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Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 15 & 16

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s [email protected]ç£)
Episode 15
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
Mawthie stood up immediately and moved back and so did the rest of the boys.
“Bethel!” Nicole screamed again and ran to me, helping me up.
But, I felt pains all over and was too weak to stand so I just remained sitting on the floor and she hvgged me ti-ght.
“Oh my God!” She squeaked.
I was still crying like a baby.
Mawthie and his boys couldn’t even think of running away because the guards had surrounded them.
They pinned them down to floor.
I looked at Ryan and he was still standing by the door, his eyes fixed on me.
There was a stunned silence in his gaze.
Oh God! Don’t let him do anything crazy.
“Bethel, I’m so sorry” Nicole said as she unlocked from the hvg and held my hands.
I was still whimpering – still felt scared.
Mawthie and his boys were still lying on the floor.
Two of the guards [email protected]£ to me immediately.
“Its alright, ma’am. You’re fine now. Let’s get you to the car” one of the guards said and carried me up like a baby. Ryan still didn’t say a word.
He didn’t even move.
He carried me out of the room and took me outside, into one of the cars.
Nicole was right behind.
She [email protected]£ to stand beside me as soon as I was la-id in the car.
“I’m so sorry Bethel”,she said, but I couldn’t say a word.
All I felt were pains – all over. My face, my [email protected]!st, my joints – everywhere. And my uniforms were still torn.
“How did this happen? How could Mawthie do such a thing to you?” She asked, abacked.
My tears were beginning to dry up but I was still sniffling.
Conniption gr!pp£dme as I recalled everything.
I just wanted to leave this place. I wanted to go far away from it. Staying in the building was driving me nuts. It arou-se my fears.
Ryan and his guards [email protected]£ out of the building not long after.
Mawthie and the boys were with them and their hands were tied.
Oh God!
Mawthie was bleeding profusely from the nose. And there was a bruise over his eye.
Ryan walked in front of them and even a blind man could tell he was boiling.
They st©pped walking when they got to where I was.
Ryan turned and faced his guards.
“I don’t want them arrested. You know what to take them” he told the guards and they nodded.
He turned around so he could enter the car from the other side of the door.
Oh God! Where are they taking the boys? What are they up to?
He entered into the car and the driver got re-ady to leave.
“Bye, Bethel. I’ll give you a call” Nicole waved at me as the car started.
“Bye” I managed to mutter and the driver took off.
“You don’t have to worry, she’s fine now” the doctor said to Ryan as he stood in front of him in the room, while I la-id on the be-d.
“With the drugs I’ve given her, she’ll be as strong as a lion by morning”. He added.
Ryan sighed and smoked from his cigarette. I hate it when he smokes.
“Alright. Thank you” he said and the doctor nodded and left the room.
He stood and watched me for a while before coming to meet me on the be-d.
I was beginning to feel better alre-ady. Although, there was still a cut on myl-ips.
Ryan sat in front of me and put out the cigarette.
Thank God.
“How’re you feeling?” He asked sullenly.
“I’m…I’m fine now. You heard the doctor. You don’t nee-d to worry about me” I replied and he scoffed.
It seems he was still feeling angry at himself.
“Is there some you nee-d?” He asked and I shook my head.
How could I nee-d any other thing with the heavy food he made me eat some minutes ago?
He took in a de-ep breath and held my hand.
“I’m sorry this had to happen you. I promise I’m gonna make those bastards pay” he said and my heart suddenly leapt.
I felt like asking him what his plans were.
“Ryan” I called.
“I…I think they were s£nt by someone”.
“Why? What makes you think so?”
“Well…while he was beating me up, he said something like: *if I were you, I’d break up with Ryan*
“It was more like…”I paused and shook my head.
“Well, I’m not really sure. I just have the feeling” I continued.
“You don’t nee-d to worry, I have everything un-der control. And if really they were s£nt by someone, you can be sure that person is dead alre-ady” he faciled.
“Ryan plea-se” I cut in.
“Don’t kill anyone”.
I looked into his eyes, pleadingly.
He scoffed and looked away.
“You should get some sleep. Remember what the doctor said. Come on now” he said and started tucking me in.
I couldn’t say any other thing and I just la-id properly on the be-d and allowed him cover me up.
Besides, I felt very dizzy.
I woke up the next morning and the first person I saw staring into my face was Ryan.
Huh? Why’s he just staring at me like that?
I itched my eyes and tried sitting up, but he st©pped me.
“You shouldn’t get up yet. You nee-d to rest your back” he said and I chuckled.
