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Mr arrogant 2 Episode 38 & 39

👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)
Episode 38
By: Faith Lucky
Alicia’s pov
“You have to leave now Clarissa, you’ve outstayed your welcome alre-ady.” Dad grumbled angrily as he matched up to mom and I in the sitting room where we were watching TV.
Mom snorted and glared at dad.
“Really now Jerry? Is this what you’re supposed to tell your child and the mother? A child you didn’t know about?
Is this how you’re gonna treat us?” Mom snarled angrily and stood up from the sofa.
“That’s not what I meant Clarissa. My wife and I are gonna have a hvge misun-derstanding and I don’t want her coming back from wherever she went to meeting you here.
I’m glad my daughter, Chelsea would be spending the night at her aunt’s place. What would I have told her?
plea-se Clarissa, you have to leave and I promise, I’ll come see you and we’ll talk this out.” Dad begged, ru-bbing his palms together.
“There’s nothing to talk about Jerry, for your information, we are staying here and we are not going back.
Tomorrow, you’ll s£nd one of your b©dyguards to go bring my mom because she’ll be staying here as well.
I’m the mother of your daughter and I have same right as your wife and child.” Mom yelled and poked his che-st.
“Don’t mane this any ha-rd for either of us, leave or I’ll tell the guards to throw you out.” Dad said sternly.
I just sat, watching the both of them batter words with each other.
Why’s dad being like this?
I’m his child right?
Why’s he treating us this way?
Dad sighed and ran his hands throu-gh his hair as mom bur-sted into h0t tears.
“After everything we had together! After everything we shared. Is this how you’re gonna repay me?” Mom sobbe-d and crouched on the floor.
“I’m sorry okay, I didn’t mean it that way. plea-se st©p crying, you know how much I hate seeing you cry.” Dad cooed and pu-ll-ed mom up.
Mom sniffled while dad pu-ll-ed her into his [email protected]
Mom stared at me and a sm-irk curved on herl-ips.
I just got to find out dad’s weak point; tears. And mom just used it on him.
Xavier’s pov
I paced to and fro in the sitting room as I waited eagerly for Delaney to walk in throu-gh the damn down.
I was panicking and my whole b©dy was shaking in fright.
I called Mom earlier and it kept directing me to voicemail.
I sighed and plonked ha-rd on the couch – alre-ady tired of standing.
I tried to keep myself busy with my phone but all I could think of was Delaney.
I couldn’t help but panic more.
Where the hell is she?
What happened to her?
Is she safe?
My head was messed up with different negative thoughts and I feared I might go crazy.
“Delaney!” I gro-an ed in frustration, raking my hand throu-gh my hair.
I just hope nothing bad should have happened to her.
Kenny’s pov
As I stared at Delaney in sheer disbelief and shock, I suddenly went speechless.
She’s from Marazona?
How’s that possible?
“Are you telling the truth?” I asked hoarsely.
“Yes ma’am.” She nodded her head.
“Then I want you to tell me all about Marazona, everything you know and your family too.”
“Okay. I grew up without a mother and I was told that was the only parent one could have in Marazona.
I don’t know my mother, I was told she abandoned me and ran away.
In Marazona, we wear leaves and there are just females there…” She sighed softly and bent her head.
“You’re really from Marazona!” I confirmed with my eyes popping out wi-dely.
Years ago, we lived in a planet ; there was peace and tranquility amongst the people.
We had both males and females.
I had a best friend Alice, and we were so closed. I didn’t know she was envious of me.
I fell in love with one of the most handsome men in the kingdom and we both started [email protected]!ng.
When Alice got to know that I was [email protected]!nga guy, she [email protected]£ angry. She told me to my face that she had loved him but I had taken him away from her.
That day, we had a hated argument.
Then, she started another man.
We got pregnant and we were in our early regnancy when a war broke out with another kingdom.
They killed many of our people and my husband and Alice’s own were amongst the unfortunate ones to die.
Some of the women who survived including Alice and I ran to another place and found shelter.
Some women were pregnant too at that time.
They nee-ded a ruler and I was chos£n. Alice was jealous and she didn’t try to hide it. She hated me and we st©pped being friends.
I had gone into labour and due to the strength I lost and how tired I was, I pas-sed out. When I woke up, I was told my baby had died.
It was more like a still birth. I wept bitterly because I couldn’t even get the chance to see my baby.
Alice had her child too and it was a baby girl.
I had to flee when Alice tried to kill me. I knew she wanted the throne so badly and she would do anything to seat on it.
I [email protected]£ down to earth and I was saved by a man.
He took care of me and gave me shelter. It was ha-rd for me to settle down fully and get used to Earth’s life because it was different from ours, but I finally did get used to the life.
I got pregnant for him and we did a quiet marriage. He told me I was good luck to him because ever since I [email protected]£ into his life, things had been working fine with him.
We were both in love and our marriage blossomed. I was tutored at home and I got to learn a lot of things.
