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Personal as-sistant batch 11

“So how come I haven’t heard about Frank?”
Elizabeth asked as they took out the horses.
“Well, I can’t say for sure.” He reached out to
hold Porridge for Elizabeth but she shook her
head. “No nee-d I can get on by myself. But do
“Are you sure about that?” He asked crossing
his arms.
“Yes, I am.” She said trying to place her foot in
the stirrup. For a moment she struggled before
she finally did it. “There step one done.”
“Yeah now, all you’ve got to do is just mount
the horse.”
“I got this.” She replied trying to pu-ll herself
up. As she did that however the horse moved
ever so slightly causing her to nearly lose her
“Alright, that’s enough.” He said taking the
reins. “Now before you hurt yourself let me
give you a boost.” He held the reins as he
folded his hands together for her to put her
foot in. Using that bit of help she managed to
finally mount the horse.
“Now hold on to the reins, and don’t do
anything alright?” He said as he walked over to
“So as I was saying, when I was younger their
contact had alre-ady become less. I mean I
knew they were friends, but they lived in
different worlds.” He spoke as he mounted the
“Alright, now just loosely hold the reins like
this.” He said gesturing to his hands. “Give the
horse a soft kick and just follow my lead.” He
said as they started their ride.
“Now, they both grew up here, my father and
Frank. My father, however, didn’t like the
country life all that much. For years he had
watched as people never left their safe little
Elizabeth listened carefully as the two started
ri-ding down the path towards the forest.
“When he grew older he just wanted to leave,
to go out into the world. Frank however just
wanted to work on the ranch. The two had a
fight and in the end, he left. Later on, they
reconciled and he gifted Frank the ranch.
Later in life they started having less and less
contact, they talked every now and then but
that’s all I know. Then after my mother pas-sed
away he’d s£nt me to this ranch in the
James turned his head to look at Elizabeth and
their eyes connected. He watched her for a
moment, looking de-eply into her eyes.
It was then that he truly looked at her, then that
he noticed how different she looked now. Her
eyes and face were the same, but everything
else looked different. Her long hair looked wild
and unkempt, very unlike the tidy perfect hair
that she usually had. Furthermore, the more
‘western’ outfit that she was wearing was very
unlike the modern dresses and Sk-irts she
usually wore.
She smiled at him before turning her head
away from his gaze. “So how did you meet that
horse a long time ago?” He asked changing
the subject.
“What?” She asked surprised.
“Well, you said that you met one a long time
ago. So tell me the story.”
“Oh, that story.” She replied. “It’s not that
“Tell me anyway”
“Alright.” She sighed. “But honestly, this story
could just have been, I went to a barn once.
The end.”
“But it isn’t” He replied sm-irking.
“As if you knew that.”
She was about to continue when Porridge
made a minor misstep scarring her more then
she would have liked to admit. A small yelp
left her mouth as it did so.
“Are you alright?” James asked her.
“I’m fine, I just didn’t see that coming.” She
breathed out.
“So as for how you met the horse…”
“You are way to interested in that story.” She
chuckled. “But alright. But first, let me tell you
that my dad is a veterinarian. One day his
patient was a horse and I went along. I mean
growing up in Chicago I’d never really been to
a farm. And that is where I met the horse. See,
it is not an interesting story.”
“So you’re from Chicago?” He replied.
“That’s what you got from that?” She laughed.
“Yeah, I am.”
The two of them continued talking about their
childhoods and ri-ding the horses at a slow
pace. At first, Elizabeth had felt a bit uneasy
ri-ding a horse, but luckily that feeling had
disappeared quic-kly.
After a while, they reached a clearing and got
off of the horses. “Nice sp©t,” Elizabeth
“I used to come here when I was younger.”
James la-id out a blanket for the two of them
and they sat down. “Such a gentleman,” She
said chuckling. “What you don’t like it?” He
said looking up with a sm-irk on his face. “Not
really my cu-p of tea, but I do like picnic’s.”
She smiled.
They sat, ate lunch and talked for a while.
