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Personal as-sistant batch 13

Still, in his arms, she stood there, breathing
heavily not looking up at his face. She felt him
move ever so slightly, as he brushed the hair
out of her face.
Softly he moved her chin up to look up at him.
“I should, shouldn’t I?” She said softly gazing
into his eyes.
“No I can’t.” She said shaking her head and
looking away. “I’ve got a thousand things to do
tomorrow and so do you. And a walk of
shame isn’t one of those things.” She
continued, trying to move away from him, but
he held her in place.
A small chuckle left hisl-ips, “I could do that
walk together with you if that makes it better?”
“No it doesn’t.” She said with a pla-yful smile
on her face and sma-cking him in the che-st.
“Alright then, I’ll let you go un-der one
condition…” He said, holding on to her ti-ghtly.
“I get a goodnights k!ss.”
Before she could even reply he started k!ssing
her. Slightly surprised at first, she soon melted
into the k!ss. All thoughts of leaving left her
mind and only the thought of him remained.
Suddenly she didn’t think about those
deadlines or all those other things that she had
to do.
The moment hisl-ips left her mouth and moved
on to her n£¢k, her mind seemed to fully go
blank, leaving all reason behind, lost in
“I…” She softly spoke.
“Yes?” He said in between k!sses.
“I… I think I should stay….”
With one swift motion, she felt herself being
lifted off the floor and into James his arms.
One arm behind her back and one below her
knees he held her k!ss!ngher on thel-ips once
“That’s all I wanted to hear.” He said taking
her further into his [email protected]
When Elizabeth awoke she knew that it was
still early. As no light was peeking throu-gh the
curtains yet.
She tried to move to the edge of the be-d to
gr-ab her phone and see what time it was when
she felt an arm around her [email protected]!st, holding her
in place.
A smile appeared on her face as she [email protected]£
aware of the warmth behind her, reminding her
of earlier that evening. It seemed funny to her
at first, that James was a cuddler, not that she
minded, but it didn’t seem to suit him.
Stretching out her arm she was just able to
gr-ab her phone. Slowly she pu-ll-ed it towards
herself, trying not to wake up James.
Pressing the bu-tton on the side, the screen lid
up, showing that it was 5:00. She knew that
she normally would not have to get up until at
least 7:30 but she also knew that she would
have to wake up earlier since she wasn’t at her
own house.
She sighed as she decided to set an alarm in
two hours on her phone. That way she would
at least wake up on time she figured.
“What are you doing?” Said a de-ep, sleepy
voice behind her.
“Setting an alarm.”
“Do you have to do that?” He said ti-ght£ñing
the arm around her [email protected]!st, pu-lling her
impossibly close to him.
“Alright…” He sighed. “Now go back to sleep.”
When she awoke once more it wasn’t because
of the sound of her alarm clock, but of a
crashing sound coming from the kitchen.
quic-kly she was up and out of be-d, startled by
the sound.
A quic-k look around the room told her that
James was no longer in be-d behind her.
Confused as to what time it was she picked up
her phone. 6:55 it re-ad.
Another loud noise [email protected]£ from the kitchen and
she decided to investigate it. Looking around
the room she saw her clothes, that were
previously scattered, lying neatly on the chair
next to her. She smiled to herself as she put
them back on again, and walked out into the
“Morning!” James said smiling standing behind
the stove. This surprised Elizabeth.
“Good morning.” She said walking over to him.
“You made breakfast?” She said chuckling.
“He! maybe dinner isn’t my thing, but breakfast
sure is.” He said turning off the stove and
walking over to her.
“Be careful, I have morning breath,” Elizabeth
said taking a step back.
“I don’t care,” James said taking a step
forward and k!ss!ngher.
“Well Good morning,” Elizabeth repeated once
he let her go, emphasizing the good [email protected]
James chuckled and took the pan off the
stove, “I made you eggs, I hope you like them
The two of them ate breakfast in a
comfortable silence before Elizabeth had to go
to her own [email protected]
“Good thing I live right across the street.” She
said as the two of them left his building.
“Good thing indeed.” He said hooking his arm
in hers.
Several weeks had transpired since Elizabeth’s
first night at James’. Though they both had
their own busy schedule the two of them
seemed to make it work. When they had the
time they would stay at each other’s places,
have dinner together, go out on [email protected]£s etc.
Though the both of them had never said it out
loud, they both knew that they were in a
This week, however, James was away on a
business trip, and Elizabeth was swamped with
her new project. They had been s£nding each
other text messages but, due to their busyness,
those had also become sporadic.
Today was a Friday, a [email protected] long Friday
to be honest. It had started quite early as
Elizabeth had to be in at 8 a.m. on the dot.
After that, she spent the entire day running
around trying to clean up everyone’s messes,
including her own.
So when the clock finally re-ad 5 o’clock, and
she had finished all of her tasks that day, she
nearly cheered. A sigh of relief left her mouth
as she entered the elevator taking her down
and out of the building. She closed her eyes
for a brief moment, before remembering to turn
her phone back on.
Tonight an old friend of hers had an art
ex-position, where she was showing her work.
