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My perfect marriage Episode 19 &;20

“it was great walking with you.. Patience said as she got the baby.
“plea-sure is all mine.. he responded.
“You can come in for a chat.. she offered.
“No that won’t be necessary I’m sure we’ve talked enough but I will see you at lunch.. he said.
“Ok great take care.. she said.
“See you at lunch.. he said.
As patience was in the room her mind was starting to [email protected] on her, every thought of Elvin gave her chills and bu-tterflies in her stomach.
It was finally lunch time and she was looking stunning as she walked to the restaurant, Elvin was alre-ady there and he waited for them to come.
“Can I hold the baby?.. he offered.
“Oh no you won’t manage, I’m used to her but for you, it will be a challenge to eat and hold her at the same time… actually let me get her car sit I won’t be long.. she said
“Oh no don’t stress, give me the keys I will be back.. he said.
“Oh thanks it’s in the back sit.. she said
Elvin went away for a couple of minutes while Patience waited.
He took a little longer than expected then suddenly he walked in with the baby seat in his right hand while his other hand was hidden behind.
“Why is your hand behind?.. she asked.
“When Elvin stretched his hand out he was holding a bouquet of red roses.
“Wow… are those for me..? Patience asked as she blu-shed.
“No unfortunately I got them for the little princess, but you can share them with her.. he said.
“Mmm for the baby?.. are you sure?… patience giggled.
Elvin did the honour of fastening the baby in position, then they made the order.
As they ate Patience narrated what led to her split with Phil!pand why she was finding it ha-rd to go back home, Elvin listened attentively.
After lunch Patience went to her room esc-rted by Elvin.
“Aren’t you going to come in? she asked.
“No I’m a little sleepy but I will come by later… I promise.. he said.
Patience closed the door then fell asleep with the baby.
After slee-ping for almost an hour she heard a knock on the door and when she opened it was room service.
“madam you received a call from the reception and we tried to divert here but it seems like there is a problem with the line, so can you plea-se pick from the reception?” the woman asked.
Patience wondered who it could be but she accepted, at the back of her mind she thought it could be Phili-p. She quic-kly peeped on the baby then locked the door before following the woman.
“hello..”.. patience said.
“honey… plea-se come back home”..
Patience automatically knew it was Phili-p, how did he locate her? Did anyone sp©t her?.
Immediately tears ran down her cheeks and she wiped them quic-kly..
“Patience I have a lot of explanations to do but I’m begging you to plea-se come home”.
“Phil!pI don’t want to exchange any words with you but I am not coming home and I don’t intend to so plea-se leave me alone’.. she said.
Patience hung up immediately and left the reception, when she reached the door Elvin was just returning to his room when he noticed the tears.
“Hey what’s wrong?.. he asked.
She didn’t respond but just opened her door and entered. Elvin quic-kly followed her behind and sat next to her.
“Patience I know how you feel but again I’m begging you plea-se go back home, go and talk to him. If it doesn’t work then leave him alone but staying out here is not solving the problem..
“No!!!.. patience screamed as she bur-st in tears and sat on the floor,
“I can’t go back, I can’t forgive him.. “.. patience cried out..
The baby woke up with a loud cry immediately and Elvin lifted her from the be-d and comforted her, Patience was still crying really loud ma-king the baby more nervous.
“Patience I will take the baby for a walk on the beach will come back when you are calm.. Elvin said as he walked out.
It was a bitter pill to swallow and hearing from Phil!puncovered a wound she was trying ha-rd to cover, she cried so much until she felt peaceful then walked to the beach to check on Elvin. He wasn’t by the beach and he wasn’t in his room either, she wondered where he would be. After waiting for nearly an hour and panicking Elvin showed up with the baby.
“you got me so worried I looked everywhere for you..” she said.
“I took her for a walk, did I not mention? Elvin responded..
“I brou-ght you some food.. he said as he put the plastic he had on the be-d next to her.
“Is she slee-ping?.. patience asked.
“Yes she is, he said as he led her on the be-d.
Patience opened the food then looked at him with a smile.
“what?” he asked.
“cheese burger is my favourite”.. she said.
“Oh guess that was a hit.. he responded with a smile.
“He called.” Patience said.
“Who? Phili-p? Elvin asked
“Yes .. he wants me back home.. he said.
