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Emma’s secret 2 Episode 31 & 32

(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 31
By : Kebby NG
“You have been here all day,Now that he is asleep,Why don’t you go back home?”Brian said as he stood beside me
“I don’t want to leave his side”I replied as we both stood by the door watching him sleep
“But you can’t stay the night?”He said
“Can’t you make up some excuse for me”I asked
“I can but I don’t want to leave you here all by your self”He said
“And besides the guards will be here watching over him ”
“And you also know that you can’t be caught,Every one thinks you are Dora Baxter and Dora father is perfectly okay,Wouldn’t they be curious as to why you are here and they will also want to know who your father is?”He said
He was right,I had decided to keep on living as Dora so her parents wouldn’t be devastated when they know that their daughter had died
Micheal had killed her just so I will take her place and now that have been living that life,I can’t be caught.
Not only would I be jeopardising myself I would also be jeopardising Brian who had kept the truth hidden too
“Fine then,let’s go”I said having it on my mind that first thing tomorrow I will be here to talk to him
Due to the sedatives he was given,He could ha-rd ly talk much and he was just slee-ping all the find
It will wear off today and then tomorrow I will be able to talk to him,I thought as I went towards his be-d to give him a k!sson his fore head
I turned to find Brian starring at him strangely
“What’s wrong?”I asked
“I don’t know why but I have a feeling that have seen Your father some where “He said as he kept on starring at him
“I don’t think that’s possible,we were worlds [email protected] when I hadn’t met you,The kind of places you go to wouldn’t be a place we go to,Even when your sister married Micheal,We never knew you guys,So you must be mistaken”I said
“Your right,I must have mistook him for some one else”He said staring at me
“Shall we go then” I said and together the two of us left.
I stood in a corner watching Brian and Dora leave the hospital
It’s time to go and put my plan to action,I thought as I began to head to the ward
I got there only to find two guards stationed by the door
Knowing it will be difficult for me to get throu-gh with out being st©pped
I began to think of a way to get in,I nee-d to talk to him tonight,I thought
“Again,Why should I clean the storage room again”I heard a lady said
“The nurse are complaining ,They said its not that clean,Most especially where they keep their uniform” The man with her replied
“Some day I will quit this damn job”She said as she stormed off
That’s it! I just nee-d to disguise myself,If am dressed as a nurse I can go with with out Any difficulty
quic-kly I followed the lady and waited for her to clean the storage room and when she finished,I sneaked in and took out a uniform and as quic-kly as I could,I dressed like a make nurse
Then I went back to the ward, The guards had no option than to let me In
I got in and there he was slee-ping, I went to him and as If he s-en-sed my arrival,He opened his eyes
“Hello Peter”I called softly,I knew he wouldn’t recognise me After all I was just a kid when all of it happen
“Wh…..who are you?”He said softly
“Me! Am some one you cheated years ago”I said
“Cheat?have never cheat any one”He said now starring at me properly
“Fine then, I Will just have to refresh your memory “I said as I took a sit.
“It’s all realated to a boy,Who trusted you enough to keep his niece safe but you betrayed him by running away with the child”I said and at first he didn’t get it but when I saw the way he wi-de-ned his eyes,I knew that he remembered
“Y……you ………”
“Yes I am,That fifteen. Year old boy who trusted you to watch over his sister only for you to take her away!”I said angrily
“Do you know how much I suffered just by her disappearance”I added when he chose not to say any thing
“I did…….didn’t mean to”He said
“You didn’t? Is that all you are going to say!”I asked
“plea-se forgive me Ivan,I only did that to protect her,I thought you were going to be a Threat to her too”He said
“You were wrong! Damn wrong,I would have protected her with my life,Did you know what she has been throu-gh these past two years?”I asked
“What? It’s been two years?”he asked
“Yes it’s been,how would you know that when you chose the easiest path by going into a darn coma”I said
“Tell……me….plea-se tell me what has been happening to my daughter”He said
“I plan to,I plan to tell you every thing and don’t you dare go back to sleep!”I said and he nodded slowly
I began from when Micheal began to threaten her and then her marriage,I purposely didn’t tell him the [email protected] where Brian stone was her husband.
