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Emma’s secret 2 Episode 17 & 18

(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 17
By : Kebby NG
I got back home to find Brian just arriving too,Still feeling triumphant and happy to what I did to Diane earlier,I ran straight to his arms
“Have missed you love”I said giving him a bright smile
“And I,But the [email protected] isn’t over yet,Why did you come back early?”He asked
“I was just feeling a bit bored,You weren’t there and Diane was busy with her child and gossipy friends,So after wishing her,I decided to come back home to be with you”I said holding onto his arm as we walked back in
“I had wanted to come change so I can go over there to meet you but since you are here alre-ady,There is no nee-d for me to go right?”He asked giving me a [email protected]ûghty look
“No nee-d at all”I replied giving him a smile
“Ahhhhh …….that smile, I missed it so much”He said giving me a quic-k k!ss
“You should always smile like this,You always look more beautiful”He said
“But I am beautiful,Can’t you see it well enough”I said
“Of course you are,That is why I love you more”He said
“And I love you too”I replied as we both held each other and walked up stairs only to st©p when we saw his mother and Alicia
“Oh you are back!”Alicia said giving Brian a smile
We both bowed at his mother who kept giving me evil looks
“Alicia wanted a tour of the palace,So am indulging her but since you are here now,You can continue”She said to her son
“Sorry mom but my wife and I have both made plans for the rest of today,So just continue the tour with her,Common wifey” he said as he pu-ll-ed me past them
“Seems like you are forgetting some thing your majesty?”Alicia said And we both st©pped to look at them
“And what can that be?”He asked
“You promised to come to me tonight”She said
“Oh that! It will have to wait as have just said,I have made plans with my wife,So bye for now”He said and pu-ll-ed me off .
As soon as we got to the room,we both laughed so much that we fell on the be-d together
“Did you see the look on her face when you said,It will have to wait”I asked laughingly
“Serves her right!”Brian said pushing a strand of hair away from my face
“But wouldn’t she get mad”I asked
“For what? Am not re-ady yet and even if she does get mad and leave,We can just forget about every thing”He said
“You know we can’t do that Brian”I said
“Fine then,We will just find some one else”He said trying to sooth me and that worked
“So tell me what are our plans ?”I asked
“Firstly we should both turn off our phones,An urgent call might just disrupt what I have in mind for the both of us”He said
“And if I may ask what do you have in mind for us”I asked
“Since we can’t go out to watch a movie,I decided to bring the movie here to our room”
“Of course,All we just nee-d is the popcorn and the drink and the cudd-ling and we are okay”He said giving me a [email protected]ûghty look
“I doubt if watching a movie is on your mind”I said
“But it is,I mean it” He said looking guilty
“Fine then should we just skip the whole thing and go to be-d”He said wi-nking at me
“Nice try but I prefer watching a movie first”I said laughing
“You little tease”he said as he pu-ll-ed me to him and gave me a long k!ss.
A while later,after we had finished watching the movie and after ma-king love,I [email protected] his arms feeling very tired
“Won’t you tell me how the [email protected] went”he asked drowsily
“Tomorrow,I will tell you every thing tomorrow”I replied gently and then I fell asleep.
I stood by the window starring my phone and the video in it
“One thing I will credit her for is that she knows her to punch”Alicia said behind me
It was a video of Dora beating up Diane Campbell and it has gone viral and a lot of people are commenting ru-bbish on the post
“I should have been there last night”I said hitting the wall angrily
“Hey calm down,It’s not your fault that you couldn’t go in with out a pas-s,If I had knew that some thing like that was nee-ded,I would have gotten one for you”She said
“But still…..if I had been there,I would have done some thing to prevent it”
“Hey isn’t this what we want,To see every one of them ruined,well we should be happy that this is happening to one of them”Alicia said
“Yes we both agree to see them destroyed but not this way! Though we can’t hear what they are saying,Am sure that it’s Diane Campbell who provoked Her”I said
“Well we will never know because we can’t hear a thing,Let’s just focus on the point here,The great queen have finally disgraced her self and am sure that all the royal family are angry with her right now,This will certainly cause a fight between her and Brian,oh I can’t wait for it to happen”She said happily
Angrily I threw the phone on her and left the room.
