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Married to Mr popular Episode 31 & 32

Married To
Mr Popular
(Rude and grumpy)
Episode 31
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
My jaws dropped as I stared at him in shock
What…What’s he doing here? With Lady K?
I felt my whole systems become weak as I [email protected]£ nervous.
He definitely saw Jackson and I k!ssing.
“Ry…Ryan?” I stuttered his name, helplessly.
There was a stunned expression in his eyes. His gaze couldn’t leave my face.
How did this happen?
I stared pathetically at me and slowly, just as if he hadn’t seen a thing, he turned around and walked away.
“Bethel” Jackson called and I looked at him. I was so confused.
Immediately, I started running after Ryan.
“Ryan! Ryan!” I called from behind, but he didn’t st©p or turn to look at me.
“Hey, listen to me” I called and got to where he was.
But by that time, we were alre-ady in front of his ride and guards.
His guards opened the door for him and he walked in without turning to look at me.
I stood like a ghost and watched them drive away.
What did I do? What the hell happened? Why did Jackson k!ssme? And what’s Was Ryan doing here in the first place?
I brushed my f!ngersinto my hair and sighed. What a mess. Why did this have to happen?
“Bethel!” Jackson [email protected]£ calling behind me, but I didn’t turn to look at him.
“Bethel, are you alright?” He asked.
“Seriously Jackson, what was that for?” I snapped and turned to look at him.
“Why the hell did you do that?”
“I’m..I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to…”
“But you did, anyway”. I scoffed and started walking away.
“plea-se, Jackson; just let me. I don’t nee-d you around right now” I cut him off and continued walking.
“At…At least, let me give you a ride home” he proposed but I ignored him and boarded a cab at the road.
I felt so troubled and perturbe-d as I sat at the backseat, headed home. What Could Ryan think of me right now?
Why was he there with Lady K in the first place?
Oh God!
I remembered what Hannah had told me about him being very jealous. But…a person can only be jealous when he’s in love, right? And with the look of things, I don’t even think Ryan likes me.
Or, maybe he does. But, love?
I don’t think that’s possible.
So, he probably has no reason to be jealous. I’ll just tryna explain things to him and hope he gets over it.
I finally got home after a long drive and as I walked pas-s the balcony to the sitting room, I couldn’t help but feel a little twitchy. Gosh! I just hope Ryan doesn’t take this wrong way.
“Besides, he has no reason to be jealous” I kept reminding myself.
I met the rugged Judy in the sitting room and she scrawled her eyes at me as I walked in. But since she was the least of my problem at that moment, I ignored her and took the stairs.
I climbe-d the long royal stairs and finally got to the door of the *King’s* be-droom.
I paused and took in a de-ep breath before opening the door.
“He has no reason to be jealous” I reminded myself as I entered the room.
I had to cough at first as a result of the offensive odour that welcomed me.
Afterwards, I saw him sitting in front of his keyboard, smoking.
I halted at the door and stared at him from behind.
Then, gulping ha-rd , I walked closer to him.
“Ryan” I called softly but he didn’t flin-ch or turn to look at me.
I cleared my throat a bit.
“I um..I’m sorry for what you saw earlier. Trust me, It wasn’t intentional. He…I don’t know why he k!$$£d me. I didn’t expect it. But I want you to know it means nothing” I said emphatically, trying not to sound beggish, tho.
He still kept quiet and continued smoking from his cigarette.
Okay – weird.
I also kept quiet and stared at him from behind for a while.
Oh plea-se! Don’t tell me he’s giving me the silent treatment.
“Ry…Ryan?” I called and he stood up after a while.
He went to the be-d and picked up his shi-t and after which, headed for the door, walking pas-s me.
I turned and looked at him in shock as he opened the door and walked out without saying a word or even looking at me.
I breathed out de-eply and plonked myself on the be-d. Don’t tell me this is really gonna be happening to me. Is he really mad at me?
I buried my face in my palms and thought painfully.
Why was does this have to happen, huh? Why?
This is unbelievable.
Oh, God!
#Next_morning .
I walked down the stairs with my bag, fully dressed up for school.
Ryan didn’t return to the room the previous night and it made me wonder where he could’ve been?
I got to the dining and met the entire family there alre-ady – as usual.
But Ryan wasn’t with them.
“Good morning mum” I greeted Ryan’s mum as I took a seat.
“Aww! Finally, someone’s catching up. Good morning, Angel. How was your night?” She replied happily.
“It was fine. Thanks. Good morning, sir” I greeted Mr Winthrop as well.
“Good morning dear” he replied simply and focused on his meal.
“How was the marriage clas-ses yesterday, Bethel?” She asked.
“It was okay” I replied tiredly.
plea-se, I really wish she’d know I’m not in the mood to talk right now.
Luckily, she didn’t say any otter thing that required a reply from me and I found it so relieving.
Few minutes later, Ryan [email protected]£ climbing down the stairs.
My heart skipped as I stared at him.
He was fully dressed up and was busy with his wrist bu-tton as he clumped down the stairs.
Hold on; he was fully dressed up.
How’s that possible? I mean, I didn’t see him come to take his bath in the room.
Oh, my God!
Of course! He had sle-pt in a different room.
Geez! Why didn’t I think about it? It didn’t even occur to me.
He was apparently avoiding me and had actually made use of a different room.
Oh, goodness. Why is he this angry over it?
“Ryan son” his mum called immediately she sp©tted him.
“Good morning mum” he said icily.
“Good morning, sweetheart. You’re just in time for…”
“I’m not hungry” he cut her off brosquely and walked out of the house.
I felt so pained and bittered throu-ghout the drive to school. Knowing Ryan was mad at me kept eating me up. How do I ask for his forgiveness?
