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Believe Episode 3 & 4

[the girl he never noticed💦]
“will you attend the occasion? Ife plea-se don’t say no” Ngozi pestered.
“what if my stepmother finds out,I don’t want trouble anymore.Even the one I put myself in,have not fully recovered” I said.
“nope they won’t find out you will change your identity there” she said.
“hmmm changing my identity is a thing I can’t do,I can not pretend to be another person” I said.She twisted my ear pla-yfully as we ran.
“this is the second time am asking you for something,the first time I begged you to sing you did not now you’re shutting me out again,is that how good friends do?”, she asked with a pained expression.
“I’m sorry… plea-se share in my pains too” I said.She smiled and held my hand as we ran.
We alre-ady approached her house, mine is still far a little bit..
I left her hand.”bye Ngozi” I said.
“share my dinner with me,my imstict just told me the devil might not give you food tonight” she said.
I laughed and followed her in.The house was quiet,no one was in.
“where’s your mama?”, I asked.
“she went to Ofor market to get more stocks” she replied,I remembered her step mom is a trader.
I wish I have this type of step mother.
“thanks for the meal.Finally so I would eat meat in my life again” I said as I li-ck my f!ngers.The bitterleaf soup is the most tasty soup have ever tested this month.
I smiled as I drank water fully.
My eyes landed on her [email protected],she alre-ady brou-ght out three different colorful wra-ppers.So admirable and beautiful,the [email protected]!st chain, anklets and ban-gles are super h0t.waoow
“so which one are you choosing?”,
she asked.I hastily wash my hand.
when last did my father bought me beautiful wra-ppers…Olamma usually selects the best.
“anyone you give me,my heart will gladly accept” I said,happily.
“you’re fair,am dark…red will go for you while yellow will go for me” she said as she shared the wra-ppers.
I perceived the scent and hvgged the wra-ppers.
“Ngozi,nob©dy will come in between us” I said with a fair heart.
“hmmm for now, keep the wra-ppers. What if onome sees it with me,she’s really wicked” I said.
“chai na true talk biko,abeg bring am(that’s true,bring it let me keep it)” Ngozi said.
I gave it to her and stood up,hurriedly. I rush to the door of her hut….she followed me out.
“Ife do not forget.It’s evening oooo.I will wait for you at the lovers sp©t where we will get dressed and all that” she said….
“bye best” I replied and ran out.
I was almost home,I thanked my stars no one is outside our building. I drew nearer while walking on my toes.No one caught me,I successfully ran to the backyard.I almost opened the back door until my eyes caught a moment.
it was olamma,my step sister and Arinze the village drun!kard.They were looking into each other eyes ro-mantically,their faces suddenly [email protected]£ closer.Arinzel-ips almost pressed on olamma’s succulentl-ips but she smartly press her f!nger against hisl-ips, denying him access.
She rolled her eyeba-lls as she pressed her other hand on his ba-re che-st,de-sires were alre-ady clouding in Arinze’s eyes as he brush his hand abs£nt mindedly on her [email protected]!st..
Olamma rolled her eyeba-lls in a more nas-ty way and quic-kly re-moved his hand.
“what’s all this?”, she said and wanted to look around,I quic-kly snuck back into my hideout…
“Arinze st©p,this is not our agreement?”, olamma said as she frees herself from Arinze grip.
“Are you denying me access for real?”, Arinze asked.
“s£nd me the silver coin that I asked for”, she said rudely.
Arinze blinked his eyeba-lls,I could see the sweetness in his eyes..
He is handsome too with a shiny caramel color.
“okay but can I just hvg?”, he asked.
“no,when you finish payment” olamma said, they dis£ngage.
So this us how she usually gets money from them…
I shrugged and went in.
A heavy knock landed on my head,it was onome my step mother.
“where are you coming from?”,
“you stupidly committed a crime…why are you fond of embarras-sing my husband!….
“Go and sleep outside today” she said…I went on my kneels.