“Are you re-ady to face him?.. Elvin asked.
“I don’t want to ….. she responded
“Look dear someone once told me that marriage is a commitment that you walk in once and vow not to go out, it’s a place where you stay and stay for good until death.. I will be honest with you though, the statement “throu-gh bad times and good times” does not mean torture. You see many marriages out are failing because husbands have decided to torture their wives intentionally because the woman has made a vow to stay throu-gh good times and bad times.”.. Elvin said.
“Why are you not married, you did not mention and do you realise I know nothing about you till now. Patience said.
“I was engaged to be married but I dodged the bullet and since then I have never met someone new.. he said.
“What do you mean? She asked.
Patience had been home for a month but still there was not much talk between them, she went about her own business despite the attempts Phil!pmade to get closer to her.
It was almost their wedding anniversary and Phil!pwas planning a surprise [email protected] for them, he engaged the ladies to come help that is Petrina, Nonde and Kas-sy. Patience had no idea what was happening except Phil!pand the ladies. de-ep inside Patience wondered if Phil!pcould even remember their anniversary.
The day finally arrived that Phil!phad well planned, it was at a beautiful resort some few kilometers away from town. Patience had no idea what was happening but Petrina had called her the previous day asking that they go to the salon together. Patience was happy that she could at least [email protected] her anniversary with a friend, so many questions were left unanswered but at this point all she wanted was to be happy.
Kas-sy and Nonde were busy ma-king sure the place was well organized and they constantly [email protected]£d Petrina. After a number of calls that Petrina had to pick Patience got concerned and she now wanted to know what was going on.
“Petrina you’ve been on the phone from the time we [email protected]£, its one call after another. Anything the matter?” she asked.
“uhhm no theirs no problem, I’m just checking up on the people at the shop.. that’s all” she responded.
“You are or they are? Which is which?.. Anyway.. Thanks for this treat again girlfriend I nee-ded it”. Patience said.
“Don’t mention love.. i did it for the love of a sister”.. Petrina said.
After the hair and makeup Patience was excited from nowhere.
“boyi after this hair and makeup you better have a nice place for me otherwisse I will not waste these looks without anyone seeing me”.. she giggled.
“Actually we could have lunch what do you say?”.. Petrina asked
As Petrina drove to the resort Patience was thinking about her first anniversary, she didn’t think that 2years later that’s what she would be putting up with., she fought some tears as she looked throu-gh the window.
“halo, I said we are here.. “ Petrina said as she shook her out of her thoughts.
“Oh I’m sorry, I was thinking about something.. she responded.
“How did you find this place Petrina? I didn’t know such a wonderful place existed in this town.. Patience said again.
“Oh here it’s actually not me who found this place Patience someone else did… Petrina answered.
“Oh someone who? She asked.
As they walked on to the chalet that was decorated white and blue Patience wondered what was going on…
“Petrina you should have told me you are bringing me to a wedding, I would have prepared myself more.. She said.
Petrina just smiled and led her to a table where they sat.
Ok what are we doing here Petrina? She asked.
Suddenly people walked in shouting from every other direction
Phil-ips uddenly walked in with a big bouquet of roses.
“Happy anniversary honey”.. he said
Patience couldn’t believe what she saw, she felt overwhelmed and happy but a [email protected] of her broke inside and tears ran down her cheeks.
Phil!pand patience hvgged for a while as people cheered, both of them shed tears.
“honey am sorry, I know I can never say anything to make you feel better but plea-se forgive me”… Phil!pwhispered.
Patience just cried more as she rested her head on Phili-ps che-st.
“Patience plea-se, plea-se forgive me..”.. he cried.
“The world doesn’t have to know our dirty laundry, lets not talk about it anymore. Will talk about it at home”.. Patience whispered back as she cried.
“Promise me you will talk to me honey”.. Phil-ips aid.
“I promise.. I do promise… she responded.
Everyone who was pres£nt admired the two love birds as they held each other close and cried in each other’s arms, everyone including Sydney. (Sydney was Patience’s ex before she got married to Phili-p)
The [email protected] got started and everyone ate and drun!kand had fun. Patience went to greet the guests, however she saw a guest she was not expecting and she was shocked.