I guess I wouldn’t be going to school today.
“Good morning” I said dizily.
“Hope your night was plea-sant enough?” He asked in a sweet stare.
“Yeah – thanks”.
Well, It seems the medications were really efficacious because I felt a whole lot better.
Just that the memories…
“Breakfast is set alre-ady”. He said.
“You Can go ahead and eat when you’re re-ady”.
That was when I took a proper look at him and noticed he was completely dressed up.
“Are you going out?” I asked.
“Yeah. nee-d to attend to something important”.
All the while, he kept staring directly into my face.
“When will you be back?” I asked and he cracked.
“Someone is missing me” he said.
“That’s not true. I just want to know. Whatever” I rolled my eyes.
He kept quiet for a second.
“Can I treat you out for dinner…later in the evening?” He asked and I felt my heartbeat skip.
“Is that a [email protected]£?” I asked and he chuckled
“You can Call it that if you want to” he smiled.
“Well…yes, I think I’ll be free by then” I replied, hoping my cheeks were not turning all red alre-ady.
“Alright then. I’ll see you later”.
He planted a k!sson my head and left.
Oh God! Ryan and I will be having our first [email protected]£ tonight!
Ryan’s Pov:
Their ugly gro-an s could clearly be heard as I approached the room.
One of the guards opened the door for me as I got close and I walked in.
Perfect! Just what I wanted.
The rascals were being hung on different ropes by their hands. And they made sure their feet were not tou-ching the floor.
The guards stood behind them and wh!pped them – mercilessly – just like I asked.
I stood and watched them for a while, then went ahead to have a look at their backs.
They were blood stained and covered with thick marks alre-ady.
“How long has it been?” I asked, referring to the guards who had alre-ady st©pped wh!pping them.
“Its been over an hour, sir” the leader replied.
“plea-se, we’re sorry. We swear, we’re never gonna t©uçh her again” one of the animals said – weakly.
“Of course, you won’t. And that’s because you’ll be dead” I said coldy.
“No, plea-se. I don’t want to die yet. plea-se, I’m so sorry” another gibbered.
I turned around and went to stand in front of them.
“You deserve worst than death – forever laying your disgusting hands on my wife”.
“I…I didn’t t©uçh her. Mawthie was the one beating her up” the first one said.
I scoffed and went to the big table in the room.
There were so many contents on it and I took a full bottle of spirit and returned to them.
“So, you’re actually this scared? Yet you stood by and watched a poor lady crying at the t©p of her voice, being beaten up?” I asked angrily.
“Animals like you deserves no more mercy” I added and poured some quantity of the spirit on his back.
He gro-an ed like the animal he was.
“Which of you is Mawthie?” I asked.
“Its him. Its him” anognrr replied and turned his n£¢k to the direction of the Mawthie.
He was the person on the last rope.
I returned to the table and dropped the bottle of spirit, taking up a pocket knife.
Then I went to stand in front of him.
“You were gonna [email protected]£ her, weren’t you” I asked, looking into his pathetic face which had bruises all over.
“I can’t believe you had the guts to beat her up so mercilessly even when she begged you to st©p. Didn’t you realize she was my wife?”
He didn’t say anything and I used the knife to cut him on his leg.
He yelped.
“I’m gonna make sure you don’t ever have to use that di-ck of yours in your entire life” I said and turned around.
“I didn’t want to do it!” He suddenly said and I turned back to look at him again
“She wanted it done and I had to help her”.
I huffed as the thought hit at me.
They were ordered by someone?
“Who was it?” I asked and he hesistated a little, struggling to catch his breath.
“plea-se Mawthie, tell him what hefu-cking wants. I don’t wanna die here!” One of the rascals cried.
My eyes were still focused on the Mawthie guy.
I wasn’t gonna repeat myself.
“It was… Lady K” he finally said.Married
Episode 16
By: Faith Lucky.
Ryan’s Pov:
“It was…Lady K” he finally said.
The name resounded in my head.
Lady K.
I scoffed and stared blankly at him. Lady K.
For a moment, I didn’t move or say anything.
“So…you’re tryna put the blame on someone else, huh?” I asked, my voice coming out diffident.
“She’s behind it. Why else will I just want to beat Bethel before ra-ping her? If I really wanted to have s3x with her, I’d do it right away.
“She wanted me to beat her up, [email protected]£ her and take nûd£ pictures of her. I can never lie about this” the animal replied.
I scoffed and turned around and leaned over the table.
No; this is not possible.
Lady K?
No. I can’t believe. She can’t do such a thing.
