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He call me a cheat Episode 13 & 14

Episode 13
Joy’s one-year birthday [email protected] was held in a grand style as John made sure he did everything possible to make it a success. At first, I was almost asking him if he was the [email protected] My mother-in-law [email protected]£ for the birthday but we didn’t speak to each other.
She wanted me to apologize to her but I didn’t because she was the one that wronged me. John wanted to intervene but the bad eye I gave him made him realize that he better keep mute as regards the issue.
A week after Joy’s birthday, John informed me that it’s high time my stepmother paid for her sins. I had actually been keeping quiet on the matter because I didn’t want her to go to jail but John would have none of it.
Prior to this, John had informed the D.P.O of the police station in our neighborhood and they were interested in the case. Very early one morning, John called the D.P.O and gave him my stepmother’s address. John and I got there first then the police [email protected]£ later but they stayed outside my stepmother’s compound.
Getting into her house, my stepmother was surprised to see us together.
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‘Hello John, what are you still doing with this slut?’ She asked my husband
‘Well, the woman you call a slut is my wife maybe you are actually the slut here’ John replied while holding my [email protected]!st
‘What? How dare you call me a slut’
‘Ohh Sweetheart, we aren’t here to banter words with her. Let’s just go straight to the business’ I told my husband
‘Thanks, my dear. So, dear stepmother, what is the relationsh!pyou have with Midwife Lara?’ John asked the the the the stepmother
‘And which Midwife Lara are you talking about’ she asked us feigning ignorance
‘Well, maybe you have forgotten, I can help you refresh your memory. The Midwife Lara you paid the sum of one million naira to help you exchange one of my twins with a sickly child, can you now remember?’ John helped refreshed her memory while I was watching the unfolding drama
‘Ohh that? How did you even get to know? Even if I asked her to exchange one of your babies, what will you do to me?’
‘Ohh so you actually had one of my babies exchanged, you wicked stepmother’ I asked astonishingly
‘Yes, I paid her one million naira to have one of your twins exchanged with a sickly child’ she announced confidently
‘What did I do to you to deserve all this?’ I asked her in tears
‘Your offense is the fact that your mother had to share my husband with me. A man I made to be rich and influential, when he was poor, where was your wretched mother? To make matters worse, my husband had the effrontery to give you a larger share of his property, a child of a pr©st!tût£coming to take what rightfully belongs to my children. Well, I had no choice but to poison him’
‘Jesus! You are very wicked’ I exclaimed
‘Wicked you say? You haven’t seen the definition of wickedness, wait till I destroy everything that concerns you’ she [email protected] annoying me
‘Before you destroy everything that concerns my wife, I will make sure the law destroy everything that concerns you’ John answered in anger
‘And how will you do that? Have you forgotten that I have connections in the f0rç£s?’
‘And have you forgotten that my Dad was the former commissioner of police before he died?’ John replied to her question with another question surprised me as in, I wasn’t even aware that his dad was the former commissioner of police. I just knew that his father is late.
While John and my stepmother were exchanging words, the police who were outside had all the conversation recorded, they pla-yed it to her hearing and had her arrested. It was a defeated battle for her as her words are what would be we ¹1used against her in the court of law.
Episode 14
The trial of my stepmother was really a tough one as her sons got one of the best lawyers for her and those she knew in the f0rç£s tried all they could to get her out of the net of the police but John’s connection was stronger.
After going to court for several days, she was finally s£ntenced to twenty-five years imprisonment with ha-rd labor. Even after receiving her judgment, she [email protected]£ to where I was and said the battle still continues.
John told me to take her words with levity as there was nothing a jailed woman could do. I calmed myself with John’s words and decided to st©p dwelling in the past to concentrate on my family.
Few weeks after the court hearing, I was preparing to go to be-d when John told me we nee-ded to talk.
‘Hope all is well?’ I asked instinctively
‘It’s about Jeddy, don’t you think he nee-ds to meet his real family and we nee-d to have our son back?’
‘Ohh John, I can’t bear to lose Jeddy. I nurse him from infancy and there is a strong bond between us. How do you expect us to cope? I can’t lose my son o’
‘Jane, you nee-d to un-derstand that his real parent has to be aware of the situation on the ground. We can’t continue to keep him with us when we alre-ady know the truth of the matter’
‘How do you now expect me to live without my Jeddy?’
‘Calm down dear, let’s just take it one step at a time. When we get to that bridge, we will cross it together. Meanwhile, I have made enquires and the Da Silva family is a powerful family. Fortunately, Mr. Kings, my business [email protected] happen to be their acquaintance’ he further explained
‘So, what is the next step now?’ I asked sadly
‘I have spoken to Mr. Kings and he promised to book an appointment for me to see them, all I just nee-d is to give him the [email protected]£ and time when I will be chanced’
‘I want us all to go, we would go with the evidence the Midwife gave us’
‘Choose a convenient [email protected]£ and inform me’
‘Alright, I will’
John chose a [email protected]£ which happens to be a Saturday. It was like I was going for a burial ceremony as I wore a gloomy face all throu-gh. Getting to Da Silva’s residence, I was awed by the beauty of their mansion.
We were ushered in by a man dressed in a suit was told to sit and wait for madam and her husband. After what seemed like an eternity, the couple [email protected]£ down to meet us with their son who was just the carbon copy of Jeremiah. Every one of us was stunned as the resemblance was just much. On the other hand, Jedidiah looks so much like the man.
‘Mommy, why did this boy looks so much like me?’ Da Silva’s son named Leonard asked his mother

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