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What lies beneath Episode 12

Episode 12
“…Hey…oh my God! So that’s how that your friend is..? He is a big liar, he’s lying against me because I’m not pres£ntly in Abuja to defend myself. How can you even listen to him say such trash without removing two of his teeth. Oh, wait a second… you believed him..?oh my…
She began to cry, I waited quietly and patiently and didn’t interrupt both her whimpering cry and her reply to my question.
“…my love, how can you belittle me by thinking I will have a fling with your friend while you’re away for just few hours? I acknowledge the fact that he has a catchy ton-gue and he is handsome too but you’re more finer and better than him. Why he try spoiling me is because I refused his advances. He made a move on me but I quic-kly rebuked him… reminding him that I love you and he shouldn’t be doing that knowing fully well that I’m your woman…
I…I thought you will atleast defend me… how could you? I’m so angry right now and I feel disrespected too. Your friend vomited nons-en-se lies about me and all you could do was to call and start asking me ru-bbish questions when you should be fighting out there for me. Infact, I’m going to be-d, I was about taking dinner after going for seven o’clock lecture and returning late. Now, you have ruined my appetite…ooh. I don’t expect this from you…
She ended the call with a cry
Okay, now I’m confused. Why is she pla-ying the victim?
I suppose to be the angry one here and ending the call and not her.
I try calling her back again but she refused picking up.
I couldn’t sleep that night as all I can think of is what Jerome said.
Everything he said [email protected]£ flashing back to my mind.
He knew Oby wasn’t a v!rg!nwhen they got into an inti-mate talk according to him. She likes him and it wasn’t unlikely because Ladies fall for his charms, he said so too. She was sweet in the middle…
I rolled to another side of the be-d and began punching the pillow ha-rd .
Something was fishy, Oby was either lying and crying a pretentious cry or Jerome was hallucinating.
The way he describe-d her b©dy fits into Oby’s perfect description.
I couldn’t just let it fly or consider the fact that Oby is forming angry with me and let peace reign
I managed to get few hours sleep to the following morning.
It was a Sunday and also my birthday, I didn’t want to miss church service.
I got re-ady and left for church that morning.
After service I drove back home and fix something to eat.
Chuka called to check up and I told him that I was alright.
He asked if I will like to come over or he should drive down I told him that I was going out.
Ofcourse I intend going out, very important outing and nothing was going to st©p me.
Around 3pm, I got into my car and drove off. It was a bit long drive, I finally got to where I was going.
Going over to Jerome’s place, I was prepared for whatever the outcome will be but I’m not leaving his place without getting the truth out of him.
He has to tell me all that he knows. Everything he said about last night, he will have to repeat it.
I parked outside and checked throu-gh the gate, saw his two cars. The range Rover Jeep and another small corrolla car.
I went straight to his door after the security opened the gate.
After the fourth knock he [email protected]£ to open the door.
I knew he was in and have seen me from inside but choose to ignored at first.
He had a little plaster on his nose, I knew I punched him real ha-rd last night, he went crashing on the ground and it was a great relief after I did that I only wish he got more of it.
“Austin, what are you doing here..? Guy, I don’t want any trouble if you have come for that…”
I stepped past him into his sitting room. He has a male housekeeper that walked past me with some ironed cloths to the room.
The young man greeted me respectfully.
I stood and face Jerome
“On the contrary, I didn’t come to make trouble rather to kindly get answers.
“If so then sit down let me offer you something atleast. Even though you never called to let me know that you were coming. I did the same some time ago and you complained bitterly…but no qualms, I’m very cool and don’t really care. I guess you’re here because you felt guilty for breaking my nose? well…that $h!t you displa-yed was unexpected Austin…I wouldn’t have taking it lightly if it was from another person. Anyways, sit down let me get you something… we’re friends afteall…”
“I’m not here to sit or get entertained Jerome. I want you to repeat everything you said about Oby last night. Everything… because it appears like I’m going insane alre-ady. I want to hear you say it now that your eyes is clear…
He moved around uncomfortably.
“Austin, I was drun!klast night, I can’t remember anything aside the fact that you suddenly stood up and angrily descended on me. you can’t possibly hold on to what I said during those moments. If that’s all your reasons for hitting me, breaking my nose and ma-king me loose the pretty lady that as she sat on my [email protected] I was arou-sed, she was supposed to entertain me this a weekend but you spoiled everything. if that’s all your reason for such ill reaction forgetting that we’re friends then guy… you are damn heartless”
I walked closer to him and said.
“If you can still remember the lady that sat on your [email protected] then you can remember everything you said. I didn’t drive all the way down here to talk friendsh!pwith you Jerome. Since you can’t remember tell me about Oby and how you got to know she is not a vir-gin.
He [email protected]£ quiet, refusing to speak.
“…Jerome, if you still have an iota of guilt and have little value of our past friendsh!pthen tell me what happened that Sunday.
He curved a smile and said.
“Is all in the past now. Is better you don’t get eaten up by that…let it go Austin. I shouldn’t have even said anything but I guess my annoyance was the way you went on hyping her all the time which to me was annoying, she doesn’t worth all the hyping…
He moved down to his mini bar, poured drink into two cu-ps and brou-ght one to me as he went sipping one.
I told him again I wasn’t interested in the drink.