“mama bikonu(plea-se) I might get [email protected]£d” I said almost in tears.
“do you have any usefulness before, had any male ever ask you out…ugly idiot” she said and brou-ght out a pestle to hit me,I ran outside…
I better go back to Ngozi for the night..
She opened the door and allowed me in,she even allow me share her wooden be-d,she is so nice.
“sorry” she said and hvgged me.
“for what?”, I asked.
“everything you’re going throu-gh. Just BELIEVE you will scale throu-gh. I will share in your sweeping punishment tomorrow at the palace”
she said.. I smiled as i remembered the song i always see myself singing in my dream.
that song………..
🎶 Believe in all that can be
🎶 A miracle starts if you dream
🎶 Believe and sing from your heart
🎶 Ife believe,believe Ife you will see!
I sle-pt.
⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰ Next day.
king’s p.o.v💘💘
“your highness don’t you think it is time to start testing our two sons. By now we ought to have known who will make a good king” my dearest wife said.
“my dear wife,I know what to do”
I replied.Afterwards, I signalled a guard.He bowed as he squat beside where i sat on the golden built throne
The guard nodded and left.
Not quiet long,the princes matched in…I smiled as i waved my staff.
I watched my sons with so much enthusiasm even though i sometimes find it difficult to say who is who.I always differentiate them with their characters……
And besides they left the village when they where 15years old for abroad where they learned.
“here we are father” Lotanna said in a very soft whisper as he sits on the little gold throne beside the queen.
Jidenna didn’t utter a word as he sat close to me.
🚺 The lion himself
🚺 The war
🚺 The Battle!
🚺 The fight!
🚺 The liquid metal!
🚺 The indaboski,pahose!
🚺 Who dares you,who goes you!
the queen started praising the two handsome princes.
Lotanna smiled as the queen t©uçh the royal pendant in his n£¢k.
His smile alone looks like heaven his opened to rain.But he doesn’t even know the meaning of those praises, he can’t even speak the language fluently anymore.
“why exactly did you call for us?”,
Jidenna asked.His voice usually carry so much authority.
“my sons,it’s all because of a case..
Okoro and Azuka.Okoro is popularly known as the owner of the wi-dest land after I,the king…
Okoro and Azuka had serious fights, during the fight azuka threatened okoro he would get back at him..the next day okoro beloved wife died during child labor…Okoro then reported that Azuka killed his wife”
Sons if you were the king,what will be your judgment????
Lotanna let me hear your point of view” I said.
Lotanna smiled out dimples..
“may you live long father” he said.he was actually speaking in English.
“if I were the king,I will both s£nd them back home” Lotanna said, Jidenna frowned.
Lotanna took hisl-ips in as he look directly into the queens eyes…he so much loves his mother.
“Firstly,what will Azuka gain from killing okoro’s wife and unborn child?
secondly,threat is always normal in every fight….
thirdly,death during child birth is common too..
If i were the king,I will s£nd them back home and look into the matter properly before any decision” lotanna said.
“what nons-en-se are you saying?…..
I said it,you can never be the king after papa…..if I become the king and such matter come up,I will give orders for Azuka to be killed,his dead b©dy would be thrown into the evil forest also” Jidenna cuts in.
.”who is dragging the throne with you,did I ever tell you am interested….gosh I can’t wait to go back to Australia! this place is weird”
Lotanna said in English.
“And who wants to use you for the king” jidenna said.
Lotanna alre-ady kept quiet but Jidennna was still talking.
“sons, it is okay you can go….I only want to hear what you think of the case” I said…Jidenna stood up..
Lotanna also stood up.
“Papa(father) i leave,should I?”, he asked.I nodded..
He bowed and went out to catch up with Jidenna who was alre-ady at the door.
I rushed to the palace as soon as the c0ckcrow.Ngozi also followed me and shared in my sweeping punishment…I was hoping I would see the prince,the one whom I actually gave a cut.I want to tell him sorry and give him the ointment I made.Too bad I didn’t see him.
