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Personal as-sistant batch 17

James lifted her of off her feet and soon was
holding her bridal style, never breaking the
k!ss. He smiled as he heard a small yelp and
“Wait!” Elizabeth said breaking the k!ss.
“What?” James said slightly annoyed.
“We should put out the candles.”
“Alright.” James said walking back over to the
table, still carrying her.
“You know you can just put me down right?”
“I know.” James sm-irked.
Elizabeth then b!ow out the candles and James
was about to turn away again.
“Wait!” Elizabeth yelled once more.
“What is it this time?”
“Shouldn’t we clean this up?”
“Woman you’re killing me…”
Elizabeth then chuckled k!ss!nghim again.
“Ah you like that huh?” James said smiling as
she broke the k!ss.
With that James put her down again. Confused
Elizabeth watched him. He sm-irked right
before saying. “You know what? You’re right we
should.” And with that he cleared the entire
table with one swipe of his arm.
Everything, from the remaining dishes to the
candles, crashed down to the floor.
“James!” Elizabeth [email protected] as she watched it
“What?” He said before lifting he up again and
placing her on the table. “I fixed it.” He said
before continuing what he had wanted to do so
badly earlier.
The following morning the both of them got
into work late, and both of them with a smile
upon their faces.
Natalie was sitting behind her desk, waiting for
James to come in when suddenly the door
opened. James walked in wearing his usual
type of suit, but with his hair a little more wild
then usual and with a slight stubble on his
“My my, looks like someone had a wild
night.” Natalie chuckled as James walked over
to her.
James laughed at that shaking his head, “What
can I say, the lady couldn’t resist me.”
“So I take it it went well?”
“It went great! And you my friend are getting a
raise!” James said slamming his hand on the
Natalie laughed and thanked the slightly over
enthusiastic James. She continued to question
him about every little detail, until he had to get
back to work.
Elizabeth walked into the building later then
usual and with a big smile on her face.
“Well someone looks happy.” Paul said as he
watched her walk out of the elevator.
“Someone is happy.” Elizabeth replied st©pping
at his desk.
“What’s the occasion?”
“Well-” Elizabeth started, but was cut off by a
yelp that [email protected]£ from Paul.
“O My God! He proposed!” He all but
“How did you?” She started again but was cut
short once more.
“Well first of all after all that with the house,
I’ve been waiting for this moment. Furthermore
you’re in late, your hair is a mess and well
lastly you’re wearing a ring with quite a large
rock miss thing.”
At that Elizabeth laughed. “Alright, alright I get
it.” She looked down at her ring. “You know I
must say, I do think it is a bit on the large
“Nons-en-se, when it comes to diamonds there
is no thing as too large. Now give me that
hand.” Paul said taking her hand and looking
at the diamond.
“Paul it’s about the same width as my f!nger.”
“O come on it isn’t that big.”
“But it is pretty close. I mean I wouldn’t have
minded having a lot smaller one. Or no
diamond at all.”
“That you can do for your wedding ring.” Paul
said. “O my god! When is the wedding? Have
you thought about dresses yet? Have you
picked a maid of honor yet?”
“Wow, hold it right there [email protected] He just asked
me last night, you think the first thing we did
together was planning?”
“Well either that or practicing for a family.”
Paul win-ked.
James his mind wasn’t really on his work the
entire day. At around eleven O’clock in the
morning he had his first meeting of the day,
and if it wasn’t for his new as-sistant he would
have completely forgotten about it.
“Sir?” She tentatively asked sticking her head
around the door.
“Yes?” James said looking up from his
“Mr. Robinson will be here any moment now.”
“Ah thank you.” James replied getting up from
his chair. “Open up conference room 2.”
James quic-kly checked his tie in the mirror
before leaving the room and going to the
conference room.
At the ending of the meeting the James and
Mr. Robinson sat and just talked for a
moment. “So Mr. McGregor, tell me, how’s
“Very good, just got engaged actually,” James
replied chuckling.
“Did you? Congratulations! I must say that I am
surprised, after that job offer and all.”
“I’m sorry, what do you mean?” James replied,
furrowing his brows.
“Well I heard from Urrick about the offer he
made Ms. Waverton. It sure as hell as a good
one, wanted her to run the West Coast office.
But I take it that she declined.”
James was bafled by this statement. Was this
true? and if so why hadn’t she told him? Did
she want to take that job?
