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Being alone Episode 25 & 26

The next morning, I woke up feeling very happy and satisfied. The first person I had to call was Hillary;
Hillary: Morning baby.
Me: Good morning honey. You still in be-d?
He yawned and I knew the answer to my own question.
Hillary: Yea bae. Couldn’t sleep well last night.
Me: Ah! What happened?
Hillary: Something serious. I had to manage all night.
I [email protected]£ worried immediately, thinking up different things that could make him loose sleep.
Me: Tell me. What’s the problem?
Hillary; Don’t worry bae. I’ll get over it.
Me: Over what?
Hillary: How was your night?
Me: Now don’t even try it. What’s wrong with you?
Hillary: You.
I eased up immediately. So, it wasn’t that bad.
Me: What do you mean by me?
Hillary: You were going throu-gh my mind last night, I couldn’t sleep as I was pointing an £r£¢tion all throu-gh.
Now, I was left to wonder what he meant by that.
Hillary; Bae, I’ll call you back. Someone’s at my gate.
Me: Okay.
I hung up and quic-kly put on one of my old baggy t©ps. i had sle-pt unclad last night and it felt really good. I ran out of the house and headed straight to Ken’s [email protected] He was receiving a call when I got to his sitting room so I sat down and waited. He didn’t take long before joining me.
Me: Good morning bro.
Ken: Morning sis. This one you’re here with all this modalities, hope you ain’t planning a se-duction?
Now, I smiled. That’s how he talks to both Kamsi and I. If it had being Gospel, he would have ogled me out of his house.
Me: You’re sick.
Ken: Yes. I know. So what brings you this morning.
I cleared my throat and thought of the right way to ask him the question.
Me: plea-se, what does it mean for a guy to say that he was pointing an £r£¢tion?
He smiled and looked away, ma-king me feel very sorry for asking that question.
Me: I’m….
Ken: Wait. You don’t have to feel bad okay. Its normal for every Lady to ask questions. But let me ask, who told you that? Gospel?
Me: No. I called Lary and he was sounding so down. When I asked, he said he didn’t sleep well last night cos of the pointing of £r£¢tion something.
He nodded like he un-derstood and stared at me for a while.
Ken: Let me ask, do you both get un-der the sheet?
I paused for a while.
Me: Like S-x?
He nodded.
Me: No. We’ve not gone beyond k!ss!ngand i feel bad about it because it’s like I’m the reason for it.
Ken: What do you mean? Did he ask and you denied him?
Me: No. No. I feel he pities me, he’s never asked for it, he doesn’t even talk about it. And I’m sure it’s because of what….
Ken: Sshh. St©p talking trash.
He [email protected]£ closer and t©uçhed my hair.
Ken: You’re a beautiful girl and it takes a great man to resist you. You have to st©p thinking whatever it is that you’re thinking. And don’t go throwing yourself on him like you’re a flir-t. If he wants it, he should initiate it. I’m sure whatever happened in your past is now in your past. Hillary is a nice guy but you don’t have to take chances. Don’t do anything to kill the respect he has for you okay?
He made s-en-se. A lot of S-x, sorry, s-en-se. Here I was, thinking it was time to give myself to my b©yfri£ndbut I never thought the other way round, what if he’s not re-ady, what if he has never done it? What if he was waiting till we get married? I smiled at the last thought.
Ken snapped a f!nger at me and I remembered I owe him an answer.
Ken: Am I clear?
Me: Yes. Of course. Thank you very much.
Ken: Why am I your elder brother then?
I smiled and stood up.
Me: Let me go back to the main house now.
Ken: It’s okay. Help me ask your friend what I did to her. She st©pped taking my calls.
Me: Rose?
Ken: Yea.
Me: Since when?
Ken: Two days now.
Me: What did you do to her?
He stood up and looked at me
Ken: Nothing. I asked her for her phone so I can call someone since the person wasn’t picking my own calls. After that,she got upset and left immediately.
Me: Hmmm. Who did you call?
Ken: A client o. But it was a female.
