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Mama I made it episode 42

Episode 42. ❤
Success met us in the hospital, I was sadly looking at him as he sat worried but we couldn’t tell him what we have agreed on.
The doctor has alre-ady made a call to his friend over there and he promised to do something before the next hearing.
“We nee-d to drag Amanda here, Charity said.
“But you saw it yourself she’s sick, what can she do in a case like this? Besides she gave us the evidence of everything that was trashed out today, I said.
“How are you sure in the next hearing anyone will be given a chance to speak like what happened today? I planned to speak but I didn’t even smelled it, Purity who tried speaking what did it do? My dad asked and we saw Success scratching his head frustratedly and I looked at my dad.
“Son what if we follow the system? We won’t be doing anything wrong, my dad purposely asked.
“No dad no, I won’t be a [email protected] of it, he said and I heaved.
“What! What if we fail in this? What happened minutes ago was a clear indication of how Eunice has won all their heart with money, how do you expect us to win this fairly? Sonia asked.
“Did you just say fairly? You want justice and this case to be won fairly yet you want to dance in the beat of corruption, how fair is that? Success asked and Sonia shook her head.
“Very fair Success, very fair! What do Yuh think will be fair then? Will it be fair Eunice walks out from that prison and goes round like a free person despite the wrongs she has done? Will it be fair if she comes back and attacks us again knowing she will still get out from the same system you think you can get it fair from? How many innocent people are stuck there in jail just because they had faith in the fair system but the bad guys are walking free?
Nothing is fair and you know it, now if you really want us to win this do something fair, Charity stood up to him and everyone was so quiet in the room.
“Success, I know this is ha-rd for you and i admire your sincerity here, but plea-se don’t let that woman walk out from that place. At least do something we should be heard, if they keep shutting us up including you what’s the hope of this case? At least I’m better and can speak freely, by the next hearing the drugs effect should relief me. Purity dad is okay to speak, and many others who want to, plea-se Success that witch has alre-ady stained the ground for us, and the system isn’t fair at all when money is involved, my mom spoke up and Success cleaned his face shaking his head while we watched him fighting with himself to accept to our demands.
“I can’t do this plea-se I can’t, I’m sorry, he finally said and walked out and Charity threw her hands on air.
“At least we told him and he declined, it doesn’t matter after all someone has alre-ady took the step Gosh! she said.
“I knew he will not, I know my brother very well, Sonia said.
“I know and he must be very disappointed we suggested that anyway, but you all are right, I will die if Eunice walks out of there, I will kill her myself and go to jail instead, I said.
“No I’ll do that, you have a lot to achieve so let me do that, my mom said.
“No one is killing anyb©dy okay, Eunice won’t come out of there and that’s it, my dad said…………..
Its 3 days alre-ady and everyone was in court for the next hearing, Success looked at me so anxious, I saw it in his eyes he was scared and when Eunice lawyer looked at him, I saw all the boldness and everything in his eyes and I prayed it should go out well this time.
I held my mom hands so ti-ght trying to ease myself and everything began.
But surprisingly anytime Success was objected, The judge tells him to continue.
Charity looked at me and smiled and I saw Success was confused himself but he had to go on.
I looked at Eunice where she stood and saw her eyes bulged out in shock and worry as she wondered why Success is talking too much.
The evidence that was trashed out in the last hearing was considered back and 4 witnesses was allowed to speak.
Eunice almost urinated where she stood as I was the one smiling at her this time around, her lawyer was as well confused despite how he tried to confuse us it was not working. Looks like Success was prepared too same with the witnesses, they didn’t give the lawyer the chance to twist us up like he did to me.
Success and Eunice lawyer had nothing more to say and we waited for the judge to say his final words as we kept fighting ourselves with our eyes, we were so confident that we won this and had no single fear in us.
Finally he spoke up and that was where I [email protected]£ so anxious that I began to shake,
“Purity anything can happen, kept ringing in my ears until I heard shouts and my mom hvgged me ti-ght.
“What happened? What did he say? I asked so confused because i was not listening at all.
“We won, we won darling, my mom replied and Charity fell on me.
“She’ll be put in jail? I asked still trying to put myself back.
“7 years though, I wish it was for life, Charity replied.
