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My journey in life Episode 13 & 14

‘Don’t even try to [email protected] with me’ I retorted.
[email protected]?’ What do you mean? Who’s pla-ying dumb here? Weren’t you supposed to be out with Chang?’
‘Of course I was’ I retorted again. ‘And this is where he brou-ght me out to. And you? I heard that this place is an organization for a group of people called PRADA. From what I gathered, they don’t take in female members. The females’ only come here to satisfy the S-xual appetites of the PRADAS. Amazingly here you are’
‘What are you insinuating?’ she asked angrily.
‘I’m insinuating the obvious’ I retorted the third time.
Before I could say another word, Cynthia landed a [email protected] on my face. The impact wasn’t that much anyway because her palm was as soft as that of someone I know. But I got furious and we started a quarrel. As we exchanged words, I got to know that Lin, Chang’s daughter was the one who brou-ght her there without of her knowledge of what happened there, just like Chang had done to me. I also narrated to her how I got there, but I could s-en-se doubt in her eyes. I didn’t have a problem with that because I didn’t believe her either when she told me Lin brou-ght her there. I asked her to bring in Lin for questioning and she did. Lin explained to us that her father watches over her strictly to make sure she doesn’t indulge herself in S-xual activities until she was married.
According to her, her father had s£nt word to his friends and loyalists to keep a close watch on her to keep her from trying to do it secretly. So the only opportunity she had to do so was in the PRADA meetings where everyone was masked and she couldn’t be seen. She was 25 years of age and she confessed she started going for the PRADA meetings secretly from the age of 22. I asked how she managed to bypas-s the pas-sword and she said she had a godmother who her father didn’t know of. Her godmother was there for the same purpose as the other females. She confessed a whole lot to us. Then Cynthia busted out in anger. ‘Why didn’t you tell me all these before bringing me here? Is this how you treat you friends?’ She was asking so many questions at a time and almost called to the attention of some people who could be hearing her voice from a distance. I stepped in and separated them from each other as Cynthia almost started a fight with Lin.
I took Lin away to another chamber and questioned her all the more. I was more concerned about my initiation to the PRADAS than anything else. I asked Lin if she was aware of her father’s plan to get us married. She said she was but was afraid of what might become of Cynthia if it pu-ll-ed throu-gh. Lin told me that Cynthia had always been referring to me as her fiancé and had said a lot of good things about me. Since all the men around her either [email protected]£ for the money or fame, her father decided to secretly arrange for us to marry each other without Cynthia’s knowledge, and this was supposed to take place after my birthday. She explained everything to my un-derstanding except the [email protected] where Cynthia said I was her fiancé. I inquired more about that and she kept talking. At a point, she noticed the look on my face and suspected that what Cynthia said about me being her fiancé may have been a lie. She asked; why is your face like that? Isn’t she your fiancée? If I said she wasn’t, Lin won’t see any wrong in getting married to me. And if I got married to her, I would certainly end up as a PRADA, which I didn’t want to be a [email protected] of.
Throu-ghout school days, I never belonged to a common campus cult, not to talk of full b!own OCCULTISM. So I answered immediately; she is! ‘We are set to marry next summer’ I said. That’s why we nee-d to leave immediately so that we can begin preparations. As you know, summer is here alre-ady. ‘Next summer? That’s just around the corner. How come she never mentioned it to me?’ Lin asked. ‘I wouldn’t know’ I replied innocently. The next thing she said was; ‘I nee-d to talk to that so called Cynthia’. I held her back as she stood up from the couch we sat on. ‘You know you just had a little fight with Cynthia. I bet she’s still upset with you for bringing her here. Just give her some time to cool off, and then you can go talk to her’. She saw reasons with me and left to have the fun she [email protected]£ there for.
I went to Cynthia and briefed her on the situation of things. Even Cynthia was afraid and couldn’t believe that Lin and Chang could do that to her. From then, she lost trust for all except me, and that was a problem. We planned to keep our calm and act as though we knew nothing while arranging to leave the next day without anyone’s knowledge. She and Lin reconciled. Lin never knew I had told Cynthia everything and because of that she doubled her regard for me.
The whole plea-sure thing [email protected]£ to an end. Lin excitedly [email protected]£ in to meet us. Apparently, she had taken a dose or two of what she went there for.
