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Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 9 & 10

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s [email protected]ç£)
Episode 9
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
“Yeah – I’m in support. Let’s do it” Markie said and the rest of the people concur.
“Are you in, Bethel?” Mia asked me and I looked at Ryan, as if waiting for him to give me the go ahead.
But he didn’t say anything
“Yeah, I’m in” I replied and Lia [email protected] like a baby.
“Okay; who’ll go first?” Ava asked.
“Hold on, aren’t we gonna ask Ryan if he’s in or not”, Spooky said.
“Of course, he’s in” Lady K beamed.
“Yeah , I’m in” Ryan replied and drank from his bottle again.
“Okay; now remember the rules; three people can not chose Truth on a row. Meaning, if the first two people chooses Truth, the next person would have to chose Dare”, tagged explained.
“Yeah – because most people are scared of Dare and would always wanna chose truth” Lady k said.
“Huh? But I’m not scared of Dares. Dare is actually my favy” Ava said and moved back and front on her seat in a s£dûçt!veway.
Gosh! I should’ve listened to Ryan. I should’ve stayed at home.
“Okay, so, I’ll go first” Markie said.
“And I’ll ask first. Truth or Dare?” Karen said and he looked up at the ceiling for a while.
“Mmm. Truth” he replied.
“Are you cheating on your girlfriend?” She asked, arousing laughter from every corner.
Wow! Even Ryan laughed.
Oh! So, he does have a girlfriend?
“Come on, Markie. Remember you have to be truthful!”
He itched his head.
“Uh…well, I had se-x with her best friend last night.” He replied and everyone [email protected]
“Oh, my God! This guy is unbelievable!” Ava said and threw one of her rings at him.
“Hey, it was just a 3 minutes, stuff okay? It didn’t change anything” he rolled his eyes.
They laughed and talked about it for a short time.
“Okay, okay, Bethel you’re next. Truth or Dare?” Mia asked and I felt my heart leap.
Oh, God!
“Um…Truth” I replied nervously..
“Alright. What’s your favorite color?” She asked.
“Woah! Mia, that’s a boring question!” Lia grouse and the others laughed.
Ha! Thank goodness.
“That’d be pink”, I replied and she smiled.
Hm. Thank goodness she was easy on me.
“Okay, Ryan; you’re next. Truth or Dare?” Ava asked and bit herl-ips.
“Well, since Markie and Bethel alre-ady chose truth on a row, Ryan will have to take the Dare. So, he doesn’t have any option” tagged said and the lady cheered.
“Oh, my God! That’s true!”
“Come on, Ryan. I dare you to k!ssme” the Ava lady said happily.
“Oh my God! This lady is Crazy” Spooky said.
Ryan just scoffed and didn’t say a word.
She stood up happily and [email protected]£ towards him.
“Come closer if you want your ton-gue cut out” Ryan said and she paused
“Huh? But come on Ryan! You can’t break the rules of the game!” She said bitterly.
“Well, I’m not k!ss!ngyou; not with those samel-ips you take in sperm with” he said and I didn’t even realize when I [email protected]
“Oh, my God!!!” The boys exclaimed.
“Busted!” Mia laughed ha-rd .
They all laughed like they wanted to roll on the floor.
Immediately, she ran away.
She walked- run into the house.
“Oops! Don’t tell me she’s angry” Mia said and laughed even ha-rder.
“I’ll just get her” Lady K said and stood up, going after her.
“Yeah, me too” Lia laughed and also stood up.
“Come on, Ryan. You shouldn’t have said that to her. You know how Ava is. She gets angry over little things” Spooky said.
“And what’s my business with that? I didn’t ask her to k!ssme” Ryan shrugged and drank from his bottle.
“Hm. And Ryan ruined the game again. This isn’t the first time you’re doing this, dude” Markie chuckled.
“Yeah, from now on, He’s been banned from pla-ying Truth Or Dare with us”. Mia said and laughed.
“Yeah, I’m in total support”.
“Whatever. Like I care” he said brusquely.
They started talking about other things which didn’t seem to interest me.
After a while, I [email protected]£ pressed and nee-ded to make use of the restroom.
I turned to Ryan.
“Um…Ryan, I’m pressed”,I said lowly to him.
“You can go in. Take the pas-sage by your right and you’ll find your way” he replied dizily.
I know he’s going to end up drun!ktoday.
I stood up with my bag and left the table.
“Do you nee-d some company, baby?” Spooky asked and I just smiled and walked away.
I entered into the house, and admired the refurbished sitting room.
