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Mama I made it episode 37

Episode 37. ❤
There at the h0tel with Success I dressed his wound and carefully looked at him during the process, but i saw pains and I heaved,
“Why are you lying to me? I asked him.
“Dear not again, I thought we talked about this alre-ady and aren’t you here to treat me? Do you expect me to lie down there all day? He asked and I wanted getting up when i was done but he held my hand back.
“I’m sorry, he said.
“For what? I asked.
“For everything, I know you said yes to me and nothing but trouble surfaced without us having time together, he said and I smiled.
“Are you serious? Its not our fault and we have every time in the world to be together after this. I know you’re just trying to get me out from my angry mood, I said.
“Did I succeed? He asked smiling.
“I don’t know, I’ll go get you something to eat, I replied and attem-pted to go but he drew me back again,
“Not so fast, he said and k!$$£d me.
After eating I told him to have his rest, but he eventually sle-pt off which I decided not to wake him.
He woke up and immediately Charity call [email protected]£ on phone,
“Hi girl, I picked up.
“I’m here, she said.
“Are you serious! I shouted and she told me where she was.
“I’ll be there, I said and looked at Success who was putting on his shi-t.
“Why did you let me sleep for that long? He asked.
“You were slee-ping peacefully and I didn’t want to interrupt, I replied helping him with his shi-t.
“There’s a lot to be done dear, slee-ping for hours won’t solve our problem, he said.
“I gave you the whole time to sleep it all, Charity is alre-ady here, I said.
“Let’s go, he said getting up and I took my bag and checked my hair on the mirror before going out.
We drove to where Charity was and picked her up,
“Ouch sorry I heard what happened to you, Charity told Success and he rolled his eyes.
“Charity your sorry is like a nee-dle to My che-st, don’t say it again abeg, Success said.
“Shuuuu because I even try to tell you sorry and you’re feeling fly, you want to hear that this bandage looks good on you ba! She said hitting him and Success looked at me.
“I will beat this girl o, Success said to me
“With which hand? Oya try it na if I will not bandage the both for you, Charity said but I didn’t bother to involve myself in their wahala. I was helping myself with the plantain ch!ps I called from a little boy and bought some for my mom.
“Me na? Charity asked.
“Is that not you there? You no fit buy plantain ch!ps too? I asked her.
“Heyyy! You too are re-ady for me today, are you giving me the plantain or not? She seriously asked and I bur-st out laughing.
“Haba calm down na,Person no fit [email protected] you again? I asked giving her 2 from the tray.
“For the stress I’m eating 4, she said.
“Shuuu! Success said.
“I ask you? She turned to Success.
“Sorry na no vex, give her 2 again, I said to the boy and he handed 2 to her.
“I hope I’m free now? I asked.
“Yes, free indeed, she replied and looked at Success with a troublesome eye while he shook his head and looked away.
“But I’m smelling something o, are you perceiving it? She asked me.
“You’re holding 4 wra-ps of ch!ps why won’t you perceive something? Success asked back.
“I don say make you avoid me today o with your bandage if not I’ll loose it for you, she said.
“Abeg abeg let’s go back to the hospital, my dad should be awake by now, I said checking my time.
“Okay, but I’m perceiving something sha, Charity said and I smiled to go in,
“Madam come and drive na, your big mouth don do my wound don dey pain me, Success said to Charity.
“Me big mouth? Na today we go remain here, Charity said and entered the back.
“You two should st©p this fight nau, I said to them.
“Tell her to come take the wheels na, I’m feeling pains, Success said and I looked at Charity.
“My love don’t mind him okay, come give your baby a ride, I said teasing Charity.
“Its because of you o, Charity said coming down.
“Drive your oga slow and steady o, I no wan hear story, Success said sitting majestically at the back laughing at her while Charity smiled and we drove off………..
We got into the room and I hvgged my mom, I saw her face and knew she must be so lonely sitting all alone then I went to my dad disappointed he’s not awake yet.
“Mom did the doctor check on him again after i left? I asked my mom and she nodded.
“Dad, we are here waiting for you, what’s st©pping you from waking up alre-ady? Dad can you hear me? I know you can hear me, just open your eyes okay, I said taking his hand and the doctor walked in.
“I see you’re back, the doctor said after replying our greetings.
“Yea and he isn’t still up yet, I said and he heaved.
“I was expecting him to be up but let’s wait for a while and if he doesn’t respond we will take the next step, the doctor said and I cleaned my face.
“Your b©yfri£ndI guess? Sorry I heard what happened to you, he said shaking hands with Success before I could reply either yes or no.
“Thank you sir, Success said.
“I know your girlfriend is capable of treating that and soon you’ll be healed, the doctor said.
“Yea you’re right, Success said and I saw my dad eyes shaking.
“Dad! I gently called out and the rest was alert that something is happening,
“He’s picking up, the doctor said checking on him while i checked his pulse and my dad slowly opened his eyes.
“Dad! I happily said and hvgged him on be-d,
“Purity, he slowly called out.
“Yes dad, you got us so scared, I replied holding him.
“I’m sorry my daughter, I’m so sorry plea-se forgive your father, he said and attem-pted to cry.