‘Cynthia hurry! We have to leave before my father gets to know we were here’ said Lin
‘Alright’ Cynthia replied and the left. I went to find Chang so we could leave as well. I found Chang discussing with a group of people on a round table. He quic-kly saw me and signaled me with his hands to come join them. That caught the attention of everyone on the table and they turned to see who he was signaling. All eyes were on me. I put away all my fears and joined them on the table.
‘This is my daughter’s husband to be’ Chang said.
‘Is he good enough for her?’ one of the men on the table asked.
‘He couldn’t be any better?’
‘In that case he’s alre-ady one of us’ another man said. You’re welcome son.
‘Thank you’ I replied.
It was all over and we left. On our way home I couldn’t think of anything else than a means of escape from Chang. After a long while of trying to figure out what to do and couldn’t come up with something, I quit trying and sle-pt off in the car. Next thing I heard were echoes of children’s voices. They seemed so happy that I envied and wished to be a child again. That way, I would be free from these troubles that follow me everywhere, especially that of Chang and the PRADAS. Since it was impossible for me to be a child again, I decided to join them [email protected] the last time before I journeyed to the land of no return which Chang was taking me to in three days. If Cynthia had not brou-ght me to China, I wouldn’t have met Chang. If I had stayed back with Ogechi at the airport the day I traveled to America, I wouldn’t have met Cynthia. If Ogechi hadn’t let the whole superstar come between us, I wouldn’t have considered traveling. I was pursuing happiness but there I was, re-ady to be initiated into an organization I knew nothing about and marry a girl I haven’t [email protected]£d before. But fact remains that I would be very wealthy. But what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul.
I was so happy pla-ying with the kids, but a little distance away I saw some rich kids mocking a poor kid because he couldn’t afford candy but nee-ded it. They would offer him candy, but when he stretches out his hand to get it they would draw back their hands and laugh at him. Then the poor kid would weep and weep while the rich kids would just keep laughing and having a good time. They loved to see the poor kid cry.
The poor kid secluded himself to an area short of people but could be seen by everyone. I watched carefully to observe the poor kid because I had taken pity on him. I wanted to go and console him and then buy him candy. Before I reached him I saw an old man in rags approach him and whisper into his ears. Whatever that old man said to that poor kid made him brighten up like he hadn’t been sad in two years. I really wished to know what that man told him so that I could tell it to the children I and Lin would have whenever they got depressed.
Immediately the poor boy jumped up and went in again to the rich kids. As soon as they saw him they offered him candy so that they could withhold it from him when he tries to get it like they had been doing. But amazingly, the poor kid wasn’t interested in the candy anymore. They offered and offered but the poor kid showed no interest in it. They thought maybe he nee-ded more than candy so they went and brou-ght chocolate, ice cream and all the things kids love, but the poor kid was not interested in any of them. Instead, he was interested in something as insignificant as doll.
The rich kids noticed that he was interested in their doll and they withheld it from him and gave him the former instead. When they had mocked him enough, they threw all their chocolate, candy, biscuit, and the rest they had on him, and then left the scene with their doll, just to let him have what he didn’t want while they starved him of what he really wanted. They were wrong! The kid only did what the old man told him to do in order to get what he wanted. When they were all gone, the poor kid found a large bag and packed all they threw on him into that bag and left. He ended up having more than he asked for. As he made away with the bag rejoicing, he saw the old man and thanked him for helping him acquire all those candy with his council. The old man waved him goodbye and turned to leave to where he [email protected]£ from.
I wanted to meet the old man to see if he could proffer a solution to my own problem, so I called out to him in a loud voice as I ran towards him. He saw me running towards him and also started running, thinking I wanted to harm him for helping the poor kid out. Wait! Wait! I kept screaming but he wouldn’t even look back. He kept running and I got so angry and screamed again to the t©p of my voice; WAIT!! Then I opened my eyes to see the driver struggling to keep the car on the right lane to avoid accident as other cars were horning ceaselessly while Chang was trying ha-rd to hold onto something to avoid hitting himself against the window glas-s of the car.
‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ Chang asked furiously as he looked at me as though he was going to unleash hell upon me. ‘Why are you screaming?’ he continued. ‘You almost got us killed’
Then it dawned on me that I had been dreaming all along. We were still on our way from the PRADA meeting. All that stuff about the candy and the kids was just a dream. Oh $h!t! I couldn’t say anything than sorry to Chang. He yelled at me for about a minute of two before letting it go.