Laughs where shared and in the end, all that
Elizabeth could think was, this is not so bad
after all…
It was Sunday afternoon when Elizabeth walked
into her [email protected] She put down her bag on
the floor and hung up her coat. She then
picked up the bag and brou-ght it to her
be-droom. With a smile on her face, she
recounted the day before…
After they had ridden back to the ranch the two
of them had coffee with Frank and then
returned to the h0tel. The second they stepped
into the h0tel however, James was approached
by a man from behind the front desk.
“Mr. McGregor! I’m sorry to disturb you, sir,
your secretary called.” The short, stocky man
said quic-kly walking over to them. “I’m sorry
sir, but she said it was urgent.”
It was then that James excused himself to call
his P.A. It had felt strange when he told her
that. Once she had been the one on the other
end of the line. The one that had to tell her
boss that something had gone wrong and that
he was nee-ded asap.
Lost in those thoughts she started walking up
the stairs all the way up to her own room. It
had been little over an hour when she heard a
knock on her door.
The James that had been dressed like a
cowboy before now stood before her in a well-
fitting black suit. Her brows furrowed for a
second, confused by the sudden outfit change.
“I am so, so sorry Liz. But I have to go and fix
this. I don’t want to cut our weekend short but
Elizabeth didn’t mean to do so when she
st©pped listening to him. But somewhere
during the time that he was talking to her, her
mind had wandered off…
Right now she saw one of the most arrogant
men she had ever met fumble over his words.
She watched as he racked his f!ngersthrou-gh
his alre-ady messy hair. She listened to his
apologies and felt as though this was a
completely different James than the one she
had met years ago.
Before even she knew what she did she closed
the space in between them. Suddenly her
hands were in his hair and his around her
[email protected]!st. It had taken a second for James to
react but soon, the man that had stood
fumbling over his words in front of her was
now k!ss!ngher pas-sionately.
One of his hands went up to her n£¢k and
pu-ll-ed her even closer. The two of them
momentarily lost themselves in the k!ss. It,
however, ended abruptly when James his
phone rang. Elizabeth had been the one to
break the k!ss, gesturing for James to pick up
his phone.
“Yes, I’m on my way.” He said quic-kly putting
the phone away again. “I’m sorry I really have
to go. The pilot will be back tomorrow
morning to pick you up and a taxi will bring
you to your [email protected]” He said turning to
“Wait!” She said, causing him to turn back to
her. “Your tie isn’t straight.” She said adjusting
the tie around his n£¢k. “Have a good flight.”
For a moment James just stood there looking
at her. Debating what to do next… Tell her to
come with him, k!ssher once more, or say
goodbye and leave.
The desision was made however when his
phone rang once more and he turned around
and left.
That night Elizabeth received a text message
telling her that her flight back to New York and
taxi to her house etc. had been arranged. At
first she thought she would have to leave right
away, but she soon noted that her flight left
tommorow morning.
Ten minutes after he had left there was a
knock on the door. A young woman of the
h0tel stood there carrying a folded piece of
paper. “Sorry to disturb you miss, but Mr.
McGregor told me to give this to you.”
Elizabeth thanked the young woman and took
the piece of paper. Once the door closed
behind her she unfolded it.
Dear Elizabeth,
I am sorry for cutting our weekend short…
Tomorow my driver will take you to the airport.
The plane will leave at ten o’clock in the
morning and my driver will be there at the
other end and drive you back to your
[email protected]
As for dinner and breakfast, both things have
been taken care of.
Love, James.
The paper was slightly crumbled and looked
like it had been written in a hurry. She smiled
down at it as she re-ad it. Of course he would
have taken care of all of those things…
That evening Elizabeth ate roomservice and
packed her bags. At around eleven Natalie
called and the two of them talked for a while.
The following morning she calmly ate breakfast
and started on the trip home. And that is were
she found herself right now, home.

“So? How was your weekend?”
Elizabeth jumped slightly, startled at the voice
appearing behind her. “Paul… You scared me.”
She said letting out a breath.
“I’m sorry dear, but I gotz to know.” He smiled
at her as they walked.
