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Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 13 & 14

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s [email protected]ç£)
Episode 13
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I stood in front of the mirror and brushed my hair.
Hm. Sweet. I really love the length of my hair now.
I kept the brush back in the drawer and was about picking up my bag when I saw something that caught my attention on the table.
Hmm. Ryan’s jewelries.
I smiled and went to the table to admire them.
There was a pink wrist band on it and I took it and wore it on my hand. How can a guy have so many jewelries, huh? I don’t even have this much.
I was about leaving the table when the door opened and Ryan [email protected]£ in.
I cleared my throat and moved away.
“You’re done?” He asked as he [email protected]£ closer to me.
“Yeah – about leaving.
“Um…I took a wrist band from the table. Hope you don’t mind?” I asked and he chuckled.
Even with the fact that he hasn’t taken his bath, he still smelt sweet.
”Turn around” he said and I pu-ll-ed a surprised face.
Huh? What’s he up to?
I shrugged and turned around, now backing him.
I noticed him put his hand into his jean pocket and after a few seconds, I felt a cold metal tou-ching my n£¢k.
I looked and discovered he was wearing a n£¢klace on me.
Oh, my God!!!
It was pure gold!!!
Pure and glittering – bringing out sparkles.
Oh, my God!
He locked it around my n£¢k and I [email protected] and turned to look at him immediately.
I was out of words.
“R…Ryan” i called in a de-ep breath and t©uçhed the n£¢klace.
“Its beautiful. Thank you”. I said happily.
I didn’t even know how to express my joy.
“You’re welcome” he replied and went over to his wardrobe.
“You should hurry off to school. I wouldn’t want any teacher to [email protected]ñk your as-s for coming late” he said as he opened the wardrobe and I laughed.
I took my bag from the be-d and faced the door. I was about opening it when I suddenly turned around and ran to him, [email protected] him.
“Thank you” I said with my head on his che-st.
I heard him crack as he wra-pped his hand around me.
Hm. That sweet ess£nce.
“You’re welcome” he said and we dis£ntangled from the hvg.
I smiled one last time and finally left the room.
Oh, God! I think I’m developing goose bu-mps.
On my way to the parking lot to enter my car, I saw that crazy cook coming in.
What? What is she still doing here?
I placed my hand on my [email protected]!st and for her to get near.
“Hi Bethel” she beamed.
“Hi cook. Did Ryan call you here today again?” I asked sternly.
“Oh, yes. I’m his permanent cook. And if I don’t come to cook for you guys, how will you eat?” She asked and I scoffed.
“Seems you’re off to school alre-ady. Have a nice day” she said and started walking into the house.
Permanent indeed. Wait till I start cooking clas-ses. I wonder why Mia hasn’t called me yet.
I looked at her as she cat walked in and felt what they call ”envy”.
Thank goodness she was putting on a long jean trou-ser today. But her shape…
Hm. I guess I’m gonna have to satisfy Ryan so he doesn’t have to look at other ladies.
I finally rolled my eyes and went for my car.
I sat in front of Kyle in the bookstore as we both had different books to ourselves.
The school was over and I was just waiting for Nicole to finish up with the counselor so we could go home.
“Um….Kyle,” I called after a while.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Yeah sure” he replied with his eyes still buried in his book.
I hesitated a little.
“Why don’t you like Shirley?” I asked and he scoffed and looked at me.
‘And who said I don’t like her?” He asked and rolled his eyes, probably recalling how he made her feel during lunch.
He spoke so rudely to her.
“Well, I definitely don’t hate her. I just don’t want to as-sociate with her. If you’ve noticed, I don’t like as-sociating with people”.
“But you as-sociate with me” I ch!pped in.
“Yeah” he said un-der his breath and looked down at the book.
I chuckled.
“They say you were always so grumpy. You know, back then, I use to admire you. I mean, your intelligence and all that. But I just hated the fact you were grumpy and snobbish. Till today, I’m still surprised you’re talking to me”.I stated.
He smiled and didn’t say a word.
“Hey, girlfriend” I heard Nicole’s tiny voice and turned to see her scuttling towards me.
Hah! At last.
“Hope I didn’t keep you waiting?” She asked as she finally got to our table.
“Of course, you didn’t. You were fas-ter than a bird” I jibe-d ajd and she laughed.
Then, I stood up with my bag.
“Okay, Kyle. I’ll be on my way now” I told him as I stood up with my bag and book.
“Alright. Bye” he replied and I left with Nicole.
“What took you so long, Nicole? You kept me waiting! You know I nee-d to attend marriage clas-ses with Ryan” I grouse on our way out of the bookstore.
“Yeah. I’m sorry. Come on, let me help you with your bag” she said and [email protected]£d my bag from me before I’d resist.
Crazy girl.
“I really love your n£¢klace, Bethel. But I think you might attra-ct a lot of thieves with it” she said and I t©uçhed the n£¢klace and smiled, recalling how he had worn it round my n£¢k in the morning.