“Sydney. Wow.. what are you doing here?” she asked.
“Patience you say it as if I am not welcome.. he said.
“No its just that I wasn’t expecting this to happen…. You here.. who invited you?.. she asked.
“lets just say am your guardian angel”.. he said.
“No come on Sydney.. plea-se tell me how you [email protected]£… she insisted.
“I just [email protected]£ to check up on you.. I’m leaving.. he said.
“Well can you at least tell me how you [email protected]£ here.. She asked him.
Sydney was alre-ady walking so she avoided following him because of the awkwardness. She quic-kly got her phone and s£nt him a message asking what he was doing there.
“it was all mare coincidence and I apologise for being there”.. he responded.
The [email protected] went well and Patience was optimistic about the future. Patience and Phil!preconciled after the anniversary [email protected] and she shifted back into the master be-droom.
A couple of weeks later her leave ended and she was going back to work, it was quite ha-rd to adjust to leaving the baby home but she had to. The first day was ha-rd and she constantly called home, she even went for lunch. Phil!pwas always on her mind and she wanted to know what he was doing at every hour, he called her often and [email protected]£d her on what he was doing.
On her way back from work she pas-sed throu-gh the supermarket to get baby porridge when she bu-mped into Tisa.
“we meet again”.. Tisa said.
Patience was keeping her cool and she completely ignored Tisa. However, she peeped into Tisa’s basket and saw baby food and some diapers.. Her heart raced and ached but she decided to ignore and pas-s.
By the teller as Patience was about to pay Tisa [email protected]£ behind her.
“I see someone has gone back to work today”.. Tisa said.
Patience got upset and decided to respond.
“So being a sidechick is not enough, you still want to be all up in my business?” Patience asked.
“I [email protected]£ all up in your business when your husband..”
“Hold it right there Tisa!.. Am glad you called him my husband because he is my “husband” and I am the only Mrs. Mena there is.. You hear that?”.. Patience yelled.
Tisa giggled at Patience irritatingly.
At that moment Patience felt very angry and she looked at Tisa with pity.
“You know I actually feel pity for you.. are you happy [email protected]!nga married man? How does it feel waking up knowing he can never be yours? It hurts doesn’t it?.. Patience said
“uhmmm let me see”.. Tisa responded while holding her chin.
“And you? Doesn’t it hurt to know your husband left his matrimonial be-d and went searching? Doesn’t it hurt so bad? I bet it does.. am sure you put all the blame on me. Well to answer your question.. it does a little and that’s just because my babies may never be close with their young sister.”
“Wicked is what you are, get out of my sight you devil”.. Patience said before continuing her transaction with the teller.
Tisa was not backing out and she pas-sed a very silly comment that Tisa ignored although her heart bled inside.
As Patience drove home she cried as she remembered the painful words “our children should meet someday”
When she got home she went straight to the be-droom where Phil!pwas.
“Phili-p!!!!!!” patience yelled as she entered the house.
“Honey what is it?.. Phil!pasked.
“She has the audacity to talk to me!! Phil!pmy coming here was not to accept this ru-bbish..” Patience screamed as she bur-st in tears. She knelt down and cried on the floor.
Phil!pheld her close and wiped her tears.
“Honey I’m so sorry, I’m sorting this thing once and for all. I love you..” he said.
Patience cried bitterly and she went straight to be-d.
The following day in the morning Patience woke up early and she woke up Phili-p.
“what is going on Phili-p?”.. she asked.
“going on where?” he asked.
“did you put her in her place? Why does she feel the nee-d to talk to me and in fact what gives her the right to do so”… patience said.
“honey I told her it’s over and I’m strictly s£nding her upkeep for the babies only”.. he responded.
“why have you said nothing about her approach?” she asked.
“are you sure you want me to be talking to her about that?.. she will only grow more pompous if I start telling her about you”.. he responded.
“ok so in short I should just bear the insults? And how does she know today is my first day at work?” she asked
“honey she could even be spying on you she is just bitter.. “
“bitter about what?” patience asked bitterly.
That day Patience was depressed at work but she tried to wear a smile for the sake of work.
Phil!ptook her for dinner after work and they reconciled. A month pas-sed by successfully without a word from Tisa, two months, three months, four months and finaly they met in the fifth month.

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