“Well… It was quite nice actually.”
“Oh don’t quite nice me woman, I want details.”
Elizabeth laughed and the two of them walked
into the building.
Elizabeth proceeded to tell him all about her
weekend as they went into the elevator. “You’ve
got to be kidding me? That’s where it ended?”
Paul exclaimed a little bit to loud.
“Not really…” She said as they walked into the
“Don’t you taunt me woman!”
Elizabeth laughed. “We k!$$£d.”
“You did what?!”
“I k!$$£d him.”
Right at that moment, more people started
walking into the office. A wi-de-eyed Paul stood
there, lowering his voice, but his eyes were
screaming entire novels at her.
“I’ll tell you about it later!” She said running of
to her office.
“You better!” Paul yelled after her shaking his
From that moment all the way to her lunch
break Elizabeth hadn’t had one quiet moment.
It seemed like almost every second a new
client rolled in…
It was one o’clock on the dot when Paul’s
head popped around the office door. “Elizbeth.”
He said in a sweet singsong voice, “You still
have a story to tell me.”
Elizabeth turned around and laughed, “Alright,
that I owe you.”
She continued to tell him about the k!sswhen
suddenly another head popped around the
office door. “Elizabeth, there you are, I nee-d to
ask a favor of you.”
She looked up to see Oscar standing in the
doorway. “I accidentally made two
appointments at the same time. One of them
is an old client and another one is a new
client. Could you plea-se take the new one?”
“I uhh… I, Yeah. What time is the meeting?”
She said a bit stunned.
“Actually in half an hour… I’m sorry it’s a lunch
meeting, But he couldn’t meet at any other
time. and I-”
But Elizabeth cut him off, “It’s alright, go, just
text me his name and where you were
supposed to meet.”
“You’re an angel!” Oscar yelled being him as he
nearly ran off.
“Well looks like I’m going to have to wait for
that story…” Said Paul looking slightly
It wasn’t long after that that Elizabeth found
herself in one of the nicest restaurants in town.
Once Oscar had texted her the address she
recognized it immediately, Charly’s, named
after its famous chef cook.
She sighed as the hostess took her to her
table. Apparently, the reservation had been
made by the P.A. of the Client, and she had
specified that the table had to be at the
So now here she sat, next to a large window
waiting for the client to show up. It felt strange
only knowing a name and nothing more, for
she usually researched her clients, but
apparently, Oscar hadn’t done so.
“Now you don’t look like an Oscar Ramirez to
me.” A low voice said behind her.
quic-kly she looked behind her and saw a
blond man wearing what appeared to be an
Armani suit, sm-irking at her.
“That’s because I’m not an Oscar Ramirez.”
She said in a cool tone.
“Then who might you be?”
“Elizabeth, Elizabeth Waverton,” She said
shaking his hand, “And you must be Mr.
“I must.” He said not quite letting go of her
hand. He held on to it for a second longer
before moving to the other side of the table.
“May I?” He asked pointing at the chair, to
which Elizabeth nodded.
“So to what do I owe this plea-sure, Ms.
“Well you requested to meet with Mr. Ramirez,
he, however, is currently unavailable, so for the
moment I’m filling in.”
She watched him carefully, as a surprised
expression appeared on his face.
“A personal as-sistant filling in for an
architect?” He said raising his eyebrows.
“Ex personal as-sistant, currently architect.”
“Ah right, that’s true, talk of the town really.
Little miss perfect finally leaving McGregor,
everyone in town dying to have you work for
them but none of them were so lucky.”
At that one of Elizabeth’s brows rose. “I’m
sorry Mr. Anderson, I was un-der the
impression that we were here to talk about the
building you want to have built, and not about
my personal life.”
“Getting straight to the point are we now?” He
replied chuckling, “Alright, I nee-d a new office
building. But I want it to be a sight for so-re
The next half an hour was spent discussing the
details of the building and other such things.
Elizabeth didn’t even notice the person
standing behind Mr. Anderson until he cleared
his throat.
She looked up and her eyes met with those of
“James.” She said almost breathlessly.

To be continued

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