I summarised it up by telling him the recent things that have been happening
“Emma had gone throu-gh all this on her own?”he asked softly
“And it’s all your fault,if only I had been with her,She would have never gone throu-gh this whole ordeal,Now are you curious to know who she married?”I asked
“Who?”He asked
“Brian stone,The son of Mark stone”I said and his eyes wi-de-ned in shock
“You got her out of their midst only to push her back in,Now tell me if I shouldn’t kill you right here,right now!”I said angrily
He began to shake his head,pleading to me with his eyes
“What ever She is going throu-gh right now,is all you fault!”I said
“I…..know it’s all my fault,if I hadnt taken her away,She would have been with you and she would be leaving another life entirely”He said
“It’s a good thing you know that” I said
“What can we do, We can’t possibly let her to continue to live there”He said
“You think I don’t have a plan?”
“You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have one?”
“At least you are smart,I do have a plan but I nee-d you in it,Your role in it would entail a lot In my plan,so get well soon,The more time we waste,The more Emma will keep on suffering in their hands”I said
“Tell me what I have to do”He said to me and Then I began to tell him what he had to do.
(the next day)
I went to the hospital as soon as I could,Throu-gh the night I was just so worried about my father
The guards couldn’t be trusted to keep him save,I thought as I got to his ward
The guards made a way for me and I went In
My father was now sitting up while the doctor and the nurse stood over him asking him certain questions
On seeing me they bowed towards me and continued their work
“What’s wrong?”I asked
“Just as have thought,His muscle hasn’t been in use for two years now,So he would have to go throu-gh thera-py,That would make him walk again”The doctor said
“plea-se doctor do every thing you can to make my father well again,Money won’t be an issue”I said and he gave me the as-surance I nee-ded before leaving the room
Taking a chair I pu-ll-ed it to his be-d and sat down on it
“How are you today daddy?”I asked giving him a bright smile
“Am fine”he replied softly
“You said some thing now Emma,Money is not a problem,Before, you wouldn’t look this as-sured as you said some thing like that”He said
“I know right, A lot of things have happened ever since you went into a coma,See dad”I said raising my f!nger which had my wedding ring in it
“I got married”I said and he didn’t look surprise neither did he smile about the news
“You don’t like it?” I asked when his frown de-epened
“Why won’t I like it,Am just sad that I wasn’t there on your wedding”He said forcing a smile on his face
“Why don’t you let me tell you every thing that happened since you got into a coma”I said and I began to tell him from when Micheal f0rç£d me to pretend to what was happening today
If I had known that he knew every thing,I would have save myself the trouble
“That ungrateful bastard,I hope he keeps on rotting in hell”My father said condemning Micheal
“He would surely be suffering where ever he may be but am still thankful to him for some thing”I said
“And what would that be? “He asked
“Throu-gh him I met Brian,He is the perfect husband and I love him a lot,He will be here soon,You know have waited a long time to introduce him to you”I said
“I don’t think I will like him”He said suddenly
“But why? You haven’t even meet him yet?”I said feeling a bit worried
“I………..” He couldn’t complete his s£ntence because the door opened Brian walked in
“My love you are here,I was just telling my dad about you, Come meet him”I said pu-lling him towards my dad
“Thank God you are now okay sir,For two years we have been waiting for you to wake up so I can be introduced to you,Well am ……..”
“I know who you are and I certainly don’t want to know more”He said cutting Brian off
Why the sudden hostility towards Brian,I thought as I starred at Brian.
