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What lies beneath Episode 20

Episode 20
… I’m serious…”
She turned, stared at me like a devil and began to laugh sarcastically.
“No, you can’t be serious. You are a joker… big time.You dare not tell me $h!t like that and expect me… to take it. I dare you… right this minute I dare you to repeat what’s you just said Austin.
Who do she even think she is to dare me again in my own house that I never invited her but had to f0rç£fully accept her coming.
The whole annoying [email protected] was the nonchalant act she always pu-ll up.
She is rich, beautiful and clas-sic. And so what?
Sticking with her and tolerating all her excesses was because of securing the big deal we had planned.
Acquiring another property for her Dad which is lots of money will do me alot of good and that was why I kept mute and pla-yed all along.
But I can no longer tolerate her disrespect for others.
She treat people like trash, tramples on them because she got the wealth to do as she plea-se.
The money she thinks she has is intoxicating her to misbehave.
When Eziaku was narrating her story to me about the American aunty that treated her poorly, it never for ones occur to me that it was Stef all along.
I was angry at whoever that was but pla-yed cool because Eziaku was safe and out of the wickedness of self centered humans like Stefanie.
I only visted Stef ones in her house and that was also the same day i got a distress call from Eziaku.
Coming to my house to still threaten and even told me to get rid of Ezi is just too rude and very disrespectful to me.
After all she did to the poor girl, the least I expected from her is to be remorseful but instead she was still acting like a demigod.
I knew this kind of people and what they are capable of, so I took my phone and act like I was checking something but I actually put it on record.
I won’t be caught unaware ever again by this kind of heartless women.
… hahahaha, I knew you were just bluffing. You don’t have the liver to look me in the eye and repeat what you just said. Do you know who I am… maybe you don’t un-derstand the level of authority I command. I have the money and connection that can mess you or anyone up if I wish to and secondly, you wouldn’t want to mess things up for yourself…do you? You obviously know what is at stake if you do things that displea-ses me. Listen to me Austin, you don’t choose me, is rather the opposite…I go for any man I want and none has ever said no or turn me down. Whenever I’m done with the person, I kick off their as-s and go for another adventure. So you don’t dictate to me…I do all of the dictating and if you aren’t cool with it then go to hell.
I scoffed and said.
“Really..? So you mean I do not have the right to ask you to leave my house Stef? What kind of person are you? you lied and accused an innocent girl working for you of stealing, tied her up and beat her beyond recognition. She ran away and finally living with me. I never knew that it was you that did such to her but it baffles me that you will come to my house uninvited because you’re S-x starved, saw the same girl you maltreated and still went ahead to threaten her… even asking me to dismiss her because you don’t want a wretched looking person working for your man, by the way who told you that i’m your man? The last time I checked you were just a mare client. I have only tolerated your whole nons-en-se because there’s a saying that “customers are always right”. As much as I hate to mix business with plea-sure I broke that rule because of the mouth watering offer you made concerning getting a house for your father. You have nothing that can move me… you’re beautiful and [email protected]£ so wealthy after the divorce settlement with your ex rich husband and you think you can do anything you like and get away with it because you have the money or pretty face? I dislike your dirty attitude Stef. You are the uncultured and rude one not the girl you drove out. you have nothing, absolutely nothing in your b©dy that can entices me. If i wanted you like you want me we would be having countless inti-mate affair. But I never had S-x with you despite how much you try to make it happen… because I see you as a business [email protected]…a client and nothin serious. You are indeed a piece of work…
She suddenly raised a hand and [email protected] me. She raised another but I caught it and held it in the air before letting go.
“…You have the gut to [email protected] me Stef?
She moved very close to me angrily that I can smell her breath
“Yes, what can you do about it. Do you want to challenge me to a fight? I can [email protected] you and thousands of other nuisance that feels they have a say over what I do and nothin will happen. Let me get this right, are you in anyway defending that useless ugly maid that I drove out? Yes, I dislike her, she disgust me with her sight alone. Living un-der the same roof with such a primitive useless being was just too much to tolerate. I lied that she stole my dollar but she dares not steal from me because I will kill her and throw her dead b©dy to the lagoon and nob©dy will question me. Seeing her here again is quiet surprising and I told you to get to rid of her but you question me over that. Who are you to question me…? You are pla-ying with fire and if I were you I will be very careful with what I say. Things are done in my terms and it doesn’t matter if I’m at your place or at mine. You will do as I say. i mean it except you want me to withdraw the offer of buying a house from you for my Dad and cutting you out because knowing me and taking you as my man is a great privilege that you should be grateful for. Many will kill to have me but I saw you, liked you and want to make you my man but Only for you to start running your useless mouth and calling me a “client”. You are trading dangerously and you have to be very careful Austin. No one mess with me and get away with it…
She was pointing her long artificial nails to my face.
