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Believe Episode 1 & 2

[the girl he never noticed]
Onome a middle aged woman rushed outside the hut of the most powerful dibia with a verrry big black pot on her head,she looked left and right to see if anyone was coming,sure that no one was coming she dropped the pot hurriedly and brou-ght out a red substance from her cloth.
she took it close to her mouth.
“papa papa papa!
she called three times.
“papa papa papa!
she repeated.
“papa Onome your daughter is here again,wherever you are be it sea,ocean, lake,river, stream or land papa come to me do not forsake me for all my trust are bestowed on you” she skrie-ked and li-cked little out of the substance.
A strong wind blew them a very old man dressed in an all black attire appeared out of nowhere.
“here i am my daughter” he said.
she quic-kly knelt down.
“the eyes of the gods here I am again to renew the sacrifice of ugliness” Onome said and brou-ght out a beautiful baby doll.She bowed as she pres£nts it.
“I want her to be more more ugly…
papa make this spell strong stronger strongest this time around I want people to run away from her,I want to see her being treated with disdain”
Onome solicited.
“consider it done…..
just make sure she doesn’t sing,let her run away from music, the more she run away from singing,the more her spell last” the dibia said and disappeared away with the doll.
Onome smiled to herself as she thanked her creator, she rushed back to the hut she stays with Adeife,her step daughter and Olamma, her daughter.
Her own daughter Olamma is the most beautiful maiden after the princess from the next kingdom.
People come from far and near just to see Olamma and of course would die just to be her friend.
At age 21,she alre-ady have hundreds of suitors but she refused them bluntly saying that her own prince charming is yet to arrive.
Adeife’s case is the reverse,her ugliness is a thing that makes people run away from her,she doesn’t have friends at all which made her graduated into a complete introvert.Her only friend is the village stream,a place she can always find solace to pour out her heart.
The sun was alre-ady out immediately Onome got home.
“where are these children?
“where is this stupid girl!…
she scoffed and ban-ged into her hut.
She entered the room,her daughter Olamma was slee-ping comfortably on the wooden be-d,the lantern was out but Ife could still be seen slee-ping on the cold floor with just a wra-pper even when the be-d is wi-de enough to contain three people.
“she’s still slee-ping!
Onome sh0t Ife a glare and rush out to get a bucket of cold water.
Adeife ❤Adeife❤
why is my life so painful?…
swears I really wish I won’t wake up today,I wish for death.Dying is at least better than embarras-sment and trouble.
even the neighborhood now knows me as an ugly duckling.
my step mother is not even helping issues at all my dad case is more worst he doesn’t like looking at me he once disowned me publicly saying he never gave birth to an ugly being, that was the most painful experience of my life,only my sister gets all the praises,care and attention.
😍 mom why did you die when you know you can’t stay with me, mom this is not really fair oooo😍
I don’t really know you but people usually says you’re a slave,they said you’re actually one of those women who was captured during the last war,my dad was the one who bought her away from slavery.
Fine you ain’t a slave again….but mom this is not really fair.
someone poured cold water on me,I sprang up with shivering.
“morning anù agolongo ndú (you will live long)” I greeted.
“let your mother live long cos I never for once gave birth to an ugly duckling” she shouted.
Olamma woke up,the shout I guess.
she stood up and stretched herself well, she couldn’t even greet mother.
“is it morning alre-ady*
slee-ping Olamma asked.
“yes my Luna, it is” Onome replied her daughter tenderly as she faced me..
“this is the second month now and you’ve still not save up to the required amount that is nee-ded…Are you seriously getting lazy?”, Onome asked with tension.
“no nne I will work ha-rder” I said.
Olamma laughed mockingly, I sh0t her a stare…
“how much can an ugly duckling save up” she said and brou-ght out a bag from her br£@st wra-pper.
“nne this is my support”
she said as she gave mother the bag.
Of course it must have been given to her by one of her numerous b©yfri£nd.
🚺 ohh my Luna…
🚺 my daughter….
🚺 the next queen of Deerah kingdom…
🚺 Olamma you will live long,
🚺 never in your live will you know poverty nor give birth to worthless kids ….
