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He call me a cheat Episode 5 & 6

Episode 5
I woke up the following morning and was surprised to see that it’s the dawn of a new day. I didn’t believe I sle-pt for more than twelve hours, the pregnancy should be the one at work.
I made to stand up from the be-d when John walked in looking disheveled, his eyes were red and puffy, a sign that he was cried all throu-gh the night. Immediately he sat on the other edge of the be-d, I quic-kly went to him and knelt down.
‘My husband, I know you are disappointed in me but plea-se, I want you to trust me. I didn’t get pregnant on purpose neither do I cheat on you. plea-se, just trust me this once’ I pleaded with him from the bo-ttomof my heart
‘Trust you? It’s not possible, the evidence is just so glaring. Well, your mom and mine are on the way. After speaking with them, you would be left with no choice but to leave with Jedidiah because he isn’t mine’
‘My love plea-se don’t do this to me, Jedidiah is your son. No other man has ever seen my n-kedness, plea-se don’t put me to shame’ I pleaded with tears flowing down my face
‘I had two doctors conduct a DNA test on Jeremiah and Jedidiah. Well, for your information, the test result shows that Jedidiah isn’t mine. Here is a copy if you want to be sure’
John threw a copy of the DNA test at me and I couldn’t st©p crying after looking at it. It shows that Jedidiah and John are 99% unrelated while he and Jeremiah are 99% related.
I felt fed up, I just didn’t un-derstand what was happening anymore. I was pushed into a loveless marriage and when things are starting to become rosy, an issue I don’t un-derstand [email protected]£ up.
Since there was no reason to keep on pleading with John, I lifted myself and went to the washroom to wash and then decide to wait for my stepmother and mother-in-law. While waiting for the duo, I went into my son’s room to spend time with them. I love them both and still don’t believe Jedidiah isn’t for John.
The horn of a car driving into our compound interrupted the session I was having with my boys. I had to go welcome the two women. Of course, my greeting wasn’t well accepted as I was replied with abuse and curse from my stepmother.
‘You evil child, so you have succeeded in dragging my name in the mud. Well, I don’t blame you, you took after your mother. Like mother like daughter.’ My stepmother rained abuses on me not bothering to hear my own side of the story
‘Good afternoon ma’ John greeted my Stepmother
‘Afternoon jare, See, I un-derstand your pain. If you can’t bear to live with her again, don’t hesitate to s£nd her out. You can’t keep living with a deceitful woman” my stepmother replied John shocking me
‘Yes o, my son can’t continue to live with a who-re’ My mother-in-law ch!pped in
‘Madam, go in there, take your things and leave this house with your bastard son’ My stepmother ordered me
I couldn’t leave the sp©t I stood, the only thing I was doing was shedding tears. When they saw that I didn’t move from where I stood, my stepmother followed John into the be-droom and as-sisted him with bringing my things out.
After throwing my things out, Jedidiah was brou-ght out and threw at me. I quic-kly stood and catch him before he falls to the ground. Jeremiah stood beside his father pleading with him to let me be but his plea was ignored.
I had no choice but to take my things and leave the compound with my son. I looked at the compound once more and left for Gcontinuedere.
Episode 6
After walking around for almost three hours, I was alre-ady worn out and so was Jeddy. He has been asking me to get him something to eat but I ignored him because I had no money on me. My savings were in the house. I found shade and sat down with my son, I wanted to cry but I kept pushing the tears back because I don’t want Jeddy to see me cry.
When Jeddy’s rant for food was becoming unbearable, I had to do something before he starts crying. I opened one of the boxes hoping to find money in it. Luckily for me, I saw an Atm card which John gave to me to use for buying things but I ha-rd ly make use If it since he also gives me money for upkeep.
The Atm brou-ght joy to my soul. I st©pped a bike which took me to the nearest bank where I was able to withdraw one hundred and fifty thousand nairas, I wanted to withdraw more but I couldn’t as that was the limit for a day. I was able to pay the bike man and also buy food for Jeddy.
After feeding Jeddy, we both board a bus to the other [email protected] of the town. I didn’t want to be too far or too close to John. That night, Jeddy and I pas-s the night in one of the cheapest h0tels, and the following day, I was able to get one-room accommodation.
All throu-gh this period, Jeddy kept bombarding me with questions but I either ignore or simply tell him to pray for mommy.
I was able to get some little home equipment and we began living life. Most times, Jeddy would start demanding to see his Dad and twin brother and once he makes such demands, it takes a lot of cajoling to calm him down.
Some other day, I tried to withdraw some money but on getting to the bank, I got to know that the Atm card has been blocked. Then, I knew that I had to get a job in order to fend for Jeddy and I. I ignored my morning sickness and went in search of a job, it was a stressful experience as no one wants to give a secondary school drop out a job.
Luck suddenly smiled at me when a nursery school offered me the post of a cleaner with pay of forty thousand naira. The pay was nothing close to the weekly allowance I do receive from John but I had to make do with it as I had no choice.
I enrolled Jeddy into the school and his fees were subtracted from my pay. Since the school closes at 2 pm, I also engaged in pure water business. I hawk pure water and soft drinks and that was what catered for our daily nee-ds.
I terribly miss my first son Jerry but I was rest as-sured that John would take good care of him, I knew John would never bring another lady home lest his mother f0rç£s her on him.
Life goes on and I kept living it one day at a time. Within three months, I [email protected]£ a shadow of myself as there was no time or money to use in caring for myself, myself, i was just twenty-five but looked like a forty years old woman. By this time, my pregnancy was alre-ady protruded and I was able to register with a clinic.
When I was just trying to pick up the pieces of my life, I received another news that drained me.

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