Ngozi and I swept the whole place,
we were instructed to do other things before leaving.
“you’re done with your punishment.. I advise you to be careful in the future” the guard said,Ngozi and I dismissed.
We left..
“Ife don’t forget where we are .meeting for the [email protected],don’t keep me waiting….remember to leave the [email protected] before one hour” she said..
I nodded and [email protected] my hands.
she [email protected] her house…
I retired home tiredly and met onome buying beads from a bead seller.
Just so adorable….
“I want my daughter to look best best best if possible I want her [email protected]!st to be adorned with the most beautiful [email protected]!st bead.She is princess Akuna’s birthday,she should look best”
onome said to the bead seller and paid for what she bought.
She sighted me…
“you this stupid girl!!!! have you fetched water?”, she asked.I rushed in to get another pot.
I was done fetching it ..
chai😭 hunger oo..
“Ife my friend mama mmesoma nee-ds water” she said…
“am not a maid”, I said.
“did you say something.”she said.
“nothing” I replied and went to her friend house,I did a her chores..
Hunger you’re the one meant to kill me,kindly kill me now! I said in tears as I did the chores.
I was not done until evening.That was when her friend re-leased me.
When I got home, I met Olamma fully dressed for the [email protected]…gosh,she’s really pretty with those beads on her hair….aaaawww😍..
“Your papa said the water you fetched was dirty.He poured it away and said you should fetch another one” olamma said with pride..
I felt something cut in my tommy..
aaaah death has finally come for me.
“bye NNE(mother)” olamma said to mother and walked away….
“dance well mma” mother replied.
“make sure you pack my cloth for laundry” olamma turned to me….
“mama I want to go to the [email protected] also!
I said….
what I heard next was laughter
[the girl he never noticed💦]
what I heard next was laughter.
A heavy knock also followed on my forehead- It was mama and I dare not utter a word.
Olamma continued laughing.
“nne(mother) can’t you see that ife’s stupidity is a disgrace to her ancestors,the only difference between her and magnet is that magnet is attrac-tive” olamma said, in a mockery voice.
I sh0t her a glare,mama look in my direction also.
“did you just say something?”,
“chineke(god) wonders shall never end….when all the animals in the bush are going out,snail also wants to go” onome said.
“even if she go,which cloth will she wear? she won’t even get attra-cted by a single fly” olamma said.
“you just like destroying papa’s reputation” she added and turn to leave.
“your work starts now” she said.
“mama I have not eaten” I said.
“the leftovers are in the kitchen” she said and dismissed me.
my tears stream down as I entered the kitchen.
is it my fault that I am ugly?
I hurriedly picked a pot,I pas-sed the backyard and behold,all the waters have been poured away.
I felt like dying as i rushed to the stream,I dropped the pot and sat on one edge of the stream,I started throwing stones into the stream as I cried.
😍 mama Ife,can you not see how your pearl is suffering…..😍
😍 mama this is not the type of life I want,I don’t like this ugliness at all😍
😍 You said you will look down upon me from heaven and be with me but mama Ife you don’t even care 4 Ife😍
😍 You said I should BELIEVE, I felt as thou those words are enough.Ife believe,believe Ife was all I did😍
😍 Anyways,I will still trust my god for he is Chimamanda(the god who never fail) he is also good..
I wipe my tears and drag the pot to my side after which I entered the center in the stream.My reflection appeared as I bend.The only beautiful thing in me is my hair and my shape…
speaking of my hair,when last did i even plait it…
I filled the pot.
who will help me lift it on my head!
hmmm another problem, no one was coming to help.
I still [email protected] my hands,no one was coming. I started singing.
that song…..
🎶 believe in all that can be
🎶 a miracle starts if you dream
🎶 believe and sing from your heart
🎶 ohh Ife believe,believe Ife.
🎶 believe and dream what can be
🎶 believe the beauty is yours to see
🎶 aahhhhh Ife believe..
the moment st©pped when I heard approaching steps.I st©pped singing and poured [email protected] of the water in my pot away,I carried the little I could lift and ran away.