“She said she was angry with the fact that you’re married to Bethel” one of the boys said from behind.
“She said she wanted to split you two”.
I took a small bottle from the table and threw it at him.
“Shut up!” I yelled, my whole systems [email protected]
Karen. How dare she? How could she think of having Bethel ruined? Why?
We’ve been friends for years now. How could she do such a thing to me?
The table shook as I held it. Karen was behind all of this? Why?
“Continue wh!pping them till I ask you to st©p” I said to the guards without looking at them.
“No! plea-se.”
“We’ve told you what you wanted”
“plea-se let us go”
I heard the animals cry from behind as I stormed out of the room.
Lady K’s Pov:
I paced around the sitting room, restlessly with my phone in my hand.
Forfu-ck sake! What is going on?
My temper was beginning to rise alre-ady.
Just then, my phone started ringing and I picked up immediately.
It was Ava.
“Yes? Is there any news yet?” I asked impatiently.
“Not really. The boys are still nowhere to be doing. And I just confirmed they’re not in school, either. And neither is Bethel” she replied.
“Oh my God! Then what does this mean? They told me they were gonna do the job last night. So, how come I haven’t heard from them?” I asked, extremely worried.
“Calm down, Karen…”
“And what thefu-ck do you mean calm down? If Ryan gets to know about this, I’m a dead meat. We’re all dead! The boys should have called me by now. Something is wrong” I stated angrily.
“Don’t worry, let’s just hope for [email protected]£s. I’m sure the boys will call in pretty soon enough” she replied and I ended the Call immediately.
“Argh!” I grumbled and ruffled my hair.
Why thefu-ck is this happening? They should’ve done the job yesterday. How come they’re nowhere to be found?
And Bethel…if really they succeeded, the news would’ve gotten to me by now.
A maid entered immediately.
“Ma, there’s someone here to see you” she said.
“I don’t want to see anyone” I replied huskily, still walking tho and fro.
“I said I don’t wanna see anyone!” I screamed and turned to look at her at the door and that was when I saw Ryan.
Oh my God!
My heart skipped immediately.
I [email protected] as fear gr!pp£dme but I quic-kly tried to conceal it with a smile.
“Ryan!” I called and laughed nervously.
He stood by the door and watched me silently without saying a word.
The maid bowed and left.
“I…I didn’t know you were the one. You didn’t tell me you were coming” I stuttered, but he still didn’t move.
There was a cold look in his eyes. What’s he doing here?
“Can we have a drink?” He finally broke the silence, speaking in an enervating tone.
“Of…Of course” I replied and rushed to the wine bar.
He slackened his pace to the dining which was right behind the sitting room and sat on it.
I took out a bottle of champagne and two glas-s cu-ps and went to meet him at the dining.
I opened the drink and decanted it into the two glas-s cu-ps and he took one for himself.
I also took mine and sat facing him.
He didn’t say anything.
“Um…so, wats up?”I asked, trying to strike up a conversation.
I didn’t like the silence.
“Have you heard from Lucas yet? That boy’s such a j£rk”.
“And you’re such a bit-ch” he said in a soothing voice, looking down at his glas-s.
I recoiled in surprise.
“Sorry?” I scoffed.
He kept mute for a while then drank from his glas-s before speaking up.
“Can you remember how long we’ve been friends now, Karen?” Her asked.
“Um…I…I don’t really know. Maybe…six to seven years?” I replied, puzzling where he was headed.
“And have I ever offended you? Or did anything that’d hurt your feelings?” He asked again.
Oh my God!
What’s going on?
I just simply shook my head.
“Since I got to hear the news this morning, I’ve been trying to convince myself its not true. I mean, I said to myself: how can Karen who acts like a saint do such a thing?”
He was beginning to increase my fears.
“R…Ryan? What’re you talking about?” I asked,my heart beating like a [email protected] drum.
There’s no way the plan leaked,right? I mean, it hasn’t even been achieved yet.
Before I could realize what was going on, he lifted the half bottle of wine from the table and hit it on my head.
It broke right, all the contents pouring on me.
“Ahhhhhh!” I screamed in fright and pains as I fell on the floor.
My face was covered with blood alre-ady.
He stood up immediately and [email protected]£ to me on the floor, punching me.
“Ryan, st©p it! No!”
“How dare you, bit-ch! How dare you s£nd some hoodlums to beat up and [email protected]£ and Bethel? How???” He yelled and punched me again.
Oh my God!!
I just continued screaming as I felt pains all over.
My head was gushing with blood.