When calmness returned, I leaned back and started thinking about the dream I just had. I couldn’t seem to find a suitable meaning to it. But then, I meditated a little more on the dream until I got an un-derstanding of it, and then I smiled. Chang noticed my smile and asked; ‘What are you smiling about?’ I looked at him mischievously and said; I WANNA MARRY LIN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Can you make that happen?
Chang looked at me and tried to smile to what I said but couldn’t. He asked why the suddenness on that matter. Of all he said and asked, all replied him with was; I WANNA MARRY LIN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Can you make that happen? I had hoped that just like the rich kids in my dream, Chang would keep what I wanted from me and pres£nt me with what I didn’t want. He enquired again to know what brou-ght about this sudden eagerness to marry Lin. Seeing that Chang was slowly falling for my antics, Intensified it by saying; I want to marry Lin, I want to base in China, and I want to join the PRADA. That was supposed to speed up the rate at which Chang was falling until he fell and crashed but immediately Chang heard the word PRADA, he leaped for so much joy. He gave a horrible smile and said; Lin shall you marry, China shall you base, and PRADA shall you join. Surely, PRADA shall you join! Omor See me oo! Na who s£nd me dream?
I and Chang got home to meet Cynthia and Lin at the sitting room watching some girly stuff on TV. Cynthia was obviously uneasy. I guess Chang was too high in spirit to observe that. I was walking with Chang all along, forming Rambo to convince him all the more that I was really willing to do all I told him. Even Cynthia did not un-derstand me. I followed Chang to his room and he was kind of marveled at that action of mine. ‘You might want to go to your room, boy’ he said. No! I replied sternly. I really believed that what transpired in my dream was going to work for me like it worked for the poor kid. So I kept following ha-rd after Chang. ‘I want to know all there is to know about the PRADAS. I don’t want to go in there too naïve’ I said. Tell me everything about the PRADA. ‘Are you sure of this?’ Chang asked. ‘I think you’re going so fast’. ‘Are you telling me or not, old man?’ I asked sternly. I believe that at that point, Chang was a bit confused and may have been angry that I called him old man, but he didn’t show such emotions. I was supposed to be afraid, but I was more than eager to become a PRADA. Something is not right. But what? Chang couldn’t figure that out, so he told me he was weak and nee-ded to rest. ‘I’ll tell you all you nee-d to know about PRADA tomorrow’ he said, and I left without saying goodnight. I borrowed that attitude from the PRADAS. They never say a word of greeting and never act familiar. I wonder what must have been running throu-gh Chang’s mind.
I wasn’t convinced that all that [email protected] Chang was enough to get him to act in accordance with my plan, so I decided to try something rugged. At least, if my previous [email protected]’t enough to get Chang to change his mind about me, this one will. Having convinced myself of the ra-pid result this very plan of mine was going to yield, I excitedly proceeded with my next move.
In the middle of the night I went to Lin’s room and asked for a piece of her. She objected. ‘If you must be my wife, you must let me have a piece of you whenever I ask for it, pending when we’ll get married. I’m not re-ady to wait eternally for our wedding night’. ‘But you said you’re engaged to Cynthia’, Lin asked. ‘Things have changed’ I said. ‘Ask you aged father and he’ll explain it all to you. We are getting married soon. But I can’t wait until then to have you. I nee-d you now. I mean now!
Left for Lin, she wouldn’t resist. But for the fear of her father she objected. I knew all that. I just wanted to give Chang a reason to disqualify and s£nd me away. I began to threaten Lin that I was going to get physical if she continued re-sisting me and she threatened to scream if I did so. ‘That’s exactly what I nee-d nah’ I said in my heart. I proceeded towards her, bundled her and threw her down from the be-d, un-bu-ttoned my shi-t and lose my belt. Guess what? The girl didn’t even sigh, not to talk of scream. Between her and me, she wanted it to look like I f0rç£d myself on her, but no one would hear of it. When it was clear to me that Lin was a wrong chemical, I made my way out of her room and she asked; What? Did I do something wrong?
I couldn’t sleep that night. By 5am I went Chang’s [email protected] and got a number of books about jets, estates, and mansions. I opened up all of them and kept on Chang’s re-ading table. When morning fully [email protected]£, I heard Chang ask about me and no one seemed to know where I was. I knew he was going to look for me when morning [email protected]£ since he and I had almost become fellow PRADAS. After searching a while for me, one of the servants [email protected]£ to the [email protected] to find me lying on the books on the table like one who fell asleep while re-ading. I was just acting.
