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Mama I made it episode 41

Episode 41.❤
We [email protected]£ down from the taxi and rushed into the h0tel like we were still chased, we got into the room and was breathing heavily and Success called back,
“Dear are you in now? He asked.
“Yea we just entered, this must be Eunice handwork I guess, I replied.
“But she’s locked in there, he said.
“Who knows? Maybe its her lawyer, I replied.
“I called the cops telling them what just happened, maybe I should s£nd in some police men to guard you, what do you think? He asked.
“No no no, I think we missed them, let’s not complicate matters the more, do you think if those guys wants to attack they won’t bring the police men down? Charity asked.
“Dear we will be fine don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll drop my mom off in the hospital before taking off with Charity, I said.
“No don’t, what if you get followed again? Remember you said you got followed from the hospital, he said.
“What is going to happen with my mom now? I can’t leave her here alone, I said.
“Don’t worry I’ll take care of it, I’ll go bring her here, he said.
“How? What if the men following us knows you? Charity asked.
“Don’t worry I’ll find a way, sorry about what happened, he said.
“Its alright, take care of yourself okay, good night, I said and dropped the call.
I heaved and looked at my mom who sat quiet,
“What if we take her along with us? Charity asked.
“No, remember the doctor wanted having some tests on her, Success said he will pick her up, I replied.
“That’s right, now that our moves are being followed we have to be very careful now, she said and I looked throu-gh the window but saw nothing.
“Let’s pray we lost them, I said and sat down anxious……….
The next morning I woke up first but met everyone still slee-ping, I took my phone and immediately Success call entered and I smiled,
“Good morning sunshine, he said.
“Good morning love, I was just about to call, I replied.
“That’s how the spirit works you know, he said and I laughed.
“Sure, so how is my dad? I asked.
“I forgot to tell you he was worried yesterday but don’t worry he’s still asleep. I’ll be on my way to the mall you left the car so ill take it to the h0tel. I think its gonna be there from now on till this war is over, he said.
“plea-se be careful when you get to the mall, they may still hang around who knows? I asked.
“Don’t worry, you’ll see me there soon alright, he said.
“Alright see ya, I said and dropped the call and [email protected] Charity on her legs.
“What na! Charity shouted.
“Its morning my friend wake up! I said taking my bag to take some few wears while Charity stood up ru-bbing her sleepy eyes and went into the bathroom.
Immediately we had something to eat, Success entered.
“Hi welcome, I said giving him a pe-ck while he greeted everyone.
“Got the car? Charity asked.
“Yea, it parked outside, he replied.
‘You didn’t see anyone or noticed anything unusual? Charity asked again.
“No ma, plea-se no more questions, he replied and she rolled her eyes and left him.
“So you’re going back to the hospital? I asked and he nodded.
“But your dad is insisting to go, he feels he’s not safe there anymore, but where else do we have to do? Not that I know anyb©dy here, he replied and I heaved.
“Is there anyway i can talk with my dad? I asked.
“No for now till I get there, he replied.
“When you get there put him on call, he’s only worried but I believe nothing will go wrong, I said and Charity checked the time.
“We nee-d to get going, she said and my mom stood up like she wanted following. Alre-ady she was telling me that she’s going with us and she just acted like she’s serious with what she said.
“Mom you can’t follow us, the doctor wants to treat you so you’ll be better to speak up against Eunice, do you un-derstand? I asked holding her and she sat down saying nothing.
“I’ll buy you that thing again when I come back, take care of yourself and dad for Me, i said wi-nking at me and she angrily looked at me.
“Bye mom, I said pe-cking her and hvgged Success before I hurried off with Charity.
On the way Success mom called and I picked up, I told her the latest development and the hospital my mom was taken to,
“What’s the doctor name? She asked.
“Amanda, I replied.
“Amanda? Oh she’s no longer working there, and besides she’s retired, she said.
“What! What are we going to do now? I asked.
“I wished you told me this earlier, but keep coming let me find out I’ll call you back, she replied and i dropped the call.
“We can find do¢v-ments about your mom there, Charity said.
“From where? I asked.
“Just calm down let’s get there first, you don’t know what we may find out, anything can happen you know, she said and I sighed……………..
A week later we were all in court, Eunice seemed not to be scared, and I wondered where she got such courage from.
The hearing wasn’t funny at all, Success was always objected by Eunice lawyer whenever he says something important and the judge was in support of it.
I angrily looked at Eunice and saw her smiling where she stood, there I know she alre-ady pla-yed her games well.
I felt h0t where I sat until i heard my name called out.
I was asked some questions from Success and I answered to the best of my knowledge, but Eunice lawyer [email protected]£ questioning me and I was so confused.
The twisted questions and the cuttings by him whenever i wanted answering made me bur-st out in tears.
