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Personal as-sistant batch 16

“Talk to me woman!” Natalie all but yelled as
she sat in a supply closet calling Elizabeth.
“No nee-d to scream!” Elizabeth replied keeping
the phone away from her ear.
“But what are you gonna do? What’s different
about this job over all the other ones you
“Give me a second, I nee-d to find a place to
talk.” Elizabeth said, getting up from her office
chair and walking out of the room. “Alright,
well I don’t know what to do at the moment.
And this job is different. It’s not just being
someones as-sistant. It’s an actually important
job, something like this you usually don’t get
thrown into your [email protected]
“So you’ll take it?” Natalie said sitting on the
edge of her seat.
“Like I said, I don’t know. Let’s be real I’d be
stupid not to take it. But…” Elizabeth paused
for a moment and sighed. “But this is not what
I want, nor what I ever wanted… What I wanted
was to become an architect, lead a nice and
simple life, maybe get a dog or something…
Now I have become an architect, it’s just not
nice and simple. But to tell you truth, I can live
with that.
It’s just well… Like I said I’d be stupid not to
take it, but I’d become a person I did not want
to be.”
“Have you told James this?” Natalie asked.
“No, not yet. He’d just tell me that I don’t nee-d
the money. Or he’d tell me that he’d move the
company to L.A. or something stupid like
“Fair point.”
For a while they just talked, they talked about
the job offering, they talked their weekends,
hell they even talked about the weather. It
wasn’t until they were about to hang up that
Natalie remembered the dinner reservation.
“Oh! Before I forget, are you free for dinner
tonight? James asked me to ask you that.”
“Oh god yeah I forgot myself. But yes I am,
though it will be late and I don’t want to go
out. So plea-se tell him I’ll be home at around 7
or 8 and we’ll order in.”
“Will tell him. Talk to you later!”
And with that Natalie hung up the phone and
left the supply closet. quic-kly she walked
around the corner heading back to the front
Noticing that it was almost five o’clock she put
the phone back in its stand and practically ran
to the elevator. Once she got inside she
pressed the t©p bu-tton as fast as she could
and slammed the door close bu-tton repeatedly.
The second the elevator doors opened she was
met by the eyes of James himself as he made
his way over to the elevator.
“You.” She said walking over to him in a brisk
walk. “Come with me.” She pointed to his
James his brows furrowed as he pointed at
himself confused.
“Come on, we don’t have time for this.” She
said gr-abbing him by the tie as she walked
pas-sed him.
Stunned by the whole situation James just
followed her not uttering a word. He did
however note the surprise on the face of his
newest P.A. as she watched him being
dragged by the short secretary.
Natalie pu-ll-ed him into the office and closed
the door behind them. “Alright, I’m gonna
make this short, and you’re gonna listen.”
James narrowed his eyes as he crossed his
arms and nodded.
“Make your move, do something. Honestly I’ve
been watching you two twirl around it for too
long. I mean I thought something would finally
happen after that whole incident earlier. But
even then you two just made up and nothing
If you really want her, you gotta ask her. I
mean for gods sake she stayed after the whole
house thing, if she stayed after that, it’s safe to
say that she’s yours.
But the two of you nee-d to know where you’re
at, so do something because she’s not going
to be the one to do so.”
After she st©pped talking, James just stood
there for a moment looking at her with raised
“Did you just hear anything I said?” Natalie
said crossing her arms and raising one
“Yes, yes I did.” James said snapping out of it.
“So what?”
“Are you gonna go out and get her?” Natalie
said louder.
“Yes.” He said realizing what he had to do and
started walking over to the door.
“Wait.” Natalie said st©pping him. “She will
meet you for dinner tonight, but she will be off
late, at around 7 or 8 so she wants to just
order in.”
James nodded getting re-ady to leave as he
turned back around. “Wait, but what do I do
now? I mean I don’t have a ring or anything…”
“Well…” Natalie said walking over to his desk
and sitting down behind it. “I can make sure
the food will be there and re-ady. Then all you
have to do is get the ring and put on your best
“Where do I find a ring at this hour?” James
said walking back over to her.
“Do I have to do everything?” Natalie sighed as
she [email protected]£d the phone.
“What are you-” James started but was cut off
by Natalie holding up her f!nger.
“Yes, hello I’m calling on behalf of James
McGregor, He nee-ds to find a wedding ring
tonight.” She was then quiet for a moment
before she spoke again.
“Good. He’ll be over in ten.”
She wrote down an address on a post it and
pushed it into his hand as she hung up.
“Now go! I’ll call you in half an hour.” She said
as she watched him leave. For he didn’t have
to be told that twice.