Her friend, Phoebe, was an
unknown ph0togra-pher, but now finally she had
a chance to show her art and possibly even
sell it.
Elizabeth had been thri-lled when she got the
invitation, happy to see her friend finally
fulfilling her dream.
When her phone was turned on she saw that
she had gotten several texts, all coming from
either Phoebe or Natalie. Distracted by them
for a brief moment she nearly walked into a
“O god, I’m sorry.” She said looking up at the
man she had into. He was a tall man, strongly
build and with sandy blond hair. Overall she
had to admit, he didn’t look bad, not at all.
“It’s alright, but be carefull.” The man replied
and Elizabeth was about to walk away. “Wait,
you’re Elizabeth right?” He said smiling.
“Elizabeth Waverton?”
“Yes, how do you know?” She said feeling
awkward, this man didn’t appear to have come
out of a corporate setting, so it seemed
unlikely he had heard about the P.A. Nor did
he strike her as the person who cared about
the painting.
“Thomas.” He said pointing at himself. ”
Thomas Diamond, we went to high school
“Omg, Thomas? God I didn’t recognize you.”
Elizbeth said completely baffled. The last time
she had seen that Thomas, he as a very tall
and lanky person. Now he looked tall,
confided and strong. His bowl haircut was
replaced with a sli-cked back, but in a good
way, look. Most of all his face had been
cleared fully of all the acne and pimples that
he used to have.
“I get that a lot.” He said chuckling, “So how
are you doing?”
“Good, How are you?”
“I’m good, but god it’s good to see you. You
were one of the few people that was actually
nice to me.”
“Well I-” She started but Thomas st©pped her.
“But enough about that, what have you been up
to?” He said smiling at her.
“God that’s a long list.” She chuckled.
“Well in that case, how ’bout we gr-ab a bite?”
“I’d love to but, I have this thing at seven that I
can’t miss,” Elizabeth replied surprised by this
old acquaintance of hers. Sure she had known
him in high school, but she had never really
been friends. She did, however, remember how
others used to bully him, something which she
hated with a burning pas-sion.
Back then she had stuck up for him several
times, and the two of them had gotten along
pretty well. But in the end, they had different
friend groups and never really considered each
other friends.
“Then we’ll be quic-k.” He said, flashing her a
“I really have to be there at seven.”
“I’ll get you there.” He chuckled.
“Wow, that is some story honey.” He said
wiping his mouth with his napkin.
“But how about you?” She said smiling.
“How about me?”
“Well, how did you end up in the fashion
world? I had always thought you would work at
NASA or something.”
Thomas laughed, throwing his head back and
said, “O god no. To tell you the truth, I did use
to think that too, but honestly, it just wasn’t my
thing. Don’t get me wrong, science has still got
a sp©t in my heart, but I just can’t stand the
fashion there.”
At that Elizabeth laughed, “O God you really
have changed.”
“Oh Honey no, I’ve just let out what was on the
inside. I always knew I liked fashion, but I was
alre-ady getting bullied for being a nerd, I
couldn’t have loving fashion being added to
that. Then as I got older I got confused about
my S-xuality. I mean it was no walk in the
park, but thank god, finally, I know who I am,
and who is the real me.”
“I’m just so happy for that poor boy that I used
to know,” Elizabeth said smiling. “It really is
good seeing you again.”
“It is good to see you too Elizabeth.”
It was quarter to seven when Elizabeth and
Thomas left the restaurant. Both still arguing
about who should have paid for dinner.
Elizabeth insisted on doing so, whilst Thomas
had done the same thing. In the end, he paid,
claiming that though this wasn’t a [email protected]£, it was
the gentlemen thing to pay.
“So you still didn’t tell me what your thing is,”
Thomas said as the two of them waited for a
“Actually if you want you can come too. My
friend had an exhibition that is opening
“Sounds interesting, go on.” He replied hailing
a cab.
“Well, she’s a ph0togra-pher, and now her
dream is coming true,” Elizabeth said stepping
into the back of the cab.
“Alright scootch, I’m coming with.” He said
ma-king Elizabeth laugh.
It didn’t take long for the two of them to arrive
at the gallery.
Elizabeth was surprised to see the number of
people that were alre-ady there and started
looking for Phoebe. After a bit of searching,
she found her friend talking to a stocky
“You [email protected]£!” Phoebe exclaimed, hvgging
“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And
look I’ve brou-ght a friend.”Elizabeth said
pointing at Thomas.
From that moment on the evening went quite
well, Elizabeth mostly talked with Thomas and
Phoebe, occasionally some other people, but
overall she had a great time.
Suddenly she noticed several people turning to
the entrance, watching as they saw one of the
most influential people of New York walk into
the small gallery.
James frowned as he walked into the building
unsure at first if he had the right place. With
his phone in hand, he checked the address
once more and walked into the gallery.
Quite quic-kly he fell out of place, as many
people turned to look at him. Though most
people were dressed nicely, none of them
looked quite like James looked in his
Italian suit.
He looked around, ignoring the people around
him, trying to find Elizabeth. Some time ago
she had told him that she would be here
tonight. He had then proposed going together,
which she had dismissed, saying that he would
probably be to busy and that it wasn’t his
scene anyway.