I took several feet back
“I’m cutting it all off, you can try other estate agents or other men. I’m done with you Stef, it was nice doing business with you and I’m not interested in doing another business with you ever again. Listen to me, this is my house and environment. You don’t have any single right to order anyone around…here. you are free to do as you plea-se when you are in your house. Get the hell out of my house or I will f0rç£ you out. carry your remaining dignity and walk away majestically before I show you the exit door by f0rç£ which will make you loose every little gut you have left…
She blew up like I just broke her pride and began raining abuses and insult.
She continued threatening me of how she will deal with me.
“You can’t do anything madam. You are only barking like dog, get out of my house and never again contact me for any reason whatsoever. Get out…
She walked to the door and st©pped.
“You just digged your grave my darling. You should really be scared because I know enough information about you. I know your house and a whole lot of other thing that I can use to nail you. Hahaha…I promise that I will deal with you and it won’t be for long…
I smiled while holding onto the door knob.
“Are you threatening me Stefanie?
“Call it whatever you like but just watch your back because you may not know what will hit you from behind Austin. I talk and do…I now know your house address. No one reject me… for such act alone plus your insult I will make you cry blood.
I sighed impatiently.
“I will take your threat to the police. I know your house as well, I know about your Dad and lots of other things to pin you to the ground. But first, I won’t take your threat like a pinch of salt. I’m reporting you to the police and they must call you in for questioning.
She laughed out sarcastically again
“Almost all the police in this Abuja are my friend… police is my friend and I can buy them all over with my money. But aside that, what evidence do you have because they will nee-d prove of the threat. You have none obviously, is my word against yours my darling Austin. If You can go to the police, you will be dismissed because no concrete evidence….
I interrupted as I raised my phone to her face and show her that she was on record.
,”,Enough talk alre-ady madam. Everything you said is on record and you have said a whole lot and they’re in here. Since police is your friend and you can always buy them over with your money let’s see how that goes. For the last time get the hell out of my house…
She was dumbfounded as I opened the door and gently pushed her out.
I locked my door and saved the recordings.
I was so happy with my little achievement. after listening to some of the things she was vomiting during our altercation I smiled.
I can’t be caught unaware with women. Not again and I will try to be a foot ahead of them.
Oby caught me unaware but i will try not to let such happen again.
I had few police friends, I quic-kly forwarded the record to them after I might have called like two of them.
She was going in for questioning where she will write un-dertaking to stay far off from me and mine and if anything happens to me she will be held responsible.
I wanted to go and check up on Eziaku, but by the time I finished up with all I was doing it was alre-ady late.
It was pas-s midnight. I decided to wait until morning before meeting Ezi.
I hope she will un-derstand and still trust me after my explanation.
As I [email protected] in be-d which was pas-s 1am. Stefanie began calling, I ignored the caill and decided to switch off my phone instead.
I said few prayer before trying to sleep
When I woke up the following morning, I saw alot of chats from Stefanie.
She pleaded that I shouldn’t take the record to the police that she was only angry that I rejected her and felt humiliated because it was rare to see a man turning her down like I did.
She explained that she truly likes me and re-ady to apologise to Eziaku if that will make me happy and she will also still buy the house from me but only with the condition that I don’t s£nd out the record.
I didn’t reply any of her chats.
I stood up from my be-d, went into the bathroom, brushed and decided to go check up on Eziaku and to explain everything to her.
I went to the guest room and knocked severally but got no response.
I gently opened the door and was surprised that she wasn’t there.
I [email protected]£ a little scared as I rushed to the kitchen and laundry but she was not in any of the places.
I rushed back to her room, called her name several maybe she was in the bathroom or so.
I went in to check when I didn’t hear any noise and the whole place was empty.
I looked around for her bag but I only saw a nylon bag in the wardrobe that has few of her things which I felt probably she isn’t using anymore.
I ran out, I [email protected]£ so worried as I [email protected]£d my car key maybe I will catch up with her before she goes far.
Eziaku ran away again because of Stefanie.
“Oh God, and I promise I was going to take care of her and nob©dy will ever hurt her again. I failed her… where will I even go now to look for her. She doesn’t even have phone or money. is she going back to the village or wanted to be Faraway from me…? oh God plea-se don’t let her get into the wrong hands again… plea-se help me to find her. Let me find her… God plea-se…let….
As I rushed out if the house and was running towards my car something strange happened that left me speechless.

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