He sat down and began to talk
“…I know you told chuka and i that Oby was coming that weekend. The following day, I decided to drive down to see your “v!rg!ndisciplined queen” that we talked so much about. I know I didn’t call because I was expecting you to be around but when Oby answered the door, she looked at me with so much joy. She mentioned the great things you said about me and how she usually see my pictures on your status. I can’t deny the fact that she was beautiful and fun to be with. She mentioned that you weren’t around and offer me some of the food she made. We got talking and laughing, she was very comfortable around me and I was also. Austin, as my friend I didn’t want to cross boundary initially with the whole comfort but I kinda loose it…we both got carried away. But i might have done few other things but is not what you’re thinking. I stupidly exchange number with her and it was the following day, when she called that you were off to work…I decided to drive down and I only stayed for just an hour before leaving and I never [email protected]£ back to your place again. I was having this guilt feeling after that Monday at your place…I never [email protected]£ back. I can swear it. When she called one day that you were treating her bad and she wasn’t happy and want me around, she called like twice to complain over many of your ill treatment towards her and how she regret coming to Abuja, I asked her to come out to the main road and I will pick her from there and take her out to somewhere cool…I waited but she never [email protected]£ out or called me. I didn’t call either because I don’t want you to see my call on her phone. I re-moved her number from my phone after you [email protected]£ to warn me to keep off from your home and affairs. I did, truly…I kept off until the period Chuka made us settle our difference. Then most time if I try to introduce another woman to you or speak to you about another Lady you will bring up Oby as miss perfect. I knew how everything with Oby was like and you portraying her to us like she was pure was beyond comprehension. I didn’t mean to even caution you or speak about Oby at all like I did, I kinda got carried away and began running my mouth. Is getting to a year alre-ady that I had a mistaken clash with her and I would have kept it secret if not your praises of her and Condemnation of other Ladies that blew me up and pushed the words freely out of my mouth. I’m sorry that…
I [email protected] the glas-s cu-p out of his hand and the drink in it spilled all over him.
my temper was rising, I wanted to destroy everything my eyes t©uçhes which includes him but I got hold of myself and began to walk out.
I st©pped at the door, [email protected]£ back again
“You mean that it wasn’t only Sunday…you also [email protected]£ to my house on Monday while I was at work…? Aaaarrhhhh! Jerome… Jerome…
I shouted out his name in total rage
He was on his feet moving back saying he was sorry.
I began to walk back to the door, I saw a water dispenser and kicked it ha-rd , it shattered on the ground.
I walked out and left, drove back to my house with speed like the house was on fire.
Why will Jerome, whom I call friend do such a thing and ru-b it on my face.
Why will Oby, my woman that I trust so much, my wife to be stoop so low to disrespect herself and me by having a fling with my so call friend whom she met for the very first time and within three hours of his pres£nt…
I’m can’t think straight right now
I got home called Oby and she picked. before I will say anything she began to talk.
“If you want me to forgive you for that blun-der you made yesterday… by calling and using accusing voice on me over the lies your friend told you then you have to s£nd me some cash. Money is the only language I un-derstand now and it will make me forgive you fas-ter. I won’t collect nothing less than fifty thousand for your apology so that next time you think twice before accusing me of wrongs I know nothing about. Beside, you were supposed to call me since morning… to know if I’m still angry or not. I’m very angry with you, how could you think I have something with your friend… Jerome. You belittle me… seriously Austin. You disrespected me greatly or is it because you are training me in school… is that why I have to be insulted every now and then. I will be twenty two years few months from now, so I know my value as a woman. You can’t disrespect me and expect me to remain calm. Is either fifty thousand naira or no forgiveness… you can add something on t©p. I don’t mind. when will you be s£nding it, now or later…?
I managed to remained calm all throu-gh her nons-en-se rant.
After she was done, I asked her the only question that I called her for.
“Oby, after the Sunday I met Jerome in my house, did he also [email protected]£ back on the Monday… while I was at work? I remember you called me that Monday, sounding more lively than you were feeling before I left for work. You asked me when I was coming back and I gladly told you. It was the same day I bought sandals for you. I remember Oby…and I’m trying to refresh your memory if you have forgotten. So tell me, was my friend Jerome around that Monday…?
She was quiet and didn’t reply immediately.
She finally said
“On Monday? Is almost a year… how do you expect me to remember? If he told you that he st©pped by is either to check up on you or he missed his way. plea-se, I’m preparing for my exam, don’t stress my [email protected] over unnecessary questions. You are getting me more pissed up by asking me irrelevant questions. How can you even… anyway. When will you be s£nding the money…? Later or now…
I ended the call and she called again and kept calling but I ignored her calls.
I was supposed to be happy today, is my 31st birthday for Christ sake. I never expect it will turn out this sour.
I try not to overact as I wait for Thursday to come.
It was the longest week ever, during the week I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t eat well due to lost of appetite.
I took my car to the mechanic and fix it ahead for long distance use as I wait for Thursday.
Thursday finally [email protected]£.
Oby got tired of calling and began s£nding messages, which I totally ignored.
Early morning on Thursday I picked up my bag and traveled.
This time around I went with my car.
Sorry guys I won’t be able to post for few days, I will back in a week time, u guys can re-ad any of our completed stories when waiting for us and plea-se pray for d of dapalace to get well soon thanks, I love you all

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