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What lies beneath Episode 7

Episode 7
I barked again like a mad dog, I was actually going crazy with the sudden realization.
…start talking Oby…?
She saw how serious I was and knew there was no other way out than to say the truth.
“…was it before you get into school or after? You told me that you never had a b©yfri£ndbefore me, you knew no man. You never k!$$£d or had S-x before. You were a v!rg!nOby, filled with innocence. I can no longer find the innocent [email protected] of you, your actions and words says otherwise. You have changed from the young lady I met in the your father’s house back in the village, the one that sneak out to the street corner just to speak to me. That Oby that was very shy and wouldn’t look at my eyes and speak no matter what I do. Her face was mostly bent while talking to me. You couldn’t even call me by name because of upbringing and little fear that was instilled in you. That was the Oby that captured my whole heart… what happened to her? What did you do to the Oby i once knew because you have changed from the girl I used to know. Who did you give your innocence and vir-ginity to…I nee-d answers and you better start talking.
“I’m sorry… plea-se… I’m sorry…”
She said while her face was bent in shame.
“I’m sorry isn’t the answer to my question Oby. I want answers, I don’t nee-d your apology. Tell me what happened…I want to know and I want only the truth. Nothin else….
“I won’t call him a b©yfri£nd, he was just my clas-s mate back in secondary school. We kind of got used to each other and [email protected]£ very close from my SS2 to SS3. We only share few k!sses in secret and he t©uçhed my br£@st like twice but I warned him not to do that again and he never did. After secondary school we separated and I never had anything to do with any man until you showed up. I was truly a v!rg!nwhen we met. After I got into university, I had this rich cliche, they were clas-sic girls from rich families, they thought my parents were wealthy too because I had every thing, I lacked nothing in school. You s£nd money to me even when I don’t ask or nee-d it. I was living big like the daughter of a very wealthy man. I never told anyone that my parents were not responsible for my education. I did not mention you to anyone either, I was enjoying the fame, moving with this set of girls and meeting different boys too which they introduced me to….
She paused and looked at me with tears glistering in her eyes.
I was trying ha-rd to remain patient and not loose my guts.
I asked her to continue.
“,…. well, in my first year second semester, I met this guy… Rick. he was young , tall and very fine. He likes me and I like… him but it was just normal like not love. He was in his third year in school. We got talking, he invited me to his place one day, I refused to go but those my rich girl friend urged me to go. I later did but I went with one of them who later left after we got there…
She paused again, her head remain bent.
“Then what happened…
I asked impatiently. My heart was alre-ady racing at every word she drops. I wish she can st©p but I want to hear to the end.
She remained mute still with her face bent.
“… don’t tell me he [email protected]£d you, did he drugged you. That Rick [email protected]£d you right? Oh wait… you threw yourself at him cheaply?
She looked up and started talking in defence.
“No…I did not throw myself at him. We just went talking and drinking and before I knew what was happening I was relaxing in his arms while he fondles me. He made love to me, it happened so fast, I couldn’t st©p it and when I realized myself it was alre-ady late. That was actually the first day I had real S-x…I lost my vir-ginity. I’m sorry… I’m really sorry.
I couldn’t stay still, I stood from the be-d and started pacing up and down.
I relaxed on the wall watching her and unknowingly what to do.
“…was that the only time you got inti-mate with Rick?
I asked from where I stood.
She looked at me and turned her face away. I alre-ady knew the answer to that.
“You’re alre-ady in second year… right? You are supposed to be in second semester or…I don’t know any more. Tell me…
“You’re correct but I had alot of carryover in my last exam so I have to…to resit for them all. I’m not with Rick again…i broke up from him. he had other girls after him and was taking me for granted. He will even collect money from me without paying back. I left him long time ago…I’m very sorry. I got carried away with school life and it’s fun. She said with her face bent.
I nodded sadly and suddenly laughed out my frustration.
“Wonderful… Oby, that’s wonderful. Your parents wish is to see their daughter graduate with good grades, get a good job and as-sist in helping to train the other siblings. I took it upon myself to save your father the stress of selling his plots of land. I took up the responsibility to sponsor you to any level of your choice since you’re going to be my wife. I wanted the best for you Oby…I asked your father to focus on his other children and leave everything about you to me. Is two years in school and I have never failed in that aspect. I worked extra ha-rd for your sake, I woke up very early, sle-pt late, skip meals and mostly stressed out for your sake. I just wanted to give you the best so that you won’t have reason to fall into another arm or not concentrate in school. Instead of you to focus on your studies, you decided to join the rich and famous gang, living large and skipping clas-ses. Having numerous carryover… then the worst is getting hitched with a fine, tall, young Rick. You lost your vir-ginity to a [email protected], and I guess from the look of things after Rick left, your rich girl friends hooked you up with another rich b©yfri£nd…. uhmmm… I’m actually the one that should be sorry for you. Because I can’t…I can’t continue with this. I…I can’t do this. plea-se leave my room…
She refused leaving. She remained where she was, sobbing.
I decided to leave the room for her instead.
I went to the guest room. The air condition was turned off from the socket and not from the remote first.
The room smell suspecious. I was too angry and tired to start checking.
The be-d wasn’t made but the be-dspre-ad was on t©p of it.
It was washed and folded. I took it to spre-ad over the be-d and my eyes caught a water sign on the be-d.
It was not much but it appears the mattress su-cked it up.