He had his own company and I started working with him.
“Ma’am? Are you okay?” I felt a light tap on my shoulder and that made me shudder in fear.
“Uh! You startled me!” I [email protected] as I jo-lted out of my reverie.
“I’m sorry but you suddenly zoned out and I’ve been calling you like since forever but you didn’t even answer me.” She sighed and stared apologetically at me.
I couldn’t help but stare longingly at her.
“What are you doing on Earth?” I asked instead.
“It’s a long story.” She shrugged plainly.
“Care to share?” I asked.
Wow! Now, everything seems to make s-en-se to me.
Delaney told me about the n£¢klace and everything the queen and her daughter had done to her.
I felt pity for her and at the same time, I was glad she took a bold step to take the n£¢klace to punish the queen.
After few talks with Delaney, I decided to drop her off at her house. Thank goodness, she knew the way around even if she didn’t know the name of the streets or the house number.
With the directions she gave, I finally got to where she stays.
She told me so many things about herself. And I did too. I told her I had come from Marazona and she was more than surprised.
I made her tell me about Marazona and she did and I must say, she did have a boring childhood.
Before she alighted from the car, I pu-ll-ed her into a warm hvg and stylishly pu-ll-ed the ti-p of her hair.
“Bye.” I waved at her as she made to open the hvge gate.
“Bye.” I waved back at her with a smile.
I smiled to myself and drove away into the night.
I didn’t know that we had both spent a lot of time talking because we lost track of time.
But glad I get to spend time with her.
Authoress Chi pov ✍️
“The queen… She’s ba-rely alive!” A maid panicked as she dashed out of the queen’s room.
The palace workers stared at her as she ran out of the palace, screaming the queen’s name.
Soon, the healer arrived and she immediately walked to the queen’s room as she saw her lying pale on the be-d, ba-rely alive – she’s been that way since and she had opened her eyes just once when she wanted to tell them something.
She had struggled to talk but she finally did talk.
The healer hook her head sadly and raised her head skyward.
She performed some rituals on her but the queen looked dead.
“She won’t survive it.” The healer shook her head sadly.
And just then, the moon shone brightly; indicating the seventh day in Marazona.
The queen started coughing terribly and then, blood dr!pp£dfrom her mouth and nostrils.
Her b©dy shook violently and then, her b©dy went lax and her hand dropped down from the be-d.
She st©pped breathing.
👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)
Episode 39
By: Faith Lucky
Xavier’s pov
“Delaney!” I screamed and ran to hvg her.
She didn’t hvg me back, she just stood and I could tell she was confused or rather my action was unbelievable to her.
I re-leased her from the hvg and stared at her face, “you made me worry almost to death.”
She just rolled her eyes and walked away from the door, walking further into the house.
“Delaney?” I called and held her left arm and made her turn to look at me.
“I nee-d to sleep okay? It’s late alre-ady.” She sighed and yanked my hands away from his grip.
I watched as she started towards the stairs.
My jaw dropped and I felt bad. It was as if my heart was pierced with a knife.
I lowered myself on the nearest couch and sighed sadly.
After worrying myself almost to death and staying awake waiting for her, this is what I get?
Kenny’s pov
I alighted from my car and locked the doors. I took slow strides into the house and all I felt was anger and betrayal.
I opened the door and walked into the house, it was quiet and I couldn’t find anyone in the sitting room.
I plonked myself on the sofa and crossed my legs. I placed my bag on the table and loos£ned my hair and let it fall down freely down my shoulder.
I pu-ll-ed my shoes and placed my back to rest properly on the head of the sofa.
I closed my eyes and sighed tiredly. Then, I heard footsteps, it was close and that made me snap my eyes open.
“Kenny, you’re home.” Jerry smiled and stood in front of me, his hands were behind his back and I could tell that he was nervous.
His hair was we-t and he was on his pyjamas – looks like he just had his bath.
Even till now, I still admire and droll over him.
“I’d just go to be-d now.” I scoffed and stood up from the sofa, picking up my stuff’s.
“Before you get mad at me and take any drastic situation, can you at least plea-se here what I have to say?” He said and held my arm firmly.
“Be quic-k!” I snapped and yanked his hand away and sat back on the sofa.
Just then, I heard footsteps and I saw the woman and her daughter climbing down the stairs.
I felt angry but I didn’t want to do anything drastic that I’ll regret forever.
If Jerry doesn’t have a good explanation for this, then he should get re-ady to loose Chelsea and I.
He is lucky that Chelsea isn’t home but he’s definitely still gonna explain himself to her when she returns. And of course I know Chelsea would really be mad at him.
“Hi.” The woman smiled at me but I huffed and rolled my eyes.
Why’s she smiling?
Does she think I’ll just accept her into my matrimonial home just like that?
She’s must be a joker and a dreamer.
“So, firstly, I want to apologise sincerely to the both of you. And I’m sure that you two might have lots of questions going on in your head and tonight, I’ll try to clear any air of confusion.
