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A brief [email protected]ç£with the devil batch 1

A BRIEF [email protected]ç£WITH THE DEVIL
– A tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 1)
Bring him in! (Bunmi said in a loud and saucy tone), I was dragged in like a thief after been bruised, battered, maltreated and locked in a mini cell in her compound for a couple of days. I dropped down helplessly on the ground, weak, tired, hungry and helpless pleading for mercy. You idiot, how dare you hit by GLK with your fitty tricycle? (She spat on me for the second time), my hands salivated hungrily to hit her but I realised that would be suicidal considering the hefty b©dy guards around.
Raise him up let me see his poverty-stricken face (She ordered as her friends laughed aloud un-der the influence of strong wine), I placed my hands over my di-ck because I been str!pped to just my [email protected] Hey! take off your hands from your pla-yStation joystick (Lola one of her friends instructed). Jeeezzz! You have a mas-sive c–k (She exclaimed). In shame I bent my head downwards because I had sworn never to allow another woman see my n-kedness aside my poor wife whom I know would have cried out her eyes over my sudden disappearance.
Before I could say Jack Robinson, someone had di-pped her hands into my [email protected], I unconsciously resisted by pu-lling her hand away, immediately a signal was s£nt to my ear via a ha-rd -electrifying [email protected] from one of her b©dy guards. All I could hear at the far end of my ear drum was “pu-ll it, pu-ll it”. Without further instruction I had pu-ll-ed off my [email protected] and my 5.8” inches di-ck dangled recklessly in between my [email protected] as they all laughed ha-rd . Clean him up, he has no money to fix my GLK but he has a hvge rod to panebit my pu-ssy GLk.
I was giving a royal bath on one of her Jacuzzi’s, after which, I was la-id on an orthopaedic be-d like [email protected]’s sacrifice waiting to be slaughtered, four hefty ladies with gigantic b©©b s and as-ses with thick artistic watermark stretchmarks pounced on me in turns having Bunmi leading the ritual. They poured all sorts of wine on me and li-cked me; I was given strong wine as I got intoxicated. My veins got stiffer and active.
They continued to stro-ke my n£¢k with k!sses and s—-d my n!ppl!s and c–k simultaneously, each time I had a flash of how cruel I have been treated I sort for a way to punish them back for the ill treatment, I grinded these four bit-ches like a gladiator in an arena [email protected]ñking them aloud and grading them ha-rd in between their th!ghs with my weapon of mas-s destruction. In the heat of the moment, one of Bunmi’s friends requested for a BD-SM, the right opportunity had come because I was gradually losing strength, I chained her to a table as I ban-ged her from behind, I gave her a ha-rd hit on her n£¢k and she slummed, the rest was history because she [email protected] immediately and I vague fainting.
– A tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 2)
A soft feminine hand gently mas-saged my che-st using her middle f!nger to run a runway hand pageantry from my sternum to my ñ@v£l, I opened my eyes it was Bunmi and two of her almost half n-ked maidens with a tray of omelet, coffee, honey and club sandwich. The gladiator good to see that you are up “she said with a shallow smile”. She sat by the be-d stool and fed me as she sarcastically laughed in low tone wi-nkling and calling me her GLK panel beater.
plea-se can I talk to my wife? I am very certain that she would have totally shutdown because of my sudden disappearance ” I pleaded”. Hey you slave, will you keep shut? “Bunmi said in her usual arrogant tone”. She beckoned at one of her b©dy guards, this will be another mas-sacre for me “I prayed within”. This time I was wrong as she requested for my phone and gave it to me. I quic-kly checked my call log and saw 307missed calls and 38 text messages from my Wife, my mother in-law, pastor, and Tricycle Park Chairman.
Immediately I dialed my wives number, more like she was waiting for the call as it didn’t ring from my end before she took the call. Officer he has called ” She said”. Honey! Honey!! What happened? Where are you? Are you okay? “She has asked over 23questions in less than 10seconds”. I quic-kly weakened the texture of my voice and told her I carried some bad boys who ended up kidnapping me and are asking for ransom of 10million, immediately my wife started crying relentlessly as I tried consoling her that things will be fine. The guards dragged the phone from me and told my wife he will call back and switched off the phone.
At the end of the call, Bunmi laughed in excitement and str!pped herself of her S-xy lingering, she walked to and fro the four corners of the room like a roaring lion looking for who to devour, she requested for a Spanish red wine and some cubes of ice which she poured all over me and s—-d endlessly, this time it was more pas-sionate and plea-surable, though I had guilty flash of how my wife would be feeling, indeed the spirit is willing but the b©dy is extremely weak.
After we had S-x, I pleaded with Bunmi to let me go back to my family who must have been currently distressed, she agreed and requested I signed an un-dertaking, in excitement I signed without completely re-ading all the pages of the agreement. It is indeed another Contract with the Devil, I had hurriedly signed to be ma-king love to Bunmi 3times weekly on her request…
– A tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 3)
I was so much in haste to leave Bunmi so I can meet my lovely wife and my 2years old daughter, we had made out plans to stage a kidnap script in other to divert my wife’s attention for what the real deal has been. We had to put a call across to my wife in line with my rescue plan, a ransom of 2million was demanded from her which was an impossible figure for her to achieve.