“What matters is we won, oh my God! I shouted…………..
That day we [email protected] and wished it was home we did this, a hvge [email protected] would have been thrown for our Success.
It was there Success informed his mom we were [email protected]!ngbut her looks confused me,
“You mean you were not [email protected]!ngall this while? She asked.
“No mom, in fact I asked her out after her induction, we were only friends then, Success replied.
“You must be kidding me, what kept you so long? His mom asked and i laughed.
“I wonder, Charity said.
“Mom I wanted her to concentrate, he replied.
“Oh plea-se, what if you had lost her? Don’t try that again, his mother said.
“Yes ma’am, Success said laughing.
“Come dear, officially you’re now fully welcome, his mom said taking my hand.
After the [email protected] we decided to occu-py the house Eunice was hiding with my dad. According to my dad she bought the house and we searched throu-gh it to find the do¢v-ment.
“Its in her name, I told my dad.
“Don’t worry that will be reversed, everything she collected from you will be returned, Success said.
“That means I have to return back home, I’ve lost a lot and if I’m not careful i may not be the Peter I used to be, my dad said.
“Yea but let’s not forget Abigail, she has been there for too long now, Success said and i heaved.
“We will get her out tomorrow, let her enjoy the night there, charity said and I hit her.
“What? Who knows if the girl is just like her mother? Charity asked.
“But she’s my daughter and she may be un-der the influence of her mother, but I can’t let her suffer for her mom crimes, my Dad said.
“We will get her out tomorrow, I said tou-ching him.
That night i sat outside with Sonia and Charity enjoying the fresh air while the rest was inside,
“So finally it over, tomorrow I’ll be taking off in the morning, there’s a lot i have to do for myself, Charity said.
“Me too, we will be leaving tomorrow, Sonia said and i nodded.
“Thank you all so much, I appreciate, I said.
“It was fun though, Charity said smiling.
“Kind of, but will you tell Success what we did? Sonia asked me.
“Its best I don’t spoil his happy mood, he doesn’t have to know, I replied.
“Good choice, Charity said.
“So when will we be coming to deliberate on the aso ebi? Sonia asked and i bur-st out laughing.
“What’s funny? Answer joor, Charity said.
“Girls I’m not settled yet alright, marriage can wait until my Dad is financially balanced and my mom established, i replied.
“So in summary we should continue to wait ba? Charity asked.
“Yes baby, I replied holding her pla-yfully and we laughed.
“What are we going to do with Amanda? Will she go free after damaging your mom? Charity asked.
“What’s there to be done? She’s paying for her sins alre-ady with the incurable disease she’s suffering from, soon she may be dead let her be, i replied…………..
The next day Charity, Sonia and her mom were prepared to go and i hvgged them bye,
“Be sure you come home soon, I know you have a house here now though, Success mom said to me.
“We will be leaving soon also, I replied and Success dropped them off at the airport.
I got in with my mom and went in to do some chores leaving my parents in the sitting room but i decided to eavesdrop on them.
“Hilda, can you plea-se forgive me? My dad asked.
“Peter i alre-ady did, my mom said.
“Thank you, thank you, he said.
“But I’m only doing this for my daughter, nothing can happen between us again if you’re thinking about that, my mom said and his eyes bulged out then he slowly wheeled to my mom.
“Hilda you know i Waited for you, he said.
“Oh you did? I can see that, you really Waited with my best friend, my mom said.
“Did you think i agreed to it that easily? I saw her taking care of Purity like she was hers and i felt Purity nee-ded the love of a Mother, i never knew she was only pretending just to find her way throu-gh. plea-se we have been [email protected] for years now, but I can as-sure you nothing has changed, he said and my mom angrily looked at him.
“Everything has changed Peter, everything! I sacrificed everything because of you, i lost my mind and almost my life because of you still, and you think nothing has changed huh? Everything has changed because i am not that stupid and weak Hilda anymore, my mom shouted and left the house.
“Hilda plea-se! My dad said but she slammed the door behind and my dad tearfully bowed his head.
“Don’t worry dad, you’ll be together again, I said to myself and left……………
Thanks to the doctor for his suggestion 😊
Purity WON at the END ❤❤
Mama, I made it after all the struggling 😘💪💪

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