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What lies beneath Episode 19

Episode 19
After picking her with very few of her things she couldn’t st©p thanking me for coming by myself to get her.
She looked totally disorganized.
“….i was even scared that after calling you because I thought you won’t answer me. I wanted you to s£nd address but instead you [email protected]£ by yourself. God will bless you…
I nodded as I kept driving.
“You said it wasn’t what you expected you met here…in what way? I asked while facing the road.
“Is a very long story o, Let me start from how it all started. After a week of staying with my aunty she said that I [email protected]£ late because the work she told me three months ago back in the village when she visited was alre-ady taken by someb©dy. She said that her newly opened supermarket nee-ded staffs back then and when she saw me in the village she wanted me to be one of the staffs but it took me more than three months to get here and by then all the position was filled in by other ha-rd working ladies and boys. When I called her that I was coming, she wanted to turn me down but decided that if I come she may fix me up somewhere but unfortunately there was no space in her large [email protected] or her supermarket to put me…
She sighed angrily.
“But does your aunty own a supermarket for real? I asked expecting more details
“Yes, she has a big supermarket which is not upto a year she officially opened it for business. She even used her son’s name for it. She asked me to be patient she will look for something to fix me up because I’m matured enough to be earning money and running my life. She has lots of people in her care alre-ady and can’t add another burden to her shoulder. I totally agreed with her, I hate to be a burden for anyone and I was re-ady to work any kind of job. I told her I will do anything possible because I’m not the idle or stay at home type. I love doing something…I begged her to also ask some of her friends if they have space where I can fit in…she agreed. I was grateful as I kept hoping. I was happy for the accommodation and feeding but I really did not wish to depend on her for long…
She sighed again and continued.
“… after sometime she told me that she finally found a Job for me. Her friend who just [email protected]£ back from America and newly bought a house nee-ded a maid. I will live and work for her friend she will be paying me 15k because she will be [email protected]!ngand also feeding me. I was very happy, I was just jumping around like c0ckroach…
I scoffed at the last s£ntence.
“Ezi, c0ckroaches don’t jump… they crawl and fly. You would have said frog or…
She interrupted
“Rat… all that matters is that I was excited. Very happy that I finally get to work. House girl is not difficult to do and 15k was lots of money to me… just for washing and cleaning. She asked her driver to take me there. The place was very far because this man kept driving and I kept wondering if it was another planet. This new Aunty that I will be working with her name is…I can’t pronounce it. She used to do like all this American people. She is very fair like oyibo and fine too. Her house is big and very fine and her English is too fast…I don’t know which country she [email protected]£ back from but I was not the only maid in her new fine house even though my aunty said is America. She looked at me like I’m a nob©dy which I agree that I wasn’t anyb©dy but the [email protected] I couldn’t endure is [email protected] me and hitting me everytime. She said that I’m not even fine and not upto the standard of people she wanted in her new house. She said I was very local and a nob©dy. She compared me to other two girls that look fine and well polished. I told her not to be angry that I just come from the village a month ago and I’m still trying to adjust to my new life here in Abuja…
She sighed heavily again. I turned and looked at her as I wondered why she was suddenly silent but she was looking at the window sadly.
I thought she was saddened by the story but she said.
“…I just saw one guy that looks like my friend uche in the village. I miss my friends and if I know this is how things will be here I wouldn’t have come. I just wanted leave the village and get a good life in the city but all this big cities have too much trouble. Village is peaceful and friendly than here. That my new Aunty is not even married because she lives in that big house alone with the people working for her. she is very rich and live I don’t care life. I can’t count how many times she [email protected] me, poured me h0t food and used either her shoe or anything she lays her hand on to beat me. I knew she wanted to frustrates me before kicking me out and my only offense was because I was not upto the standard of people that she wanted in her house. Other girls there will even be laughing is only one that said is better I leave before she hurt me beyond repair. I refused to leave o. I was even re-ady to endure and make small money first until something terrible happened I knew then I had to leave. she said she was looking for her dollars. Me I don’t even know the color of dollars. Among everyone in the house I was the one she pointed. She asked them to bring my bag, after pouring my things on the ground and she did not see her dollar, she [email protected]£ more angry and used belt to flog me, she asked them to tie my hands and legs like thief and she flogged me like I was a criminal. She said she will call the police to arrest me if I don’t provide her money. After she left I guess to meet her b©yfri£ndbecause I heard her telling the man she nee-ded a mas-sage, a k!ssand something to Cool off. I was trying to listen to every call to know when she will call police because I was afraid. Police will torture me, lock me up and will never ask me if I stole her money or not. They will be more after her rich and big personality. That is life and that’s why many unfortunate people are locked up innocently without proper investigation. After she left that day, I ran away with my bag. I worked for a month plus and was hoping to collect atleast a month pay before that thing happened. I had small money with me that I was still managing….
