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High school badas-s Episode 24 & 25

🌹❣️HIGH SCHOOL BADas-s 🌹❣️
High school [email protected]ç£😉😉💖
Leo sat down alone in the garden
He thought about what Mj said as he ran his f!nger throu-gh his hair
“What are you doing here alone? ” he heard Ella’s voice
“Ugh? I was doing nothing ” he said and Ella sat beside him
“I’m glad “she said and Leo looked at her
“Why? ”
“That you reconciled with Mj, I really love it when you guys are both happy ” She said and Leo smiled
“I have something to tell you ” She stared at the ground as her palm suddenly got sweaty
“What is it? ”
“I………… Like you ” she said and Leo looked at her again
“It took me some courage to say this but you don’t give me an answer, I will wait ” she said and stood up to go but Leo st©pped her
“I will give you an answer now ” he said and stood up, staring directly into her eyes
“Don’t wait, I can’t accept your heart, I like someone else ” he said and Ella scoffed with disappointment
“Who? Irene? ”
“Yes ”
“Why? Why Irene? ”
“To me, Irene is different from other girls, even if she doesn’t realize my feelings now, she will realize later ” he said and walked away
Ella sm-irked and blinked back her tears
Irene sat in the clas-s when Zoey ran to her
“Our result is out, the result for our Test ” Zoey said
“Really? ” Irene asked and she nod
“Yeah, I heard you [email protected]£ last ” She said but Irene didn’t look surprised
“What is wrong? You don’t look surprised or disappointed ”
“Why should I be? I always [email protected]£ last anyway ” she said and Zoey shook her head
“I knew it, you were weird the first day you [email protected]£ to this school ”
Ella walked to the clas-s and sat down
“Hi Ella ” Irene greeted her but she didn’t reply
Irene stood up and walked up to her
“Ella, are you okay? ” she asked and wanted to t©uçh her forehead when Ella j£rked her hand away and this caught every one’s attention.
“Don’t t©uçh me ” she said angrily
“What’s wrong with Ella, she is not the type that gets angry ” Sage said to Sophia who was busy with her nails
“I was worried if something happened to you ” Irene said and Ella stood up and wanted to leave the clas-s when Irene [email protected]£d her hand
Mj and Leo entered the clas-s
“I said don’t t©uçh me!” Ella yelled and [email protected] her and everyone [email protected]
“What’s wrong with her? ” Mj said and took Ella outside the clas-s while Leo walked up to Irene
“Are you okay? ” he asked and Irene nod
“Why is she angry? ” Irene thought to herself
Mj took Ella to the cafeteria and gave her a cu-p of water
” I heard your conversation with Leo ” he said and Ella looked at him
“I like him ”
“Still you shouldn’t have got mad at Irene ”
“The reason I was rejected was because of her, Leo likes her ” she paused and sighed. You can hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories .
” I know you like her too Mj, but i don’t want your love triangle to get in the way”
“It’s not a love triangle ” Mj said and Ella scoffed
After her [email protected] time job in the night , Irene was on her way back home when she saw her mother on her way
“Let’s talk ” her mother said and she sm-irked
“I have nothing to say to you ”
“Did you tell Mj that I’m your mother? ” her mother asked and Irene glared at her
“I’m too ashamed to call you my mom ” she said and her mom sighed
“Irene, I’m really sorry for abandoning you, I promise to be a good mother from now on ”
“You are not my mother, plea-se leave ” she said and turned to leave
“Are you afraid to tell Mj because you have feelings for him? ” her mother asked and she st©pped
“No. I’m afraid to tell him because you disgust me ” she said and walked away
She blinked back her tears as she walked down the street
She looked up and saw Mj standing infront of a cafe and she walked to him
“What are you doing here? ” she asked him and he smiled
“I was waiting for you “he said and Irene smiled too
“Thanks for waiting for me, I was about to go to a bar and drink ” she said and Mj moved closer to her
“Why? ”
“you won’t want to know why ” she said Mj placed hisl-ips on hers
Irene closed her eyes as their ton-gue rolled against each other
After some minutes, Irene opened her eyes and saw her mother behind them
She re-moved herl-ips and looked at Mj
“Irene, I like you, at first you were someone i res£nted and cursed but now you are ma-king my heart pound ” he said and Irene sighed
“mj, I…… ”
“Take that back Mj ” her mother interrupted and Mj looked at her
“You!! Aren’t you the woman my dad wants to marry? What are you doing here? ” Mj said
“You can’t develop feelings for Irene ” she said and Mj arched his brow
“What do you mean? ”
“Irene is my daughter and when I get married to your father, she will be your step sister ” She said and Mj looked at Irene
“What is she saying? ” he asked and Irene stared at the ground
“I’m sorry Mj ” she said and he stumbled back
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner before I started to develop this feelings for you ” he said as tears gathered in his eyes
❣️🌹HIGH SCHOOL BADas-s ❣️🌹
High school [email protected]ç£😉😉💖💖
Irene sat in the clas-s abs£nt minded, she recalled how Mj cried when her mother showed up
She turned to his seat but he wasn’t in the clas-s
“Where is Mj? He missed three clas-ses today” Zoey asked and she sighed
“Is he still mad at me? ” She asked herself and walked out of the clas-s
Leo sat in the [email protected] re-ading and Ella walked up to him and sat beside him
“Why are you here? ” he asked, his gazed fixed on the book
“Even though you rejected me, i should still try to get on your good side ” she said and he scoffed
“Why did you [email protected] Irene yesterday? ” he asked but she didn’t reply
“Watch your actions, don’t ever harm her. less, i won’t forgive you” he said and walked out of the [email protected]
On his way out, he bu-mped into Mj
“Where have you been?” he asked and noticed that Mj’s eyes were swollen and red
“Have you been crying? ”
“Don’t worry about me but I can ask for a favor? ” Mj sniffed back his eyes
“What? ”
“Ella is the only family that is closer to me, plea-se be nice to her ” he said and patted his shoulder before walking away
“Why is his eyes so red? ” Leo asked himself
After school, Mj carried his bag and was about to leave when Irene suddenly [email protected]£d his hand
“Why are you avoiding me? ” she asked but he j£rked his hand away
“I’m going to the hospital and When I return, I do not want to meet you at home ” he said without looking at her
“I don’t want to, I want to stay with you ” she said and mj sighed
“Just go, plea-se ” he said and walked out of the clas-sroom
On his way back from the hospital, his phone started ringing and it was a call from Leo, he ignored it and switched off his phone
Leo kept calling Mj but he wasn’t picking up
“Pick up plea-se ” he said pacing up and down
“My father is going to kill, plea-se pick up ” he said still pacing up and down
He took his jacket and ran out of the house
Mj wasn’t paying attention when he was about to cross the road
He suddenly looked behind him and saw a car running so fast towards him
He closed his eyes and….

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