Onome started praising Olamma who kept on smiling.
She st©pped and faced me with furry.
“what are you still waiting for?”,
she shouted,I ran away to the kitchen with a dautless heart.I alre-ady know how to endure pains ..
I picked a pot from the kitchen and wanted to leave but I st©pped on a second instant.
There’s something on fire,
I used my *ra-pper to open the pot, aroma of the steaming ogbono soup filled everywhere.In fact the soup was richly garnished* but no matter enticing it might be,I won’t still get carried away cos my mouth won’t taste it.When last did I even eat meat.
I looked at the pot on fire and thought of what to do then I used a small calabash to pour plenty salt into the soup,since she enjoy picking on me,this is her punishment….
no one embarras-s me and go scot free.I tied the bag of salt well and headed for the stream.
I met my mates on the way.
as usual I was avoided as a plague, no one talks to me ..
“Hi Ife,where is Olamma?”,
chiamanda spoke to me for the first time,she waved as she spoke to me with gestures..she couldn’t even look into my face.
I ignored her question…
why should I answer her when she is always speaking bad about my appearance..
if she wants to see Olamma then should go and check her at home by herself.
🚺 gaaaad that girl,she’s sooo ugly!
🚺 is she human???
🚺 Tufiakwa,I can’t look at her!
🚺 so disgusting,I don’t want to get infected!.
I heard murmurs.
more maidens tropped in..
they continue chatting till we get to the stream.
“hmmm do you know chidinma,the daughter of the palm wine tapper?
chiamanda asked…
“that girl… eyah as beautiful as she is hunn it’s not suppose to be her”
vivan said with care.
“she’s pregnant! the [email protected]£ scandal!
chiamanda bur-sted out.
“ohh my gaaaad! chioma shouted.
“good for her,thank goodness”
Adanna whispered.
“ahh this is not really good”
vivan,the most caring maiden and of course the daughter of a wealty merchant said.She is known for the best best dress s-en-se…..
I listened to their conversation by the stream as I waited patiently for who would help me lift my pot on my head.
“what is not really good? do you know what that stupid chidinma did to me? she snatched Emeka from me.It was my creator that made her to get [email protected]£d…..that’s how the end should look like for people like her”.
Adanna said,joyfully.
“do you know what again?”,
chiamanda tra-pped their interest again.
“our princes are back from the states” she said.Adanna jumped up.
“you mean the twins…. awww how I wish I can identify them,they so much look alike,I just hope there won’t be a problem on who will asccend the throne” vivan giggled.
“the strongest ascends the throne”.
chiamanda said.
“no it depends on who the gods choose” Adanna replied.
I watched as the girls helped their selves…
Vivan looked at my side with so much care, I know she will help me lift my pot…..
Adanna stamped her feet on the floor, I might not un-derstand words well but I know gestures.
“It’s none of your business who she choose to help” I said,directly to Adanna.
“what’s the architect of your problem did I talk to you?”, Adanna fired back, getting re-ady to pick a fight..
Vivan smiled and helped me with one hand. Only her looks into my face while talking to me.
“ugly pig”, Adanna said lowly.
“For the fight, come back tomorrow am not in the mood. If care is not taken I will wound you desperately”
I warned Adanna.
She kept quiet.
“thank you my friend” I said to Vivian.
“anytime” she replied.
the maidens walked on one side gisting, I followed the other side of the way listening to their gists.At times I wish I am beautiful too.
soon I got abs£nt mindedly in my thoughts…
aaag hunger will soon kill me.
I was even thinking desperately as I walked..
“chimmooo….Ife…. Adeife!
I heard Vivian voice,I alre-ady got irresponsible in my thoughts,I jammed a figure,my pot fell and broke into pieces..I raised my head.
whoops! they are two…
Guards rushed to cover them,instantly I went on mgmy kneels as fear gr!pp£dme..
“ohhh my gaad my princes ….the twin princes! I startled.
all thanks to Onome that made me so stupid,thinking of hunger.
The maidens st©p on one side and covered their mouth in shock.
I raised my head slowly, and I swer they are the same….same appearance,they both look like Greek gods with their very fair tonned skin complexion.They both have the same royalty head band,it seems there’s no difference between them.
