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Mr arrogant 2 Episode 30 & 31

👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)
Episode 30
By: Faith Lucky
Chelsea’s pov
Throu-ghout that day in school, I didn’t enter the clas-sroom till it was closing alre-ady. I was too ashamed to enter into the clas-sroom and face the students – who’d probably mock at me.
I was not re-ady to hear their taunting words that that would probably throw at me.
They sure were expecting me to be Xavier’s [email protected]£ and I’ve been all eager and proud about it.
And now Xavier didn’t choose me – ma-king it so humiliating.
I was in the garden, crying my eyes out and preparing both my b©dy and soul for the mocking words I’m gonna sure get from the students – especially the ones that I had ru-bbe-d it to their faces that I would definitely be chos£n.
Why would Xavier do this to me?
Why didn’t he choose me?
I’ve known him for years and he didn’t choose me but Delaney who just [email protected]£ in within just a short period of time – he chose her.
What did he even see in her?
I’ll just hope that he hasn’t fallen in love with her, else… I wouldn’t be able to take it.
I really wanted to be chos£n as Xavier’s prom [email protected]£ but since he didn’t choose me, then I’ll hope that he’d choose me as his girlfriend.
I just hope I’ll be that lucky girl.
Alicia’s pov
I stomped to my room, feeling rather angry and upset.
I felt bittered and at that moment, I felt like punching something real bad to let out my anger.
So, after my gifts – even if I knew they weren’t expensive, Xavier didn’t choose me as his prom [email protected]£ but that girl – Delaney or whatever they call her.
I was expecting that my name would be called as Xavier’s prom [email protected]£ but I was really sad and angry that he didn’t choose me.
He didn’t even make Chelsea his prom [email protected]£ and he went ahead to choose someone else?
Someone we didn’t expect him to choose.
I felt really down casted and I almost felt like ripping off Xavier’s mouth he used in calling Delaney’s name.
Thinking about it is ma-king me more upset.
I got to my room and undressed. I packed my hair in a messy bun and walked to my bathroom.
I stood un-der the shower and let the water cascade down my nûd£ self.
After I was done bathing, I toweled my b©dy and wore a simple outfit.
I got downstairs and started for the kitchen and started preparing dinner before mom would come back from the hospital.
“So mom, I’ve been thinking…” I started and exhaled. I mentally prepared myself for whatever thing mom is gonna say and how she’s gonna react too.
“What?” She asked and stared intently at me.
“So I’ve been thinking, I don’t like the way we are living. We are supposed to be at dad’s mansion and enjoying the luxury his child and wife are enjoying.
We have legal rights to enjoy them too. Dad’s been hiding us away from them and I think it’s time we show ourselves.
Why don’t we go to dad’s mansion and confront dad? Whatsoever that’s gonna happen should happen.
Let’s tell him that we want to leave in that mansion even though his wife and child doesn’t likes us. Besides, he nee-ds to tell them that he had a family outside.” I explained.
Mom was quiet and I was trying ha-rd to re-ad her expression but I couldn’t tell what was going on in her mind.
She didn’t look angry or sad.
“Wow Alicia! I’ve also been thinking about it too!” She finally said, with a smile on her face.
I re-leased the breathe I didn’t know I was holding and smiled.
“Really mom?” I asked.
“Yes. But I’ll think it throu-gh tonight and by tomorrow, I’ll tell you my final decision. I’m tired of struggling ha-rd to provide for us in this house and living in this kind of a house when I know I’m supposed to be living in somewhere better.” Mom sighed.
“Alright mom. I’ll wait.” I said simply.
Thank goodness I’m not the only one in this – mom supports me as well.
Episode 31
Delaney’s pov
“So prom is like a custom where students dressed in fashionable dresses and engage in different activities. Like the dancing, dinner and [email protected]£.
It’s just like a night [email protected] but it’s mostly for the final year student in high school.
So, I don’t know how to really explain a [email protected]£ to you – but it’s a person that goes together with another person that is, a girl as a prom [email protected]£ to a girl.
And there’s always a king and queen for prom or the best prom couple.” Xavier explained and sighed.
He stared intently at me, as if searching my eyes for answers.
“Wait, I hope I wasn’t talking to myself? Did you un-derstand?” He asked and blinked his eyes and shook me lightly.
I let out a light giggle and swat his hands away.
“You weren’t talking to yourself okay? And I did only un-derstand few words but the others, I’ll just pretend that I un-derstand.” I said truthfully.
“So? Let me ask you officially, will you be prom [email protected]£?” He asked with a smile and I didn’t know – but my heart suddenly skipped a bit.
I smiled shyly and bent my head.
“Yeah.” I smiled and stared at him.
“Yes!” He smiled and hvgged me ti-ght.
He pu-ll-ed away and quic-kly place a k!sson myl-ips.
I turned towards another direction and bit my l-ips hyly.
“Shy queen.” He tea-sed and tickled my lightly. I laughed and hit him pla-yfully on his che-st.
…. And the rest of the lesson was fun and educating.
Alicia’s pov
“So mom, have you thought about it?” I asked quizzically and stared intently at mom as if searching her eyes for answers.
She sighed and smiled at me.
“I’ve made up my mind alre-ady. I couldn’t sleep a wi-nk last night as I was in de-ep thoughts…” Mom started while I sat properly – eagerly waiting for her response.
I really do hope it’s something that I’ll be happy about.
“Okay…” I nodded my head.
“Legally, we have rights as Chelsea and her mother to be in that mansion.
We are your father’s first family and we have every right to be in the same mansion as he his and his wife.
Your father had been hiding us away from his family and it isn’t right. They should know about us also. It’s as if we are not his family and I’m like his mistress.
And as I think ha-rd about it, it hurts a lot.
So, I’ve made up my mind… We are going to your father’s house and introduce ourselves to his wife and child. He can’t keep hiding us forever. Let whatever want to happen, happen.
We are tired of being side lined.” Mom sighed softly.
“I agree with you mom. We nee-d to enjoy such luxury too.” I concurred with a smile.
“Exactly!” Mom nodded.
“So mom, when are we going over?” I asked, alre-ady seeing myself there in the mansion and living like a princess.
Delaney’s pov
“So, we’ll be solving arithmetics today.” Xavier said, unZi-pping his backpack.
“Sure. I’m sure gonna impress you.” I boasted with pride and smiled.
Xavier arched his brows at me and sm-irked.
“What! Do you think I’m bluffing?” I pout.
“No ma’am Delaney, you aren’t.” He laughed while I faux a frown.
“You look like a goblin when you frown.” He tea-sed and did an ugly face – but he still looked cute.
I poked his che-st and we both bur-sted into laughter.
As he tried to bring out his books, his backpack fell from the table and his books turned upside down on the floor.
“Let me help you.” I offered and bent down to pick up his books.
As I picked them up, a small box fell and what was inside fell out because probably the box wasn’t closed properly.
I picked up what fell and my eyes dilated in shock.
My mouth fell opened in shock as I stared at it.
I turned to look at Xavier and he had a confuse countenance.
“How the hell did you get this?” My voice [email protected]£ out in a yell as I dangled it in front of him.
Seems Xavier has explanation to do or don’t you think so? 🤔

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