I could feel the brokenness of my wife from her voice stating that she had been able to raise N270,000 ba-rely which in no way could match the planned ransom demanded. In line with the execution of our plan, I s£nt my wife Bunmi’s number to claiming she was my secondary school clas-smates who I usually as-sisted with her as-signments that she night be able to add a little to what she had raised.
Without argument my wife called Bunmi and introduced herself, she pleaded for support from her, without hesitation Bunmi who was a natural script writer and interpreter acted the role so perfectly. She s£nt my wife 1.3million claiming she is out of town. However, she instructed my wife to get a loan and as-sured her of paying back when she returns to town. With all as-surance and excitement my wife had entered into the streets of Lagos to get an additional loan just make up the 2million audio ransom.
That evening my wife and my pastor followed the instructions to drop the ransom and I was re-leased, immediately I saw my wife guilt ate me so de-eply like the cankerworm because stress her shown all over her face, she [email protected]£ so dark, wretched looking and thin all because of worries of my sudden disappearance.
I got back home, she had made h0t water for me, prepared herbs to drink and gave me a very sumptuous meal according to her they would have starved me so much (In pains I shook my head saying within if only you know where I have been you might not have opened the door to let me in). I had missed my daughter so much getting home she had sle-pt off, I thanked my wife for everything she did and k!$$£d her repeatedly.
I knew how much she had missed me because we are both S-xually hyper active, that we sometimes might almost want to pu-ll down the roof. Immediately she dragged me to one of the single chairs, placed me to sit and began real pe-nislubrication with her saliva running throu-gh each of my active pe-nisveins, I [email protected]£d her as-s but couldn’t feel any thick water mark stretch marks unlike that of Bunmi, immediately my S-xual appetite went down. I just k!$$£d her and pleaded being tired and zoomed to be-d.
A BRIEF [email protected]ç£WITH THE DEVIL
– A tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 4)
Its been two weeks after my return from Bunmi’s custody though things are yet to normalise between my wife and I, because guilt has found its route to my conscience pricking me per second coolval stories . My wife had refused me going to work on her argument that she wants me to heal fast psychologically from the trauma I went throu-gh in the hands of the kidnappers, if only she knew the exact.
In line with the script being plotted and acted by Bunmi and I, it was required I informed my wife that Bunmi would be coming from Europe the following day and would be nice if I go wait for her at the airport to show how grateful I am in respect to her contributions on my feigned kidnap. In all loyalty, trust and support my wife obliged as she requested to host Bunmi for dinner if I could convince her to come over to the house, I as-sured her I will convince Bunmi.
I took off from the house at about 4:00pm neatly shaved and well perfumed, in less than an hour I had arrived Bunmi’s pri-vate lodge. From the balcony she sighted me and beaconed “lover boy come over here”. She instructed I took my clothes off immediately on her claims that we have limited time to get the deal done. Aggressively she pu-ll-ed me to her self and instructed I carry her on my arms, jezzz I just raised an item of about 113kg at easy with her gigantic br£@st trying to strangle me pushing my lower jaw upward. Effortlessly, I carried her like an amateur heavy weight personnel to one of the jacuzzis and slowly dropped her and we swung into action of a four round [email protected]!st movement fight.
At about 8pm we dressed up, several calls was alre-ady coming from my wife who was tensed over her meal prepared for Bunmi, my safety and our little [email protected] I as-sured her that we where close but the traffic was much, finally at 9:06pm we arrived my house as I introduced my wife to Bunmi, my wife almost knelt down in appreciation, I quic-kly gave her a helping hand upward saying within ” if only you know Bunmi is the bad government who gives you crumbs to eat and end up eating the main share”. The devil truly always pres£nt himself in a lovable manner.
After eating Ewedu and Amala with lots of as-sorted meat which was my wife’s specialty, I was able to hit my hand on my che-st that I married rightly. Bunmi broke the silence thanking my wife for being a strong woman and standing in for her husband in difficult times. She brou-ght out some cash in ha-rd currency amounting to about $5,300 equivalent to a little above 2million naira, in her order madam kindly offset the loans you took, get to cook another bigger pot of your sumptuous Ewede soup and start up a mini business so that you can as-sist your husband in difficult times. However, I will look around some of my businesses to fix Bayo in so that he can get stable in no time. I beg to take my leave now, she excused herself along side her 3 hvge b©dy guards.
My wife in her usual manner of getting we-t at the slightest [email protected] rushed to k!ssme immediately Bunmi zoomed off. I felt her excitement but the pains was much because she had collected the forbidden fruit from the devil for the second time in the garden of Eden, hence I would have to keep tilling Bunmi’s soil before we eat. f0rç£fully, I ended up having the 5th round of S-x for the day, not with pas-sion and plea-sure but with pity and pressure.

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