She yawned tiredly, looked at me and asked.
… plea-se, what is the time?
I looked at the time and [email protected]
I left Stefanie’s place around 4pm, drove all the way down and picked Ezi almost 7pm and now is few minutes to nine.
“Is almost 9pm. Don’t worry we will soon get home. You must be hungry… should I buy something for you to eat or we should get home first… what will you like to eat?
“Thank you, i will eat if we reach your house. I also nee-d a serious bath too. Let me continue…so, I was able to locate my first aunty place. But she started blaming me for leaving and even after my explanation she did not buy it. She said I shouldn’t have left I should have endured because I’m not educated, expo-sed or has any skills that I should just be grateful to work for people like that her American fine friend. She saw all the injuries on my b©dy but still blamed me for provoking her friend. She said she regret s£nding me there because I want to make her loose that her rich friend. I later found out that the salary I was supposed to be paid wasn’t 15k but 30k. Could you believe that, just a house girl job for a whole thirty thousand. My aunty said she should be paying me 15k while the remaining 15k comes to her. But even after working for a month I didn’t see a dime to collect yet I did not worry or have the nerve to ask. I still apologies to my main Aunty and told her that I know how to make hair and will be willing to learn more. If she can put me in any salon close to the house so that I can learn new styles but she ignored me. I stayed for two weeks in her place. She changed towards me and started treating me bad… to eat becomes war as she reminds me of how expensive food is. I can’t plea-se her anymore… anytime she is around I’m always scared because I don’t know what I will do or say that will offend her. As she went out one day, I started going out to look for job…she found out and accused me of going to meet men un-der her roof. She drove me out. there is one man that has a shop in another street, I stayed there… after briefing him he felt pity for me and told me not to worry that I can stay at his place. He was married and lives in a room with his family but his wife sells soup items in one big market. She leaves early and comes late… the husband told her about my troubles and she was nice to me. I stayed with them and their two small children. I washed and tidy the unkempt house. Cook before going to the market to Join the wife and sell.
After about a week, the man started tou-ching me. I can be sweeping and he will come and stand behind with his hand on my bu-ttocks. Ones his wife is not around, he will be trying to sleep with me. I told him that I can’t and beside he was married and his wife is very ha-rd working and nice woman. He said he likes me more than the wife and will take care of me. If I want he will even marry me as second wife. Sometimes at night while the wife is de-eply asleep, he will stretch down his hand to the mat I share with his children and start tou-ching. He tried severally to f0rç£fully sleep with me many times but it ended in serious fight. He even went n-ked before me but it was very disgusting to see. I will look away and will stay outside. I knew I can’t stay in that house again. I threaten that I will tell his wife but he still continued. I just couldn’t stay in that house again, I told the wife that I have one uncle that I will like to go and stay with. She did not want me to go because I [email protected]£ very useful to her and she took me as a sister but I had to leave. Her husband couldn’t utter word. I thanked the woman and still thanked the man before leaving. The woman dash me two thousand naira. I refused but she insisted. I took it and left. I don’t really know where I was going. I sle-pt in one man store until the following morning when the man [email protected]£ and saw me, he asked me if I don’t have any relative. I thought of you but I was afraid…but I still decided to call. The man gave me his phone and that was how I called you… when I thought you won’t like the idea I decided to go and buy something to eat first. By the time I [email protected]£ back the man told me that you called…he gave me his phone and I called you back and I couldn’t believe when you said that you were coming by yourself…
she paused, looked at me and said.
“… I’m sorry that the story is a bit long but that’s my story. Thank you for listening. If I have money I would have returned to my village. Is alre-ady four months in this City and my life has gone from bad to worst. I don’t want to go back to the village the same way I [email protected]£, I know how to make hair and I can cook and clean and many other things. I’m re-ady to give another chance to working and ma-king money but if things don’t go in my favor again I will find a means, get money and travel back to the village peacefully. I don’t blame my aunty or anyone for my misfortune. I blame it on myself… maybe I’m just unfortunate in this life. Thank you again for coming for me…
“You’re not unfortunate Ezi. Those who mishandled you because they thought you’re a common village girl are the unfortunate ones. Don’t worry, you’re safe and everything will be fine. Do you trust me…?
She looked at me and nodded.
“I trust you and I have always known that you’re a nice man. Sorry, don’t be offended ..I want to know… are you married or you have a woman? Do you think she will like me or want me around?
I turned to her and said.
“I don’t have any woman in my life and I don’t intend having any. What took me to your village was because of a woman… Oby is her name. She almost ruined my life and even s£nt village thvgs after me of which one was Nonso. One of your friends that helped pu-ll-ed out my car from the pothole back then…
She exclaimed surprised.
“Ewoo… chinekem o! I’m so sorry sir. Chai…hope they didn’t hurt you…?