But since I was too pressed, I couldn’t admire it for long and I decided to take the pas-sage.
I went right as Ryan directed and I busted out on a pas-sage with different rooms on both sides.
Hm. What a house. I wonder why they’re so many rooms on it.
I moved to the first room and tried opening it, but it was locked.
Hm. This reminds me of the first day I met Ryan at the Winthrop mansion during his home coming [email protected]
I smiled and moved over to the second door and there I heard voices.
Oh! Maybe this was were the ladies were.
I wonder what they’re talking about. And why haven’t they returned to the “[email protected]”?
I decided to st©p by the door and listen.
I placed my ear on the door and listened carefully. I could clearly hear their voices.
“That bit-ch” I heard a voice and recognized it to be Lady K.
“I can’t believe she showed up here. She ruined my plans!”
Hm. Who’s she calling a bit-ch?
“Geez! It’s obvious she’s in good terms with Ryan. I can’t believe she’s staying at his mansion”,I heard a different voice say.
Hold on; don’t tell me they’re talking about me.
“But I’m still surprised, you know? How did Ryan get to forgive her so easily after setting her up with her ex?” I heard Lia ask and my jaws dropped.
No, no.
This is not possible?
“Yeah, I mean I was expecting him to go crazy when he sees her k!ss!ngthat guy”.
My heart pointed as I moved away from the door.
What? That thing was a set up?
So, Lady K and Jackson were working together to create conflicts between Ryan and I?
Oh God!
I stood in amazement and found it difficult walking away. So, that lady was this Crazy and bit-chy? I can’t believe this.
I stood there for a long time before shaking my head and walking away.
I walked at a slow pace, thinking about the whole thing. This was unbelievable.
Does that mean Lady K is dreaming on Ryan? Of course! And that’s the reason she wanted to create conflicts between us.
I got to the toilet and made use of it and when I was done, I washed my hands in the washbasin.
I stared at myself in front of the mirror. I can’t believe they’re people out there trying to destroy my marriage with Ryan. And the all mighty Lady K was [email protected] of them.
I scoffed and left the room, headed outside.
I just hope Ryan is done so we can leave right away.
Walking along the pas-sage, I [email protected]£ in contact with Lady K who was coming ahead of me.
Hm. Speaking of the devil.
She was putting on an angry look, but as soon as she saw me, she tried to dissemble it with a smile.
Where’s she going anyway?
“Bethel” she smiled.
“Were you able to find the restroom?” She asked even before she got to where I was.
“Yeah” I muttered perfunctorily, wondering why she actually cares.
We met up with each other and was about walking away when I suddenly st©pped.
“You know, you don’t have to act so caring when you’re only a wolf in sheep clothing” I said and she also st©pped and turned to look at me.
“Sorry?” She furrowed her brows.
“You know what I’m talking about, Karen. Don’t [email protected] with me. I can’t believe someone like you who’s like a role model to thousands can be so cheap” I taunted and she scoffed.
She looked behind and looked back at me.
“Sorry, are you talking to me?” She asked, wearing a surprised look.
“Well, is there a ghost behind you?”I asked even she scoffed again and moved closer to me.
Gosh! I was so angry.
And she probably never expected anyone could talk to her in such manner.
“Have you lost it, young lady? What’re you talking about?” She asked.
“If there’s anyone who’s has lost anything, it’s you and that’s your dignity as a woman. How can you be so willing to throw yourself so cheaply at a man?
“I un-derstand Ryan’s every lady’s crush, but he’s not meant for every lady. You nee-d to un-derstand this Karen, that no matter what you do, you can’t change destiny. You can only dream on Ryan and make lame efforts, but he can never be yours”.
The expression on her face changed immediately.
“I think you nee-d to watch your ton-gue…”
“No; its you who nee-ds to watch your shame because its getting pretty high”.
Immediately, she lifted her hand and tried hitting me. But luckily for her, she didn’t and just suspended it in mid air.
I chuckled.
“You really wanna hit me?”,I asked.
“Huh? Well, go on. But you can be sure the last time you smiled with Ryan is gonna be the very last.” I stated and tried walking away, but st©pped and turned around to look at her again.
“You know, no matter how desperate I am, I’ll never try to set up married couples. Go get a life, Karen and st©p chasing after people’s husbands” I added blatantly and finally walked away.
Gosh! That felt so good – giving her a piece of my mind.
I mean, I can’t believe she despises me all these while, yet tries to act nice when she’s around.
That set up made Ryan mad at me for a long time. I know the torture I had to go throu-gh. Its so crazy to know it was all a set up all along.