“get her in captive for her carelessness” one of the princes spoke in a strange language,it was very fast and fluent.He covered his face as he shifts back ..
I look sideways and saw the maidens drooling….
🚺 my prince don’t get infested!
Adanna said.
🚺 chai…that was how she was a pig” chiamanda said.
I shakes my head and did the begging sign….
one of the twin was harsh,
The other twin kept quiet and look down at his wrist near his royal [email protected],on his f!ngerswere two simple black rings that match with the princes n£¢klace on his n£¢k.
He wanted to look throu-gh my face,I covered it.
“ohhh goodness,
my pot gave him a cut!!!!!
[the girl he never noticed💦]
The guards held me and made me stand well,I felt dejected. When will I st©p causing trouble for Olamma?.
seems my heart is a trouble lover.
I hastily bowed for my princes…
“take her away” one of the twins said,the harsh prince.
“may you live long my prince”
the guards said, the other maidens hastily bowed but they won’t still st©p drooling and ma-king s£dûçt!vemoves,especially Adanna.
I was taken away with a band tied on my wrist.
The quiet prince,the one whom I gave a cut didn’t speak,he walked away.
I don’t just know why I feel scared of the twins princes,have never feared anyone this way.
we reached the palace entrance,a cold shiveriness shook my b©dy as a loud [email protected] escaped my mouth..
hmmmm it is my first time coming to the palace and it is sooooo beautiful exactly like the mansions that were told in fairy tales.
I saw pure diamonds first time in my life…
KING AZUKA THE SECOND was inscribe-d on t©p of the gate,I made sure i t©uçhed the gates as we moved in.
it was a mansion indeed.
There were different flowers,three separate hvge mansions in the wi-de palace a very big area was decorated the inside was a bluish water,it was so pretty down there.I wish I could jump inside right away.
“miss stay well” one of the guards said…
oppps! did I forget I caused a scandal earlier???
even the god knows am stupid.
we approached the entrance door,the door was opened by a guard.The queen was even coming out.
I hastily went on my kneels with a bow,I wanted to t©uçh the
queen feet that was adorned with [email protected] but I reframed myself..
“your highness!
I said shyly,my eyes down.
there was a brief silence…..
“what have she done again?”, the queen finally spoke”.
my palms alre-ady [email protected]£ sweaty.So she knows me alre-ady.The guards bowed…
“isn’t this chief kelechi’s daughter?”, the queen asked.
“yes she is my lord.She created another scandal,she colided into the princes and soa-ked them with water.
Prince Lotanna also got injured by her broken pot” the guard explained.
🚺 my son!
🚺 my chidi!(my pillar)
🚺 my mma(handsome)
🚺 mypeaceful Lotanna….
🚺 did his skin get infected…he just [email protected]£ back from the states!
the queen exaggerated, I felt bad as she speaks.
“take her away…out of my sight!
“lock her up in the outside prison…thank goodness the sun is out” the queen said in furry..
The guards took me up and dragged me along.After 30mins walk,we approached the prison yard.
The door opened, I hastily entered.
this sun….chimo what have I done?.
I bite myl-ips as I remembered I have not still eaten.I felt discomfort on one of my f!ngers.
hmmm I also got a wound but it’s little,the princes own was really hvge.
How I wish I can meet him this cream I made for wounds,it will heal quic-kly.
🎻Olamma’s p.o.v🎻
“Nne am hungry!!!!!
I shouted while still checking my reflection on the mirror.
I cat walked s£dûçt!velyand stared at my beauty…
Gosh Olamma why so pretty!!!!
you’re lucky Chai…. once the prince sees you….boom he will fall for you…
he is gonna fall for you so de-eply!
no one would be able to control him,
he would forever drool over your brown skin that shine like diamonds,
everyday and night he will want to hold you,
he won’t wanna trade,you for anything but you must proove really ha-rd to get!
my inner mind told me.
I smiled to myself as I picked the rarest [email protected]!st bead in my treasure,it was given to me by a wealthy cocoa trader who [email protected]£ from a very far village.I would have accepted his proposal but I thought of my village princes….
rumors had it that they are extremely wealthy,they have hundreds of people working un-der them in the states…
most especially Lotanna,
rumors said he is [email protected]…he does more of [email protected] works .
ohh my prince Lotanna,forever mine.