“Hmm. Someone is drooling” she tea-sed and I rolled my eyes.
We were about walking out to the pas-sage when suddenly, someone spilled drink on me.
It was one of Mawthie’s friends.
“Sorry, pretty” he sm-irked and walked away.
Oh my God!
“What is wrong with these guys?” Nicole asked while I looked at my uniform.
It was completely stained and so were my hands.
“Such a coward” I jibe-d angrily.
“I guess you nee-d to clean up. Come on, let’s go to the restroom” she said and tried coming along with me, but just then, a fresh year student [email protected]£ running to us.
“Hey, Nicole;” she called happily as she got to where we were.
“Hi Bethel”.
“Um…Nicole, could I ask you for some help? There’s this logo I’ve been trying to un-derstand…” She paused and opened her book.
Geez! I never knew Nicole had so many friends alre-ady.
“I’ll just go alone” I told her..
“Alright. I’ll wait here for you” she said and I nodded and left.
I got into the restroom and turned on the tap at the washbasin.
How am I sure that animal didn’t do it on purpose?
I washed my hands and cut a roll of a tissue. Then I used it to wipe my uniform.
Geez! It was still stained.
Well, I’m gonna have to wash it when I get home.
I disposed the tissue and was washing my hands again when iI looked into the mirror ansand suddenly saw someone coming into the room.
I flin-ched and turned immediately.
It was a boy – one of Mawthie’s friends.
“What’re you doing here? This is the ladies restroom” I asked, surprised and he smiled.
“Don’t worry, angel. Everything is perfect” he sm-irked and immediately, injected me with a syringe.
It happen so fast that I couldn’t even st©p him.
“No!” I yelped in pains and held my n£¢k.
What has he done to me?
Immediately, my vision [email protected]£ blur and I pas-sed out.
Nicole’s Pov:
Where the hell could Bethel be? I’ve been waiting here for close to fifteen minutes now. Why isn’t she back from the restroom?
I decided to go check upon her myself.
The corridors were quiet as I walked along.
“Bethel?” I called, but my voice only echoed in the silence.
“Bethel?” I called again.
I checked all the rooms, but they were all empty.
Where the hell is she?
Suddenly, I saw something familiar on the floor – a pink wrist band.
Of course! That was the wrist band she was putting on today.
Why’s it on the floor?
“Bethel???” I called again, fear resounding in my voice.
Oh God! What is going on?
Where is she?
The school was almost empty alre-ady.
I opened her bag immediately.
Thank God I was with it and thank God I knew her pas-sword.
I brou-ght out her phone and dialed Ryan’s line.
I nee-ded to alert him
Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s [email protected]ç£)
Episode 14
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
My head was aching.
My joints were weak and felt disorganized.
All I could feel was pains.
I opened my eyes and found myself lying on the cold floor. It was dusty and smelling.
I coughed and struggled to sit up and there I confirmed I was indeed on the floor – in a dirty room.
Where is this?
Oh, my God! This is an abandoned storage room at the uppermost [email protected] of the school building. It’s been abandoned for a long time and nob©dy cares to check it out. How did I end up here.
“slee-ping beauty is awake” I heard a grating voice say from behind and quic-kly turned to see someone leaning on a table, jeering at me.
Huh? It was one of Mawthie’s friends – the same guy who had injected me in the restroom before I pas-sed out.
What’s going on?
“What am I doing here?” I asked but he ignored me and brou-ght out his phone.
I could tell from the reflection on the window that it was dark alre-ady.
Immediately, the door opened and Mawthie and two other boys walked in.
I sprang on my feet immediately.
“You?” I asked in dismay.
“Yes, baby. How’s your crazy as-s holding up?” He sm-irked and I huffed.
“What the hell is going on, Mawthie? Why did you bring me here? What’s this madness?” I rasp.
I was so scared but tried to cloak it from my voice only.
“Chill, okay? We just wanna do something fast with you. And if you cooperate with us, we’ll be done before you know it”.
Immediately, one of the boys with him brou-ght out a gun and pointed it at me.
“If you think of screaming, I’ll b!ow off your head” he said huskily.
That was the moment I was beginning to be diffident about hiding my fear.
A gun was pointed at my face! Something that could end my life right away!
“What’s this, Mawthie?” I asked with less efficacy in my voice.
“What’re you doing with a gun?”
“It’s for keeping you quiet” the one with the gun said.
“You know, Bethel” Mawthie said.
“The original plan was to [email protected]£ you, keep you here till every single person has left the building, then take you to the warehouse where we can do the task. But since those dumb securities are still at the gate, I guess we’ll just have the fun over here”.
My heart leapt.
What fun?
“What’re you talking about?” I asked in fear.
“Don’t worry, I’ll try to be gentle on you, but for the rest of the boys, I’m not so sure” he said and arou-se laughter from them.
I was transfixed in fear and immediately, he gave me a ha-rd [email protected] with the back of his palm that made me fall to the floor.