I got outside to the balcony and couldn’t even find Ryan there anymore.
Oh, plea-se.
Where could he be?
The only person sitting there was Mia.
“Hey, you’re back” she said as she drank from her glas-s.
“Hm” I hummed and took a seat.
“Um…where’s Ryan?” I asked.
“Oh! He stepped out with the boys. But they’ll be back soon” she replied and I nodded.
Oh, God! plea-se, where could he be? I can’t wait to get out of here.
“You feel lucky, huh?” She suddenly asked and I looked at her to see her smiling.
“You feel lucky to be with someone like Ryan, right?” She asked and I smiled.
Oh, that.
“Well…” I shrugged and left the statement half completed.
Well, of course I was lucky. But I couldn’t just admit it to her.
Suddenly, an idea flashed into my head.
“Um…Mia” I called.
“Yes, dear?”
“Sorry to ask, but…I heard you were actually a chef before went into music?”
“Oh, yes. That’s true. I…always had a pas-sion for cooking”,she replied.
“Is there a problem?”,she asked.
“Um…not really. Well, even if I wanted to, it wouldn’t be possible because you’re always very busy”,I said.
“Why? You…wanna learn how to cook?” She asked and I nodded.
“Hm.” She smiled and drank from her glas-s.
“Well, you’re right. I can be pretty busy. But, um…maybe I can just call you whenever I’m free or something”.
“Oh! Really? You Can do that for me?” I asked excitedly.
“Yeah sure”.
Immediately, tagged showed up.
“Hey, Bethel; Ryan’s waiting in the car for you. He said you should hurry up” he told me and I looked at Mia.
“Um…I’ll just drop my contact with you, then”,I said.
“Of course” she replied and handed her phone to me and I typed in my digits.
“Thanks a lot. Bye” I said as I stood up.
“Sure. I’ll give you a call” she replied Breezily and I left.
Tagged accompanied me to the car.
“Goodnight pretty. It was nice having you around” he told me as we finally got to where it was parked.
I faced him and smiled.
“Thanks. Goodnight” I replied and walked into the car which had alre-ady been opened for me.
Hmm. At last. I could ha-rd ly wait to leave this place.
I joined Ryan in the backseat where he sat with his head rested on the head rest and his eyes closed.
“Ryan, are you okay?” I called his attention and he just nodded with opening his eyes to look at me.
Hm. He’s obviously drun!k.
The driver started the car and soon, we were on the road alre-ady.
I fixed my gaze on the window and looked at the dark streets and buildings as we drove pas-s them. It was so late alre-ady.
I thought about Karen and how evil she was. Thank goodness I got to find out about it today. At least, now I know she’s a devil.
I’m definitely going to tell Ryan about it.
And that Jackson…so, he actually wanted to ruin my marriage?
Well, thank goodness it didn’t work out. And where has he been all these while? I haven’t seen him all these while.
Oh plea-se;
I just hope he’s decided to stay away from me.
After a while, we got home and that was a hvge relief to me.
I breathed out de-eply as the doors were open and Ryan and I [email protected]£ out of it.
Oh, God! Ryan.
He was so drun!k. He was actually tottering.
“Ryan” I called and held him.
“I’m fine” he replied dazily and fred my hands from his.
I held him again and helped him into the house.
Thank goodness he didn’t trip when climbing the stairs.
I successfully got him into the room and he fell on the be-d immediately, but didn’t lie on it. He just sat up and leaned on the head of the be-d.
I sighed and stared at him with my both hands on my [email protected]!st.
“Do you nee-d me to get something for you?” I asked but he didn’t say a word, but just continued staring at me.
“Yeah, you can pour me some wine from the table” he replied and I flin-ched.
“Huh? You’re drun!kand you still asking for more wine?”
“I’m not drun!k, Bethel. If I was drun!k, I wouldn’t be sitting up this way” he said and tapped his forehead.
“Well, sorry Ryan, but I can’t give you anymore drink” I replied and backed him, facing the table.
Ryan’s Pov:
I watched her back me and faced the table, arranging some stuff on it.
She made her big bu-tts face my direction, arousing my £r£¢tion.
This is the height of it. I can’t take it anymore.
I stood up immediately and pu-ll-ed her to myself, gr-abbing her soft as-s and squee-zing them in my hands like pillows.
“Ryan!”, She called in fright, but I didn’t let her go.
I’m not letting her go.
I held her ti-ght to myself and felt her big bu-tts t©uçh my £r£¢tion.
