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What lies beneath Episode 21

Episode 21
She was singing as I approached and tapped her gently.
She startled, straightened from what she was doing and turned to me.
“What do you think you’re doing…?
She looked back and returned her full gaze to me.
“Good morning sir, I didn’t know you were going out this early I could have woken up on time. But…. give me small minutes let me finish up. It remains only one tyre.. that back one there, then I will wash off the soap on its b©dy. If you don’t mind, you can also open the car for me to sweep inside with broom before cleaning it…
She bent over carried her bucket of soapy water and ran to the tyre at the back and began to wash.
I stood there watching her act like she was getting paid for the whole seriousness she added to washing the car.
“Ezi…Ezi… st©p… you can’t wash my car..
She straightened again with the brush still in her hand and frowned.
“I’m sorry sir, I know I’m not upto the standard of people that wash your car, I’m not worthy but I saw it was dusty after you [email protected]£ back yesterday and I decided to wash…
I interrupted
“Listen… that’s not what I mean. When I said you can’t wash my car is because you are a lady and washing of car is mostly for guys. Alre-ady, I plan taking my car to a car wash later today. I wasn’t expecting to see you… doing it…
She smiled, looked at the car and said.
“Do you used to pay those people after they wash the car?
“Yes, I pay them each time and sometimes extra if they clean the interior too…
She looked at me surprised before laughing out.
“You people in this city know how to waste money o. Washing of car is not that difficult, it only takes time if you want it properly washed… like when I put my hand un-der that tyre side, there was sand but after washing it was all gone. Maybe I should go and start working as a car washer since I have idea of how to wash it…
She started grinning from ear to ear.
I joined her
“Car washing is done by those who are professional at it. They have the skills and experience and knows how to handle each car and if they dictate a problem along the line they alert the owner. So, is dee-per than just sponging and spraying water on it. But… thank you Ezi… you really surprised me this morning. I was not expecting this. You did well and the car is looking Sharp. But next time don’t stress yourself doing this, let those who are very good at it do their job and get paid because is throu-gh that means they take care of thereselves and families… alright?
She nodded and said
“But… plea-se allow me finish for today. It remains small and I will be throu-gh…
She went back washing, I went inside to tidy up other things.
She later [email protected]£ in and walked to the kitchen where I was trying to make omelette as [email protected] of the breakfast meal.
“I thought you were going out…
She asked while moving to wash off the dirty dishes in the sink.
“No… actually I was going to look for you. I thought you ran off because of Stef, I never knew that you were outside washing my car.
She paused and looked at me.
“I actually over heard both of you last night. Not everything but atleast to some extent. I did not sleep, how can i even sleep well when action madam that tormented me was around. I put my ears to the door listening. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop…I wanted to know if I was safe or not. I was confused at first when I ran into the room after recognizing her, that woman scares me too much and I never know that you knew who she was and was even very close to her. I started hearing quarrel and her voice was very loud that even the ants in the hole can hear her and get scared. I knew when she [email protected] you and you she shouted that she will [email protected] you again and nothin will happen. I know it was because you asked her to leave your house caused the fight… I’m sorry…
She went back with what she was doing. After she was done she began cutting the tomatoes that I brou-ght out from the fridge.
We were silent.
I had a lot of things I wanted to say yet I pla-yed cool and concentrated in my cooking.
…I like the way you turn that egg. I like men that can cook..Uche my friend in the village can cook. I have few other too but watching you cook some special meal sometimes makes me want to ask if you can teach me. I like men that are…that are good in almost everything. Is rare and unique…
My eyes was still on my cooking when I asked her one question that made her go silent.
“So… does that mean that you like me?
She blu-shed for the very first time. I have never seeing her blu-shing.
I wiped my hand with towel, carried the cut tomatoes and onions and began to stir on fire.
She watched in silent without saying any other thing.
I decided not to say another thing to avoid ma-king her shy.
We later moved to the dining and began to eat.
We ate in silent as her head remain bent on her plate of food all throu-gh.
After food she thanked me before clearing the table, wash off the plates and was going towards the laundry when I called her
“… I’m sorry about Stef. I never knew she was the wicked American aunty. I didn’t know at all. I only visited her at her place ones and that was same day I got a call from you. I don’t know and I’m sorry…do you still trust me.
She was silent and kept her eyes on the ground.
I moved closer to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“…is okay if you don’t. I totally un-derstand… I promised that i was going to protect you all throu-gh your time with me and that’s exactly what i will do. plea-se feel relax and free…no one will hurt you un-der my watch.
She grinned a little and said while looking at me.
