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Mama I made it episode 40

Episode 40 ❤
That evening we returned back to the hospital and my dad was awake.
“Good evening dad, I greeted giving him a pe-ck.
“Evening dear, evening, he replied us and my mom took the bag I was holding and sat back to re-move what she asked me to get for her.
“I haven’t seen you since morning, are you okay? he asked.
‘I was here nau but you were asleep, how are you feeling now? I asked.
“Like a human being, I haven’t felt this way for a long time now, he replied.
“You’ll be fine soon, I said.
“Where’s your b©yfri£nd? He asked and I sat down.
“He is probably in court now, your wife is asking for a court hearing soon, I replied.
“Soon? But why soon? He asked.
“She’s tired slee-ping there and maybe that’s the only way she can breathe out, Charity replied.
“And she’s so confident in her lawyer, that witch! My dad said.
“Dad, the hospital mom was taken to, do you know the name of the doctor that was treating her? I asked.
“She’s a woman and what was that her name?……….Ama…. Yes Amanda! He replied.
“Thank you, Charity will be going there tomorrow to get something for mom case, I said.
“Oh my God! Will she be there? And will she love to cooperate? He asked.
“When I get there we will get the answer, I just nee-d to do something you know, Charity said.
“When is this court hearing by the way? He asked.
“Success hasn’t told us yet, when he comes back we will know, I replied and the door opened which Success walked in.
“Welcome love, I hvgged him after he greeted everyone.
“Welcome son you look tired, My dad said.
“I’m fine dad, he weakly said and gave me an envelope.
“From the court? I asked as i was about to open..
“Nah, the court own is here, he replied showing me a smaller envelope which Charity took that and I brou-ght out what was inside in my envelope re-ading what i saw.
“It was negative, all the tests done on you, I said showing my dad and the doctor walked in.
“Wow full house, the doctor said.
“Welcome doctor just in time, you nee-d to see this, I said giving him the papers I held and he [email protected] and looked at my dad.
“You’re lucky man, you survived it, the doctor said to him.
“Sadly he was operated for nothing, Charity said.
“But he survived it after all though its painful, what next now? The doctor asked.
“There will be a court hearing soon, we actually nee-d witnesses, i replied.
“Okay, I can volunteer to be one of the witness, after all I operated him, the doctor said.
“oh thank you, you’ll be of great help in this case, Success said.
“Its alright, I’m glad I helped, the doctor said.
“Yea and my mom has the prove of your mom case, so that side is settled, Success said.
“Not all that settled because we haven’t met this Amanda of a doctor yet, Charity said.
“Oh yea that’s true, I said.
“When is this court hearing? The doctor asked.
“Next week, Charity replied giving me the envelope she was with so I can see for myself.
“Next week Friday, I said and looked at Success.
“We just have few days to get everything set Purity, Success said to me and I nodded.
“The court hearing will always be adjoined and we will be getting more proves, why not let me go with Charity tomorrow plea-se, I said.
“Common dear who will stay with them? Success asked referring to my parents.
“I, my mom replied and I smiled.
“You can go Purity I’ll try keep my eyes on them or keep a nurse to take care of them, the doctor said.
“Purity which nurse will take Care of your mom like you will do? Who will take her to the h0tel to clean up? Charity asked.
“Why are you st©pping me from going with you? That’s not a problem i think, because the nurse will be paid for the services, I said and she raised her hands up.
“Fine, sorry anyway, she said.
“The bandage is soa-ked I guess, Success said trying to un-bu-tton his shi-t and I made him sit down.
“Don’t worry sir you’ll surely get justice for what happened to you, the doctor said to my dad.
“Thank you doctor, my dad said.
“You’re welcome, and ermmm Purity is there anything I can do for your mom? The doctor asked and I looked at him.
“You mean? I asked.
“I just think there is something I can do to help your mom you know, he replied.
‘plea-se do, just like what Eunice did to me, she made her mentally ill but she’s recovering, my dad said.
“Yea I see that, the doctor said checking my mom eyes and I felt weak attending to Success, my whole attention was all on the doctor.
“She’s recovering and i can help her if I’m allowed, the doctor said.