“Dad just st©p, if i didn’t forgive you I wouldn’t be here no matter what, its okay dad you just got up and you shouldn’t be doing this, I said st©pping him.
“How are you feeling? The Doctor asked and he recognized him and got scared,
“Purity is your step mom here? He asked me ignoring his question.
“No why? I asked back.
“The doctor isn’t a good man, he tried to kill me, my dad said and i looked at the doctor.
“Sir you’re mistaken, I was only following your wife orders and the surgery that was done was because you were found with cancer, how is that my fault? The doctor asked.
“But I told you i have no cancer, I told you but you didn’t listen to me, my dad said and the doctor ru-bbe-d his head.
“I’m sorry, I thought you were only scared of the surgery and I wanted to safe your life because you were that sick, I’m sorry but i never meant to hurt you, the doctor said.
“Dad its okay, the result was only fake and his a good Man, I said to my dad.
“Is your step mom arrested? He asked.
“Yes, and he’s asking for her lawyer, do you know him? I asked
“Oh God! Yes I know him, one brutal lawyer that do everything in his power to see he wins a case. Do you have a good lawyer? I can find one for you, My dad said.
“Don’t worry dad, my b©yfri£ndwill stand against him, I said and Success drew near.
“He’s a young and inexperienced one and may get hurt, Purity let’s get another lawyer this case isn’t a b©yfri£ndand girlfriend pla-y, its that serious and i won’t want her to win against us, my dad said and I got scared and looked at Success.
“Dad I’ve been meeting people like that in court, don’t worry i got this case, Success said and I closed my eyes.
“Does that mean you can also do dirty things in the system to win a case?My dad asked.
“I believe In the truth and justice, he replied.
“But this is Nigeria, here the truth doesn’t count neither will it set you free and i won’t risk that, right now what will count is that we win this case else it will be a big [email protected] and a tragedy to us, my dad said.
“It will be a great honor if the truth counts and succeeds in your case. I’ll get every evidence i nee-d to win this and prove you wrong, Charity come with me, Success said and left before i could say anything and Charity slowly followed him out.
“Dad is her lawyer that brutal? Do you think he will hurt my b©yfri£nd? I asked my dad but he began to cough.
“I think you all should let him rest, the doctor said.
“Sorry dad I’ll be back, i said and ran after them.
I met them as they were about driving out and st©pped them, Success was at the back and his countenance was not good at all.
“Dear I’m sorry about what happened in there, I apologized.
“Why do everyone think to do something right your hands must be soiled with the bad to achieve it? Why do every one think only the bad succeed and make a name? He angrily asked.
“I’m sorry okay but my dad is only concerned about you, maybe the lawyer we are talking about is not only brutal in court but also outside the court. You may not know how dangerous he is or the level of bribery and everything that he………”I don’t care! Do you get that Purity? I don’t care!, Success cut in and I heaved.
“Fine, but Where are you going to now? I asked.
“Trying to get every evidence i nee-d, Charity plea-se move, He replied and i shifted for them and cleaned my face worriedly as i watched them drove off and sat down somewhere outside thinking ha-rd .
I got in after a while feeling so weak but i heard noises in the room and i decided to eavesdrop on them,
“Hilda will you ever forgive me? I know i don’t deserve it but plea-se I’m begging you, I heard my dad said and i slowly opened up and walked in.
“Purity, he called out stretching his hand and i took it,
“I heard it Purity, your mom just told me now you’re a doctor and I’m sorry i couldn’t contribute a dime to it, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, i feel so ashamed of myself, I failed as a father to you plea-se forgive me, he said and i nodded and cleaned my tears.
“I made it after all, there’s no nee-d to apologize, I said.
“No i promise to do something, do you want to further? Or do you nee-d a hospital of your own? Whatever you want I’ll do it, plea-se my child just mention it, he said and i nodded.
“I want you to get better first, all that can wait for now alright, I said tou-ching his face.
“My little girl is so grown up now, and where has your b©yfri£ndgone to? He asked.
“He’s upset, i replied.
“I’m sorry, but i only want him to be saved. Eunice lawyer will definitely meet up with him and if Success refuses to compromise, he will hurt him that’s why i don’t want him to, not because I feel he’s not a good lawyer, but i don’t you to get hurt when they harm him, do you un-derstand? he asked and i closed my eyes.
“He won’t back down dad and i don’t know what to do, Eunice has alre-ady hurt him and now her lawyer? Dad I don’t want anything to happen to him, I love him so much, i bur-st out crying and my mom held me.
“Its okay my daughter nothing will happen, i just wish I’m not stuck in here and she practically blocked all my contacts and hid me here. oh God! My dad painfully said and i sniffed.
“Dad its okay have your rest because there’s a lot to be done and we really nee-d your statement in this case, i said.
“Dear you can ask me whatever you nee-d to know and I’ll gladly tell you, he said.
“Not now dad, I’m too worried to hear anything now, just have your rest, i weakly said ……………
Charity won’t kill me with laughter 😂 😂
Eunice lawyer is brutal 🤔🙆‍♂️🤦🏽‍♀
Do you think purity should use success as her lawyer?🤔
Remember his inexperience at the same time he’s life will be in danger 🙆‍♂️😭
Morning to you all

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