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Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 25 & 26

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s [email protected]ç£)
Episode 25
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I scoffed and narrowed my eyes at her.
“Your…Your son?” I asked, perplexed.
“You have a son?”
“Yeah” she smiled.
I was speechless. I mean, she was so young and still a student. How’s it possible she alre-ady have a son?
“Girlfriend!” I heard Nicole’s blaring voice and turned to see her scuttling towards me.
“Hi” I smiled and opened my eyes to welcome her.
“Oh my gosh! You’re looking beautiful. Take a look at your anklet” she said breezily, running her eyes around my b©dy.
“And your phone! Hah! Oh my God! Is this yours??” She exclaimed.
I blu-shed and covered my face with my palm.
“Come on, Nicole. It’s too early to flatter me,okay?” I rolled my eyes.
“Hi Shirley” she waved at her.
“Hi” Shirley replied with a smile.
Why has she been quiet,anyway?
“Come on, girls. Let’s hurry up so we don’t run out of seats” she said and started walking in front.
My mind suddenly reflected back to her baby.
Was that child really hers? I cant believe she’s actually a mother alre-ady. I wonder how she got pregnant.
Ryãñ’s Pov:
“Yeah – I’ll be there shortly.
“Okay. Bye” I concluded the call and hung up.
The maids were alre-ady rolling my luggage outside to the car I’d be using to the airport.
I got out to the balcony and met Karen, coming in throu-gh the gate.
What the hell?
She was dressed in sombre shades of dark and looked really pathetic.
I didn’t wait for her to get to where I was as I went out to meet her instead.
“what are you doing here?” I asked, trying to control my anxiety.
“Ryan” she winced.
“Don’t just call my name, Karen. What’re you doing here?” I cut her off angrily
Surprisingly, she went on her knees.
I mean, yes, it was surprising because she didn’t mind the guards and maids around.
“Ryan plea-se” she whimpered with her palms placed together.
“I’m so sorry for everything. I’m sorry for trying to hurt Bethel. The truth is…I was jealous. Yes, I was. Before you got married, we were so close and happy together. But the moment bethel [email protected]£ in, you changed. You wouldn’t even let me t©uçh you anymore.
“I know its Crazy and I’m so sorry. plea-se Ryan, I wasn’t thinking straight. I don’t want to lose a friend like you. I promise its never going to repeat itself. plea-se, just give me a second chance”.
I watched her in surprise and scoffed. The whole thing was abstruse. I couldn’t believe Karen was kneeling in front of me, begging for forgiveness.
“Do you realize what would’ve happened if those boys had succeeded in ra-ping Bethel?” I asked.
“Didn’t you give a thought to the physical pains and mental trauma she’d have pas-sed throu-gh? You’re a lady, Karen. How could you do that to someone else when you know what she’s likely to pas-s throu-gh? To me, you’re still a heartless bit-ch and I don’t want to have anything to do with someone like you ; ever!”
“The next time you come close to me, you can be sure you’re losing an eye” I cut her off and walked away, leaving her on the floor in tears.
Bethel’s Pov:
We alighted the plane and made use of a long bus which drove us to the venue of the camp.
I’ve only heard of New York city in newspapers and on TVs, but I never knew it was this beautiful. Too bad I couldn’t have enough view since we were in a moving bus.
The drive from the airport to the camp was quite long but interesting as all the students kept ma-king crazy noises.
We had to make use of two buses because of our population and thankfully, Kyle was in the second bus. And so were the ABC girls.
But Nicole was sitting next to me.
We finally arrived and my eyes beamed at the ineffable building. It was so beautiful and amazing.
“Oh my gee! I can’t believe we’ll be staying here” Nicole squeaked while looking throu-gh the window as the driver looked for a place to park.
It looked like a [email protected]£r because of how tall it was.
The Carnegie Vanguard students were alre-ady there, standing at the facade of the building.
Securities were all over.
Our driver parked In the garage and we all stepped out of the car, the rest of the students nattering.
Nicole held my hand immediately, probably because she didn’t want us to get splitted.
Students from the second bus also stepped down and we all marched forward to join the CVHS students. They kept throwing glances at us like they wanted to eat us.
Teachers surrounded us immediately.
The teachers gathered and did a little discussion then, returned back to us.
“Okay, students” our principal stood in front of us and said while the CVHS students had someone talking to them as well.
The thing was, one person wouldn’t be able to cover the entire crowd.
“To make communication easier”, the principal continued.
“We’re gonna be splitting you into two groups of boys and girls. So,,, the boys should go along with Mr Williams here, while the girls should come along with me. Come on now, let’s move” she [email protected] her hand and started walking into the building.