Finally I saw the owners of the footsteps.. Arinze and Nkem..
Arinze is known a drun!kard,he is handsome too,a perfect definition of a brown skin just that he got too irresponsible because of his father’s wealth…while Nkem is…..should I say [email protected] of the royal blood.
“did you hear that voice?”, I heard Arinze saying.
“was that an angel?”,Nkem asked back….
“a maiden is around here,see the footprints” Arinze pointed out and they started searching.
I covered my mouth and ran away.
🎻Arinze’s p.o.v🎻
That voice,who owns it?
it really captivated my heart.I always appreciate singers who sings with so much emotions..
🚺 That voice sounds so ethereal..
🚺 It is an epitome of gods perfect creation,voices of thousands fallen angels!
🚺 Voice enameled with so much emotions!.
🚺 Voice gifted from the most high!
🚺 My lord,which maiden can that be
🚺 she must be toasted with beauty right???
“Arinze so because of a mere voice.You’re like this… are you sure you don’t nee-d a physician?”,
he asked and hit my che-st..
I took myl-ips in.
🚺 I wish I would someday meet that maiden,she have every good thing life has to offer!
how sweet!
“Arinze you’re seriously planning to cross this unknown maiden legs..
well Toto pas-s Toto ([email protected][email protected] is different) not all maidens are cheap”.
he said,
we both laughed.
👑Queen’s p.o.v👑
“your majesty,one of the prince didn’t eat” a maid reported while kneeling down…
“which of the princes?”, I asked, she scratched her n£¢k.
“your highness I can’t recognize them” she said shyly.
I stood up from my throne.This is the only problem we are having in the palace,the workers can’t recognize who is Lotanna and Jidenna.
“you can leave” I dismissed the maid and approach the prince’s empire..
The guard at the entrance opened the bronze door, he bowed as I entered.
I sp©tted him there on the heavenly couch,he was in phone,all cladded in a white long sleeve,a dark designer jean and a pair of black room sli-ppers. His pad and [email protected]©p was lying on the slivery tiled floor..Beside him was a wine bottle and a halfly filled glas-s.
He turned back with a bashed lashes.Soo cute and funny.
Hisl-ips was just pure pink.
“Ohh my Lotanna, what are you doing on phone?”, I asked.
“sorting out some issues with my workers online” he replied, piously.
“Lotanna now that you’re in the village, will you st©p this type of dressing…. You are a prince” I said and sat beside him.
“I seriously don’t like the prince dressing,I feel so uncomfortable…”
he replied…
“what did you eat?? Did you taste the White soup?? you should taste it,it is really garnished with stock fish, fresh meat from an antelope,cow skin and plenty shrimps” I said.
He coughed pla-yfully and hastily pick his glas-s of wine…
“mom,remembered I brou-ght a chef from abroad.I don’t think I nee-d all those ones you’re saying”He said.
I smiled.
“then get re-ady for princess Akuna’s birthday [email protected] It is in the next village and of course many wealthy princes would be there.Akuna is the most beautiful maiden,then Olamma from this kingdom” I said.
Lotanna whyned,I pu-ll-ed him to a hvg and ru-b his back slowly..
I don’t know why I still always great him like a baby.
“You and your twin brother would be attending” I said…
“what’s the point of going when I don’t un-derstand the language” he says.I pla-yfully drawed his ear..
“I will go if only you will sing for me”
he said and strolled in the room..
His catwalk was just so amazing!….
I know Princess Akuna will fall in love with one of my sons.
I smiled…
I st©pped halfway on the road to catch my breath.I continued afterwards and decided to meet Ngozi first so she won’t be disappointed. I will just tell her am not interested so that I can complete my chores. .I don’t just want to keep her waiting.
Something shook my toe as I ran,
I didn’t even check it..
Soon I got to the lovers sp©t and net her waiting patiently..she saw me and frowned.I know I took time to arrive.