He tore my shi-t, leaving me with just a [email protected] Then he held my hair and lifted me from the floor, hitting my face ha-rd against the dining table.
“No!! Ryan plea-se!! Help me!!” I cried pathetically.
Strength was beginning to leave me alre-ady.
“Do you know what you made her pas-s throu-gh?” He yelled and pushed me to the floor, ma-king me lie flat.
He kicked me severally with blood alre-ady coming out of my mouth and nostrils.
The whole place was going round in circles.
“Sir!” I heard voices and figured it was the guards.
They ran upto him immediately and held him while I remained lifeless on the floor.
And soon, I pas-sed out.
Bethel’s Pov:
I sat in the sitting room, watching a movie while going throu-gh my phone at the same time.
Ryan was still not home and it was kind of getting me worried.
It was evening alre-ady.
What is he up to? I just hope he hasn’t done anything crazy.
I was surfing the net when I saw a trending news online.
*Popular American artiste, Lady K was rushed to the hospital after receiving some severe beatings. The source of her condition is still yet to be known. But we’ll be getting some info as soon as she regains consciousness*.
Oh my God!
I quic-kly checked for his contact and dialed it immediately.
He picked up at the last beep.
“Ryan?” I called anxiously on the phone.
“Ryan, where are you?”
“I’m fine”he replied, sounding tired.
“Ryan, wh…what happened? What have you been doing lately? What happened to Lady K?”, I asked but he didn’t reply.
“Are you re-ady for the dinner?” He asked instead.
I sighed and t©uçhed my hair.
“No” I muttered.
“Well, you should get re-ady. One of my drivers will be coming to pick you up in 30 minutes” he said and ended the call.
I could tell he was a bit angry. I wonder what could’ve happened.
I stood up and took the stairs, headed for the room.
I took an invigorating shower and found something sweet to wear – a short red go-wn.
I don’t really do make up. So, I just applied a l!pgloss and mascara and wore some ear rings.
Oh! A n£¢klace!
I rushed to my box and brou-ght out the silver n£¢klace Ryan had bought for me while we were still in the Winthrorp mansion.
I smiled and stared pathetically at it.
It reminded me of the test. I had asked for a gold n£¢klace, but he got me a silver instead.
If only it was gold, I’d have been so happy because it meant he pas-sed the entire test.
I shrugged and went to stand in front of the mirror so I could put it on.
This was going to be my first time ma-king use of it and it was so beautiful.
I locked the n£¢klace around my n£¢k and went for a silver colored shoe.
Shortly, the driver arrived and I left with him.
The drive was long but sweet as I kept feeding my eyes throu-gh the dark streets.
We finally got to our location as the car [email protected]£ to a st©p and I looked and discovered we were in front of a tall, magnificent building.
I opened the door and [email protected]£ out of the car.
Oh my God! It was beautiful.
“plea-se ma’am, come with me” the driver said and started walking in front and I followed him behind.
We entered the building and took an elevator which took us to the last floor – the very t©p of the building.
I met Ryan there at the balcony, sitting in front of what looked like a banquet to me.
The guard left immediately.
Oh my God!
He stood up and [email protected]£ to me but I left him and ran to the rails of the balcony to have a look.
The sight was enchanting – breath taking.
It felt just like…I was flying!
Like I was on t©p of the world.
I [email protected] and be-dazzled at the warmth of the building. I’ve never been so high on a building before and I’ve never seen such lovely sight.
It was more like at the t©p of a [email protected]£r. I could see the city below and other tall buildings which had sparkling rights twi-nkling all around them.
It looked like paradise.
“Do you like it?” Ryan asked as he stood beside me.
I chuckled.
“I love it” I beamed ruefully.
The sight was so beautiful, I felt like crying.
He also joined me in staring at it.
I could see the stars clearly. It was more like I was close to the clouds.
Oh my God!
“Sorry, I couldn’t come home in time” he said but I didn’t bother much about it.
“I love your n£¢klace” he said again and that was when I turned to look at him. compliments.
“Thanks” I smiled and looked at the n£¢klace.
“Where did you get it?” He asked and it gr!pp£dme.
I scoffed and looked at him.
“You…gave it to me” I replied and he pu-ll-ed a surprise face.
“Me? When?” He asked.
“Don’t you remember? You gave it to me back there at the Winthrop mansion – two days after valentine. You said you had gotten it on your way home from the mall” I replied and he arched his brows in surprise.
“What’re you talking about?” He scoffed.
“That very day, I didn’t get you this.
“I got you a gold n£¢klace”.
Oh, my God!

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