Me: Huh? And you expect her not to be jealous? And I’m sure you haven’t tried to explain things to her.
Ken: Cos she won’t pick my calls. plea-se talk to her. I miss her a lot.
Me: And how much will you pay me?
Ken: Chai. I thought mum was the only business woman we had in this compound?
We had a long round of laughter and I ended up pushing him down to a sofa and finishing him up with pillows. I was now sitting on him and he didn’t st©p laughing.
Me: If I’m a business woman, what are you? My client then.
He tried lifting me up so I wra-pped my arms around him and steadied myself in a way that he won’t be able to stand. He placed his hands on my [email protected]!st and succeeded in standing up. In my effort to fight him, his hands took my t©p up and my woman-hood was on [email protected] him. I didn’t know what was happening but he put me down immediately and [email protected]£ uneasy.
Me: I won then. I’ll talk to her when I see her okay?
He still didn’t respond, instead he looked away.
Me: Ken?
Trying to walk up to him, my t©p fell back and I realised what just happened. I ran out of the house and bu-mped into the devil himself.
Gospel: How was it? I’ve being standing here waiting to tell you that I know what’s going on in there.
I hissed and continued from where I st©pped, running into the house, upstairs and then into my room.
Ken had seen my woman-hood, he had seen me and he didn’t react? He didn’t say anything like Gospel? Jesus! What am I going to do? Will I ever be able to stand him again? But Gospel has seen my n-kedness and i wasn’t this uncomfortable.
The next couple of weeks got me in a different mode. Worst case scenario, Kamsi and Ted were preparing for their engagement night so they had travelled to Abidjan for goodness knows whatever,leaving me all alone. Mum herself was now always busy as her clothing line has being registered and opened. I prayed unendingly for the vacation to be over.
One Thursday, I was so bored so I placed a call to Rose.
Rose: Hello girlfriend
Me: Hi dear. How’re you?
Rose: I’m good and you?
Me: I’m fine, just bored to the bones. You mind taking me out?
Rose: Awww. I’ll really love to but I’m currently two hours and some minutes far from your location.
Me: Eh? Did you travel too?
She laughed.
Rose: Yes babe. I’ll be back tomorrow though, we will do it tomorrow.
Me: Okay. I’ll wait then. Better get something for me while coming back.
Rose: I will my dear. Take care.
Me: You too.
Now, what am I going to do? Everyone is just busy with one or two things. Ken? I can’t even go to him, since that incident, I’ve not seen him and its best that way. Gospel? Sweet Jesus, who would go to a devil? Then I’m left with Hillary. We’ve not spoken that morning and I’m not going to call him. I’ll just surprise him, spend the day in his house and then come back late. Yes, that’s what I’m going to do.
I went into my wardrobe and started fishing for the best outfit to wear to my b©yfri£nd’s house. I went for a jean short, a black singlet and a black long packet shi-t. This shi-t belonged to Ken but I had shaped it in a very S-xy way. One thing i liked about this shi-t was that it was long and it st©pped just an inch above the jean short i had picked. Ehen, I completed it with a jean snicker and smiled at my s-en-se of fashion. I got into the bathroom and spent enough time washing and scru-bbing myself. I was over excited. I had being to his house once but didn’t stay long. I’m sure he was going to be happy to see me.
The next hour got me in a cab and I was ri-ding to Ogui road. The cab man st©pped me in front of the gate,I paid him and went in. Surprisingly, the gate was open so I just walked in. I opened the door to the sitting room and I met no one. He must still be in be-d. I climbe-d the stairs, trying to remember the door to the room he had shown me to be his.
The house was a five be-droom mansion, three rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs. He lived in it alone.
I got to the door and opened it gently, with a loving smile plastered on my face.
What did I see? Was that Rose? They both looked in my direction and sat up. Rose was well dressed, either she was just coming in or about going out. She was k!ss!ngHillary who was lying down and shi-tless.
I walked further into the room and dropped my handbag on a table.
History was repeating itself but now, its different because I won’t go without a fight.
Hillary: Baby, plea-se its not what you think.