Chang was called in by the servant who found me. He woke me up and asked if I was drun!k. I laughed mischievously and told him that I just found a reason to live. He asked what I had found and I showed him the books. ‘How do books about jets, estates and mansions give you a reason to live? ‘Guess Chang, guess’ I said smiling. I’m not guessing anything. Tell me if you want to or let’s go and have breakfast so that I can tell you about PRADA afterwards as you requested. ‘Excellent!’ I screamed. But before then you’ll have to answer some questions. ‘I don’t have time for all these, boy’ Chang yelled. ‘plea-se Chang, plea-se. It will only take a while’ I said. Chang sat down and I asked;
What’s the price of the most expensive jet you know?
‘24 Billion Dollars’
‘What about the price of largest estate you know?’
‘About 50 billion dollars’
‘Okay. The largest mansion?
‘What’s all these about?’
‘Mr. Chang, just answer the question’
‘400 million dollars’
‘Thank you Mr. Chang. If you add all that money together, you’ll get 74 billion 400 million dollars.’
‘That’s right’, Chang concurred. Now what was that for?
‘Those are the things I’m going to buy after I marry your daughter’
Chang laughed and laughed and asked; ‘where are you going to get the money to buy all that, boy? If I remember correctly, you still an aspiring actor and singer. So how the hell are you going to achieve that?’ After he said that, he kept laughing. I waited for him to be throu-gh. When he was, I looked at him and said; WITH LIN’S MONEY.
Chang paused and looked at me firmly. I bet he wasn’t seeing me in the light he had seen all the while anymore. I went ahead to tell him how I hated martial arts and would sell off his martial arts academy when Lin inherited it. I made Chang believe that I had become greedy for Lin’s fortune and he suspended the idea of my marriage to his daughter. But no, he didn’t suspend the idea of ma-king me a PRADA.
Cynthia couldn’t stay any longer in China. She just couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t un-derstand Chang, she didn’t un-derstand Lin, and worst of all, she didn’t un-derstand me. She asked me to secretly leave Chang’s house with her but I objected. I told her I had everything un-der control. She didn’t un-derstand at all but I told her to trust me, and she did. As a matter of fact, I had grown to become the only one Cynthia trusts.
I told her to make her intentions of leaving known to Chang. Chang wouldn’t st©p her from leaving. He had no business with her anymore. So she did, and Chang bade her farewell. She asked for me to esc-rt her to the airport. I refused. She begged but I still refused. She put up a fight with me for refusing to esc-rt her to the airport and that called to the attention of everyone in the mansion including Chang. He asked to know what the problem was and Cynthia told him how heartless I was for refusing to esc-rt her to the airport. Chang thought I was really re-ady to turn bad and was alre-ady acting like it even before turning bad. He pleaded with me to esc-rt her to the airport and I yielded. I and Cynthia got to the airport, boarded a flight to America, and off we went. Whoow! That was entirely my plan, and it worked.
I wouldn’t know what happened when Chang and Lin discovered we were gone. I left China without packing any of my stuff except the cloth I wore. Thank God! We arrived at America and were so relieved. Lin called in later that day to find out where we were and Cynthia gave her the nag of her life. I don’t know if Lin got to say any more than hello, because Cynthia never paused while on the phone with her and it seemed as if she was ra-pping Twister’s music. No be small thing oo. I and Cynthia started a recap on our experience in China. She made fun of me and I made fun of her. Seemed like our experience in China brou-ght us closer than we were before, and she was so comfortable with it.
I had been slee-ping all day one of those days and couldn’t sleep early enough at night. I jumped out of my be-d and made my way to the sitting room. There I found Cynthia watching TV. ‘You’re still up this late?’ I asked. ‘Yeah. I couldn’t sleep. What about you? You’re afraid to sleep alone in your room? She asked. ‘Maybe I should come join you’. I just smiled and waved that away, then I joined her to watch TV as we discussed. Cynthia then began to apologize for the [email protected] she gave me in China. She was so tender with words that I began to admire her in a way I hadn’t before. She drew close to me and la-id her head on my che-st, telling me how willing she was to make it up to me, not minding how I wanted her to. She gave me a blank check, and my mind [email protected]£ as blank as the check. The fragrance of her hair was to die for. She was putting on that same go-wn she wore the night she paid an unusual visit to my room in China. The light in the sitting room was off, and the overwhelming darkness lacked the power to reveal much to my eyes, so my mind wasn’t troubled much. But then, she sle-pt off on my che-st since it took me too long to decide what to fill into the check she gave me.
