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Allison’s dairy Finale

(Secrets ❎❎)
❣️Allison’s POV❣️
Fighting the urge to show my excitement after seeing him, was damn ha-rd , it was as if a whole new emotion engulfed me and it was definitely much to my disappointment; it wasn’t easy sounding tough but I somehow scaled throu-gh; but seeing him look so different and unhealthy, definitely didn’t seem like something I could fight. I’ve never seen beards on his chin ever since we began living together, not even whiskers but now they surrounded his chin area and his moustache designed below his nose. Beneath those blockage, his striking features were still visible, much to my dismay; I found him looking just as handsome as he always had. It made me angry, it was so not what I expected but somehow the b©dy tends to have a say of its own.
As I put my hand down, I realised myself and the error but looking at him once more, I wanted to t©uçh him again. He looked so different and it worried me to a point which I disliked.
“You can go ahead now,. Jonas” I said, maintaining the cold and rigid tone. At least, there have got to be somewhere that was unaffected, I made sure there was.
“Won’t you order anything first?” He questioned and I gave him a blank and extremely cold look. “sorry” he apologized, a tiny bit of awe flashing throu-gh his eyes.
“I was twelve when I was taken to an orphanage, that was after my parent death of course. It wasn’t easy, I somehow had to live with the guilt everyday that I ended my family, I couldn’t mingle with the other kids and I got into fights with them and it earned me lots of counselling sections. I was always left out and even though I kind of didn’t like it, I knew it was best for my state. I got out at fourteen, Gavin adopted me. He trained and took me in, he [email protected]£ like a family to me-
“Why did he adopt you?” I asked, cutting him off. “Was it because of your attitude or loneliness?”
“I guess it was because he knew me. He was the one who gave me that gun,” he said then paused. “so I lived with him and he had teachers teach me a lot about weapons and defence. At fifteen, I was introduced to some other guys and we all un-dergo an extra two years training. It was ha-rd to mingle around them but it was better than the orphanage and Gavin held me like a father; you could say I was his favorite. I was made the leader when we began carrying out Gavin’s orders. Gavin made me see it as fun and anytime I started to doubt, he didn’t cease to remind and hype me about how I destroyed my family at a tender age, it boosted me and sincerely I kind of enjoyed it, it added colors to my alre-ady dark life, it [email protected]£ my solace place and I found nothing more in life other than that but as I started to grow older, I got tired and jealous. I found out there was more in the outside world, I wanted to experience it, twelve years had pas-sed alre-ady and after I resigned, I lodged into a h0tel, that was where I first saw you” he said.
“How did you get involved with my parents if you truly resigned?” I asked, crossing my arms.
“Gavin gave the job to me at first but I alre-ady resigned, so I refused. It might not change anything but I wasn’t among those guys that night. After you escaped, Gavin pleaded with me to get involved, he used threats and other stuffs and even though I didn’t want to, I had to and I was glad I did cos you happened to be the one I was s£nt to kill that night”
“So why did you save me?”
“I don’t know either,” he said, letting out a brief chickle. “It was surprising that a first impression that wasn’t even so impressive could get to me that way. I didn’t know what I felt then but I knew I had to save you, so I did and told Jonas that I killed you and disposed your b©dy” he said.
“What about that card re-ader? You knew I wanted to get revenge, why did you still keep me and acted like a saint?”
Hurt flashed throu-gh his eyes but it disappeared almost immediately and he lowered his gaze, sighing, he looked at me.
“I wanted to tell you, Allison. I swear, everything in me wanted nothing as bad as telling you about who I was. I just didn’t have the courage. I knew I was falling in love with you and I was scared of facing the reality of you having so much contempt for me. The fact that you trusted me so much worried me. At a point, I didn’t want to tell you at all but after I told you about my father and you still stayed, I knew I had to tell you no matter what. I wanted to st©p you from finding out more, from meeting Anthony and getting informations. Especially after I realised that he knew about my past but at the same time, I wanted to help you, to see you happy and be [email protected] of it and I saw that knowing the truth made you happy but I still hoped that I could tell you before you found out about me. I’m sorry” he said and I gave him a suspicious look, as if trying to re-ad a lie into his words; seeing nothing, I kept mute.
“I want to help you, Allison. I want to help you get the Justice that you seek. It might not mean much but I’ve decided to turn myself in and I’ll reveal to everyone everything that I can” he said
“Why? So you can get a reduced jail term?” I asked, unfazed.
“No. Gavin was the one who killed my dad, Allison. All along, I’ve lived with that guilt, that darkness. Letting him encourage me to do more. He was my guardian but if I want to do the right thing at all, then I guess this is where I start from” He said and I gave him a long skeptical look then sighed.