And I want us to settle this amicably.” He said and darted his eyes to the three of us.
He took a de-ep breath and adjusted properly on the sofa beside me.
“I met Clarissa first. We were in love and we planned our future together, we made promises to each other.
My colleagues and I had gone to the beach today have fun and when we’re done, we decided to leave. We had gotten to the parking lots when I remembered that I left something behind.
I told them to wait for me as I wanted to get something and I’ll be quic-k about it.
I went back and to my utmost surprised, I saw a n-ked woman coming out of the water and looking lost.
I tried to run away but she called me back and told me she wouldn’t harm me. I mustered enough courage and went to meet her.
I pu-ll-ed off my jacket and used it to wra-p her nudity.
I took her home and she told me everything. That she wasn’t from Earth and all that.
I decided to take her in and help her. I didn’t tell Clarissa because I was afraid that she’d break up with me and I didn’t want that.
The woman Kenny was like strange because she acted strangely and she didn’t Know a lot of things.
Weeks later, I noticed that ever since Kenny [email protected]£, things had been working out greatly and exceptionally.
I had different hvge contracts worth billions of dollars and then, I concluded that she might be an angel in disguise.
I helped Kenny learn a lot of things by giving her a tutor.
I didn’t know but I felt selfish as I suddenly fell in love with her.
I was in love with two women!
I didn’t tell Kenny I had a lover and I didn’t tell Clarissa too.
Then one night, Kenny and I made love to each other.
I felt guilty because I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn’t help it.
Kenny [email protected]£ pregnant and considering everything she had done for me and the love I had for her, I decided to get married to her.
I didn’t want my child to be a bastard and grow up without a father. We confessed our feelings for each other and I promised to get married to her.
I felt really bad and I knew I had to end my relationsh!pwith Clarissa.
I ended my relationsh!pwith Clarissa and I told her my reason was because I didn’t love her anymore – that wasn’t the truth because I still loved her but I couldn’t keep two women.
Clarissa was mad at me and she was very sad. She had begged me but I refused. She told me I shouldn’t leave her but I told her couldn’t.
And that was when she broke the news that she was pregnant.
I was confused ; really confused.
I tried to talk to her but she ran away. Days later, I went to look for her but I was sad and down casted because she alre-ady left.
Her neighbor gave me a letter she dropped before she left and in the letter she said she had gone to look for happiness elsewhere and I shouldn’t bother them look for her.
Even if I couldn’t see her, I could still tell that she had written the letter in tears and in a broken state.
She also stated in the letter that she alre-ady terminated the pregnancy because she can’t take care of a child on her own.
I tried looking for her if not for anything but to apologise wholeheartedly to her.
Kenny and I got married and out love blossomed.
Our marriage was blissful as Kenny was s good wife. We had our first child Chelsea and I was so happy.
I didn’t hear from Clarissa and I concluded that she might have moved on alre-ady.
And that was what really happened.” Jerry concluded his speech, staring down at his feet.
I was speechless as I didn’t know what to say.
Clarissa was in tears.
“And Kenny, it was just days ago that I got to know that Clarissa didn’t terminate the child like she had made me believe. That’s her daughter, Alicia.” He added and this time, his gaze was on me.
“So, what’s gonna happen? Are they gonna leave here with us?” I asked, breaking the silent.
Clarissa glanced at me and wiped her tears and I mentally huffed.
“I’ll go to be-d now.” I said and stood up.
Since he doesn’t have an answer, it’s best I leave. “Ken…” His voice trailed off as I cut him off.
“Don’t Kenny me.”
Without turning to look at any of them, I made my way upstairs and to my room.
Delaney’s pov
“What is it Delaney, you can talk to me.” Xavier’s mom cooed softly and held my hands in hers.
“It’s about what I’ve been feeling towards Xavier and it seems to be overwhelming and I can’t un-derstand the feeling.
I don’t know what to call the feeling and I’m confused.” I stated and stared at her as if telling her to re-ad my heart and tell me answers.
“Okay? Tell me everything. Explain all what you feel and I’ll tell you what it means.” She smiled at me.
I exhaled and bit my lower l!pnervously.
“I want to be close to him all the time, I want to get to t©uçh him, make him look at me with caring eyes.
I want the hold him and I want to be the only one he would look at and pay attention to. I want him to k!ssme all the time without caring about people being around.
I want him to smile at me, [email protected] my hair and tease me. I want him to do a lot of things to me and he wouldn’t do it to other girls.
And I get this tingling feeling anytime I see him. My heart will flutter and it feels as if there are bu-tterflies dancing in my stomach.
I feel happy. And hell, the feeling is confusing. I don’t him to get mad at me too.” I explained and pouted myl-ips.
Her eyes lit up and she looked very happy.
Is it a good feeling?
Why’s she happy?
She smiled at me and hvgged me, stro-king my hair affectionately.
And I heard her whisper, “love.”

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