranger owned it…” He added
It was then that he heard the lock of the door
slowly turn. Surprised and happy he took a
step back from the door but then the sound
st©pped. “Why should I let you in?” She asked,
“It’s not like you and I have ever gotten along.”
She added in a hushed voice.
“I want to make it up to you…” He said as he
heard her walk away from the door. “Wait!” He
yelled, but he got no response.
He softly put his fist up to the door in defeat
and hung his head low. God, I’m being
stupid… he thought as he was about to walk
But then he heard the rest of the lock turn and
the door slowly opened. “You’re lucky you’ve
brou-ght food.” She said with a soft smile on
her face as she walked further into her
[email protected]
Carefully he followed and closed the door
behind him. He felt his heart clench for a
moment as he saw the small tear stains on
her cheeks.
Elizabeth walked over to her kitchen area and
crossed her arms. “Alright, all we nee-d is two
plates and two wine glas-ses.” Said, James, as
he opened the plastic bag he was carrying and
revealed the food and bottle of wine.
“White or red?” She asked him as she opened
the cabinet. “Red, we’re eating meat.” He said
with a small smile on his face.
She [email protected]£d the larger, roun-der red wine
glas-ses and two plates and carried them to
the table. “Here let me help you with that,”
James said gr-abbing the plates from her
hands, to which Elizabeth replied with a small,
thank you.
Together the two of them set the table. James
then opened the packages he brou-ght with him
and revealed two perfect looking steaks and
vegetables. Without hesitation, he served the
food onto the plates and [email protected]£d the bottle of
“Now, I’ve been told that you’re quite picky
when it comes to wine, so I hope you
appreciate this one.” He said showing her the
wine that he brou-ght. “One can always
appreciate a good wine.” She said cracking a
wi-der smile than before.
He laughed and opened the bottle of wine,
letting her taste it before pouring the two of
them a glas-s.
“I would have never guessed you to be such a
cook,” Elizabeth said eyeing the food.
“O god no…” He said laughing, “I can make
breakfast, but that is about it. I had this made
by someone else. Bon appetit.” He said
gesturing her to start eating.
The two of them just ate comfortably for a
while, both enjoying the quiet around them.
“So how is your new job?” James asked her
like she was an old friend he hadn’t seen in
“Good actually.” She said, feeling a bit strange
answering his question.
“I heard your an architect now, I would never
have guessed that.” He said taking a sip of his
“Well, it is the thing I went to school for.” She
smiled looking at him.
It was strange sitting here like this. The two
people that were almost at each other throats a
few weeks ago. But somehow they were now
having dinner like old friends would. The
silence that would normally be uncomfortable
felt nice and calm.
“Thank you…” She said breaking the silence.
He immediately looked up at that and said,
“For what?” With a puzzled look on his face.
“For earlier.” She said sighing. “For calling
James sighed as he looked at her. “I’m sorry,
if I hadn’t done what I did, then this whole
thing wouldn’t have happened. So I kind off
owed you that.
“Well I have to say though, it is kind of
flattering to be hung above the fireplace like
that.” She said smiling shyly.
“The best place for a true masterpiece like
that.” He said looking de-eply into her eyes
from across the table.
Elizabeth felt her cheeks heat up as she
cleared her throat. “Well, I must say that the
food was delicious.” She said looking away
from his eyes.
“I’ll pas-s it onto the chef.” He said taking one
last sip of his wine and downing the glas-s.
James was about to say something when
Elizabeth’s phone rang, it was only for a
second that her eyes glanced over to it. The
name Natalie was flashing upon the screen
and a picture of her face appeared.
“Take it.” He said with a sad smile on his
face. “It’s about time that I go anyways.”
James stood up from his chair as Elizabeth
said, “No that would be very rude of me.” The
words had left her mouth before she even
thought about it. Startled at her own response
she st©pped for a moment. The ringing of the
phone continued, or well the buzzing off it.
“Well, it was kind of rude of me to just expect
you to let me in and have dinner with me.” He
said with a chuckle.
“Well-” Elizabeth started but once again the
phone started buzzing. “Just take it.” He said
gr-abbing the empty food bags. “It’s ok. really.”
Elizabeth nodded as she reached for the phone
and picked up.
“Hi.” She said but was immediately cut off by
Natalie’s voice.
James couldn’t hear what she exactly was
saying on the other end of the line, but he did
know that she sounded quite panicked.
He watched as Elizabeth stood up from the
table and started pacing around and nodding
to what Natalie was saying.
James took that opportunity to gr-ab the dishes
from the table and putting them in the
dishwasher. He [email protected]£d all of the paper and
plastic bags and folded them all into one.
Looking over at her he saw an indescribable
look on her face as she just kept pacing
around. Then suddenly she started talking.
“Alright, calm down Nat, it will be ok. Just call
the warehouse and ask for Justin, tell him I
s£nt you. Next s£nt flowers to Mr. Webster
and his wife, that will solve the problem most
likely. As for Jack, thank heavens that he’s
sorta alright, you had me worried there.”
She paused for a moment and listened to the
other end.
At first, James had planned to leave when she
didn’t notice, but it was kind of interesting to
watch her do her old job again for a moment.
He had known exactly what Natalie was calling
about and why she was calling her.
After Elizabeth left he had had three new
as-sistants, one for each week. It seemed a bit
off at first, but none were like the one he used
to have. So he knew that Natalie was handling
most of the PA’s tasks, and calling Elizabeth
when she didn’t know what to do next.
“I can’t talk about that right now…” Elizabeth
said in a hushed voice.
“I… I’m just leaving, it was very nice having
dinner with you.” He smiled from near the door
to her. “Thank you.” She said. “Thank you for
bringing me dinner.”
“We should do it again soon.” He said as he
opened the door and left.
He knew that right then and there Natalie must
have asked her something about the events of
the last night.
He sighed as he took the elevator down and
walked over to his building.
“Yes, Nat he was just here,” Elizabeth said still
pacing around.
“No, I’m not ma-king any of this up.”
The two of them talked about all of it for a
while before they hung up. Elizabeth had said
that she’d visit Jack at the hospital soon and
she was actually looking forward to seeing him
She sighed as she glanced at the [email protected]
across the way. The painting still hanging
above the fireplace, illuminated by two lights
that shone upon it.

To be continued

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