“No,” I said and he gave me a questioning look. “You started the moment you cut yourself off and saved me. The moment you helped me live even though it was a risky thing to do” I said. “It took a while for me to believe Anthony was really telling me the truth, I trusted you so much!” I said and the laughed hysterically.
“I’m sorry” Jonas said.
“No. It’s just that this isn’t what I expected from myself. I planned to do lot of truly hurtful things to you but I’m here and I can’t even bring myself to do any. I shouldn’t have come here” I said disappointed. He lowered his gaze.
“What about me? The feelings? The k!ssand your words. Was all that a lie too?”
“No. It’s real, everyone single one of it and all this changes; it’s all because of you, Alli! I found strength because of you” He said.
“Well, I don’t know if I still feel the same way for you anymore but I’m glad you weren’t involved in my parent’s death” I said. Seeing I couldn’t hold myself any longer, I stood up and [email protected]£d my clutch, re-ady to leave.
“Allison!,” he called, grasping my arm and I could feel myself melting at his t©uçh. Scared it might reflect on my expression, I kept my gaze turned. “I’ll do my best, pay for all my crimes and if I’m still alive, I’ll come back to you a changed man, I’ll start all over again and I hope you’ll accept me then and try to see me as a new person” he said. With emotions bur-sting, I [email protected]£d my wrist from his grip and walked out.
#Days Later.
We were all seated in the courtroom and everywhere was filled with utter silence until the judge [email protected]£. It was the day of the court hearing and Jonas had been in their custody ever since. The cops and every other necessary people were pres£nt.
Today was going to tell what truly awaits Jonas and all of the other perpetrators.
From the corner of my eyes, I could see Gavin and some of the guys from my parents murder, seated with so much confidence and without an iota of remorse. It [email protected]£d and scared me, while I had doubts about Jonas being prosected or we losing in the end, they held so much pride. I shut my eyes and took in a long inhale and exhale, muttering a slight word of prayer on my seat.
As the session went on, I couldn’t really tell who was having the upper hand. The last one didn’t reveal much either.
Our defendant tried her best, it wasn’t an easy one I could tell considering how delicate the case was and from Jonas eyes; I could see how much he was trying not to get executed. The second attorney seemed pretty tough tho, it was very obvious it wasn’t his first time covering up dirty schemes. I also said everything I could in Jonas favor, it was the truth of how nice he was to me and probably didn’t start off as a killer. Gavin tried denying Knowing Jonas from the onset but his orphanage and adoption records were available to shut him up. Our evidence seemed pretty solid and thanks to Jonas who re-adily spoke about every one of the videos.
It was pretty obvious to everyone that Jonas had worked for Gavin because he had thought Gavin saved his life, he felt that he owed him a hvge debt. He trusted and believed him to the extent that he got used, he was just a child and a victim. The session was a tough one and no matter how much we tried; the other attorney insisted that Jonas get just the right judgement that he deserved; execution.
“Good job attorneys. Before my judgement, there’ll be a ten minutes break” the judge announced.
I stared at Jonas, flashed him an encouraging yet ti-ght smile and decided to move away to relieve the tears that were itching and blinding my eyes. I walked into one of the toilets, held the sink and cried.
All the days after the case was adjourned, served as the most trying days of my life. The thought that Jonas life depends on the Court’s judgement and yet not knowing what it was was yet was enough to weaken me. As I held the sink, sobbing, I felt a slight pain hit my stomach, it aggravated as I gro-an ed and tried to shout for help and the next minute, I felt myself falling.
My eyes gave a slight pain as I opened them, I rolled them around, staring at the unfamiliar room. My blurry gaze gradually got clear.
“Oh.. you’re awake!” The door creaked and Anthony walked in.
“What happened to me?” I asked, trying to remember.
“I don’t know but we found you in the restroom, I think you pas-sed out but you’ll be fine, it was just an issue of stress and restlessness”
“W-what happened to Jonas?” I said.
“The court considered and he was given Twelve years imprisonment and all he owns got seized. He [email protected]£ earlier to see you but you weren’t up yet” he said and I didn’t know when I sighed so loud in relief. “You nee-ded to have seen Gavin’s face!” He said, scornfully laughing
“Thank goodness!” I sighed again.
“Here,” he said, putting a file on my [email protected]. I recognized it at once as the file that I had taken from Gavin’s office days ago. He opened it and gave me a sheet of paper. “Sign here” he said.
“What’s this?”
“The real do¢v-ments to Harley’s company. The one Gavin possess is a counterfeit. You see, we didn’t start planning this whole thing today, somehow we predicted it and prepared” he said.