“No… they didn’t. Nonso spoke s-en-se to the other two and that was how I got saved. He also mention your name in the process…he said that you told them that I’m a good person. I don’t know how you knew but thank you anyway…I owe you big time for that. Women are the lest of my problems Ezi… I’m not giving room for any again. maybe after a year or two I can start thinking towards that but as for now… I’m very careful of them. I don’t have any woman and none will trouble you, I promise…You are very safe with me.
She smiled and thanked me again.
We got home a bit late due to weekend traffic.
She was obviously tired and kept looking around the house.
“You live here alone? Is very big for just one person. Your house is very fine and neat. Do you have a cleaner or cook…
I told her is just me and I clean and cook for myself.
She was thri-lled.
I did not have much food in the fridge but I had enough for just one night.
By tomorrow I will go for groceries shopping and fill up the house with foodstuffs and toiletries.
Eziaku has been throu-gh a lot in the space of four months. She deserves to enjoy the big City of Abuja even if is just little.
I will make sure she won’t have reason to run off again and write Abuja off, a state that has been a great blessing to me.
I showed her the visitor’s room where she will be slee-ping.
She had her bath and by the time she [email protected]£ out her food was re-ady in the dining waiting for her.
She thanked me and carried it, she was going towards the guest room with the plate of food when I Saw her.
I asked her why she didn’t want to eat on the dining she said because she did not want me feeling bad if she sit to eat there.
I told her to feel free and be herself. I’m not like her aunty or her Aunty’s American wicked friend or even the man with wife that tried slee-ping with her.
She nooded and retuned her food back to the table.
She ate hungrily and I asked her if she nee-ded more she nooded.
Since there was not enough left I poured the remaining that I left for myself for her to eat.
I ate fruit and veggies before going to be-d
Within the week Stef called in severally. She Kept asking me to come over but I was giving her excuses of how busy I was.
I kept using one thing or the other to avoid going over.
Until she told me that she was coming down that Friday night.
I tried to avoid it but I just couldn’t she was actually on her way and wanted me to s£nd the actually address because she was within the area I mentioned that I live.
Well she wouldn’t want to try anything if she sees Eziaku living with me.
I asked Eziaku to leave the mobbing and cleaning she was doing in the kitchen and come and watch one television program in the sitting room.
She told me that she was about to finish that she will be out soon.
I wanted her to see Eziaku as she comes in. Because I know what she was capable of.
Stef may start R0m-ncing and k!ss!ngme right from the door.
After few minutes, Stefanie arrived.
Immediately she stepped in to the house she turned to me and said.
“Your place is looking more like mini family home. You nee-d to upgrade to my kinda large [email protected] and employed helps to cook and clean just like I did. I have over four ladies and two male helps in the house…I used to have more but I kicked out those I don’t like. There used to be one wretched looking village girl, very primitive and uncultured. I hated the sight of her…she just disgusts me each time I see her. I wanted to deal with her before letting her go so I framed her up…that she took my ha-rd currency. Well, it works because she was the one that took to her heels. She ran away the moment i mentioned police. I hate nons-en-se and I seriously warned the woman that s£nt her to me never in her life s£nd such an ugly, unexpo-sed girl to me next time. My maid are tush and beautiful and I make the best choice ever since the ugly maid left. So darlin.. you nee-d to upgrade. Get help and live a carefree life…I have miss you. Come here and give me a k!ss…I will be missing my be-d tonight and I don’t fancy your place but I will manage for tonight until tomorrow. I want you to eat me up tonight… I’m S-x starved and I nee-d your t©uçh darlin. Come here and k!ssme quic-kly…
I remained seated as I thought of what to do and wish Eziaku can just come out alre-ady.
Stefanie can’t spend the night here, I can’t be caught in her webs of entanglement again.
She stood, walked upto me, sat on my [email protected] and began k!ss!ngand using a hand to re-move my belt.
Someb©dy suddenly made noise in the background.
She stood, annoyed that she was interrupted. she turned to face the person.
“Darlin you didn’t tell me you have someb©dy in the house. I thought we’re alone because you told me that you live alone and…wait a second….”
Her eyes went wi-de open. Eziaku seems speechless and shocked too.
“….What the hell is this ugly local champion doing in your house? Wait..of all the beautuful clas-sic maid to hire in Abuja you ended up hiring this thing. What the hell is this… you nee-d to kick her out. I hate the sight of her and I don’t want my man to have this types of useless maid plea-se…
Eziaku looked at me like I lied to her of not having a woman in my life.
I looked at Stef and began calling her to order.
Stef who was alre-ady moving towards Eziaku, insulting her and probably to [email protected] her but Ezi ran off immediately with tears glittering in her eyes.
I was sad to be in the means of this whole drama trying to calm angry Stefanie down and wishing she can just leave right away but instead she asked me to take her to my be-droom.

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