The boys separated and started walking with Mr Williams and another male teacher.
The girls from CVHS also joined us in entering the building while the rest of the boys went round, taking a different direction.
Maybe there’s another entrance leading to the building from the other side, I thought.
Nicole was still holding my hand.
We walked into the first floor of the building together with the CVHS girls who looked really s3xy and troubelsome.
“Okay, girls” one of the teachers from CVHS stood in front of us to address us.
“So, I want to use this medium to appreciate all of you for ma-king efforts to come over for this annual camp. We really hope you get to enjoy your time here.
“First, I want to bring to you the objectives of this year’s camp. Its to create a relationsh!pbetween ourselves and get to learn a few things.
“As you all know, few of our celebrities will be arriving soon and they’ll be sparing us few of their time to teach a little about themselves. Trust me, its going to be fun.
“Secondly, I want you to know fighting is prohibited. One of the reasons for this combined camp is to promote unity. So, we strongly discourage malice, fighting and other cunny acts. We want everyone to be happy and have fun within these three days.
“So, for now, we’ll be as-signing you to your different rooms and the pairing’s gonna be two students from CVHS and two from Glamour High”
She paused and beckoned on a teacher to.come forward with a list.
“plea-se, I suggest you listen carefully to your names so we don’t have any mix up. As soon as I’m done with your set, you move immediately to your room”. She said and looked into the list.
“Oh, Bethel. I wish we get paired in the same room” Nicole whispered to me.
“Room no 1, Michele Michaelson, Gloria Davids, Antonia Clark, Renee Samuel” she called the first set and they stepped out with their bags.
“Okay. You can proceed to your room. Come on,come on, don’t waste anytime. Go immediately”she said hastily and the four girls left with a teacher guiding them.
Oh, geez! I wonder who my room mates are going to be.
The woman went on calling and calling and…Holy cra-p! Nicole got paired with one of the ABC girls – Cheryl – and two other h0t looking girls from CVHS.
“Oh, my God! Bethel!” She grumbled as she stepped out with her bag.
I chuckled and waved at her. Too bad, we didn’t get to be room mates.
She walked away with her room mates and the list went on and on.
Finally, my name was called.
“Merit Donovan, Clara Pete, Shirley Abel, Bethel Winthrop”.
Oh, geez! I got paired with Shirley.
“Bethel – isn’t that Ryan’s wife?” I heard someone say from the crowd as I stepped out.
I walked out and stood with the rest and we were asked to go along with a teacher to our room.
“Which of them is Bethel?” I heard them mutter from behind.
Thank goodness they don’t know me.
“Could it be that blonde lady?” I heard someone ask.
“Look at that pretty one. Take a look at her silver anklet.”
“She looks more clas-sy.”
“Maybe she’s the one”.
We finally left the scene and I took in a de-ep breath as I [email protected]£ free from the students.
“Wow! So, we’ll be room mates?” Shirley asked as she walked beside me.
I just smiled and moved my hair backwards, not wanting to talk much.
“Which one of you is Bethel?” One of the girls with us from CVHS asked, but by that time, we had alre-ady gotten to our room.
“Okay. You can go in and drop your bags. We’ll call you when we nee-d you” the teacher said and left.
The second girl from CVHS opened the door and was the first to go in.
She looked grumpy.
The rest of us entered into the large room and…wow! The room was beauty.
There were four be-ds in all – arranged like bunk be-ds – two on each other.
“Wow! This is beautiful;” Shirley exclaimed and dropped her bag on one of the be-ds ont©p.
“I’ll take this one” she said and climbe-d the be-d.
“Are you Bethel?” The girl asked again, looking at me.
“Yeah – isn’t it obvious?” Shirley replied from the be-d where she sat.
“Oh, my God! So, it’s you???” The lady exclaimed and [email protected] me.
“Oh, my gee! You’re so beautiful. So, you’re the lucky girl, huh? Awwn. I think I like you alre-ady.” She squeaked and hvgged me again.
“Thanks”,i replied shyly.
I so wasn’t used to such flatters.
“Don’t kill yourself. Ryan was only f0rç£d to get married to her” the grumpy lady said with an eye roll.
“Well, at least he wasn’t f0rç£d to get married to you” Shirley replied her and the lady with me laughed.
“Hey, I wasn’t talking to you!” She snapped.
“Seriously? Trust me, baby, you don’t wanna have issues with me in this room” Shirley retorted and she fumed and went to the wardrobe to drop her bag.