I t©uçhed the sp©t and noticed indeed there was water there.
I took my hand to my nose and realize it wasn’t water but urine smell.
“Not again…. not again..
I said outlouldly.
I quic-kly raise the be-d to a standings position of which if the air condition was still on and the mattress was standing it would have dried off.
I stormed out of the room to my main be-droom.
Oby was lying down.
“I really don’t know if I should be dealing with your act of betrayal or the be-dwe-tting [email protected] your baggages just kept increasing and you seem not to be bothered. Or was it another dream back in your lodge just like the first? This whole thing is crazy. You messed up the be-d and didn’t remember to raise up the matress, clean it up properly to avoid foul smell, turn on the air condition so that it will dry up. Instead you washed only the be-dsheets and left the matress like that….”
She stood up in fear and said pleadingly
“I’m sorry my love. Is because of the one pack of full jui-ce I drank, I finished it all and doozed off. I didn’t thought of raising up the matress I could have done so. I’m very sorry my love…I…
I quic-kly shun her
“plea-se, my name is Austin. Don’t mistake me for your school b©yfri£nds. I’m not your love…try not to patronize me with anything love because you will end up being disappointed. Go and tidy up that room… there’s air freshener, add it inside water with liquid soup, take sponge and go and clean off those formed Mark. Leave the matress standing…
She quietly left. I closed the door behind her and [email protected] be-d with a stomach filled of worries.
I began to wish she never said anything. I wish I can unhear everything I just heard.
I don’t even know which to think off, is it the [email protected] of she having her br£@st pressed and mouth k!$$£d back in college. I will count off those because she didn’t get inti-mate.
My main focus is Oby using my sweat, my ha-rd earned money to feel large in school. Joining some useless girls to act rich and get la-id and at the end her little innocence disappeared.
Or should I be thinking about the be-dwe-tting [email protected] Adding more worries to my basket full.
I’m going crazy right now. I don’t know what to think, or what to do.
I’m having headache and the whole thing is breaking me down.
I’m not sure I can continue with her. How do I tell her parents that I’m discontinuing myself from Oby.
What do I do?
How could Oby, the girl I love and cared for take me for granted.
I was not after her vir-ginity, but I wish I was the one that she gave it to.
Yet, if she had told me the truth and repent from them I would have let it go but she lied to me.
She knew all this while that she wasn’t one but pretended and act like she was. She never said anything about it.
Did Jerome also t©uçhed her?
“No……. Jerome can’t do that. Oby…oh Oby why….why….aaaagggrrrrr!
I screamed out like a woman in labour.
The pain was too much to bear. The night was getting longer.
I don’t know how to deal with everything happening around me.
What am I supposed to do?
“What..what…I nee-d answers. I’m drowning in a de-ep blue sea of trouble. I can’t breath…
There was a knock, I asked her to go away but she kept knocking.
I stood up and went to the door.
I stood by the door without letting her in.
“I have done what you asked me to do. I can’t sleep on the ground…I don’t want to sleep in the sitting room either….
She said with a big frown on her face.
“Check the laundry, get a double blanket from there, spre-ad it on the ground and sleep. If you pee on them, then it can be easily washed with the washing machine. I’m not letting you in…
She interrupted me
” You asked for the truth, I told you everything and now you are acting like I’m the worst sinner. I have said that I’m sorry and I mean it but you choose to be the judge of my life as if you’re without sin or do you want to tell me that all throu-gh the time I was in school, you never sle-pt with another woman… for two good years? You may try to deny it but I’m not a fool. You obviously loved my vir-ginity and not me. That is Why you’re so pained. Do you know how many rich and famous guys I had to turn down because of you…they have fleets of cars, have fine houses of their own, travels abroad like they are going to the backyard. They have everything yet I choose to be with you and this is how you treat me…
I scoffed with a curved smile.
“Do this wealthy guys waiting in line for you also know that your father is a village elementary teacher who was about to sell his plots of land just to s£nd you to school? Do they also know that you are be-dwe-tting… you pee in be-d…
She suddenly raised a hand and [email protected] me.
I was shocked to the bone.
“This is what you get for for insulting me like you just did. I don’t urinate in be-d for your information. The first night was because I had a bad dream and the second night was because of the full pack of jui-ce I took. St©p reminding me of my natural mistakes…it was nature that pla-yed out with me. I hate to be reminded. That’s why Jerome, your friend was a better company than you have ever been for more than two years. You’re very boring and annoying too but I still want to be with you…
I turned to close my door she held onto it.
“…hear everything I have to say first babe. I’m©p doing this to me. I can’t live without you… I’m sorry for [email protected] you. I did not intentionally urinated in be-d… I’m not crazy. I did not mean to hurt you babe. plea-se forgive me… I’m sorry. Don’t shut the door to my face…
She started sobbing with tears dropping from her eyes.
I wasn’t move one bit by her tears
Oby hurt me beyond repair.
I nee-d to think and know what’s next for me.
This is just too much
My heart is shattered. I don’t even want to see her face.
Maybe she should move in with Jerome since he is a better man than I will ever be.
I pushed her back from the door before shutting it firmly.
I went to sit in my room chair, holding my head as if it was about to explode.
I can hear her cry and several Knock on the door but I pay no heed to her.
I sat there wondering how to move pas-s my pres£nt [email protected]£nt and what exactly to do with Oby.

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