“Ife what happened,you kept me waiting I was almost giving up on you.Don’t do this again… I really don’t like compromises” she said.
I look down at my foot,.just little blood.I brou-ght out the ointment from my br£@st wra-pper.That same ointment I had wanted to give the prince.I sat on a stone to apply it.
“wait,just let me re-move it”
Ngozi said and helped.
“do you still want to go?”, she asked.
“I would love to but I still have work to do..Onome poured all the water that I fetched on the morning away, she said I should refetch after that,I should wash olamma cloths” I said.
Ngozi [email protected] her hands in dismay.
“you should wash olamma cloths… are you really *stupid? does olamma not have hands to wash?”, she questions.
“Hmm olamma does no work at home. She does not even knows how to sweep.My* father usually says Olamna is too beautiful to sweep,the broom might shook her skin.
They always make ms do it ..
even my father hates me,my only friend is Ngozi, am scared she will also leave me.My mind says it!
I said with a pained expression.
Ngozi hvgged me. “Friends forever,I don’t leave you,no matter the pain,no matter the comma,no matter how de-ep it hurts,I will stand by you…cause I BELIEVE you’re beautiful too” she said and hvgged me.
“so what do we do?”, she asked.
“I don’t know,I really want to go” I said…
she smiled and started applying the substance on my face
She let down my hair and [email protected] it in a very simple way.
“there’s a change of plan…” sgevsayd as she brou-ght out another new wra-powt,this one was with bead.
*I want you to use your shape to advise this wra-pper for my mama. In case anyone ask you where you get this from,simply tell the it is from Ogechi,the cloth trader in Deerah kingdom” she said.
I nodded and dressed up.
She shared her [email protected]!st bead with me also…. soo creative.
“Remember one hour! she said,we both ran.I was seriously counting time….the next village was far but we pas-ssed many shortcuts.
Should I say an hour elasped.
She applied another of the substance finally we entered the village.
A big waoow escape my mouth.
I saw different maidens.All eyes followed I and Ngozi.
🚺 my gaaaaad!
🚺 she’s di-pped in beauty!
🚺 Enameled with fair skin!
🚺 Toasted with naturality!
🚺 Who can she be?????
my eyes caught many princes gaze, I looked away,strictly based on Ngozi orders…..
many maidens surrounded me.
for the first time in my life am getting fame..
🚺 hi,can I know where you get this dress from???
🚺 can I t©uçh your hair!!!
so much questions [email protected]£.
I caught olamma among the people that surrounds me.
🚺 Are you also a princess! Olamma asked.I bet she doesn’t recognize me
“Yes,am a princess…my name is Ife. Princess Ife! And shift back,you’re bathing me with your saliva”I said to Olamma.
she rolled her eyeba-lls and walked away….
“who’s that??”, Princess Akuna [email protected]£ out,our eyes locked.
A frown quic-kly formed on her forehead. Guess she’s angry someone dress best than the [email protected]
“who are you?”, she asked rudely.
“Princess Ife” I replied.
“Princess Ife…. I see,that does not exist” she said.
More princes tropped into the [email protected]
Akuna walked out rudely,Olamma followed her…
I enjoyed myself so much for the first time in my life!
It was time for dance,I joined the crew the princes watched.
I turned sideways and catch the twins gazes.. I can’t even tell who is who.Do I even know their names?
chai just 5more minutes.
I better leave….Arinze was giving me signals,none had the courage to meet me!
I left the dancing place,Ngozi said she isn’t going now…
I turned to leave,Arinze was alre-ady at my back.
I froze…. chimoooo just 2more minutes..
“May I??? he said and stretched his palms…
“no no no!!! I said,I didn’t realize my voice [email protected]£ out as music..
The twins princes turned, our eyes locked.They were wearing same outfits, same diamond rings,same prince pendant,same everything!
“may I??? Arinze bite the inside of his cheeks again.
I better run!!!!!!!!! Just one minutes.
I ran,he chased after me…
chimooooo my foot!

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