“But why are you giving it to me?”
“It’s yours now. You’ve done a lot, Allison. You’re the real victim here so it’s only fair that you have it,” he said and I smiled lopsidedly.
“Thank you” I said. “But I want to see Jonas, is it possible that I see him? Right now?” I asked.
“If he hasn’t been taken to jail yet then I guess so” he said and I quic-kly rushed down from the be-d, not caring to clad my feet; I dashed out of room, rushed down a brief pas-sageway and out of a hvge door.
“Jonas!” I yelled, sighting from afar as he was about getting into a van. His eyes lit up on seeing me and as he struggled to free himself, I ran up to him and hvgged him, tears pouring from my eyes as my arms drew him closer, he hvgged me with just as much pas-sion.
“I’m glad you’re awake, I was worried,” he said after we dis£ngaged, he cu-mpped my face and wiped my tears.
“I’m fine!” I said, sniffing. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah. This is what is right, right?”
“Yes,” I nodded, tears pouring and I couldn’t bring myself to wipe them.
“It’s just for a while and I feel very much at rest now”
“You’ll be fine”
“I know that and I’ll be back, for you especially. By then I’ll be able to look at you properly and with a free heart and there’ll be no more lies or secrets”
“What if I can’t wait?” I tea-sed.
“Then I’ll keep chasing you until you leave whoever you chose and choose me again” he said. “You gave me strength and courage to do this. I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything without you” he said and I smiled.
“I’ll wait for you, Jonas” I said.
The uniformed men walked up to us, impatient to take Jonas away.
“I love you,” he leaned forward and planted a de-ep k!sson my forehead. “And I’ll give you more than a proof when I get the chance to” he said and I hvgged him again, inhaling his scent as if for the last time.
“I love you too, Jonas-Jonsey” I sighed, grinning amidst the tears, hvgging him so ti-ght like I wasn’t going to let him go..
If it wasn’t fulfilment, I don’t know what else to call it..
My name is Allison and I am the girl who fell for a criminal.
❣️Allison’s POV❣️
I flashed a toothy smile as Jonas was led to where I was. The prison warden gave me a knowing look and I nodded, s£nding him off.
“Hey,” I said, dropping my bag beside me.
“Hey,” he said, wearing a hvge smile. “How are you?”
“I’m okay. You?” I questioned.
“Same,” he said with a ti-ght smile. “You look stressed out. Is it the company?” He asked, reaching out to me and placing a palm on my cheek, he ca-ressed it gently with his thumb.. I let the s-en-sation sink before placing my palm on his.
“No. I went to the orphanage today. I didn’t get to to rest after having fun with the kids” I said.
He sighed softly. “I know you cherish the kids, Allie but you should properly take care of yourself too, at least to have more energy for them” he said worriedly.
“Yeah, I know” I said, ru-bbing his slender f!ngers.
“Anyways, how are they?”
“Oh, they’re good, everyone’s doing a really great Job” I said and he nodded, “Here, I brou-ght food for you” I said, I carried the bag up to the large table and took out a chocolate box from it, I opened the box and took out one of the egg-shaped chocolate, I lifted it to Jonasl-ips and he took it in. I took another and fed it to him. I sighed softly and lowered my gaze, a sullen feeling engulfing me.
“Allie?” Jonas called and it kind of snapped me as I stared at him.
“Yeah?” I asked, picking up another chocolate.
“It’s been ha-rd for you, isn’t it?” He asked.
“What?” I asked, staring at him.
“Waiting for me. It has only been four years, there must’ve been temptations here and there and it must not have been easy scaling throu-gh” he said and I sighed softly.
He’s right!
“It’s fine, Jonas, trust me. I expected this when I made the decision to wait for you”
“Although?” He drawled.
“Yeah, although it gets a bit ha-rd at some point because we, I suddenly start to miss you like crazy and want to see you so bad but I can’t but seriously; it’s nothing that I can’t handle” I as-sured.
“I’m sorry. You’re pas-sing throu-gh all of that because of me-
“Because of love, Jonas,” I said and held his palm on the table. “Come on babe, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine,” I as-sured, taking a different plate from the bag. “You should eat up before the food gets cold. I brou-ght some eggs too. You don’t get much here, do you?” I asked, cracking an egg and taking off the shell.
Jonas shook his head negatively.
“Then you should eat a lot while you can,” I smiled. “Aah..” I said and he [email protected] hisl-ips, I pushed the egg into his mouth and pushed a plate of food to him. “Eat up before it gets cold” I said and he nodded, placing a k!ssat the back of my palm.