I tried to wake her up unsuccessfully. After several tries, I decided to carry her all the way up to her room. On reaching there I dropped her on the be-d gently, drew back and watched her stretch herself and wiggling like a worm on the be-d while turning to a comfortable slee-ping position. Unfortunately me, the light in her room was on, and it shone so bright that it didn’t even look like night. I could see all her go-wn revealed, and leaving the room [email protected]£ an issue. I longed for a strange voice like that which pla-yed in my mind in Ogechi’s case to [email protected] so that I would have an excuse to misbehave and blame it on the devil. Haha, devil don suffer! But fortunately for me, it didn’t. Na wao. Abi devil dey sleep? When it was clear the voice wasn’t going to speak, I considered improvising. (WRONG MOVE)
After much effort to provoke negative inspirations, only s-en-sible thoughts crossed my mind, and I ended up remembering Ogechi, who seemed to have forgotten me. When I got it up to my n£¢k I left for the sitting room and continued watching TV. Just then, a [email protected] a TV broadcast featuring TV stars of all sorts was put on air. That was my kind of program. I loved it more than the football fans love football. I sat back and watched. I was still aspiring to get there, so I wouldn’t miss anything that could mold me to fit in.
A lot of stars [email protected]£ on set, most of which I knew. Next thing I heard was Ogechi’s name being called by the pres£nter to come on set. I couldn’t believe my ears. I watched to see if she was the Ogechi I knew. Lo and behold, she was her. She was interviewed and I could hear her talk about me in parables. As a matter of fact, when she was asked what inspired her to [email protected] music, she answered saying; a handsome prince charming never st©pped pushing me to do the things I lacked the courage to do. And I’m here now as a result of that. The phone line was open to callers and fans. I rushed to get my phone and call the number on the screen but remembered the program was just a repla-y. However, I saved the number. The [email protected]£ for the next live program featuring Ogechi was announced and I stored it in my head, looking forward to it. The program ended and I left to my room and retired for the day. That night, I dreamed of Ogechi.
The next morning I woke up to meet breakfast in be-d. That never happened before since I started living with Cynthia. ‘Who did this?’ I wondered. ‘Maybe on of Cynthia’s cooks has a crush on me’ I concluded. I waved those thoughts away and consumed the breakfast without brushing my teeth. While I was eating, Cynthia [email protected]£ into my room to check on me.
‘Good morning miss’ I greeted.
‘Morning J. How’s the day going?’
‘Pretty cool’ I replied. One of your cooks made me breakfast in be-d. Can you imagine that? I wonder how she knew I really nee-ded a woman to do this for me. Maybe there’s a connection between us’ I said.
‘Really? Do you want me to find out who did? She asked.
‘Oh no. I objected. Not now. When I’m re-ady to go back to Nigeria, I’ll find out who she is and take her to mama’ I said, as a joke.
‘Would you really do that for this girl?’ Cynthia asked seriously.
‘Of course’ I replied, still joking.
‘Okay then’ Cynthia said. Until you’re re-ady to go back to Nigeria. But that won’t be anytime soon. Everything is now re-ady for you to begin your Master’s Degree program. I wanted to tell you all about it today in order to make your day a plea-sant one. That’s why I made you breakfast in be-d to prepare your heart for this news. It appears the breakfast accomplished more than it was intended for’ she said, rolling her eyes and smiling at me ro-mantically as she left the room.
I was dump founded afterwards. It was Cynthia who made me breakfast in be-d! Na Cynthia I want carry go show my mama? Omor see gogbe oo! She was five years older than me for crying out loud. Did I just tell her I was taking her home to mum? Oh no, that was just a joke. I hope she knows. But on the other hand, this girl has tried for me oo. She single handedly paid for all my travel do¢v-ments and sponso-red my trip abroad, connected me to music producers and movie directors whom I was working with from the background pending when time and chance will lunch me in. She has provided me with the good life I’ve always de-sired, and made necessary arrangements for me to further my education abroad. From the look of things, she’s also willing to give me….. GIVE ME WHAT? we-tin I dey think sef! I shook my head and dismissed that last thought. I rejoiced greatly over the news she brou-ght to me. I called my mother and a few people at home and enlightened them on the development of things.