But I had no idea he was going to be so affected by it. And I also had no idea I was going to be so affected by his cold reaction.
What’s happening?
I covered my face in my palms and only opened them when I felt the cat st©p moving.
I opened my eyes and discovered we were in school alre-ady.
“Bye ma’am Bethel’ my driver waved at me as I alighted from the car with my bag.
“Bye Josh” I muttered weakly and proceeded into the building.
I walked so abs£ntmindedly, reminiscing on the whole thing. I didn’t like the fact that Ryan was giving me the cold treatment.
It seemed to me like he was hurt.
I suddenly recalled Hannah’s words to me;
*He finds it ha-rd to forgive*.
I was so lost in thoughts and didn’t realize a lady coming before me and as a result, I bu-mped into her and the books she held fell on the floor.
“Oh, my God! I’m sorry” I said feebly and bent to help her with the books.
“I’m really sorry” I added.
“Oh, plea-se; its nothing” the lady replied politely and also joined in the picking up of the books.
Soon, we were done and I handed the ones in my hands over to her.
“Thanks” she beamed.
“You’re welcome” i replied, a little surprise tho.
I tried walking away but she called me back.
“Um…I’m sorry to bother you but, could you show me to clas-s, plea-se? I’m actually new here and a final year student. But you know, the school’s so big and I can’t seem to find my way around it” she stated.
“You’re a final year student?” I asked and she nodded.
“What [email protected]? Science, Arts or…”
“Arts, plea-se” she cut in.
“Oh! Same here.” I said.
“Come with me then. We’re headed for the same clas-s”.
“Oh! Really? Thank you so much” she said ecstatically and I smiled back at her and we started walking together.
“So, you’re an.old student here, huh?” She asked along the way.
“Yeah” I replied.
“And you’re…Ryan’s wife” she said and I almost coughed.
“Well…yeah” I replied, tucking my hair behind my ear.
I’m forgetting I’m becoming popular.
She smiled and stared downwards.
“By the way,” she paused and stretched out her hand for a handshake.
“My name is Shirley”.
Married To
Mr Popular
(Rude and grumpy)
Episode 32
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I walked into the clas-sroom with the Shirley girl and as usual, Nicole was alre-ady waiting for me on my seat.
“Hey B” she waved at me as I got to where she was.
“Hi” I replied weakly and took my seat.
Shirley stood and stared at both of us and that was when I un-derstood she nee-ded a place to sit.
“Oh! Sorry, but there’s no vacant seat around here” I told her and she nods.
“Alright then. I’ll just take a vacant seat from the back” she replied and went to the back.
“Okay; and who’s that?” Nicole asked as soon as she left.
“She’s just a newbie who lost her way to clas-s” I replied and stared at the floor.
“Are you alright? You look kind of…”
“I’m fine” I cut her off with a sigh.
“O…kay. Although, you don’t look fine to me”.
We remained quiet for a while.
“Ryan caught Jackson and I k!ss!nglast night” I finally said, not looking at her.
“Whaaat?” She skrie-ked and few the people in the clas-s turned to look at her.
But luckily, they looked away after a few seconds.
“Are you kidding me? How the hell did it happen?” She asked in a whispering tone.
“Its a long story. Jackson..he had taken me out last night and while we were together at the park, he k!$$£d me.
“I really don’t know how it happened or why he did that, but when I turned around, I found Ryan staring at us.”
She [email protected] and covered her mouth.
‘Bethel!” She almost screeched.
“What were you doing with Jackson in the first place?”
“Like I said Nicole, it’s a long story. I…” I paused and picked at my f!ngers.
“It was a mistake. But right now, Ryan’s mad at me and hasn’t spoken since it happened. He actually sle-pt in a different room last night” . I said pathetically.
“Oh, Bethel!” She [email protected] ed.
“Why did you have to let that happen? You should’ve avoided that Jackson of a guy. I never liked that guy. Who knows if he did that on purpose?”
I bent my head and didn’t say a word.
“You should try apologizing to him” she added.
“I have…but he wouldn’t even look at me. He was so cold.” I muttered sadly and she didn’t say anything for a while.
“You’re so stubborn, Bethel. This is all your fault. You should’ve stayed away from that Jackson of a guy. Well, I guess you’ve learnt your lesson” she chided, adding to my problems.
I remained silent and tried not to wince. I wish I could change the hands of time.
Few minutes later, the ABC girls walked in, but they didn’t pester me like they used to. Instead, they just sat quietly on their seats, operating their phones.
After a while, the first teacher [email protected]£ in and commenced clas-ses.
When it was time for lunch, the new student [email protected]£ Nicole and I. I wonder why she wasn’t introduced by any of the teachers.
“Hi” she said cheerfully.
“Hi” Nicole replied instead.
“Um…I was wondering…why don’t we have lunch together? I mean, you know I’m new here and still don’t know my way around the school. So, it’d have been really nice if you could show me to the cafe” she said.
“Oh! Okay then. Bethel and I were on our way to the cafe anyway” Nicole replied and we all left the clas-s together.
And throu-ghout the rest of the day in school, I remained saturnine.
Hours Later…
I stepped out of the car and walked dolefully into the house. My mind was so occu-pied and kept wandering about.
I was so lost in thoughts and didn’t even notice the j£rk – Royce that was drinking in the sitting room.
I walked pas-s him and headed straight for the be-droom.
Oh, God!
If only Ryan gets to forgive me just this once, I’ll never do anything to make him jealous or mad again.
I walked into the room and found him sitting on the be-d, operating his [email protected]©p.
He turned and sh0t me a stare when he heard the door open, then took his eyes back to his [email protected]©p.
I took in a de-ep breath and remained standing behind him.
I nee-ded to apologize to him again.
Oh, God!
I hope he forgives me this time around.

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