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Believe Episode 7 & 8

[the girl he never noticed💦]
I had no courage to look into his eyes as our hands brush into each other, my soul acted weird…
“Pardon” he said in a well mannered way.Like I un-derstood, I withdraw my hands,he took the mat and pas-sed it to princess Amarachi.
I bowed with respect,holding another mat with both hands…Amarachi is also well mannered.
You won’t know she is a princess until you are being told.
“why are you putting in this masquerade stuff ?”, she asked,her pretty eyes was on the mat.
“my princess it is a mere mask.. I do not mean any……
the prince looked at the mask,I started stammering.
Soon he looked away and muttered something.
“we nee-d to get out of here! he said.
The guards paid for the mat,they left without collecting change.
I felt so happy….
Luck finally decide to shine on me again…chineke(god) thank you.
I solicit and re-moved onome’s money, I kept the change separately in my br£@st wra-pper.
I waited patiently, hoping another buyer will come,my eyes search around and I sp©tted Princess Akuna-the proud peac0ckcoming with her crews.
She is a princess from the next kingdom,she usually come to our village market pretending to buy things but the truth is that she [email protected]£ to show off so that other maidens can praise her.
Every one in the village have one thing or the other to say about her, she makes life miserable for the poor’s in fact she moves with her types.The day she mistakenly t©uçh a girl,she washed her hand instantly.
I watch keenly as she catwalk with her servants.Finally she st©pped on front of a cloth seller and posed arrogantly.
“where can I find ogechi,the cloth trader.I heard she resides in this kingdom” she said.
“my princess either ogechi or not,I have all types of trending attire and br£@st holder that would make your br£@st firm” the trader which happens to be old Nana said.
Akuna rolled her eyeba-lls rudely at the old woman..
“how poor….this type of wra-pper am looking for,you cannot have it cos it is beautifully adorn with beads”
She boasted..
I remembered she is looking for the cloth I worn to her birthday [email protected]
Waoow,so she is this jealous..
“is it this one? old Nana asked as she brou-ght out something similar to the days wra-pper.
“I said it,old people always have problems with [email protected]” Akuna said.
“no wonder all your children died.You must have killed them with talk”Adanna fired.She’s Akuna’s pupet.
“ogechi the cloth trader,that is definitely Ngozi step mother” sgs said,the walked away.
Thank goodness they didn’t pas-sed when the prince was here.
“should we price mat” Adana whispered.They approavhed me.
hope they won’t pick on me?
I alre-ady make promises not to make friends with trouble and fight.
The princess pointed to a mat.
I bite the inside of my cheeks as I look down.
“re-move that masquerade thing,it is scaring me” akuna said.
“her face is irritating, let her wear it” Adana tea-sed.
“that mat,how much does it cost? Akuna pointed to one.
I bent to pick it,I saw something glittering on the mat,it was diamond in form of a ring,it must fallen from either the prince or Amarachi.
“what’s that,let me have it”
Akuna said with so much authority.
I stretched the mat she pointed.
“no the ring” she said,smartly.
“which ring??
“I saw it,no nee-d dragging” she said.
Another buyer [email protected]£,I alre-ady know akuna is here for trouble.
I faced the new buyer with enthusiasm.
“Are you here are all?”,akuna asked.
“I’m sure am not at home” I replied.
She got angry and left with her servants.
Two more buyers [email protected]£,I felt so happy as I sold until am left with just two mats.I decided to go home in the evening when no buyer was coming.
And I promised to make ngozi’s hair this am I suppose to divide myself..
The prince ring,how am I suppose to return it,I better keep it well.I tied it on my br£@st wra-pper and comport myself before entering the compound.
I didn’t even see olamma outside…who knows, she must have gone to meet her b©yfri£nd.
“is this all what you sold?”,
she asked as she counted the money…
“hmm I don’t trust you…your mother was a thief.Who knows if you have taken after her” onome said,I still kept quiet, hoping she would give me food.Heaven knows I didn’t dare her.
She moved closer to me and started pressing my b©dy to check if I hide any money,she found the change I kept.Her expression changed as she brou-ght it out,she continue searching, at some point, I started asking myself if she’s a witch.
Luckily for me,sgevdud not even find the ring.
“whose money is this hun Adeife?”, she asked,calmly.
“no no it is not….” I starmmered,she watched me and didn’t beat me.
this is very unusual,Onome is not a nice person at all..
“explain” she said.
I explained the truth,she stared.
“which prince did you meet?”, she asked.I kept quiet.
“and he didn’t run for your ugliness” she asked.
“I used masquerade coverage” I said.
She nodded and pack the change.
“your food is in the kitchen” she said,politely.
“thank you mama” I replied hpily and rush to the kitchen.
ohhh this hunger,I pray it won’t kill me someday.
I hastily uncover the calabash…
Waoow..I li-cked myl-ips.
Pounded yam and an extremely spiced Egusi soup,the meat caught my fansy.I cleaned my hands on my cloth…
hmmmmm,I will eat meat today again….
My longer throat won’t allow me rest, I finished everything and drank water fully..I felt do happy.
