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He call me a cheat Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1
I heard my children welcome my husband home and my heart skips a beat. I would have gone to also welcome him but my health won’t let me as I [email protected]
John walks into the be-droom and was surprised to see me still looking sick.
‘Sweetheart, are you still sick? He asked me with concern written all over his face
‘Yes, I don’t even un-derstand what is wrong with me’
‘Then you nee-d to visit the hospital, I will take you to see Doctor Craig tomorrow so that you would be tested and given the right treatment’
Going to the hospital was something I never wanted to do. My husband believed I am suffering from Malaria or typhoid but I know that I am with a child, something which he doesn’t want.
Most of you would be like there is no big deal in getting pregnant for one’s husband but to me getting pregnant again is a big deal. After the birth of our twins, John made it known to me that he is done with childbearing but I got pregnant again when my boys were five years old.
The house [email protected]£ h0t when he got wind of the pregnancy. I thought he would get to accept the pregnancy as time goes on but he never did, instead, the matter escalated to the point which I could no longer control the outcome.
It took the intervention of my in-laws to settle the dispute. I later miscarried the pregnancy as a result of emotional stress. Now, I am six weeks pregnant again, how do I break the news to him?.
It’s not that my husband is a bad man probably the situation that led to our marriage made him an unbending being.
As I was told, my mother was a big-time pr©st!tût£who got pregnant for my father just to tie him to herself because he was one of the wealthiest men in town. When she informed my father about it, he rejected the pregnancy because he felt the pregnancy can’t be his since she was a pr©st!tût£and sle-pt with a lot of men.
When she threatened to blackmail and drag his name in the mud, he had no choice but to accept the pregnancy. He got her accommodation and was responsible for her upkeep till she was delivered of a baby girl. After my birth, a DNA test was conducted on me.
When my Dad was sure I truly belong to him, he took total care of my mother, and i but sadly, my mother died when I was just five years old. Then, my Dad had no choice but to introduce me to his main family.
At first, my stepmother refused to accept me as she was disappointed. She never believed her husband could ever cheat on her but after much pleading, she finally accepted me.
Living with my stepmother and her three sons was hell as life was made unbearable for me. I was beaten at any slight provocation and was made to do chores which were higher than my age. Most times, I was made to go to be-d without food.
Adapting to such kind of cruel lifestyle wasn’t easy but I learned how to live life despite the torture that was meted on me.
Episode 2
My education [email protected]£ to an end when my father died and I practically resumed the position of a housemaid. One day, I asked my stepmother what my offense was for the maltreatment that was meted out to me. After [email protected] me for asking her a dumb question, she made me realize that I was being punished for my mother’s sin.
After hearing the reason for my maltreatment, I kept quiet and silently bear all the pains. When I turned eighteen, my stepmother gave my hand out in marriage. When her sons tried to st©p her claiming I was too young to be married off, she simply said I would become a who-re if I wasn’t married off at eighteen. She further said that since my mother was a who-re then there was a tendency that I would end up being one.
Mrs. Adejumo my stepmother’s friend was really in nee-d of a wife for her first son who was wallowing in drun!kenness as a result of heartbreak. When my stepmother heard her plight, she then asked her if she would like me to be her son’s wife, something Mrs. Adejumo gladly accepted. Mrs. Adejumo was given a list of things that served as my dowry and it was given to my stepmother including some amount of money.
After the dowry has been made, a vehicle was s£nt to convey me to the Adejumo’s residence. That day, I refused to go with the driver. I pleaded and pleaded with my stepmother not to marry me off as I saw my dream crumbling. I have always wanted to be a lawyer and I have been doing everything possible to make sure that my plan of mine come to manifestation before my father died.
My stepmother turned a deaf ear to my cry and instructed that I should be dragged to the Adejumo’s residence if I refused to go with the driver. True to her word, i was dragged into the car and was driven away to the house of my in-laws. Getting to the Adejumo’s resident, Mrs. Adejumo instructed me to wipe my tears if I don’t want to see the other side of her.
That night, I was treated like a princess, something that greatly surprised me. The following day, Mrs. Adejumo sat me down and gave me a list of rules and regulations that would guide me while living in her son’s house.
Exactly 6 pm that day, I was driven to John’s house. Getting to his resident, we met his abs£nce but the driver who seems to have access to his house, opened the door for me to go in with my things. After the driver left, I quic-kly went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for him just as his mother instructed me. Done with dinner, I tidy the house and made it look good. When I was done with the chores, I sat in the living awaiting his arrival.
John drove in exactly 7:30 pm looking worn out. He was so surprised to see a young girl sitting in his living room.
‘Hello, plea-se what are you doing in my house?’ He asked with a serious tone
‘Go..od evening sir, the term actually I am your new wife’ i replied with my face bowed to the ground
‘New wife? I don’t remember having a wife. Wait! Is my mother behind this?’
‘Yes sir’ I replied innocently wishing he could say he is not interested so that I would be s£nt back to my stepmother
‘I nee-d to speak to my mother, things aren’t done this way’
John went into his room to make a call, I heard him raising his voice on whosoever he was speaking with. I was expecting him to come to s£nd me back when he ended the call but he didn’t rather he told me to stay in a room till things were sorted out.
John did everything possible to say no to the union but it was alre-ady late because my dowry has been paid. He suggested divorce but his mother threatened to disown and disinherit him if he ever tried it. When John saw that there was nothing he could do, he let me stay in his house but he said I was just nothing but a housemate. Things were going on smoothly between us, he was being a nice person till one terrible night.
One thing I hate about John is his drun!kenness, his mother mentioned it to me that his ex-girlfriend left him for his best friend. That night, he didn’t come home at 7:30 pm which was his usual arriving time. I kept waiting and waiting until he finally arrives at 10 pm. The moment he entered the living room, he vomited messing up the floor. I cleaned the living room and also cleaned him up before as-sisting him in his room.
Getting to his room, I made him lie on the be-d and covered him with a duvet. As I made to leave his side, he suddenly drags me to himself. I tried to free myself from his grip but before I could do that, he dragged me to his be-d and f0rç£fully lie on me while muttering some words.
‘After all, I did, you deem it fit to abscond with my best friend. Today, I am going to show you what it means to be ruthless ‘ he said while trying to tear my nightie
‘Uncle John plea-se don’t do this to me, I am not your ex-girlfriend. I am Precious’ I tried pleading with him but my plea-s fell on deaf ears.

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