“Don’t mind what she says. That’s how Natalie is” the lady with me rolled her eyes and whispered.
“Sure…no problem” I smiled.
“So, I’m Charlene and I must say it’s really nice getting to meet you, Mrs Ryan. I’ve been praying I get paired with you and luckily, my prayers were answered. At least, I’m sure I’m going to meet Ryan” she said happily and shook my hand and I laughed.
She acts just like Nicole.
“Well, its nice getting to meet you, Charlene.” I replied and she squeaked and hvgged me again.
“Ryan has arrived!!!” I suddenly heard Shirley skrie-k and turned to see her staring throu-gh the window with so much ecstasy.
“Oh, my gee! Ryan’s here?” The Charlene girl beamed and covered her cheeks.
The grumpy lady in the room smiled and rushed out.
“Your husband’s here, Bethel. Come on!” Charlene said excitedly as she grasped my hand and ran out of the room with me
Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s [email protected]ç£)
Episode 26
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
She grasped my hand and ran out of the room with her.
We ran out to the facade of the building and I got to know we weren’t the only ones running out of the building.
Geez! It was more like the entire students!
”Where’s he? Where’s Ryan?” I heard a lady asked admist the crowd.
We all stood and saw different cars driving in. Securities had covered the entire building and It was more like governors and presidents were the ones coming in.
One of the numerous flashy cars opened and Lady K stepped out of it.
“Woah!!! Its Lady K!! I love you, K!!!” Someone screamed from the crowd.
“Lady K!!”
“My favorite diva!!!”
She smiled and waved at them and the cheering increa-sed.
Hm. She was looking so pretty and h0t.
She was putting on a short red jumpsuit and big specs with the shape of love.
Wow! She was one pretty lady tho, and I wonder why she’s running after Ryan when she could have someone else. I can’t believe she almost got me [email protected]£d.
The crowd kept [email protected] for her as she walked away with some guards, probably going to the security quarters.
The next person that [email protected]£ out was Gentle Aura- hm. Young and handsome.
The students also cheered and called out to him.
But where’s Ryan? I thought Shirley said she saw him arrive?
Gentle Aura blew a k!ssto the crowd and some of the students felt like flying to catch the k!ssfor real.
He looked really friendly and nice.
Next, it was Ryan – he [email protected]£ out the same time with Marvin and…Oh my God! Believe me when I say this but, nob©dy paid a single attention to Marvin.
”Oh, my! Sweetheart!”
”He’s so cute!”
“Look at his shoes!!”
”Ryan, k!ssme plea-se!!”
”Awwn! Are you trying to tell me you stay in the same room with that guy?” Charlene next to me asked dreamily with her hand on her che-st.
I shut her a stare and turned back to look at Ryan. I’m pretty sure my cheeks should be pure red alre-ady.
The students continued screaming and climbing on each other, trying to jump.
Ryan just maintained a straight face, chewing a gum – lightly like a baby.
“Ryan, plea-se give me your gum!!” Some ladies scream when they noticed he was chewing one
“I wish I could have a taste of it” someone behind me whimpered.
Oh, geez! I can’t believe this is my..husband.
Marvin waved at the crowd, but nob©dy still paid attention to him. He was clearly getting upset alre-ady.
Oh, God!
And Ryan who was getting all the glory didn’t even spare them a stare as he walked with guards hovering all around him.
Then, just as if he remembered himself, he turned and waved at the crowd with a light smile and the ladies [email protected]£ crashing to the floor.
Holy Molly!
Why re they acting this crazy?
Obviously, they’d have ran to him if not for the pres£nce of the armed securities around.
He continued walking away and didn’t turn to look at them again.
I was so lost staring at him like he was some sort of god. I couldn’t believe that was the same guy I k!ssand [email protected] with.
I suddenly felt so lucky.
My husband is a star!
”I heard his wife is a student of Glamour High” I heard them say from behind.
“Yeah, where could she be?”
“They say her name is Bethel”.
“Geez! I nee-d to meet that lady. She’s the kind of friend I nee-d”.
And the next thing I heard were chuckles.
I looked at the floor and blu-shed in a smile.
the next people that [email protected]£ out of their cars were the the Rock babies – a popular female band that based in DC.
I heard they were rude and obviously, they were because they didn’t even pay attention to the students [email protected] them.
They were three in all and dressed to kill.
Well, it seemed they didn’t even have much fans since it was just few of the students that cheered for them.
“Ryan is gone. Its getting boring. Let’s go inside” Charlene said and held my hand, walking back into the building and me.