(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 32
“What’s this dad,Why are you acting this way?”I asked as I went towards him
“I do not approve of this marriage neither do I approve of him “He said starring at Brian
“But dad! I alre-ady told you how important Brian is In my life,He even knows that am not Dora yet he loved me and accepted me that way”I said
“He should,After all its what he owes you”He said still starring at Brian
“With all due respect sir,I love your daughter,I know the way we started out was the wrong way but what I do know is that I love your daughter and we are married,You were in a coma for us to have ask for your blessing and now that you are up,Your blessing is the only thing we nee-d “Brian said
“Never, You will never get my blessing”He said angrily
“Dad you are being unfair!”I said wanting to move towards Brian but he caught my hand and pu-ll-ed me to him
“Don’t go near him,He is nothing but trouble for you”He said meaning every word
I turned to stare at Brian and saw that he was also starring at me
“You now have a girl who is pregnant with your child,Leave my daughter and go be with her” He said and this time I knew that have had enough
pu-lling away from him I went to meet Brian “plea-se give us some time,I must have a word with my father”I said and gave him a brief k!ss,He left the room and I turned to see my father staring after Brian like he was a devil
“What was that all about? Why were you so rude to Brian?”I said
“Listen to me when I say this,Brian is not good for you,He is trouble real trouble”He said looking nervous and agitated
“You know I don’t just say things if I didn’t have a good reason,just do as I say Emma plea-se”He said
“What would that reason be dad? You don’t do things with out having a good reason,Then tell me why you don’t want Brian with me?”I asked
“I can’t tell you,Not now but you will surely find out the truth and when you do my child,You will certainly Hate him”He said looking so sure of him self
“Dad you are scaring me? What do you know about Brian that I don’t?”I asked
“As have said,You will know soon and before that happen try to break what ever relationsh!pyou have with him”He said
“If you won’t tell me why Brian isn’t good for me,I will also not leave Brian,Have always obeyed you but on this matter,I won’t,I won’t leave the man I love,Get some rest,you nee-d it”I said and took my bag and then I left the room
I was waiting in the lobby when she walked towards me
quic-kly I went to meet her “What happen?”I asked
“I don’t know what has gotten into father head,I never thought that the first meeting between the two of you would be this way”She said
“Do you know why he was acting like that?'”I asked
“He didn’t tell me,Come to think of it,You said you knew my dad from some where,Do you know where,Maybe you did some thing that he disapproved of or you……try to think Brian”She said softly
“I only said that because I thought he was some one I knew but after taking to him today,I know that have never seen him before”I replied and she hvgged me
“I don’t want the two people I love most in the world fighting “She said
“Don’t worry my love,This is not us fighting,He is just feeling angry that he wasn’t the one by you and that when you nee-ded him,He was in a coma”I said as I held her ti-ght
“I don’t think so Brian, He said you were trouble for me, My dad wouldn’t just make an accusation like that with out having a reason ” She said
Trouble,How will I be trouble to the woman I love
Earlier I thought his reasons was because he wasn’t there when his daughter nee-ded him but now I don’t think so.
Him telling Emma that I was trouble certainly meant some thing and I don’t think it’s good at all
“Let’s just go home,I dont want any more fights between You two” She said and then we left.
It was late in the evening,Long after that episode with Emma father
I stayed back in the study working on some important business
Why would he say that am trouble to his daughter, I thought
Just then my phone began to ring and I answered
“It’s me” I knew who it was even with out looking at the caller
“Hello,Are you listening,This is the guy who knows what……….”
“I know,What do you want from me now”I asked
“I thought that when I told you about your dad evil doing you will report it and make him pay for what he did twenty five years ago but it seems like you are also with him on this and since you did nothing,I decided to do some thing about it”He said
“What do you plan on doing ?”I asked
“Should I tell you or should I not”He said laughing
“St©p messing with me and tell me right now”I yelled at him
“Do you know where your wife is right now?”He asked and i stood up,Still on the phone I began to head to our be-d room
“I swear if you mess with my wife I will………”
“Don’t threaten me,I hate it when some one threaten me,it brings out the worst In me”He said
I got to our room only to find it empty,I called her name but there was no response
“What did you do to my wife?”I said as I began to head out side
“Just calm down! I didn’t do any thing,Not yet,I only s£nt her a package and from the message I received from my mess£nger,It has been given to her,She would have known every thing that happened twenty five years ago right?” He asked
I turned off the phone and began to look for her around
I went to the patio and I found her,Holding a package in her hand
She was starring out into the night and judging from the way the package was,She hadn’t opened it yet
I walked towards her and hvg her from behind,Taking the package from her
“Why are you out here ,All alone”I asked wanting to distract her from the package
“I just [email protected]£ to think for a while,Hey give me back my package “She said
“What is in it?”I asked wanting to confirm if she had opened it
“I don’t know,I just want to check “She replied
“You don’t ha…….”I couldn’t finish my s£ntence because her phone rang and she starred at me
“It’s mom”She said as she walked off forgetting about the package
As soon as she left,I went to my study and opened the package
There were pictures of little Helen and a letter was attached to it
‘i know you will be the one re-ading this
You would have found a way to get it
From your wife,This is to prove to you that
I mean it,I won’t rest until you all pay
For what happened to Little Helen’
As soon as I re-ad it finish,I tore the letter and also the picture.
I gave it to a maid to get rid of it and as soon as she left my office
I called him myself this time and on the third ring he picked
“Did you see my package”He asked
“Yes I did “I replied
“What will you do then?”He asked
“Let’s meet face to face,Have had enough of these phone calls,Let’s meet right now “I said
“If that’s what you want,Let’s meet “He said agreeing to my terms.
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