I woke up thinking I would be in his arms but I was surprised to see that I wasn’t .
Where could he have gone to,I thought as I stood up.
I didn’t tell him what happened at the [email protected] last night.
Well I can do that once he comes back,I thought as I got prepared for the day.
Grace was helping me with my back Zi-pper when a maid from the great queen palace walked in
“Your Highness,The great queen has seek for your pres£nce at the court room”She said as she bowed
“Okay I will be there”I replied and the maid left as quietly as she could.
As soon as I was dressed,I left for the court room
When I walked in I was surprised to see the great king there along with Alicia, quic-kly I bowed
“Rise up dear”The king said and I stood up.
The great queen stood up from her chair and walked towards me only to give me a [email protected]
“You stupid girl!”she yelled at me
“I told you not to do this honey”The great king said
“This is between us ladies,Just stay out of it”She said to her husband
“How dare you shame us like this! You could have said you weren’t interested in going to the [email protected],Why did you have to make this mess?”She asked
“I don’t un-der stand you your Highness”I said as I stared at the floor
“You fool,take a look at how you have ruined the royal family image”She said giving me a tab to look at
I stared at it and saw myself beating up Diane Campbell
“I can explain”I said
“Explain what,It’s viral now and we are the laughing stock of the society”
“This is not what it seems”I said again
“Just shut up,Did you know the damage you have caused,Thanks to you we will be losing a multi billion contract”
“Contract?”I asked surprised
“Didnt your husband tell you,Didn’t he tell you that we had a project going on with the Campbell and thanks to this scene you created we are about to lose it”She said
“I didn’t know,If I had I would have……”
“Would have what? St©pped your self from retaliating,You are a fool,Don’t you know how to restrain yourself when angry,Just pray,Pray that Brian manages to resolve this or else………”She st©pped her words
“Get out of here,As from today hence forth you are banned from doing having any public appearance”She said and quietly I bowed and left the court room
“Your Highness,What happened,You are bleeding”Grace said trying to clean off the blood stain but I pushed away her hand
“Just leave it”I said as I walked into the garden only to st©p when I saw Brian arrive in the car.
As soon as he got out and saw me,I knew he was angry.
He walked towards me and held my hand “we have some where to go”He said
“Where?”I asked
“The only way the Campbell can forgive us is only if you ask for their forgiveness and that’s what you are going to do”He said pu-lling me towards the car
“But I. …….”
“Not a word! Not one word”He said looking very angry and I got angry too that I pu-ll-ed my hand out of his
“I won’t ask for any one forgiveness”I said
“You heard me right Brian,I won’t,Have you even asked me why I did it”
“Why you did it is not important,What matters now is that you ask for forgiveness”He said
“An fine if others doesn’t believe me,If they call me names and accuse me,Am fine with it but you!”
“Don’t use those emotional stuff on me right now,Am very angry Emma”He said the last [email protected] lightly
“So am I! I told you I didn’t want to go but you asked me to and what ever happened there,I don’t regret it and if I had a chance to do it again,I will”I said as the tears poured from my face
“This is not about you,This is about the……”
“Contract,The stupid billion contract that you having to sign with them,You would rather I beg and humiliate myself for it ?”I asked as I wiped my eyes
“I would have expected this from any one but not from you,You have really disappoint me Emma,you really did” He said as he got into the car.
“Really disappoint me”the thought kept coming to my head wanting to be some where to be alone,I ran off.
(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 18
I sat in the tower crying,How could he have asked me to go and apologise
He knew that I didn’t want to go and he knew how diane behaves with me yet he chose to take sides with the Campbell family,I thought crying ha-rd .