Funny – we weren’t the only ones going back inside – but other students as well.
I looked around, wishing I could see Nicole. But it was simply impossible as a result of the crowd.
Charlene and I returned to the room and found Shirley in alre-ady.
“Hey, did you enjoy the show?”, she asked as she filed her nails.
“Of course! I wish Ryan was asked to make a double entrance” Charlene replied and laughed.
Thank goodness the grumpy lady wasn’t in the room.
My phone started ringing immediately and I checked and discovered it was Ryan.
“Is it Ryan??” Charlene asked with her eyes almost bulging out as she had a look at the screen.
“Oh, my God! This sh*t is real! They’re really married”, she beamed in amusement.
I smiled and moved away to the door to answer it.
“Hello?”,I said shyly.
“Hey, bae. Wats up? Where are you?” He asked in his sweet tone – when he’s not angry.
“I’m in…my room”,I replied and looked at my room mates.
Charlene was staring keenly at me, while Shirley was putting on a moody face.
“Okay. Can you come over to my lodge?” He asked and I developed goose bu-mps immediately.
“Uh…I’d love to. But, they’re so many securities around…”
“Don’t worry about that. Just come over. They’ll let you in. Follow the route you had seen the rest of the celebrities taking. The securities will let you in once they see you”.
I kept mute and bit myl-ips.
“O…Okay” I replied.
“Alright then. I’ll be waiting. Hurry up” he said and ended the call.
I took in a de-ep breath.
“He wants you to come over to his lodge?” Charlene asked immediately and I nodded.
“Oh my gee!!! Can I come with you, plea-se?” She squeaked, placing her palms together and I cracked.
“Sorry, you can’t.” I shrugged and she faked a frown and sat on the the be-d.
I smiled and opened the door to leave.
“plea-se, tell him a pretty lady Called Charlene loves him a lot” she said and I laughed and left.
I felt kinda nervous. Maybe it was because I was about to meet the World’s famous Ryan -who just created a commotion not long ago.
I walked out of the building and took the road I had seen the celebrities taking.
I got to a corner and noticed securities were more over there.
Oh God! How do I get pas-s them? Was Ryan really serious when he said they’d let me pas-s throu-gh?
But how?
I reduced my pace as i approached them. They were all armed and their big guns were really ma-king me scared.
I got closer to them and suddenly st©pped walking. Few of them turned and noticed me.
“Bethel!” One of them called and [email protected]£ closer to me, his gun in his hands.
Oh, Gosh! I hate guns
“You’re here to see Mr Ryan?” He asked and I nodded.
“Come with me. He alre-ady informed us of your coming” he said and started walking away and I followed him behind.
I fixed my eyes on the floor so I wouldn’t have to look at the rest of the guards as we walked pas-s them.
I followed to the man into a different clas-sic building and we continued walking until we got to a door.
“That’s his room” he said and left.
I knocked on the door and heard his voice from inside.
“Who’s it?” He asked but I didn’t reply.
Like he doesn’t know who he invited over.
He opened the door almost immediately and his eyes beamed the moment he saw me. He was shi-tless.
“Hey” he chuckled softly and I wra-pped my hands around him as soon as I entered, [email protected] him ti-ghtly.
“Hi” I flu-shed and he pu-ll-ed me close by the [email protected]!st and k!$$£d me.
It was a rou-gh k!ss, not like our usual gentle k!ss.
I was holding Ryan Winthrop in my hands. He was all mine.
He kept pushing me backwards as we k!$$£d until I reached the wall and my back landed on it.
He pinned me to it and lifted my right leg to wra-p around his.
“Ryan…” I called in de-ep breath as we unlocked from the k!ss.
“Don’t you think I nee-d a warm welcome?” He whispered into my ears and ate into the hollows of my n£¢k.
I closed my eyes and held him ti-ght to myself as I felt him ca-ress my h!ps.
He took off my shi-t and un-hooked my [email protected], taking my right n!ppleinto his mouth.
“Oh, yeah…” I [email protected] ed as it tingled me.
I brushed my f!ngersinto his hair and held him close, not wanting him to st©p.
He rolled his ton-gue on it and went for the other bre*st and in the meanwhile, was Zi-pping down my Sk-irt.
He left my b*obs and concentrated on taking off my Sk-irt.
He took it off and I was left with just a p*nt.
I didn’t really feel shy like I used to before.
He carried me up and took me to the be-d, laying me carefully on It
He took off his trou-sers before coming to take off my p*nt.
He k!$$£d me and pla-yed with my honey pot, sliding in two f!ngersat a time.