😍Onome has changed😍
😍Onome gave me food😍
😍Onome spoke to me nicely😍…
I love my new life.
⏰Jidenna’s p.o.v⏰
I entered the throne room,it was empty.Father was not in and in and the crown was there laying on the empty seat.
I can’t just find finally wait for the day the throne would fit into my head.
I left there and entered the hallway, two maids ran into each other.
“where is the other twin prince?”,
the first maid asked.
“did you see prince Lotanna?”, the other maid asked.
They look so confused.
One of the maid turned back and saw me…
*isn’t that prince Lotanna?”, she asked the other maid..
She looked so confused.They [email protected] ways when they heard steady footsteps,I turned it was the queen.
She looks so worried as she hasten her footstep to catch up with me.
“Jidenna,have you seen Lotanna?”, she asked.
“Lotanna is not a kid,why treating him like a kid?” I asked.It is obvious she likes him more than me.
“they are back,Amarachi is with them” a maid reported.
She heaved a breath of relief the moment she sights him coming in with guards.
She rushed to him and started tou-ching his forehead to see if he has temperature.
“call the nurse! mom said as she felt his purse.Next she faced ikechukwu.
“why did you allow him walk much?”, she asked…
“I’m sorry,lolo(queen)” he bowed.
“Did you give him anything to eat?”, she asked…..
Lotanna wasn’t saying anything,he only stared at the queen(our mother) as she t©uçhed him.
“no yes….just a guava! ikechukwu starnmered.
“chimoooooo,Lotanna doesn’t eat such things” the queen exclaimed.
I scoffed…
why so dramatic? Just for Lotanna.
I saw throu-gh his f!ngers,he was wearing two diamond rings earlier, why is only one left.
“I will just look out for the nurse!
I said and left.
Night was almost approaching,I decided to check on Lotanna.I opened his door as I moved in fully into his slivery built living room,none was there.
Just his pads, ten scattered phone and two neat [email protected]©p with a flash.
I entered de-ep into his room,there I met him slee-ping his head was in mothers [email protected],he looks so much like a baby with his poutedl-ips….
Though the room was dimmed but the golden egdes of the,be-d lit the room…
🚺She is the queen of the moonlight-
I overheard mother saying as she pat his shoulders..her other f!nger ran throu-gh his pretty face.
I think she is telling a story.
I left.
Onome has never spoken to me nicely like she did today.I got surprised she bought me a new dress wra-pper…I didn’t even do any work. This happiness,I hope it lasts.
Soon she went out,I also decided to use that opportunity to see Ngozi.
I met with her at our usual sp©t… my happiness made me jump on her.
“ummm I don’t think she is changed. You nee-d to be very careful” she advised..
I smiled and started ma-king her hair.
“Ngozi I met the prince” I said.
“waooow which of them,is he nice?”, she asked..
“I don’t even know their names not to talk of recognizing them” I said.
She smiled and got so interested.
“He is sooo cute,his eyes has a spark of silver, his l!pis well pouted.. gosh he loves diamond too much.To crown it all,our hands t©uçh….he spoke to me!! Ngozi am the first girl he spoke to aside from his sister, Amarachi…I felt his t©uçh”…
I [email protected] as I said.
“Adeife are you sure you’re not in…”
“no,I can’t be in love with someone like him even though he is nicely mannered…I’m not his type cos am ugly, I don’t have family too!
I wanted to cry.Ngozi smiled and hvgged me.
“Sing for me,it’s been long I heard your voice” she said..
I didn’t want to do it.
“Onome” I got scared as I said.
“I thought you said she is now nice.. she won’t talk if she is changed! Ngozi said…It’s been long she has been begging me to do that.
“Fine,I would do it for you” I said and opened my mouth to sing..
No voice was coming out.
“Ife sing,Adeife sing” Ngozi said.
I opened my mouth to sing again,no voice was coming out..
“Ife what’s happening,sing..Ife sing”
Ngozi beckoned.
I tried again,nothing was coming out.
“I’m sorry,your Ife can’t sing again..I think have lost my voice” I said,solemnly.
Ngozi [email protected]£ frightened….she held me ti-ghtly with so much emotions and care….
“Ife what did you eat??
“Ife sing,Ife sing! she said…
[the girl he never noticed💦]
I tried singing again,no voice [email protected]£ out,i felt so shocked.My hand instantly went to my head,I couldn’t even cry.
Ngozi stared at me with so much emotions and care!.
“Adeife where is your voice?”, she asked.My tears stream down.
“I don’t know…maybe it is not meant for me,maybe the owner has finay taken it,maybe good things are not meant for me…this is why I can’t BELIEVE,believe is meant for clas-sy and pretty girls only” I said as I start crying.
I wanted to run away,Ngozi drag me back.
“Ife where to?”, she asked.
“to kill myself” i replied..she sighs as she wipe my tears.
“am sorry if won’t help” she said.
“it would help because onome won’t see someone to beat,Olamma won’t see someone to pick on and father won’t see someone to shout at” I said as I covered my face.
“what about me…who will talk to me after you kill yourself?”, she asked.
I hastily drop my hand from my face.