Oh my God!
Nicole’s Pov:
I walked tho and fro outside the gate, my heart beating fas-ter than it should. Why was Ryan taking so long to arrive?
Oh, Bethel.
I hope she’s safe. Where could she be?
The wrist band was still in my hand and I kept fiddling with it as I paced around helplessly.
Shortly, I saw flashes of light and looked ahead to see different cars coming.
Oh plea-se! Just its Ryan.
The drove towards my direction and finally parked in front of the building, close to where I was.
The door of the car in the middle opened and Ryan [email protected]£ out, not waiting for his guards.
Oh, my God!
plea-se Nicole, don’t look focus. Just concentrate. Bethel is more important.
But I couldn’t help it! I was standing in front of Mr Popular!
“You called me?” He asked vacuously as he got to where I was.
He was dripping in jewelries.
“Y…Yes. Um…” I shut my eyes and shook my head, trying to snap back to reality.
“Its my wife. Sorry, your wife – Bethel. She um…I don’t know, but I Can’t find her” I stuttered forlornly.
“What exactly happened?” He asked, trying to maintain an unruffled expression, but I could tell he was worried.
“I…I don’t know what happened to her. She just went to make use of the restroom and I was to wait for her. But…I kept waiting and she didn’t return. So,I decided to check up on her and I found this lying on the floor” I replied and showed the wrist band to him.
He collected it and felt.
“She was putting it on this morning. And I don’t know why it was just lying on the floor. But there’s no way she’d have gone home without telling me.” I added.
Ryan stared at the band without saying a word.
His guards were alre-ady around him.
“Do you have any suspicions?’ He asked.
“No! I mean, she doesn’t have personal issues with anyone in school. Well…except for…that guy – Mawthie. He’s always been pestering her.
“And…” I paused and re-leased a light [email protected]
“Its one of his friends that had spilled drink on her before she had to make use of the restroom.” I stated fearfully.
Oh my God!
But Mawthie…Mawthie Can’t go to the extent of…”
“Sir” one of his guards cut me off.
“If what she’s saying its true, then I think we nee-d to search the building immediately”.
“But…how’re we sure they’re still here?” I asked, blenched.
“There’s only one way to be sure” Ryan said and handed one of his phones to his guards.
“I put a tracker in the new n£¢klace I gave her this morning. The software is there in the phone. Check if you can access it”.
Bethel’s Pov:
My breathing [email protected]£ tensed as I felt the h0t [email protected] on my cheek.
I tried to sit up but he kicked me ha-rd on my tummy and I gro-an ed in pains and la-id flat.
Oh God!
What’s going on?
“Mawthie…” I called and he kicked me ha-rd again.
Then, he got on t©p of me and held my hair, then [email protected] me.
He [email protected] me ha-rd again and this time around, there was a cut on myl-ips. I felt blood coming out.
“Mawthie, plea-se st©p it. What’re you doing?” I asked tearfully and he punched me on my tummy.
“Argh!” I gro-an ed in pains and busted into tears.
Why was he beating me up? What have I done to him?
He suddenly held my n£¢k and used his free hand to [email protected] me again.
I gro-an ed and he [email protected] me again then gave me another punch.
Oh, God! I could feel my strength leaving me.
The pains were unbearable. I was beginning to choke.
“Mawthie plea-se, I’m sorry. Just st©p it” I cried and he [email protected] me.
“If I were you, I’d break up with Ryan” he growled and tore the t©p [email protected] of my uniform.
“What’re you doing?” I asked in fear and tried to struggle with him, but I was too weak.
He [email protected] me again and my hands [email protected]£ weak.
I could tell my face was red alre-ady.
“Mawthie plea-se” I pleaded and tried to hold his hand, but couldn’t.
He tore the uniform down to my [email protected] level and that was when I had to try all I could to st©p him.
“plea-se don’t” I whimpered as I tried to hold his hand.
Tears were all over my face.
He punched me with an unusual f0rç£ that I felt all my systems turn, almost wanting to make me puke.
I cried out like a baby and he pinned my two hands on the floor.
“Never forget this night, baby” he sm-irked and ordered two of the boys in the room to come and hold my hands.
They squatted and pinned my hands to the floor and that way, I couldn’t struggle with Mawthie anymore.
I cried as he continued tearing the uniform down. I couldn’t lose my dignity this way. Why does this have to happen to me?
“Mawthie plea-se. I’m begging you” I whimpered.
I could feel the strength leaving me.
“No! plea-se” I cried out in pains.
Immediately, I heard the door open abruptly but was too feeble to take a look.
Mawthie’s eyes dilated and the two boys holding my hands let left me immediately.
“Bethel!!” I heard someone scream.
It was Nicole’s voice.
I quic-kly turned and saw her standing by the door with Ryan and some guards who were alre-ady entering the room.
Oh my God!
plea-se, who knows the price of new coffins?

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