I looked at him but no,I’m not coming for you, not yet. And like a ball of fire, I attacked Rose,[email protected] first, and once she fell on the be-d, I climbe-d her and started raining b!ows on her face. Hillary tried to separate us but I wouldn’t let go. Rose just remained un-der me, crying for help.
I got tired of wasting my b!ows and got up from her. I dragged her out of the room and into the sitting room upstairs. I went back to Hillary’s room, rummaged my bag and found my phone. I went back to her, took pictures of her messed up face before going back to my b©yfri£nd, sorry, ex b©yfri£nd.
He had succeeded in wearing something decent.
Me: How long has this being going on?
Hillary: Baby, I can explain everything.
Me: I asked, how long?
Surprisingly, my voice was calm but I was breathing fast. Finally,I believe that I’m cursed like one of my monikers had said previously. My parents, daddy Alex, Emeka, Gospel, and now, oh Jesus, Hillary.
Hillary: Baby, its a mistake.
Me: Mistake? Did you say mistake? Both of you were k!ss!ngand I’m sure she spent the night here. Hillary why?
I’m also beginning to think that I’m not attrac-tive. Why would two people that I loved do the same things if not that I’m not attrac-tive. Gospel was with another woman, now Hillary and this one hurt most, with my friend.
He [email protected]£ closer to me and held me in his arms, it was now that the tears fell.
Hillary: She [email protected]£ to me, I promise she did. I tried my best to fight it, I tried. But that morning that I told you I had an £r£¢tion, she was the one at my gate, I was weak and defenseless and she took advantage of that. I’ve avoided her like a plague till last night when she [email protected]£ back,baby I’m sorry.
Me: Why? Hillary, I love you, why will you choose to treat me like this? Why didn’t you even tell me?
Hillary: I wanted to protect your relationsh!pwith her. plea-se forgive me. I promise it won’t happen again.
I withdrew from him and cleaned my face.
Me: Of course it won’t happen again. I won’t give you another chance to mess with my life. You would have gone for someone else, not my friend.
Me: She [email protected]£ to me baby. You know I can never hurt you. I….
Me: We’re over. You can do whatever plea-ses you now. I’m done here.
I clutched my bag and walked out but he followed me. He st©pped me at the foot of the stairs and held me,ti-ghter than before.
Hillary: Baby don’t do this to me. You know how much I love you, you know how much you mean to me. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. plea-se forgive me.
Me: At least, you would have told me before now, you would have told me.
Hillary: I was trying to protect…..
Me: What fu’ckin protec-tion are you talking about? What friendsh!p? You did me bad Lary. I loved you with my life. You’re my everything, my life, look what you did to me, look at me now.
He loos£ned his grip and I used that opportunity to walk out, walking out of the house and promising never to return again
I went home a different person. Enough is enough. Maybe I’ve being too naive and vulnerable but from today henceforth, I’ll change. In fact, I’ve changed. No more men.
I refused to mention what had happened to anyb©dy even Kamsi. I’m not going to spoil her fun. I started going out, trying my best to socialise more with people that weren’t just course mates. I registered into a driving school and that was how I started pas-sing time, waiting for school to resume.
I was in my room five days later when my phone rang. It was an unsaved number. I picked it and listened.
Hillary: Bae.
I hissed. I’ve refused picking his calls and now, he’s calling with different numbers.
Hillary: Bae, I’m sorry. plea-se forgive me. I wronged you, yes I really wronged you but plea-se, for the sake of all we’ve shared, forgive me.
Me: Is that all?
He paused for a while so I continued.
Me: For goodness sake, why my friend? Do you know Gospel is better than you? To think I trusted you and loved you with all my life? Jeez I can’t believe I’m in this now.
Hillary: C’mon bae, I’ll do anything to make it right. Anything.
Me: Fine. Alright. Anything right?
Hillary: Yes. Anything.
Me: Good. Kill yourself.
I hung up and went back to my magazine. Nob©dy was going to kill me in this life. If I had survived at the Okoye’s house, I’ll survive anything.

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