” thank you sir… For everything. Was it because of me you asked her to leave your house? Because I noticed that you were very fine with her, I saw you k!ss!ngher while she was sitting on your [email protected] but after I showed up, the atmosphere changed and the next thing I was hearing was quarrel. I’m sorry for causing the fight between two of you…if I knew she was the one I could have remain in the kitchen maybe until you take her to the room or maybe after I…
“ Eziaku. You didn’t caused anything. She wasn’t anything to me aside client and while I stick with her was because I wanted to sell another house to her father and that would have Make me a little more richer but her self centeredness was becoming too much and the last thing I couldn’t tolerate is knowing she was the same person that hurt you in the past. I will continue sourcing for other better client and whatever I get is enough. Stefanie wasn’t my woman…I told you I don’t have a woman and that was true. Stef is just my client…and whatever business we have is over. I have alre-ady forwarded all she said to the police and by next week they will be going after her… you have nothing to fear.
She looked up at me and said
“Thank you sir. I really appreciate… God will bless you.
I looked into her eyes while she was still talking and down atl-ips.
Ezi may not be as beautiful as Oby but I feel at peace whenever she is close to me.
She makes me relax with her pres£nce.
She has a lovable spirit, I wonder how anyb©dy will want to hurt such a loving person.
“…eeeh? You didn’t hear me.
I was carried away in my thoughts and didn’t hear a thing she said after saying thank you.
“What did you say?
I asked still looking at her and had alre-ady withdraw my hand from her shoulder.
“I said, is that how you used to k!ssyour clients. Like what I saw you and madam staff doing…?
The question took me off guard.
“Ooh..uhmmm! You mean Stef… she actually the one k!ss!ngme and not the… uhmmm…I sound like a child explaining that. I don’t k!ssmy clients neither do I mix business with plea-sure. Stef case was different. Like I explained earlier…I nee-ded something very important from her so I had to [email protected]…I don’t know if you un-derstand…
“Yes, I un-derstand and…I still trust you. You’re a good man. I knew from the very first day we first met…my spirit connected with yours and offered to help you. If your heart wasn’t pure, I will feel distress the moment I got to that pot hole place and I will pas-s without saying anything to you. I trust you sir and I hope and pray that soon enough you will have a good woman not like madam staff or the girl that brou-ght you to the village. But a nice person just like you are…
This time I was actually grinning just like she was
“Thank you Ezi…. for still trusting me.
She went into the laundry and I went to my room to tidy up myself.
I had my bath and tidied up some other things.
After I was done, I decided to relax back and rest a little on my be-d
After sometime she knocked on the door and I answered from inside.
“Sir, I’m throu-gh with the whole washing and cleaning. I want to know if you have any dirty clothes that nee-ds washing or…
I asked her to come inside she did and stood close to the door
“No, I don’t. I dropped off my office wears at the laundry station yesterday. I will do my other stuffs by myself later… thank you anyway…
She nodded and said
“That washing machine is very fast o. After washing it drys the cloth fast fast. I can wash all the clothes in this house within a twi-nkle of an eye. Oyibo will not kill someb©dy with different technology… Some of the things we used to do with our hands before is taken over by all this new technology. Hmmm… thank God that they have not made machine that will be cooking food and feeding someb©dy. Some people will just become extra lazy…
I laughed at the sarcasm in her voice.
” What happened to your cloths? When I opened your wardrobe, I only saw nylon that contains some of your stuff… what happened to the rest?
I asked her while putting my phone aside and sitting up from the be-d.
“Nothing happened to my clothes sir. everything is in that bag. I didn’t come with too much cloth from the village. I even threw away two of my clothes that tore while I was struggling with that man that took me in after my aunty drove me out. That my small Ghana must go bag also tear so i threw it away and took nylons to put my clothes instead of putting them in the wardrobe like that. If you don’t like it then I will look for something else to put it…
I told her it was okay. She nodded and left.
I planned doing small window shopping with her next week.
She will pick nice wears for herself.
There was another knock again, I asked her to come in
“Sorry to disturb you Sir, plea-se can I go out next week and see if I can get a job? I’m just in this house eating food and not contributing anything. I’m very grateful for that but I wish I can also get a Job and make money no matter how small… plea-se?
I told her to hold on that i wasn’t complaining. Beside she was helping me tidy up the house.
I don’t have to cook or clean every time. I have enough time to rest.
I told her she will work but she should try and be patient concerning that.
She nodded and told me that she was going to have her bath after which she will watch the television.
She thanked me again and left.
I went back chatting with chuka and even s£nt him Stef voice recording drama.
He was surprised that I could put up without such aggressiveness.
He said since is alre-ady with the police they will take it up from there.
That evening Stef kept calling and s£nding apology chat but after ignoring for sometime I decided to block her.
The next day I went to church, Ezi did not have anything reasonable to wear for church, I left her and went alone.
Work resumed on Monday and a busy week began.
I found out that I was gradually getting comfortable pla-ying Ezi scene on my head while I’m at the office and smile each time that happened.
I cautioned myself from that severally
Why was I suddenly thinking of her.
Her thoughts was filling up my head and I always feel happy going home to meet her smiling and welcoming mood.
I don’t know what I’m supposed to make out of the whole thing.
I knew I had to st©p myself from doing that before it gets out of hand.

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