Everyone was so swelled up and wondered what went wrong after the hearing was adjoined to another day.
I saw Eunice taken away by the police while she win-ked at me and i felt like jumping on her but Charity held me,
“Its okay friend, she said.
“What happened? We had the case here and every prove was made available to win this, what the hell happened? I asked.
“Purity its not over yet, I told you alre-ady this won’t be easy but I’m happy this hearing is adjoined, we can still do something, my dad who was on a wheel chair said and Success approached us.
“I’m sorry, he weakly said.
“No brother you did something and you did well, its just that the so called judge is bias, he’s turning everything to their favor, Sonia said.
“I can’t believe everything we fought for as evidence was turned against us, Success said ru-bbing his head frustratedly and i t©uçhed him.
“Next time this won’t happen again, I will be re-ady for them, maybe i didn’t know it will be this way but I’m glad they just showed us how the game is pla-yed, I said.
“Your Mom will be witnessing and I’ll sure f0rç£ Amanda from her $h!t hole to tell the court what she did to Purity mom. They want to make things difficult for us right? We will show them the real deal, Charity said.
“My mom loves situation like this, they will be sorry they rejected the evidence on papers, they will hate it when all evidence will be spoken out loud, Sonia said.
‘I’m just angry with Purity she showed her weakness by crying, gosh you fv¢ked up there big time, Charity said and i cleaned my face.
“You’re right, but i felt stupid and useless when i stood there, you don’t know how disappointed I am right now i felt the ground should just open, I said tou-ching my forehead.
“Dear its alright, I’ll meet you guys okay, i have few things to do here, Success said.
“Alright see ya then, I said and he hurried off while i slowly wheeled my father out.
My mom was on be-d weak with the medication she was given that she couldn’t attend.
When we told them the account of all that happened, my mom attem-pted to come down from the be-d,
“No mom its over for today, the next hearing is in 3 days time, I said holding her.
“What exactly do they want to hear? That Eunice is the victim here? My mom asked.
“I think i nee-d to be there on the next hearing, the doctor said.
“Thanks sir, Charity said.
“Was she the only one who witnessed? The doctor asked.
“They didn’t want anyone to speak but i think Success nee-d to buckle up in the next hearing, it’s gonna be war, my dad replied.
“Hmmmmm I think Success nee-d help, the doctor said.
“What do you mean sir? I asked.
“Sometimes to get justice, you nee-d to [email protected] few games, the doctor replied and Sonia shook her head.
“I hope its not what I’m thinking because Success won’t agree to that, he believes in not staining the truth with corruption, she said.
“We won’t tell him then but believe it or not, he nee-ds help there else it won’t work. You just said what happened out there, on a normal ground Eunice should be the one trembling but it was the opposite, was that right?,the doctor asked and i began to scratch my head as the room was silent.
“Look i know you are people of integrity but this is not a case that should be won by your enemy. I’ll pu-ll few strings with the help of my friend there, so you can be given a chance to speak, If you’re not heard how will you win? That’s exactly what they did, using money to close their ears to all the grammar, the doctor said.
“So the same money will open their ears back right? Sonia asked.
“Definitely and that’s what the judge and everyone there was trying to tell you, but they won’t tell you anyway, he replied.
“Look I think that’s the only option we gat here, keep the integrity aside besides we are not doing anything wrong. If its money they nee-d so we won’t be shut up whenever we want to speak then let’s give it to them so we can have that listening ears simple, Charity said.
“Eunice alre-ady stained the floor in this case, we have no option here though Success will never agree to this, Sonia [email protected]£ in.
“Then let’s not tell him, its not a must he should know. If the doctor knows a way of how to pu-ll few strings good and fine, what’s important is our success and that woman locked up for her crimes. i want this to be over alre-ady and I have so many things i have to do for myself,lur-k-ing around here wont help and if we lose this, gosh it will be terrible, Charity said.
“Did you see the way she was mocking at us in there? Just imagine if she gets out, Sonia said shaking her head.
“Don’t even imagine that, the doctor said and i weakly looked at my dad to hear what he’s going to say.
“Honey, this was what i was trying to tell you. We may have all the evidence and witness in the world but if there is a corrupted judge, you have to [email protected], my dad said to me.
“So we do it? I asked him.
“I know you’re scared Success may find out about this, but I’m sure he will un-derstand, he replied.
“We don’t have to tell him, plea-se don’t tell him i know my brother, Sonia said and i heaved.
“Dear, plea-se you have to accept this else I will kill that woman myself if she wins, my mom said.
‘Huh mom st©p saying that, Okay so…. so what are we to do? I asked the doctor……………
Eunice is winning oh 🤦🏽‍♀🙆‍♂️
Wahala day oh

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