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Personal as-sistant batch 10

Elizabeth had not noticed falling asleep. Nor
had she noticed the blanket that was placed
over her. James still sat in his chair across
from herm his [email protected]©p resting in his [email protected] Every
now and then he would look up from his
screen and at the slee-ping figure before him.
She had drifted off about two hours ago and
he did not have the heart to wake her. So
instead he put a small pillow between her head
and the chair and got her a blanket.
Occasionally she would stir and he would look
It was not until the pilot spoke that he knew he
had to wake her up. They were about to
descent and well, land. Carefully he got up
from his seat and crouched down in front of
her face. His eyes were now aligned with her
closed ones as he softly raked his f!ngers
throu-gh her hair.
Sure to most it probably seemed creepy, but
he had been dying to t©uçh her hair since the
day he met her. She stirred once again before
her eyes fluttered open. quic-kly she sat up
straight and looked him in the eye. “I…” She
started not quite knowing what to say.
“Sorry,” James said standing up and going
back to his own seat, “But we’re about to land.”
She quic-kly glanced at the window before
looking back at him. “I must have dozed off.
Where are we?” She said. James chuckled and
shook his head, “You dozed off a couple of
hours ago and you’ll see.”
Elizabeth gro-an ed as she looked out of the
window again. “Well all I can see from here is
that it is dark out.”
The plane landed and the two of them got out
of the plane. Elizabeth was about to ask
James where to go to when she sp©tted the
big black car. “Really?” She said turning back
to him crossing her arms.
“Really.” He said with a smug look on his
“Good evening Ma’am.” The chauffeur said
ti-pping his hat to her. “Good evening sir.” She
replied chuckling. “Hands off, Johnson,” James
said joking. “I wouldn’t dare sir,” Johnson said
holding up his hands and chuckling.
Johnson moved to open up the door, but
James st©pped him and did it himself. “Thank
you.” She said getting in. James walked
around the car and got in on the other hand.
“To the h0tel Johnson.” Was all James said
“Still not saying anything?” She said looking
out of the window.
“Oh come on a smart gall like you? I thought
you would have figured it out by now.”
Elizabeth shook her head with a smile creeping
upon her face. “You’re really something aren’t
“Well I think I see…” She said looking out of
the window. “Are we in the mountains?” She
continued and turned to look back at him.
“Maybe.” He said smiling at her.
Elizabeth re-leased the breath of air that she
was holding as soon as the door closed
behind her. With her hands behind her back
still upon the handle she stood there for a
moment, composing herself.
Why had she said yes for an entire weekend?
Not just a simple [email protected]£?
She could [email protected] herself at this point.
It wasn’t soon after she saw the mountains that
they arrived at their destination. It had been a
rather large h0tel which James just “happened”
to be the owner of.
Apparently, he had booked them
separate rooms but with a door that connected
them. After seeing the look on her face he
reas-sured her that it had a lock on it. Also that
he wouldn’t dare.
Now she was up in her room, by herself. She
looked around the room and noticed that it
was, in fact, a rather large suite. Her eyes
raked over the large leather couch, to the tv
and then on to the bathroom door. Curiosity
struck her as she went over to it, with
outstretched arm she opened the door.
The sight before her was something to behold.
The bathroom was large, with a gigantic
bathtub and shower behind it. She racked her
hand over the marble sink as she walked
throu-gh the room. Almost lost in thought she
wandered throu-gh it, taking every little detail
It was only when her phone buzzed that she
snapped out of her trance. She looked down at
it and noticed that it was a text from James.
After they had arrived at the h0tel things had
gone rather quic-kly and soon he had to leave
due to him being called. If it was not for the
fact that she knew how important those calls
could be, she would have been offended. But
this time she wasn’t he really seemed to have
cleared his schedule for her and she knew
from experience that that was no easy task.
So he had walked her all the way up to her
room. He had stood before her, he had even
come in closer as she stood with her back
towards the door. The two of them had been
joking about something unrelated and they
were simply enjoying each others company.
Right at that moment, she didn’t know what
was about to happen, but she didn’t really
care. It wasn’t until his phone rang that she
had snapped out of it.
At first, he wanted to ignore it. But then the
phone went off a second time, and so he
excused himself and took the call. After a
quic-k “goodnight!” he went into his room and
she went into hers.
But now he had texted her. She opened her
phone and noticed that it was quite a short
Tomorrow I’ll come to pick you up at 8 for
She smiled as she set the alarm for the
following day.
It wasn’t until 7:30 that she realized
something. What on earth should she wear?
She didn’t know what they were gonna do and
she didn’t really bring anything either.
But then right when she wanted to text James
and ask him, she saw he had s£nt her a text;
I almost forgot, check the closet.
Puzzled Elizabeth looked around the room
before finding the walk-in closet. But instead
of finding it empty, as usual in h0tels, it was
fully filled. The funny thing was that though
half of the clothes looked like they would fit in
at a gala. The other half seemed to resemble
cowgirl clothes.
What are we gonna do? Ride a horse? She
thought sarcastically as she took some of the
clothes out of the rack.
Even though she thought it was slightly creepy
he got the size and everything right, she did
like the style he chose. I mean the country
western wasn’t really her thing, but these
clothes she liked.
So after she had dressed in a gray tank t©p,
blue jeans and a flannel shi-t she felt re-ady.
And at exactly 8:00 on the dot, he knocked on
her door.
“Goodmorning gorgeous.” He said as she
opened her door. “See I could guess these
sizes, with Natalie’s help of course, but we still
nee-d to get you some boots.”