“Ouch!” I gro-an ed, feeling a little discomfort.
He crashed hisl-ips on mine and f!ngered me r0ûghly. I [email protected] ed into hisl-ips as he didn’t let me break the k!ssthis time around.
Then, he unlocked and pu-ll-ed away from me.
At first, I was confused, but not until he lifted my legs upwards to my face, ma-king my v face heaven.
Oh, God!
He inser-ted his di-ck into me and started thrû-sting in and out, r0ûghly.
Holy Molly!
His breathing was rou-gh and so was mine as we [email protected] ed in rhythm.
“Oh, Ryan…
“Oh my God”
I shut my eyes and [email protected] ed.
He was having a clear view of my pu*sy as a result of the position he gave me and be rolled my cl!t while drilling it.
Oh! $h!t!
The sweetness almost made me scream down the walls.
He drilled me that way for a long time, then pu-ll-ed out of me.
I thought it was over, but he turned me around and made me kneel on the be-d, backing him.
He [email protected]£ into me from behind and started ri-ding me.
“Oh my…
“Ah…yes, yes!
“Oh, my Goddd”
I screamed lightly as I felt his co-ck reach the depth of me. It was something else – like a feeling I’ve never felt.
The [email protected] sound of flesh meeting could clearly be heard as his th!ghs [email protected] led against my bu-tts.
He st©pped my big bo*bs from moving freely and cu-mpped them in his hands while I placed my both hands on the be-d for support.
I could feel him tou-ching my abd0m£n and soon, he pu-ll-ed out of me, obviously re-leasing inside me.
I [email protected] for air as I fell flat on the be-d, my hands sprawled [email protected] He also la-id beside me, taking in de-ep breaths. I just hope this boy doesn’t kill me with this one day.
For a moment, we were silent, trying to catch our breaths and staring at the ceiling.
Then, he turned to me.
“Hey” he called softly with a smile and t©uçhed my ba-re tummy.
I smiled and also turned to face him.
He pu-ll-ed the duvet up and covered our bodies with it.
Our eyes got locked into each other’s.
“Does it still hurt?” He asked and I scoffed.
“Just a little” I replied, feeling a little shy.
“Don’t worry, I’ll make it feel better”- he said in his sweetest smile and k!$$£d my forehead.
Shirley’s Pov:
I walked angrily around the room. It was killing me to know Bethel was with Ryan at that moment.
I’m the real thing – I’m the mother of his first son. I should be the one in his arms -not some cheap little bit-ch.
I st©pped walking and reached for my bag, bringing out the tiny bottle.
I smiled fatuously as I stared at the poison.
I was going to put an end to Bethel. I was going to get her out of the way.
No matter what, she’s not leaving this camp alive.
Bethel’s Pov:
“Do you really have to go?” Ryan asked with a grouch as I repacked my hair in front of the mirror.
“Yes. Your were here when Nicole called me, right? I nee-d to leave. She wants us to meet up” I replied and turned away from mirror.
He [email protected]£ to me and pu-ll-ed me in a snogging k!ss, his hands wra-pped around my [email protected]!st.
“Make sure you return when you’re done with her, okay?” He said and I nodded with a smile and took my phone from the be-d.
“Bye” I muttered and left the room.
I took in a de-ep breath as soon as I got outside.
A smile crept into my face as I recalled the beautiful moment I just had with him.
I started walking away, blu-shing helplessly. I felt so lucky.
Suddenly, I saw Lady K walking towards me and I st©pped walking, surprised.
Isn’t this…Ryan’s lodge? What’s she doing here?
She was putting on a bu-m sh0t and green transparent shi-t which made her black [email protected] and tummy totally visible.
Her countenance changed the moment she saw me.
I started walking – slowly – and we both st©pped when we got close to each other.
“Hey” she grinned at me and placed her right hand at akimbo.
“What’re you doing here?”I asked and she scoffed.
“The last time I checked, this isn’t the students dorm. So, I think you have no right to ask me that question” she said belligerently.
We kept mute for a while.
“You tried to have me [email protected]£d” I broke the silence.
“You ordered some rascals to beat me up and have me [email protected]£d. How could you?”
“Oh, plea-se!” She chucked – angrily.
“I’m not apologizing for what happened. As a matter of fact, you deserve worst than that”.
I flin-ched and [email protected] her immediately, not having control of my emotions.
She [email protected] and held her cheek.
“And you’re a bigger fool than I thought” I rasped.
Ryan’s door opened immediately.
“Bethel?'” I heard him call from behind and turned to see him standing at the entrance.

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