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My black knight Episode 55 B

🎴Happen 55
⛽⛽⛽ #Phase 2
As Produced By Sheriff Squinty
Theme: Vivian (2)
The vampire still looked skeptical. She c0cked her head, her reddish eyes studying Raziel for a moment before falling on me. “Not sure I trust you werewolves.”
“Do you have a choice?” Rebekah asked softly, keeping her tone even. The vampires mouth twisted in a wry grimace and she didn’t respond.
“Who are you? Why would Cain lock you up?” I asked her before I could think twice about it. My eyes scanned her shackles, the squalid conditions she was being kept in. She had to have done something terrible to Cain. There was no telling how long she’d been here.
Vivian’s head swiveled around so she could completely focus on me. “This is how he treats his ex-lovers,” she hissed bitterly. A scowl formed on her thin face, and I realized she wasn’t joking.
“Wait . . . he . . .”
“More than a lover, actually. He was my [email protected], mate, husband, whatever you want to call it.”
The room had gone deathly silent. I was trying to comprehend exactly what her words entailed. The thought of Cain ro-mantically attached to anyone was near-impossible to imagine.
“It wasn’t my choice, of course. Three hundred years ago I met him, he thought I was beautiful, and he de-sired to have me as his. As you know, what Cain de-sires, he obtains one way or another. He killed my family and Turned me. When he realized all I felt for him was bitterness, even after decades of being by his side, he locked me up. Eventually, after almost two hundred years as his captive in his mas-sive estate, I escaped. I took some of his valuables with me, too. I fled here, to America.” A sly smile tugged at herl-ips. It was fitting on her se-duc-tive, cat-like features.
“Cain was furious, naturally. Not because he loved me, but because I was his. It took him decades to find me, but find me he did. I’d replaced him with another vampire.”
I saw where this was going, but I remained focused on Vivian, enra-ptured by her story.
“You may not think vampires can love, and truly, the love we feel is something very dark and twisted, but I loved the vampire I was with in the only way I’ll ever be able to . When Cain found us, he slaughtered my companion, and in a jealous fit of rage, he doomed me to suffer for eternity. I’ve been here for twenty years . . . or maybe thirty, or forty. I truly don’t remember anymore.”
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I was speechless, and for the first time in my life, I actually felt the urge to help this vampire. I actually felt something other than complete loathing for a bloodsu-cker. It completely took me off-guard. I would never have anticipated feeling empathy for one of these lifeless creatures. Perhaps it was because I knew she hated Cain as much as I did.
“So you see, I’m more than willing to make sure Cain dies. And after spending centuries with him, I know everything there is to know. Before I escaped, when I was his prisoner, he confided in me. I know all of the bastard’s de-epest, darkest secrets, more than even Antonio knows. Cain never thought I’d have the means to turn against him.” I caught the gleaming white of expo-sed fangs before she sheathed them again and continued. “But I’m a vampire, after all, and I won’t tell his secrets for free.” Vivian sneered slightly, red eyes glinting in the dim light.
“I did what you asked. The locket is safe,” Rebekah replied calmly. Vivian studied her, and I got the impression that the vampire was very good at re-ading people. She’d have to be after living for so long.
“Why can’t you just have someone break you out of here?” I couldn’t resist asking. I thought I saw a hint of surprise in Vivian’s expression.
“Good luck. Cain took his time ma-king these chains. He wanted to make sure that no creature, living or dead, could break me out of here without the one key.”
She jingled the cuffs around her wrists. Squinting, I saw a small slot in one of them.
“One of the materials he used is silver, so I wouldn’t advise trying. And he crafted them to be far too strong for even a werewolf’s strength to overcome, as-suming you were immune to silver. Believe me, he thought of everything. Cain always thinks of everything.” Vivian looked away, matted hair briefly obscuring her pale face. “Even if I’d found a way to break my chains, vampires always patrol this place at night. I’m not match for Cain’s guards in this condition.”
“Anyway, I don’t plan on ever getting out of here. My life as a vampire has been nothing but suffering. Truthfully, I just want the suffering to end. I would’ve had one of you werewolves do the honors, but . . .” She shifted position again, revea-ling her glinting eyes once more. They burned with a fiery determination. “Before I die, I want to make sure Cain is dead, too.”
I shouldn’t have felt the pang of sorrow that as-saulted me when Vivian spoke carelessly about her own death, but my compas-sionate nature kicked in. My Wolf might have been mostly unsympathetic, but I tried to imagine being locked up and starved in this building for forty years and it was horrifying. For Vivian to still go on after everything was an indicator of her strength. I admired that, vampire or not.
“I’ve had a lot of time to think since I last saw you, Rebekah, and I realize that you really are my only hope. Who else is going to help me plot against him?”
I felt a small rush of hope and saw the same feeling reflected in Rebekah’s brown eyes. Raziel was watching the huddled vampire appraisingly, and I could only hope she chose to help us. I got the impression that Vivian had once been very proud, but was now about re-ady to give in.
“Tell us . . . where is he going to conduct the Ritual? And when is it? Do we have enough time?” Rebekah breathed. My heart rate picked up in anticipation.
“That depends. What’s today’s [email protected]£?”
“Tuesday, September tenth,” Raziel replied automatically. I blinked, realizing my 20th birthday was only two days away. I hadn’t been keeping track of time. Hopefully I wouldn’t be spending it without Gabriel.
“Well, that’s good,” Vivian replied softly, lost in thought. “Whether you still have time depends on if Cain knows you’re around or not. He can’t conduct it without your blood, right? And he thinks you’re dead!” Another sm-irk flitted across her face. Vivian seemingly enjoyed the fact that Cain was in the dark on this one.
“He has my son,” Rebekah said shortly. This time, Vivian’s eyes noticeably wi-de-ned. Apparently Rebekah had neglected to mention that she had a son before. She had truly protected Gabriel’s identity as much as she could. “Gabriel went after him.”
The vampire’s face ha-rd ened into an unre-adable mask. “Well, then you don’t have much time at all. You see, this Ritual means a lot to Cain. He’s going to pick a symbolic night for it, I’m sure of it. This month will be ideal for it, too. Your son rushing after him will [email protected] into his hands. Cain being a vampire and all . . .”
“Just say it, Vivian, we are wasting time!” Rebekah demanded, hands clenched in ti-ght fists.
Vivian looked up solemnly. “You’d better catch the next flight out. The Ritual takes place in Israel, at Mount Tabor. And Cain’s going to have it on Friday the thirteenth.” I felt my heart rate increase tenfold as the implication hit me.
The Ritual would be taking place across the world, in some place I’d never heard of, and worse: we only had three days.

Apologies for the late [email protected]£ though.
I wasn’t in the best of moods throu-ghout today.
I un-derstand a lot are mad at the invincibility of Gabriel’s Pov.
But cool down ehn?
Even Gab is nowhere to be found at the moment.
The patient dog eats the fat fattest bone…..😉
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