“I knew you would be here”William said behind me suddenly
On hearing his voice,I wiped my tears and said lightly
“I don’t want to see any one right now,plea-se leave”I said
“Why should I?”he asked
“plea-se William,Leave,I don’t want to see any one”I said again as I kept on crying
Thinking he has left and I was alone,I continued to cry but I was shocked when suddenly he [email protected]£ to sit beside me
“I thought I told you to leave”I said
“So I wouldn’t see how ugly you look when you are crying”he asked
“Am not in the mood to listen to your jokes”I said I wiped the tear off
“And am not joking,You really do look ugly”He said
“Oh you missed a tear”He said again as he wiped off my tears
I moved away and starred outside while I cried gently
“You don’t have to hold it in because am here,Just cry it all out”He asked
Burying my face in hands,I cried into it.
“Your husband is a real louse,He should have at least asked what happened but instead he asked you to go and apologise”He said
“Did you see what happened just now!”I asked as I calmed a bit
“I was walking by and I couldn’t st©p from listening”
“There must have been a reason why you did it,Tell me what happened”He said
“Funny enough,I was expecting Brian to ask me that question but it turns out that it’s you”I said as I starred at him
“Yep it’s me and you are not going to hide a thing, you are to tell me every thing”He said as he held my hand.
Sighing a bit,I told him every thing and instead of hearing a word of accusation from him,instead he began to [email protected] for me
“Good work,I love the [email protected] where you beat her up” He said
“You shouldn’t make a joke out of it,Because of me they will be losing a contract worth millions”I said
“Better to lose it than to have you beg in front of that snobbish Campbell”He said
“So you are saying am right!”I asked
“Of course,The woman deserved it,from what you have told me,She has started this for a long time”He asked and I nodded
“Yes,She has always been saying things but I pretended not to hear or I act like I was a dummy who didn’t un-der stand”
“So yesterday was the day she payed for it All?”he asked and I nodded lightly
“What am I going to do,They are all so angry with me”I said
“You don’t have to do any thing,You don’t have to go and beg those damn Campbell,Listen I will find a evidence and I will help clear your name”He said
“What? But how?”
“Just leave it to me,Give me a day or two and I promise you every one who turned their back on you will come begging”he said
“Hope you won’t do some thing worse”I asked
“Of course not,Just trust me”He said giving me a smile
“Fine then”I replied as I starred out again
“We will have to clean this off”He said as he brou-ght out his hand Ker chief to wipe off the blood on my mouth
“Even though she is old her hand is still as strong as a brick”He said and I smiled a bit
“Let them hear you calling her that”I said
“Finally! You smiled “he said as he stared at me
“You shouldn’t let things like this bring you down,You should be strong and you should face it head on”he said also starring out
I stared at him and smiled a bit and with out realising it,I layed my head on his shoulder
“Thanks for being here William,Your pres£nce here makes me feel that I have a friend”I said gently and I didn’t notice the look William gave me,Neither did we notice Brian who stood behind us starring at us.
When I got back to the palace it was getting quite dark.
William had left to check on the construction site and I still not wanting to see any one,I stayed in the tower until it was late.
I went to my room not bothering to look at any one or to answer any one question .
As soon as the Door was closed,I saw Brian sitting by the window starring out side
“You have finally decided to come back right? Where were you?”He asked
“I don’t want to talk to you Brian,So just leave me alone”I said as went to my drawer to take my night clothes
Suddenly he pu-ll-ed me to him and held me ti-ght
“You were with him right? I thought I told you that I don’t want to see you with him!”
“Why? Why shouldn’t I be friends with him,After all he is the only one who believes me”I said pushing him
“So this is it,You are trying to punish me because I didn’t believe you right?”He asked
“Punish? Does it look like I am punishing you?”I asked and he pu-ll-ed me into his arms again
“Yes you are and you doing it in the worst way,You know how I feel about that guy,Yet you still move around with him,I hate it Emma,You are mine,Mine alone”He said as he began to k!ssme
I would have accepted his k!ssbut this wasn’t a k!ss,it was like some sort of punishment and I didn’t want it at all
“Don’t you dare t©uçh me Brian”I said as I pushed him away
“What! Is he plea-sing you better?”
“Did you just ask me that?”I asked feeling so very angry
“What do you expect me to believe when you keep on moving about with him,It only shows that you are slee……..”before he could complete it,I [email protected] his face
“Never! Never have I given you a reason to doubt me Brian, you really are a j£rk”I said as I moved past him into the toilet locking the door.