James told his driver to wait for him as he
stepped out of the car, right out in front of
Tiffany’s. Straightening his jacket he walked
into the store, letting the door close behind
He immediately turned to the first person that
he saw.
“Good afternoon, Mr. McGregor, I presume.”
The elderly man standing behind the counter
said to him.
“Good afternoon and yes,” James replied.
“Alright sir, I know that you’re looking for a
ring, but what kind of ring?”
“I…” James started furrowing her brows. “I
honestly don’t know.”
“Well, sir…” The man said turning around and
walking over to a drawer. “Then I’ll just show
you some examples.” He then put down a trey
with all sorts of the different ring in front of
“Paul, could you copy this for me?” Elizabeth
said placing a stack of paper upon Paul’s desk
looking frantic.
“Sure, are you, alright girl.”
“I’m fine, just a little bit overworked that’s all,”
Elizabeth said as she turned away again. “Now
I just have one meeting left, have to bring
those copies to Johanna and then I can finally
go home.”
“Good luck girl, I’ll put them on your desk!”
“Thank you!”
Elizabeth walked over to the conference room
and took a de-ep breath before opening the
door. Truth be told, after that moment she
didn’t pay much attention to the meeting and
mostly spent it staring out of the window.
It wasn’t until Oscar tapped her arm that she
even noticed that the meeting was over.
“God where are you with your head?” Oscar
said smiling.
“O god, sorry I am really tired.” She replied
gathering her papers.
“I can imagine.” Oscar said, walking out of the
Elizabeth chuckled at that following him out of
the room and towards their office. Once she
reached her desk she noticed the copied stack
of paper left by Paul.
“Thank you Paul!” She yelled out loudly as she
[email protected]£d the stack and went over to Johanna.
It was only ten minutes later that Elizabeth
reached her car and was on her way back
home. Then twenty minutes later she reached
her [email protected]
She then parked her car in the garage right as
her phone buzzed. As she got out of her car
she [email protected]£d her bag and fished her phone out
of it. quic-kly she checked her texts and saw
that Jame had s£nt her one.
– Food is at my place 🙂
She chuckled as she s£nt a quic-k, ‘I’m on my
way!” Before putting her phone back in her bag
and walking out of the garage.
Without going up to her own [email protected] she
walked out of the building and over to James
his building. She greeted her doorman and
quic-kly went up the elevator.
James on the other hand was adding the final
details to the dinner. He had put on her
favorite suit and set the table. At that very
moment her was igniting the candles on the
table when heard the elevator doors to his
[email protected] open.
“James?” He heard her yell from the other
“In here!” He yelled back, quic-kly putting away
the lighter and straightening his suit.
“God I have had the longest day…” Elizabeth
yelled, taking of her heels. “I’m so happy for it
to finally be over.” She continued walking into
the room, taking the bun out of her hair.
The second she la-id eyes on everything that in
front of her she fell silent. She stared at the
table for a moment, then turned to look at
“What is this?” She said slowly walking over to
James sm-irked at her before saying, “Well you
didn’t want to go out, so I brou-ght the
restaurant to you.”
“My my I feel un-der-dressed.” She said
laughing gesturing at her blouse, pencil Sk-irt
and ba-re feet.
“Nah, for you there is no such thing.” He said
getting closer to her putting his hand on the
small of her back. “Now, plea-se take a seat
At that Elizabeth laughed and sat down
muttering a, “God, you’re so cheesy.”
The two of them proceeded to eat their dinner,
talking about their days and laughing at each
others stories. As dinner progressed however,
James was getting nervous…
“Are you alright?” Elizabeth asked the normally
calm James.
“Yeah I’m fine.” He replied loos£ning his tie,
“Just a little bit tired that’s all.”
“James your hand is shaking.”
“I’m fine, trust me. I’ll just go and get desert.”
With that James [email protected]£d his and her plate of
of the table and went over to the kitchen.
“Let me help you with that.” Elizabeth said
getting up as well and bringing more of the
dishes to the kitchen.
“No!” James yelled a little bit to loudly,
causing Elizabeth to flin-ch. “I mean no, I got
this, sit down. You had a long day at work.”
“Are you sure?” Elizabeth replied slightly
“Yeah, just sit down, relax.”
James quic-kly put the dishes down on the sink
and walked over to the freezer. He took a de-ep
breath before opening it and gr-abbing the two
deserts out of it. Both of them were a plate
with a chocolate orb on it. Only one of them
however had something else inside of it as
He [email protected]£d both of the plates out of the
freezer and walked over to the table. “And now
for desert, we have chocolate surprise.” He put
down the plate with the cherries on it in front
of Elizabeth and the one with the raspberries
he put down in front of himself.
This is it… He thought as he sat down.
“James, though this looks stunning. I’m quite
full, mind if we save it for later?” Elizabeth
James felt his heart sink… He had always
been a confident man, but right now he felt like
a teenager with anxiety that had to do a
pres£ntation in front of the whole school.
Momentarily he fell quiet. What should I do?
He thought to himself as he stared of in the
distance. Should I wait for later ? Or-
“James are you alright?” He heard her say. “I’ll
just put this back into the freezer.” She said
getting up.
“Wait.” He said snapping out of it. “You haven’t
seen the surprise yet.” He stood up from this
chair and walked over to her. “You don’t have
to eat it just yet… Just break the orb.”
With a confused look on her face Elizabeth
[email protected]£d her fork. “I don’t know what it is
James, but you’re acting strange tonight.” She
started as she tapped the orb with the fork. “I
mean I thought I had a long day, but you seem
really stressed out…” She gave the orb another
tap when it broke.
The second it broke something caught her eye.
Something shiny…
She [email protected] the second she realized what it
James watched her intently as he gently
[email protected]£d the ring from the plate, and went
down on one knee.
“Will you, Elizabeth Waverton, marry me?”
Elizabeth her mind was buzzing and quite
frankly all over the place. Her thoughts ranged
from, so that’s why he was acting strange, to o
my god I just got proposed to.
James watched nervously as she stared at the
ring in front of her. Why wasn’t she saying
anything? Why were her eyes so big?
Elizabeth looked up from the ring for one
moment when she noticed the look on James
his face. “O god, I haven’t said anything yet!”
She said as it hit her.
“I am so sorry! Of course I’ll marry you!” She
said as she hvgged him ti-ghtly.
James didn’t [email protected]!st any time as he hvgged her
back. He then re-leased her and put the ring on
her f!nger, and k!$$£d her like there was no
To be continued

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