Oh God! They were so sweet.
“R…Ryan” she shivered in my arms, but I couldn’t control it.
I can’t.
I slowly lifted my hand from her [email protected]!st upwards to her che-st and she [email protected]
“I nee-d you, Bethel”, I whispered into her ears.
“I wanna get ti-ght with you”.
Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s [email protected]ç£)
Episode 10
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I was about turning around when I felt two hands hold me from behind.
I flin-ched in fear as they held me by the [email protected]!st and I discovered it was Ryan.
“Ryan” I called but he held me ti-ght to himself.
Oh, God! I could feel my bu-ttocks tou-ching his £r£¢ted di-ck.
What is he doing?
“R…Ryan” I stuttered his name and tried to free myself from his grasp, but couldn’t.
Then slowly, he started lifting his hands upwards to my che-st.
God, no!
“I nee-d you, Bethel” he whispered into my ears.
“I wanna get ti-ght with you”.
My eyes opened wi-de in shock.
Immediately, he pushed me to the be-d, getting ont©p of me.
“Ryan!” I called and tried leaving the be-d, but he weighed me down with his weight.
He opened my legs and [email protected]£ to lie in between me.
“Ryan, what’re you doing? Let me go!” I struggled with him and he pinned my both hands above my head.
“plea-se, Bethel; just let me in” he said softly and k!$$£d me.
Oh my God! This cannot be happening.
I can’t do this; not now.
He smooched myl-ips but I managed to withdrew my face.
“Ryan, st©p it! What has gotten into you?”
He buried my face in my n£¢k and gave it a little bite. I couldn’t push him off.
How can someone this drun!kbe this powerful?
He left my hands and used his to t©uçh my bo*bs.
It brou-ght a new feeling, a strange plea-sure, but I wasn’t re-ady for this. Not now.
“Ryan, what is wrong with you? Let go of me;” I said and hit him on the che-st.
“Come on, Bethel…” He pleaded like a baby.
He reached for my th!ghs and I held his hand immediately.
“Ryan!” I called and hit him again.
Then finally, I was able to push him off from me, ma-king him fall on the be-d.
He was obviously drun!k.
“Bethel…” He called and stretched out his hand to me but I stood up from the be-d immediately.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked in a pained voice as he la-id flat on the be-d, his eyes drooping.
I looked at myself and couldn’t believe Ryan almost f0rç£d himself on me.
Oh, God!
I ran out of the room immediately.
I sat on the long couch in the sitting room and kept thinking restlessly. I couldn’t think of returning to the room at that moment.
The thought of what almost happened between me and Ryan flashed throu-gh my mind and created a fear in me.
He was so strong. I can’t believe he almost [email protected]£d me.
I un-derstand we’re married and its kind of his right, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen in this drun!kstate of his.
And I’m still so scared of it – the pains and everything.
Oh God! I didn’t even know what to think.
I la-id on the couch and stared at the ceiling, finding it difficult to sleep.
His words repla-yed in my head:
“I nee-d you; I wanna get ti-ght with you”.
They left an indelicate mark on my mind.
Gosh! I guess we’re gonna have to do this sooner than later. I guess I won’t be able to run away from it for too long.
I opened my eyes and discovered it was morning.
God! I didn’t even realize when I sle-pt off.
I took in a de-ep breath and sat up and surprisingly, I found Ryan standing behind the couch, staring at me.
Oh God! Goose bu-mps.
For a moment, our eyes were interlocked, but I took mine away immediately and fixed them on the floor.
“Hey” he called in a way I almost couldn’t hear him.
“H…Hi” I stuttered, still keeping my gaze on the floor.
We didn’t say anything for a while.
“Breakfast is re-ady. You should wash in the bathroom and come over” he finally said and I nodded and stood up.
Seeing him close made me recall what happened the previous night and they actually made me cringe.
“Bethel” he called when I was about walking away and I turned to look at him.
His eyes were gleaming. And his red shi-t matched the color of band on his hair.
He inser-ted his hands into his trou-ser pockets and sighed.
Wow! For the first time, I could tell Ryan was nervous.
“Um…I wanna apologize for last night. I’m sorry, I just wasn’t being myself. And I have no idea what got into me.
“Trust me; forcing myself on a lady is the last thing I’ll do on earth. I’ll never bring myself that low. I was just…” He paused and sighed and t©uçhed his forehead.
“I’m really sorry, Bethel. And I hope you can forgive me”.he said conclusively.
I gulped nervously and stared downwards.
“Its…it’s fine. I un-derstand. You were just drun!k” I replied, twitching.