A small chuckle escaped Elizabeth as she
looked him over. His usual suit had been
replaced with a similar outfit as hers. Though
it looked good on him, it was kind of strange
seeing him like this.
“What are you laughing at?” He said in a fake
southern drawl, causing her to start laughing a
little bit louder. “It’s just so out of character.”
She said.
“Well I thought you might like that.” He said
The two of them sat down at breakfast at
around 8:15 and where done at around 8:45.
During this time Elizabeth had asked James all
sorts of questions about what they were gonna
do, but all of them went unanswered.
It wasn’t until their where nearly back at their
rooms that James said, “Just be re-ady at nine,
you don’t nee-d anything, just yourself and
maybe your phone.”
So just as he had told her, she was re-ady at
nine. First, they bought a pair of boots and at
this point, she kinda just as-sumed they were
going horseback ri-ding.
But it was only when they arrived at the ranch
that she noticed the name. McGregor Ranch.
“You own a ranch?” She said turning to him.
“No, I don’t. It used to be my fathers but he
gifted it to his best friend.”
Elizabeth looked at him questioningly. “Who?-”
She started but was cut off by James. “His
very old best friend.”
It was only minutes later that they were walking
down a sand path and up to what appeared to
be a barn. “You’re taking me to a barn?” She
asked raising a brow, “I mean I know, I
should’ve gotten the hint before, but seriously
James? This does not seem like your style.”
“My style?” A chuckle escaped hisl-ips. “So
what is my ‘style’?”
She turned her head to look at him as the two
of them kept walking. She could see his poker
face cracking with a glint of mischief and
amusement in his eyes. She felt the corners of
her mouth move up ever so slightly at their
own accord.
“O come on, you’re such a city sli-cker. That
outfit on you almost looks like a costume.”
She said trying not to smile.
“Right, that’s rich coming from Ms. New York
over here.”
“Wow, hold up. I’m not a New York native
mister.” She replied, with the best New York
accent she could muster.
James was about to counter when suddenly a
voice rang out from the barn. The two of them
st©pped in their sp©ts and looked up. Right
there at the barn there now stood an old man.
“Frank!” James yelled to the old man as he
started walking over to him. For a split second
Elizabeth stood still, a little bit confused by
the appearance of the old man. But once she
saw the happy looks on the faces of both of
the men she walked over to the two.
She watched as the men hvgged like they were
old friends. “It’s good to see you, Jimbo.” The
old man as he let go of James. “Good to see
you too old man,” James said smiling like a
“So who’s the pretty lady?” The old man said
turning to Elizabeth. “This is Elizabeth.”
“Ah… the as-sistant I’ve heard so much about.
We finally meet.” The man said extending his
hand. “Frank Miller. Nice to meet you.”
“Elizabeth Waverton.” She said shaking his
“So you’re taking her out for a ride?” Frank
asked turning back to James. “I don’t know if
she’s re-ady for that Frank.” He said smiling,
“But a picnic for sure.”
Frank laughed and smiled, “Well it sure is a
nice day for both. You can take Porridge and
Fred if you want to of course. They could both
use the exercise.
“We’ll see Frank, We’ll see,” James said
For a moment the two men stood there,
talking, with Elizabeth observing the two and
smiling to herself. She felt strange, seeing
such a different side of her old boss. Suddenly
that arrogant billionaire was gone and she just
saw two friends talking.
She smiled as she watched the two of them
together, it was almost like watching a father
and son talk. The second that thought
appeared in her head the smile on her face
quic-kly she turned her attention to the man
called Frank. Looking him upside down she
noted that he looked very stereotypical. He
was kind of tall, wearing a pla-id bu-tton up,
jeans, cowboy boots, and a large white hat.
Other than that he had white hair and a big
white mustache.
The two men talked for quite a while before
they said their goodbyes and James and
Elizabeth continued towards the barn.
“So now you know Frank, My dad’s oldest
friend,” James said as he opened the door for
her. “He seems nice.”
“He is.”
Elizabeth nodded as she started walking further
into the barn. Her eyes immediately went over
to the horses as she walked over to them.
“Ever met a horse before?” He asked her
“Actually I have, a long time ago. Also, they do
have them in central park.”
“Really?” He said chuckling. “Yeah, she did,
now tell me what’s the plan?”
“Well either we hike to our picnic sp©t, or we
ride.” He said crossing his arms. “Lady’s
“Honestly never ridden a horse before, do you
think I’ll be safe?”
“We will just go at a walking pace, you’ll be
fine.” He replied smiling.
Soon the two of them had taken Fred and
Porridge out of their stables and started
saddling them.
“So how do you know to do all this?” She
asked him as he helped her. “I spent a couple
of summers here.” He said.
“You see my dad and Frank have been friends
since they were children. Originally this ranch
was my family’s. My dad and his siblings grew
up here, and the idea was that once they were
re-ady to take over the family business they
would. My father being the oldest son meant
that he would inherit everything. Then one day
fate struck and both of his parents died the
same night, car accident.
Here he was 23 years old, still studying and
not quite sure what to do with an old Ranch
that was suddenly thrown into his [email protected] His best
friend, however, Frank, wasn’t studying and that’
s when he gifted it to him. That way it would
stay in the family and someone who actually
liked ranched would run it.”
“Your dad didn’t like the ranch?” Elizabeth
“He hated it. Something about finding it stupid
and not liking horses all that much. Frank,
however, loved it.”
“Interesting,” Elizabeth said.

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