“Didn’t she tell you
When Elizabeth’s phone buzzed in the drawer
of her desk she didn’t notice it doing so. Nor
did she know the impact of the message. So it
is safe to say that at that point she was
completely unaware of what was about
At that very moment, she was in a meeting. In
fact, she wouldn’t re-ad that text until that
afternoon. Some say ignorance is bliss…
James, on the other hand, was quite on edge.
Ever since that meeting had ended he had
wanted answers. Sure he might be
overreacting, but why hadn’t she told him
anything about that?
He sat behind his desk, staring out of the
window behind him when there was a knock
on the door. “Come in,” he said not turning
“Sir, it’s 6, would it be alright if I leave?” His
as-sistant asked tentatively.
“Yeah.” He said slightly dazed. “I mean yes!”
He said looking up at her. “Yes you may.”
The girl nodded and was about to leave.
“Wait!” He said suddenly remembering
The young woman stiffened as he said that,
she had been working for him for a month now
and she had been on edge quite a large
amount of that time. Sure being a P.A. is
demanding, but being a P.A. for this man was
downright terrifying. He had fired quite a few
P.A.’s after his old one left. Adding to that,
knowing that he once had the ‘perfect’
as-sistant, doesn’t really brighten spirits.
So when he told her to wait she feared the
“Before you leave, did you write down my
appointment with Mr. Johnson?” He said.
The young lady re-leased a breath she didn’t
even know that she was holding. “Yes I did sir.
Friday the 8th at 15:00 sharp.”
“Thank you, Marion, see you tomorrow!”
“See you tomorrow sir.” She nodded quietly
before leaving the room.
At around six pm Elizabeth got back to her
phone, quic-kly gr-abbing it before leaving the
building. With bag in one hand and phone in
the other, she walked into the parking garage
and over her car. She quic-kly opened her car
door and stepped inside the vehicle.
She was about to put her phone away when
she noticed the text by James.
We nee-d to talk….
That doesn’t sound to good… She thought to
herself as she re-ad it. What would there be
wrong? She wondered as she debated calling
him for a moment. Deciding that she would
see him at home she drove out of the garage
and to her [email protected]
Once she reached the lobby she smiled at
Wallace who greeted her kindly, before saying,
“The skies are dark today ma’m, they’re dark
as can be. ”
“Wallace what are you talking about the sun is
shining bright.”
“I know ma’m I know.” he said pointing up.
It then cli-cked in her head that he was most
likely talking about James.
“Ah I see, thank you Wallace.”
“Allways ma’m.”
Elizabeth breathed in a big gulp of air as she
put the key into the door. Softly she turned the
key, not wanting to be heard.
The door opened slowly and Elizabeth stepped
in. She put her bag away and walked further
into the [email protected] All the way over to James
who was sitting on the couch legs spre-ad.
“We nee-d to talk.” He repeated to her as she
walked over to him.
Sitting accros from him he said, “About what?”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
He asked her leaning forward.
“Didn’t tell you what?” She said crossing her
“Don’t pretend, Elizabeth you know damn well
what I am talking about.” He said getting up
from the couch.
“Pretend? Pretend? How old are you? Tell me
what bothers you.”
“The job offer why didn’t you tell me?” James
“Ah now I see.” Elizabeth said getting up. “You
heard about that and thought that I had took
“That I don’t know, but why didn’t you tell me
is what bothered me.”
“I didn’t tell you because I nee-ded time to
think. I nee-ded time to think what I want.”
“What do you want?”
“I want to be happy.” She said leaning against
the edge of her kitchen table.
“I want you to be that too.” James said looking
at her. “I’ll won’t st©p you if you want to move
there. I’ll buy us a nice house there.” He
started but was cut of by Elizabeth.
“See that’s not what I want. I don’t think that
will make me happy.” She said walking over to
him. “You see, I don’t care much about money.
You know. Because money can’t buy me love.”
She smiled. “And I think… That I’m happy and
that I’ll remain happy right here where I am.
That’s why I called Mr. Urrick this morning to
decline his offer.”
At that moment she was standing face to face
with him. Slowly she [email protected]£d her arms around
his n£¢k. “I told him that I’m happy to stay
right where I am.”
“God I love you…” James said right before
k!ss!ngher pasionatelly.
To be continued

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