He didn’t say anything and I just nod and turned around to leave.
“You should get re-ady” he Called back my attention.
“We’ll be leaving after breakfast. We’ll be returning to the mansion today”.
And he walked away.
I stood, speechless and watched him leave.
So, we’ll be returning home today?
I turned around wistfully and headed for the be-droom.
“Welcome home, Bethel. I missed you so much” Ryan’s mom beamed and hvgged me as I entered into the house with Ryan.
I smiled and received the hvg.
“Thank you mum”.
she left me and went to [email protected] Ryan immediately.
“Oh son!” She called with relief, clutching him ti-ght.
“I’m glad you’re safe. I missed you so much. You got me worried”.
“I’m fine now.” He said with a straight face as they dis£ntangled from the hvg.
Judy was in the room, but she acted like she didn’t see us.
Lana [email protected]£ climbing down the stairs.
“Bethel!” She smiled and [email protected]£ to [email protected] me.
“You’re home. Hm. At last. I missed you”.
“And me too” I laughed.
Ryan was alre-ady taking the stairs with his mum behind him.
“Well, I didn’t miss anyone” Judy stood up and said, as soon as she noticed Ryan was out of sight.
“I mean, the air was conducive with less parasites around”.
“Judy!” Lana [email protected]
“What?” She rolled her eyes and walked away.
Hm. She’s lucky I have something else in mind right now. Else, I’d given her a dosage of her own stupidity.
“plea-se, don’t pay attention to her” Lana said apologetically.
“So, how was your time with Ryan?” She asked and I recalled last night.
“It was fine”. I said and she giggled.
“Alright then. I nee-d to check up on something. We’ll talk later”.
“Okay, bye” I replied and she left.
I took in a de-ep breath and looked around. Seems I’m the only one in the room now.
I shrugged and tried taking the stairs but suddenly remembered – what if Ryan is in the room?
I had a rethink and decided to go to the kitchen, feeling I nee-ded to make some cornflakes.
The kitchen was empty when I got there and I went straight to the shelf, taking out the cornflakes and milk.
I took a plate and cold water from the freezer and stood in front of the kitchen counter to prepare it.
I couldn’t lie to myself. I was just looking for a distraction.
I suddenly [email protected]£ scared staying alone with Ryan. Last night was the second time something of such was happening to me.
The first time was Jackson; and now Ryan.
It just suddenly made me scared
But I guess I couldn’t starve him for long.
Despite the fact I was scared of it, I’m gonna have to give it to him anytime soon.
But that day…
What’s it gonna be like?
I was putting in the powdered milk when someb©dy entered.
Oh, perfect! The j£rk!
What’s he doing here now?
“Hey” he grinned and walked towards my direction.
I snorted and took my eyes back to what I was doing.
“I saw you entering the kitchen and just decided to…you know? Say hi”.
“Well, you Can keep your hi to yourself. I don’t nee-d it” I taunted and he laughed.
“I missed you” he said.
“And I’d rather miss a frog” I rolled my eyes and he laughed again.
By this time, he was alre-ady standing close to me.
“So, what happened when you were alone with Ryan?” He asked as he leaned on the counter.
“I doubt if you two have had your first night”.
“Well, keep doubting”
“Hm. Are you tryna say that ti-ght pu-ssy of yours is no longer a v*rgin?” he asked and I flin-ched.
How can he be so raw?
I turned in the cold water and carried it up after stirring it.
“You’re disgusting” I said with a repugnant look and tried walking away but surprisingly, he held me back by the wrist.
“What’s wrong with you? go” I said and tried j£rking him off, but he held me ti-ght.
“What if I decide to do it here and now, huh? Do you think anyone can st©p me?” He asked and I flin-ched.
What the hell?
“You’re not worthy to have someone like Lana” I said angrily and he sm-irked.
“And you’re not worthy to be shown mercy”, he said and drew me Back r0ûghly, slamming my back ha-rd against the kitchen table.
The plate of cornflakes fell from my hand and broke on the floor.
“What are you doing??” I skrie-ked in fright.
My back ached.
“I’m trying to prove to you I’m the boss” he growled as he pinned me to the Cabinet.
I couldn’t push him away.
What madness is this?
“And what do you think you’re doing with my wife?” I heard a familiar voice ask and my heart skipped immediately.
Oh, God!
I could recognize that voice from anywhere.
Royce turned immediately and I also turned and saw Ryan leaning on the door.
Holy Molly.
Royce left me immediately.
Someb©dy is about to die

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