Soon his eyes fell on Elizabeth, standing there
in a gorgeous green dress, talking to a blond
man standing next to her.
“Hi there.” James said sli-pping his arm around
her [email protected]!st.
Startled, Elizabeth jumped up a bit placing her
hand on her che-st. “James!” She exclaimed,
“You startled me.”
“I know.” He said proudly before k!ss!ngher,
taking her by surprise.
“What are you doing here?” Elizabeth asked
after breaking the k!ss.
“I’m sorry, what?” James said raising an
“I… I told you not to come…” Elizabeth said
looking around watching the people around her
looking at them.
“I don’t un-derstand,” James replied eyeing
“Let’s talk about this outside,” Elizabeth said
taking his hand and walking towards a door
and leaving Thomas behind.
“What is wrong? Why didn’t you want me to
come?” James said once the two of them
stood in an alley.
Elizabeth sighed, not meeting his eyes.
“Elizabeth talk to me.” James said tilting her
head gently so that she was looking at him.
“Look, don’t take this the wrong way.” She said
moving away from him, “It’s just that having
you at an event like this isn’t a good idea.”
“What do you mean?” He said moving over to
“Tonight, was Phoebies night. But the second
that you walk in all eyes are on you.” She
started pointing at him. “And I didn’t want that
to happen, all eyes should have been on her. It
is like wearing white to a wedding.”
“You could have just told me that.” James said
not quite un-derstanding where this was coming
“No I couldn’t James, I know you. You would
have said that you would blend in and then
come anyway.” she said tou-ching her forehead,
“And then the papparazzi would follow behind
soon enough.”
“So that’s what this is about? The papparazzi.”
“Not just that, just-” But he cut Elizabeth off.
“But it’s still about that, look I told you before,
it’s not something that I can control.”
“And I told you not to worry about it,
remember?” Elizabeth said slightly raising her
voice, annoyed by his response. “Look it’s just
you’re… You’re not like most of my friends,
you’re not like most people. Once you walk
into a room everyone notices you. You’re one
of the most influential people in this city, hell
probably the whole country and it is like you
don’t even know it.”
“I don’t un-derstand.” James said looking
slightly defeated.
Elizabeth sighed and walked over to him,
“Look how about we both go home now, I
come over to your place and we’ll talk about it
there instead of this alley.”
James wanted to reply something, but chose
to nod instead as the both of them left they
alleyway back into the gallery.
Elizabeth quic-kly said her goodbyes to her
friends and told them she was sorry, whilst
James waited standing behind her. As soon as
she turned towards him to leave he sli-pped his
arm around her [email protected]!st and the two of them
walked out of the building.
“Did you come by car?” James asked looking
around trying to sp©t her car.
“No I took a cab.” She replied replying to a
“Alright, then I’ll hail a cab.”
“You [email protected]£ by cab?” Elizabeth replied surprised
putting her phone away.
“No but I told my chauffeur to leave.” He said
right as a cab pu-ll-ed up. “Shall we?” He said
opening the door for her.
“We shall.” She said smiling and stepping into
the car.
After a short cab drive the two of them arrived
at James his building and went inside. Soon
they were in his [email protected] and Elizabeth
walked over to the kitchen table putting down
her bag there.
“So tell me.” James said walking over to her,
“what did you want to say?”
“Is it alright if I change out of this dress first?”
Elizabeth said taking of her heels.
“Actually I wouldn’t mind taking that of myself
later.” James said walking over to her and
putting his arms around her, whispering in her
Elizabeth smiled, “God you’re a dog.” She said
moving away from him and over to the couch.
“Alright, let’s just get it over with.” She said
sitting down.
James sat down in the chair next to her
loos£ning his tie.
“You’re a very powerful and important person.
And people know that, they know you, they
recognize you. Everywhere you go, everywhere
we go, people know who you are, and you
draw a lot of attention. Usually I don’t mind all
that much, but since the paparazzi got more
and more involved, I don’t like it. I don’t like
seeing my face on a cover of a magazine,
being shielded by b©dyguards, I don’t like that
every time you are sp©tting with a different girl
around you they start posting stories about you
cheating. I don’t believe them,” she added
quic-kly, “but I don’t like them. And tonight, I
knew that the second you walked in Phoebe
would lose the sp©tlight and I didn’t want that
to happen.”
James looked away for a second, taking in
what she had just said. “Alright, that… that
sounds reasonable. But why didn’t you say
anything? I mean I know you don’t like the
paparazzi but… still why?”
“Because it is like you don’t even notice.”
Elizabeth said standing up. “I know that you’re
used to this, but I am not. And neither are my
“Look I cannot change the way others see me,
well I can, but it is not that easy. But I can
change the way I behave, and if you don’t want
me there then you don’t want me there.” He
said as she stood up as well and walked over
to her wra-pping his arms around her.
“Maybe I should have just told you the truth.”
Elizabeth said sighing and hvgging him back.
“Now how about I help you out of this dress?”
James said suggestively.
“Oh you dog…”

To be continued

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