“Doctor plea-se do, I’ll so appreciate if God will use to complete his good work, I said and he nodded.
“I’ll be back tomorrow morning, good night, the doctor said.
“Good night doctor, thank you so much! We all chorused and he left.
I just hvgged my mom so happy tou-ching her but she was concentrating on her food,
“Dear, Success called out and i remembered what i was doing,
“Oh sorry, I was too excited, I said smiling to him.
“I can see that, he said and Charity phone began to ring.
It was her dad calling to check on her, and after the call she asked to take her rest for tomorrow journey,
“Aren’t you going with her? Success asked me.
“I’m to stay with them, I replied.
“Don’t worry I’ll do that, tomorrow you have a journey ahead of you, Success said.
“Thank you, I’ll drop by here before we leave, I said giving him a pe-ck and did same to my parents.
“Good night dear, my dad said but my mom stood up to follow me and Charity began to laugh.
“Mommy I thought you’re staying here too? No problem let’s go, i said holding her hand and we left.
We took the car and Charity was the one driving, then i checked the bag and saw my mom almost finished everything I bought,
“Ahh mommy you didn’t ask for this one nau, you ate yours and extended to mine, I said and my mom began to laugh.
“E…sweet, she said.
“Yes it’s sweet, i hope this one wont turn to your favorite o, God be praised you’ve forgotten about bre-ad, I said laughing.
“You’ll…buy again tomorrow, my mom said.
“Not tomorrow but when i come back, I replied and she collected the remaining one I wanted to eat and threw it in her mouth.
“Mommy! I shouted.
“Ahh mama you do well, give me 5! Charity said giving one of her hand and my mom happily gave her a hi five laughing at me.
“You buy when you come iyeh, my mom said hitting me and i shook my head and my eyes went out side and noticed a car was following us with the way the car was moving behind us.
“Charity, go left, I said to her.
“Why? You wan lost road? She asked.
“Just go left always listen to me, I replied.
“Shuuu, she said and went left and the car followed.
“Charity, someone is following us, I fearfully said.
“What! Are sure about that? Charity asked.
“I’m very sure about that, I replied.
“Jeeezzzz! Charity shouted and added speed.
“Can you drive to the station? I asked her.
“I don’t know where it is nau, she replied.
“Oh $h!t! Just keep driving, i said and called Success up.
“Hello dear are……..”we are being followed, someone is pursuing us! I shouted when Success picked up.
“What! Where are you now? He asked.
“Do i know? Charity is driving randomly and its like we got followed from the hospital, plea-se take care of yourself and Dad, I replied.
“Where are you guys now! How can I help? He shouted.
“Don’t worry we will try to make them miss us, just be careful over there alright, I said and dropped the call and Charity quic-kly drove into a mall and we rushed out taking our bags and everything in the car.
We got in pretending to buy something and saw the car following us parked and was waiting outside.
“What are we going to do now? What if we scream that there’s a killer waiting for us outside? I asked Charity,
“And what if we do that and the killer opens fire on everyone here, you don’t even know if they have a gun or something, Charity replied and a lady walked up to us.
“Sorry do you nee-d anything? She asked.
“Uhmmm yea kind of, plea-se is there another door we can exit from here [email protected] from that?Charity asked pointing to the door we walked in.
“And why? She asked.
“Someone is following us plea-se, we have to get out of here, Charity replied and she looked at us for a while and we noticed the door of the car opened and my heart began to beat fast,
“Come with me, the lady said and we hurriedly followed her as she took us into a pas-sage, entered into a room and opened a door for us.
“Hurry, just run down you’ll see a road where you can get a cab! She shouted and we ran out and saw our self on a different road.
We didn’t care if we were familiar with the road or not, what matters is whoever that was following us won’t find us anymore.
We st©pped an empty cab telling the driver the name of the h0tel we were on our way to, and we hopped in and took off.
On the way i called Success telling him we’re safe now,
“Oh thank God, be careful alright, he said.
“You too, plea-se lock the doors, i told him
Who do you think s£nt those people following purity ?🤔
What if is the doctor 🤦🏽‍♀🙄

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