“Fine then since you have decide not to tell me the truth,I won’t be sharing your room tonight!”He yelled at me and the next thing I heard was the door closing.
I couldn’t sleep that night,Even after I cried so much,I just couldn’t st©p worrying about Brian
He had made it plain that he wouldn’t sharing my be-d tonight,So where could it be,I thought as I looked at the time to see that it was four in the morning.
I couldn’t take it any more,I stood up and went in search of him.
The guards who were by the door were useless in telling me any thing.
I had gotten some of maid who were working night to help me check if the he was in the guest room but nothing.
“Still nothing your Highness”Grace said as she walked down the stairs to meet t me
“Where could he be?”I whispered to myself and just then I heard Alicia voice behind me
“Why bother searching far when he is so near”she said and I turned to stare at her
“What do you want?”I asked
“To help with the search your Highness,I believe you are searching for his majesty”She asked
“We don’t nee-d your help,Just go back to where you were coming from”I said
“You won’t find him in any other room [email protected] from mine” She said and I turned to stare at her
“Come see for your self,Seems like you drove him to my arms tonight”She said and angrily I walked past her.
Brian couldn’t be there! He wouldn’t be so cruel as to do this,Not on a night like this,I thought as I got to Alicia room
Breathing in de-eply I opened the door and I found him on the be-d slee-ping like a log
“I told you right,So now don’t wake my darling and plea-se leave”Alicia said as she closed the door right on my face.
I went back to my room and I cried my eyes out until I sle-pt off.
I woke up to find myself wra-pped in some one arms.
It was none other than Brian,I thought as I gently pu-ll-ed out of his arms and went into the bath room to take a shower.
What a bastard,I thought as I brushed my teeth and got dressed in the bathroom.
As soon as I got back into the room,It was to find a maid pushing in our break fast and Brian standing by the door giving me a smile,I didn’t return
As soon as the maid left,He walked towards me
“Come eat,I made sure they got you every thing you liked”He said
“Am not hungry,Am going out for a stroll”I said as I moved past him
“Hey don’t you see that am trying to say sorry here”He said and I remembered every thing he said and did yesterday
Walking back to the table,I pushed the table over spilling every thing
“Why did you do that?” he asked
Giving him a cruel smile I said “you don’t have to say sorry any more right?”I said and then i began to head out
“Emma let’s talk this out”He said as he pu-ll-ed my hand
“Let go of me!”I yelled at him pushing him away
“Emma!”he called surprised
“Don’t you t©uçh me again”I said as I walked out of the room.
I was heading out when the great queen maid ran towards me again
“Your Highness,The great queen and king wishes to see you”She said
“What now! Is she going to draw my hair out”I muttered as I head towards their chamber, On getting there I bowed.
“Am so glad that you [email protected]£ my dear”The great king said but I didn’t Reply
“The queen wishes to tell you some thing”He added
“Am……am sorry for yesterday,I wasn’t really clear on the fact but now that I am,I………”
“It doesn’t matter,What has happened has happened,You chose not to believe me but to believe some one else,what just happened made me realise that I can’t count on my husband family”I said and bowed gently before leaving the room.
I went for that stroll and i was lost in thought that I got to the place where the new orphanage was being built.
There were no worker there yet and I walked in only to see that it was being built just like the other orphanage home
Seeing this place only makes me think about Brian and I didn’t want to think about him.
I went back to the tower only to find it empty,I was expecting to see William,Maybe he is busy with his work,I thought.
I went back to the palace only to see Grace coming towards me with my phone
“Your Highness,Your name has been cleared,That madam Diane [email protected]£ out saying that she caused every thing”She said and I took the phone from her to watch the video.
So this is why they were all acting nice,I thought as I gave the phone to her,This is why he had wanted to apologise,I thought sadly
“Your Highness,His Majesty is coming”Grace announced
“Come with me,I have some thing to show you”He said
“Let go of me,I can walk by myself”I said I pu-ll-ed my hand free.
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