😍 Ngozi,every beautiful moment you have spent with me made my life beautiful, your contributions to my life can’t be spoken on low volume😍
😍 You believe in me even when no one did,I gave up myself but you revived me😍
I looked at her and wiped a tear.
😍 You never gave ear to all the negative side talks of people,instead you stood by me both in favourable seasons and troublesome seasons😍…
my letter to you📚.
“Ngozi you’re a good friend yet I couldn’t do what you want,I couldn’t sing for you,I lost my voice!
I said and ran away,she ran after me.
“Ife wait…wait Ife! she screamed my name, her legs didn’t make her get me…
I ran till I got to a waterfall.Soon I left there and got to the stream….
drowning myself would help after all.
I sat for a while,trying to sing….
it still didn’t come.
*****Jidenna’s p.o.v*****
Finally,lotanna strolled out.
Mother was not with him this time around and I guess the walk was too much or maybe because he saw many new faces…
Lotanna is allergic to people,even back then at school(abroad), he has his own special tutor,special lecture room too.He is like that from birth, doesn’t talk too much☺,doesn’t talk when he is not called…in fact if you leave him in a place,you will come back and meet him in the very place you left him.
“Does it still hurt,sir? a maid walk in his direction,she was carrying a calabash…..herbs I guess.
Lotanna lit his eyes, on his wrist were two black bead [email protected] while his feet had on a black sli-pper with diamond based.
His eyes search around as he walks,
catwalks sooo amazingly.
All the maids he pas-sed kept on bowing.
“does it still hurt sir?”, the maid asked again.
Lotanna st©pped,the maid hasten her footsteps and caught up with him.
“did you find any ring?”, he asked another thing.
“no, my prince! she replied.
Lotanna slam his forehead and walk away.He pas-sed me,he reversed back again.
“Jidenna did you find my ring?”,
he asked.
“No,if I had seen it,I will tell you” I replied,he nodded and left.
All the Maud’s started searching around,I don’t even think the ring is in this palace.Am thinking someone must have taken it when he followed Ikechukwu out.
that priceless ring😍.
“have you seen it?”, I asked.
“No”he replied, his expression was disturbe-d as he searched around in his be-droom.I joined in the search..
I opened some drawers,
my eyes jammed some files.
23years old Lotanna secrets as the owner of *Glamour Diamonds* has been leaked,so glamour is his…..
“the best thing you can do is to keep my wealth status safe” Lotanna had said to Jerry Carter at Glamour.
“he’s so talented in whatever thing he does,he does [email protected] works perfectly…. am signing him as a lead ambas-sador” Jerry carter also dropped a comment.
In the drawer,I also found a glittering accessory!
Lotanna turned, I hastily hide the files and closed the drawer back.
“did you find it?”, he asked.
I nodded in disagreement.
“Did you see it?”, amarachi also entered.
“No…don’t worry.You can go and sleep” he said to Amarachi.
She left….
He also turn to leave.
“where too?”, I asked.
“to search for my ring” he replied,simply.
“I will go with you”, I said.We both walk out quietly with two guards.
“let’s divide yourself,you pas-s there,let me take here” I suggested..
He took hisl-ips in,we path ways with one guard each.
I thought of leaving the stream, dying is not really the next option…
if I die,who will take possessions of all my savings…
I left the stream,it was dark by the time I got home.
“where are you coming from?”,
Olamma asked in an irritating manner.. I sh0t her a glare,Onome step out that moment.
“yes yes where are your savings? month has ended,hasn’t it” she asks.
A tear dropped out of my eyes.
And I thought she is changed!..
so she actually do it to bring me closer… thinking she must have added similey in the food she gave me…
Never in my life will I get carried away by food..I will rather wait for hunger to kill me.
“Mother when will I buy the type of br£@st holder princess Akuna bought.. she didn’t bring her savings” Olamma hissed and went inside…
It started raining.
“When your bring your savings,I will allow you in! she said and slam the door on my face.
I ran into the shades and knock on the door,she still didn’t open.
My father walked in rgar moment, he was carrying a dead antelope.Guess he is coming from hunting.
I hastily ran to the backyard. Have never feared anyone the way I feared him….
He always beat me up each time he smokes tobacco.Who knows if he smoked it today?.
“who is there?”, I heard his voice.
I enter into the nearby bush and run for safety to the stream where I would find solace..
😭 mother am sorry for doing this😭
I said and made up my mind to finally drown myself. I entered the stream and almost drown myself,
until a pair of arm pu-ll-ed me up…
Goshhhh,when I thought I would die.
“My prince,she wants to commit suicide! the person that dragged me out said…..
My prince!! did I just heard it..
I better bring out the ring.
I looked at the one who dragged me out,too bad i couldn’t see his face.
I wanted to fall,the guard held my hand and made me stand well…the sounds from his n£¢k bead made me un-derstand he is a royal guard.
He dragged the nearby water pot and made me stand well..
“Killing yourself is it the next option… don’t you value your life” the prince said…
He turned to leave.
“I’m sorry sir,this is your ring!
I bowed in respect and drop the ring with the guard when I didn’t have courage to face the prince….
Am not sure of which of the prince I met, I dropped it with the guard and ran away.

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