“what’s ma-king mma smile like this?”, mother asked as she [email protected]£ in with covered dishes in two separate calabash.
I smiled faintly and sat like a queen
i uncovered the dishes,the aroma of the richly garnished ogbono soup filled everywhere.
“mother you’re a good cook..don’t sorry Adeife would be our maid once the prince marry me” I said as I took a meat from the ogbono soup,I threw it in my mouth.
my smiles fades away…instantly,I spilled it out.
My dad a respectable chief [email protected]£ in..
“nne what’s all this!!!! I shouted as I stood up.
“my ornament, ogini(what is it)”,
my dad quic-kly [email protected]£ to my side.
should I say my dad cherish me more than my mother,it was because of me he was made a chief,
if not for the gifts from my numerous admires, we won’t be this rich- that’s why he calls me ornament…
“Ogini????”, father sounded louder.
“this is nons-en-se, she cooked nons-en-se! I blurted out .
my dad moved closer and had a taste of the ogbono soup.
he spilled it out immediately.
my mom stood up with a frown.”the soup was very moderate” she said and had a taste of it,she spilled it out immediately.
“see your life,you can’t even cook a soup…you can’t take care of our most beautiful Olamma” my dad scorned and took me out.
“Kele!!!! my mom shouted but we alre-ady gone far.
He actually took me to the food seller store. People cleared way for me,I catwalked in all smile…
So good to be in control.
“I will pay for everything,just give her all what she wants.I love girls who are crazily set,when ever I see one like her,my head go de scatter scatter!! Arinze,the village drun!kard said.
I took time in selecting all what I want,I ate in relishment.
🚺 Luna! Luna!!!!
arinze started hailing me,my dad alre-ady left.
🚺 Luna you’re the love of my life…
🎶 anytime I look at you,
🎷 my heart beat wilder wilder sooooo
he sang as he [email protected]£ close to me.
“let’s seal this friendsh!pwith a de-ep [email protected]磅I promise I won’t pene-trate” he whispered.
he so much smell of liquor…
“it requires ego(money)” I said.
“you know I have money” he said.
I nodded and t©uçh his che-st…
I smiled.Arinze is actually the ha-rd working type just that he is a drun!kard.
Night [email protected]£……
I searched out around,it was night alre-ady.I haven’t even eaten anything. This hunger put me in trouble alre-ady,I know it will kill me last last.
The prison door opened.
“young maiden you’re free for today.Your punishment cintinues tomorrow.You are to come here very very early to sweep the palace and the palace way” the guard said.
he couldn’t even look into my face.
I held my ear as I nodded.
I ran out…..
everywhere in the palace was shining light,I pas-sed the water was sooooo pretty..I admired a little bit and ran out.
I met Ngozi.The only maiden in deerah kingdom that shares secret with me..maybe because we are the same thing.
Am ugly with the most perfect shape,
she’s beautiful with the most worst shape…her legs are bent on each sides..
god is really great.
she also have a step mother,her step mother isn’t as wicked as mine.
“Ngozi how are you?”, I asked.
“I’m fine” she said.
She is in a hurry,am in a hurry.
we both ran as we talk.
“Tomorrow is princess Akuna’s is surely gonna be a blast” she said.
“that rude princess…anyways good for her,my congratulations to her”
I said.
“my step mother bought me new wra-pper and beads” she said..
“I wish I were in your shoes” I said.
“I wish I have your shape” she replied.
“what’s the usefulness of my shape when am ugly” I said.
“do you believe you’re pretty…do nor BELIEVE in what others say…your name is Adeife meaning crown of love.Ife you’re pretty.Ife BELIEVE, BELIEVE IFE” she said.
I kept quiet as we ran.
“will you attend the [email protected] as a beautiful maiden- I will change your facials by applying some substances in your face….don’t worry you will change your name no one will recognize you in the [email protected]….
But– the substance only last for one hour…after one hour,your face will change to the way you are before…
will you go???
are you interested????? she asked.

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