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He call me a cheat Episode 3 & 4

Episode 3
I kept pleading and pleading but he turned a deaf ear to my plea. He furiously tore my un-dergarments and gained access to my b©dy, I struggled with him for some moment but I was no match for him. The moment he gained access to my b©dy, I felt a surging pain pas-s throu-gh my b©dy. I didn’t know when I screamed out loudly. Alas! My pride was f0rç£fully taken away from me.
When he was done with whatever he was doing, he grunted and roll off me then sle-pt off like nothing happened while I keep shedding tears. I tried to stand up and go to my room to clean up myself but I couldn’t because of the pain I was experiencing. I cried and cried till I sle-pt off.
The following day, I was awoken by John’s loud scream. He was so shocked to see n-ked and lying next to him, he asked me to get out of his room because he felt I took advantage of his drun!ken state. I tried to stand but ended up falling back to the be-d, my tears started flowing afresh. I tried ha-rder to get up and was finally able to stand up from the be-d and dragged myself into my room which was opposite his. I heard him mutter the word ‘who-re’ as I left his room.
I locked my door and went to the bathroom to wash, I kept scru-bbing myself as if my life depended on it. I wanted to wash away every feeling of John’s t©uçh. After that incident, I locked myself in my room and kept tearing my skin with a knife. The only thing I did was to make John’s food then go back to my room to continue my isolation.
For the first two weeks of my isolation, I didn’t eat or drink anything and I kept losing blood as a result of the cut I made on myself. In the third week, I [email protected]£ so weak and couldn’t do anything not even make John’s meal again, all I wanted to die hence, I didn’t st©p cutting myself.
When John didn’t come home to meet food on the dining again, he was alarmed. He [email protected]£ to my door to try to open it but couldn’t. At first, he felt I didn’t want to open the door but he was later f0rç£d to break the door. After breaking the door, he was surprised to see me in the pool of my blood.
He rushed me to the hospital where I was taken to the emergency ward and treatment was commenced immediately. I woke days later and saw John sitting beside me, he rushed to help me sit up. His show of love surprised me greatly. My wounds were stitched and the doctor warned me never to try such an act of suicide again.
I was discharged a week later and John’s care never st©ps. I was more surprised when he relocated me to his room and never let me [email protected] f!nger on anything in the house. He was the one in charge of the house chores, he even insisted he fed me. I was more surprised when he apologized to me and even gave him shocking news.
Episode 4
‘I am de-eply sorry for taking advantage of you, it was as a result of my drun!ken state’ John apologized to me surprising me greatly
‘Hmmm?’ Was all I could mutter
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‘Yes. I know you might be wondering how I knew, the doctor said you were [email protected]£d and that made me watch the CCTV [email protected]£ra to see what happened. I was so angry with myself when I found out that I was the one who m©l£st£dyou while I thought you were the one who took advantage of my drun!ken state. plea-se, find a place in your heart to forgive me’ John went on his knees surprising me the more and all I could do was to cry not just because of the [email protected]£ but I had to cry out all the pains I have been carrying in me.
‘I know we are not in love but with the pres£nce of our unborn child, I want us to be very close and united so that we would be able to give him or her the best kind of life’ John revealed shocking me and I finally said something since he started the conversation
‘Unborn child? What unborn child?’ I asked with surprise written all over my face
‘The act of [email protected]£ resulted in pregnancy, the doctor said you are four weeks pregnant ‘
‘Four weeks? You mean I am carrying a child?’ I asked tou-ching my flat stomach
‘Yes, you are carrying a child, our child and I am re-ady to be the best father to him or her’
‘Hmmm, God plea-se help me. I am not prepared for this’
True to his word, John [email protected]£ the best [email protected] and also the best father when our twins arrived whom we named Jeremiah and Jedidiah. Despite the challenges, we have been a great couple but we really faced a lot of challenges because of John’s uncut behavior. I had to ignore some of his behavior just for peace to reign.
John took me to our family doctor and I could see the disappointment on his face when the doctor revealed that I was six months pregnant again. I couldn’t look into his eyes as I knew he would be so angry with me but was it my fault? I am on contraceptives but it ends up disappointing me.
Immediately we got home, John didn’t hesitate to start screaming. At that point, I didn’t know whether to shout back, tell him I am sorry or keep quiet. I was just so confused.
‘You get yourself pregnant deliberately right?’ He asked ma-king me angry
‘Of course not, I am still on contraceptives and I am so confused as to how I got pregnant’ I replied shocking him because he believed I won’t be able to speak for myself
‘I hope you are not trying to be rude to me, remember the age difference between us despite the fact that we are married’ John asked but as I was about to reply him, a message popped into my cell phone
The content of the message surprised me greatly, I kept wondering who the s£nder was. When John saw my discomfort after re-ading the message, the collected the phone from me and re-ad throu-gh. His countenance changed and he [email protected]£ very furious after re-ading the message.
‘Ohh, I never knew you have been slee-ping around. So, the pregnancy doesn’t belong to me right?’
‘John, you are getting it all wrong. I don’t even know who the s£nder of the message is, I have never and will never be unfaithful to you’ I replied with all sincerity
‘Tell that to the gods, now I un-derstand why Jedidiah doesn’t look like me. He and Jeremiah are twins but they share no resemblance at all. Before they were born, the doctor said they were meant to be identical twins but after birth, they were nowhere close to being identical. Care to tell me what happened?’
‘Are you trying to say Jedidiah isn’t yours? That I cheated on you?’
‘I never said you cheated but the message s£nt confirmed it. So, will you tell me who the father of Jedidiah and the child you are carrying is?’
‘I have never cheated on you, plea-se believe me’ I pleaded to try to prove my innocence
‘If you don’t tell me who their father is then be re-ady to leave my house with Jedidiah’
John walked out of our room after that statement of his. I felt so worn out, where would I go if I am s£nt out of my husband’s house? Where will I start? My step mother’s place is a no-go area for me.



    Trust is one of the most powerful ‘word’ that can make someone believe in a friend, spouse, father and so on but when it is crushed it takes time to trust again

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