I began my Master’s Degree Program after nearly six months of coming to America. I was going to be throu-gh with it in eighteen months’ time. Cynthia kept providing me with all my nee-ds cheerfully. At a point I got really curious about Cynthia’s source of wealth because she was spending money extravagantly. At least it appeared extravagant to me. I wouldn’t know if she considered her way of spending extravagant. I summoned her one day and started enquiring. She told me she was just a fortunate girl. She was into modeling in Nigeria before she relocated abroad. In her early years as a model she was required to go nûd£ on a magazine cover. She was to be paid good money for that appearance. Being from a humble background she could not say no to such offer, adding to the fact that she had to do it if she wanted to progress in her career as a model. So she decided to do it since her name did not ring a bell then. No one would know who she was. Amazingly, the magazine got so famous and found its way to the hands of a CEO of an American modeling company who loved her b©dy so much. Every Nigerian who saw that magazine was so eager to know who the girl on the magazine cover was. Many people criticized her while others gave her thumbs up.
So many castigations [email protected]£ to her and she couldn’t take it anymore. Though she had gotten rich, her image was at stake. Luckily for her, the American CEO of a modeling company who saw the magazine and loved her b©dy reached out to her and asked her to come over to America and continue her career in his company. That was the best and only option for her if she wanted to escape the persecution her action had drawn to her. She immediately cons£nted and left for America. The controversy continued in Nigeria after she left but there were no proofs to back up any accusation labeled against her as no one knew who she was. They only had her name but could not get to her. The Nigerian press followed her diligently to get a picture or video of her modeling for the American modeling company she worked with. But Cynthia was a smart girl. Igbo girls no dey carry last nah.
She changed her looks as soon as she reached America. She never went on TV without disguising herself with excessive makeup and [email protected] hair that even her colleagues in Nigeria couldn’t recognize her when they saw a picture of her. Cynthia so disguised herself that no one who knew her before was able to identify her in her new look. Only the press who traveled abroad to get the picture knew that Cynthia was the one hiding behind her make up.
Soon enough, the reign of that Nigerian magazine that made Cynthia abscond was over and no one talked about Cynthia or the magazine anymore. Even at that, Cynthia refused coming back to Nigeria again except on a visit to her parents, and that she did secretly. She didn’t want anything that would resurrect that dead memory.
After modeling in America for five years she [email protected]£ a millionaire in dollars. She even [email protected]£ [email protected] of the management team in the modeling company and wasn’t modeling again. That’s how she got all those connections with the American stars. She made it clear to me that she never wanted to go back to Nigeria again. She was going to live in America till death. As a female child, she belonged to whoever married her so she had no business at home anymore. About her marriage she explained that she didn’t want to marry a white man. She wanted to marry a Nigerian man based in America. And since she couldn’t find a serious American based Nigerian man, she remained unmarried till she turned 32 years, even though she looked 23. As a model, she knew what to do to keep looking younger by the day, and she had the money to make sure of that. She was determined to wait until her de-sired Nigerian man [email protected]£. Hmmm, EVERYONE WITH HIS OR HER OWN STORY OO!
I was clarified on Cynthia’s source of wealth but was terrified on some other of her issues. After she told me everything, I felt sorry for her. She was afraid of going back home because of that involuntary action of hers that was instigated by someone who neither shared the shame or the pain. Anyone who doesn’t hear her side of the story would consider her an indecent and ambitious girl. But I knew better than to call her names. In fact, she’s an amazing girl, kind hearted and philanthropic. Beautiful, tender, soft, curvy, brown eyed and with excellent dancing skills. Chai! I remember the night she paid a visit to my room in China with dance moves that nearly suffocated me in a fully air-conditioned room. I started recalling all the wonderful things I noticed about Cynthia and even began to compare between her and Ogechi.
I compared and found it very difficult to say who among them was to die for. But wait oo, what is wrong with me? Ogechi is my girlfriend for goodness’ sake. I’m not supposed to compare her with anyb©dy. Wait a minute, did I say my girlfriend? D–n it! She’s miles and miles away from me and we don’t even communicate. On the other hand, Cynthia is here with me, just that she’s not my girlfriend. She could be if I want her to. Am I sure of that? Does she even like me? Come on, she made me breakfast in be-d. I must be stupid. Even if she likes me, I wouldn’t want to [email protected]£ a girl five years older than me. Not like I’m going to marry her anyway. I could just [email protected]£ her until I’m done with my Masters’ Degree Program. No oo, I have no intentions of using and dumping anyb©dy. If I get myself into any relationsh!p, it must be a serious one that could lead to marriage if God wills, and I can’t marry a girl older than me even with one month. But wait oo, why am I thinking all these? Am I falling for Cynthia?

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