💟Jonas POV 💟
❣️❣️8 years later❣️❣️
I walked out of the prison gate and arrived outside to find a black car waiting outside, the window wind down and a not-so-familiar face stared back at me.
“Hey! Get in!” He said and my brows narrowed as I looked around, trying to figure whom he was talking to.
“Me?” I questioned.
“Of course. Get in, Jonas” he said and I looked around again, searching for Allison. “Allison s£nt me” he suddenly added and I gave him a skeptical look.
I contemplated then walked to the pas-s£nger side of the car and hopped in.
“Who are you and where is Allison?” I asked.
“We’re going to meet her,” he said, as if trying to dissuade my fear. “Seriously Jonas, you don’t remember me?” He asked, taking off his glas-ses and his voice..
“Anthony?” I called, unsure.
“Yeah?” He smiled.
“Seriously? You’re Anthony?! What the heck happened to you?” I asked.
“Surgery. It’s been years though” he said, smiling.
I nodded and looked out throu-gh the window.
“Are we going to the orphanage?” I asked when he took a turn.
“Seriously? You want to meet Allison looking like that?” He asked, giving me a surprised look. I brou-ght my gaze down to my clothes. “I’m taking you to freshen up first then we meet Allison,” he smiled at me and I nodded, facing out of the window again..
I stepped out of the mall, looking very different from how I [email protected]£; thanks to Anthony.
I went throu-gh a thorou-gh wash and Anthony bought me very expensive clothes.
“Now, you’re good to go!” He enthused, giving my shoulder a light tap.
“Thanks. Can we go now?” I asked.
“ can st©p telling me how bad you want to get rid of me now” he chuckled and I smiled. “It’s good to see you again though, I don’t know if the feeling is mutual”
“It is; for real” I said.
He started the car and drove off. We arrived at the orphanage that Allison built at Lonatown and for the first time, I was able to see it physically. It was big, it’s pretty obvious she spent a lot on it.
I [email protected]£ down from the car and Anthony followed, we walked to the door and he urged me to open it and I did. I had ba-rely closed it when loud pop-sounds rang from different corner of the large room and a big banner in front of me, re-ading; WELCOME HOME, JONAS! I looked ahead and sight Allison standing with some kids and women smiling happily at me.. they began singing a merry song that they obviously practiced for. Allison sang along for a while, seeing her, a wild smile crossed myl-ips and I swooped her from her feet the moment she reached me, hvgging her like my life depended on me.
As she talked to one of the women, as-sisting in sharing the food, I couldn’t help but give her a proper look. she has changed a lot and in so many ways. She didn’t look so fragile like she had when we first me, it was pretty obvious life taught her its ways and I couldn’t be more glad that she had all those changes alone. Staring at her, I realised that I didn’t deserve, no matter how much I think about it, we were both in totally different clas-ses and standard. How she loves me enough to wait for years baffles me but I was very glad at the same time. I looked around the room and it was just Allison, Anthony and I left and most of the food on the table were gone too.
“I’ll just have a bite since I nee-d to get back to the office” Anthony said, taking only a piece of the chocolate cake.
“See you!” He pe-cked Allison’s cheek, gave my shoulder a light squee-ze and walked out.
“Ahhh..” I opened my mouth and Allison pushed a piece of cake into it. She flashed me a smile, blus-h staining her cheeks.
“Thank you” I said.
“For what?” She asked.
“Everything. I wasn’t expecting a [email protected] for my coming” I said.
“There wasn’t really enough time for the preparation, I just thought of the idea so I made it brief before you’d arrive” she said.
“It’s the best [email protected] I’ve ever been to because I got to chance to stare at you all throu-gh it” I said and her blus-h de-epened as she [email protected] my che-st lightly.
I brushed strands of her hair off, staring at her full face.
“I’ve missed you so much, I don’t know what to say even though I have many things to say; I don’t even know how to start” she said, sniffing.
She lowered her gaze.
“Hey, you don’t have to talk,” I lifted her face and dabbe-d the tears resting on her tear duct.
“I like action better” I said, bent and fastened herl-ips on mine. She reciprocated at once and it got heated and intense..
It was going way too de-ep, so I pu-ll-ed away a bit, recollecting where we were..
“Is it okay to do this here?” I asked in-between the hunger filled k!ss.
“Right now, I think I can do this anywhere!” She answered within breaths and I smiled I tilt my head, gaining more entrance to her. Not disrupting or breaking from the k!ss, I moved to the door and locked it then let the moment lead…
Right there and then, I realised that standing for the truth was the biggest and best decision I’ve ever made.
The end

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