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What lies beneath Episode 11

Episode 11
I checked the time and saw it has pas-sed my closing time. since I don’t really have much work left and today been Friday, is better I finish and start with a fresh one on Monday
I relaxed back on my [email protected]©p and began working again.
I was very mindful of the time, I plan leaving by atleast 7:30pm and it was just 7:15pm
I’m obviously the only person left in the building except for the securities downstairs that secures the building.
My office is on the second floor, I use just two office space in the second floor the other space is occu-pied by another agent that are into travel and tour.
One [email protected] of the third floor is occu-pied by my competitors.
They are big in real estate and older men than I am.
That’s why I work very ha-rd and remain unrelenting in sourcing for prospective clients.
I work even weekend sometimes except if I don’t get a call up
And for my full four years in real estate I have not come across challenges that I can’t handle.
I used more than two years to gather enough experience before setting myself up.
My Dad supported me greatly during my early days in the business, he has friends around Lagos into the same line of business
I appreciate the help that they all rendered to me during my starting point and I have been standing on my own since four years now and I love what I do.
Because of how competitive it was I work extra ha-rd to make sure I don’t get shut out in the open market.
I make sure I don’t add lie or greediness to my line of duty.
I remain transparent and will even ask my clients to try another estate agent if they are not comfortable with what I’m offering them.
They will sometimes go and still return back to me.
Properties owner calls me up most times to come check out their as-sets.
I will go take pictures, check what is wrong and right on the property.
I will make sure everything is in place which comes with mutual agreement on prices and benefits before putting it out in the open market.
I continue getting recommendation from my clients. They tell their friends that also tells another friend.
My phone suddenly rang halting me from my work
I looked at the caller and relaxed back in my office chair
“Mom…hello… how are you?
“We’re fine over here except for this my leg that suddenly c[email protected]£ back with another form of pain even after going throu-gh the whole treatment that I went throu-gh last month. By the way, Me and your father were talking about you earlier and I decided to call. I know we spoke yesterday night… how’s Abuja city today and how’s was work too…”
“Fine Mom. I’m sorry about your leg… you nee-d to start another treatment or something to suppress the pain. I’m not much of a medical person, you are a retired matron… that’s a s£nior female nurse. You and “doctor” Stella… your daughter are more learned than anyone of us. Abuja is cool and today’s work is moving on fine..i will soon be going home. I still have work on my office desk.. but is little…
My Mom interrupted me
“Yes, I knew it. I was telling your father the same thing that is only work that keeps you busy in that Abuja… when will a woman start keeping you busy or you don’t want to marry? Last week we attended Aham’s first son’s wedding. That’s Ndu… your childhood friend. You are the same age with him. You said you have a woman you want to marry for the past two years…is up to three years now. how long do you want to court her before you finally decided to marry her or is she outside the country and delaying the whole thing. Tell me what exactly is keeping you. You’re not a baby anymore Austin. Your 31st birthday is on Sunday which is next tomorrow…any way happy birthday in advance, God will bless your new age but you nee-d to get serious with other things aside work. If you don’t have any woman then try and hook up with reasonable ones and if you can’t find any in Abuja come down to Lagos and I will personally hook you up with one of my friends daughter… they’re many over here that her marriageable and also homely too. Your father said I should give you time, maybe you don’t want to rush…but time waits for no man. Before you know it you will turn 32 and by the time you close and open your eyes you’re 35years. Time flies like no man’s business. Larry, Your elder brother married when he was twenty nine and do you know his wife, my daughter in-law is pregnant with another baby? That’s the kind of news I want to be hearing. Having grandchildren at this age is the blessings of the old and seeing my children settling down with a good life [email protected] is fulfilling. Hello… hello Austin, are you still there…
I [email protected] out and turn my attention to the phone which was on loudspeaker, placed on my office table while I went back working.
I picked up the phone and said
“I’m still here Mom… listening to everything you’re saying. I have heard you and soon enough I will come and introduce my woman to you. Patient Mom…I will get married when the time is right. Let me first of all put things in place for my future wife and kids. Thanks for the birthday wishes, I spoke with Larry on saw video call few days ago and learnt that they are expecting baby number two. Congratulations to them and also to Ndu that recently got married. I nee-d to close for the day is almost 8pm. I love you Mom…greet Dad for me and take care of your yourself.. and Dad too. plea-se don’t forget to get pain reliever or visit the hospital because of the leg pain. I gat to go now…Byee Mom…
After the call ended I packed up my things and left the office.
I got home late, I was so famished that after bathing I quic-kly warned up something and ate quietly.
I called Oby and she sounded sleepy.
I asked her how was her day and lectures too and she as-sured me that it was great.
She complained of two new text book she nee-ded to buy because of her upcoming exam.
I asked her how much and she said everything including one other handout is eleven thousand.
The upkeep money I s£nt to her two weeks ago she complained it has finished.
I was supposed to s£nd money for more food stuffs last week for her after she complained that the thirty thousand I s£nt to her wasn’t enough to buy all the food items she planned to buy due to how things were expensive.
that was the week I paid her school fees and had other expenses.
couldn’t do the transfer but I promised this week that I will.
I had it in mind since Monday but I left it for Thursday.
I later did the transfer of 40k for her to buy whatever she nee-ded and keep the remaining change for later nee-ds
I previously wanted to ask her to take the textbook money from the remaining upkeep I recently s£nd but she may start complaining over how a lady nee-ds money to survive in school.
“My love, I know your birthday is coming up soon. That’s on Sunday, I won’t be around to [email protected] it…I wish I will be in Abuja but since I’m not available can you also s£nd my own cake and drink in form of cash. Add it to the textbook money… plea-se. Don’t let my own enjoyment pas-s me by because I’m in school. Since the textbook and handout is 11k… can you atleast make it 20k. As a special person in your life I must also [email protected] your birthday over here in school. cake and drink will be like 9k. I…
“Okay..ok Oby. I will s£nd you 15k. But I’m not s£nding another money for the rest of this month. Today is 16th, half of the month is gone alre-ady…manage your money Oby….
She began to sound like she wanted to cry.
“The money will not take me for the rest of the month…but no problem. I appreciate everything and I will try and manage like I have been doing despite how expensive everything around here is. I’m going to my 300level, the upcoming exam is my last exam for this semester. I don’t want to get distracted because of money or any challenges. I suppose to be in 300level alre-ady but due to the old carry-over that I had to resit it delayed me but I’m catching up. That’s why I nee-d money, some of this lecturers are thieves, aside buying their handout they sometimes want student to sort them with money. Mostly, the grades doesn’t count for some of them…but I’m doing all I can to remain upright for you my love…I love you. Add something to the 15k so that I can also buy drink for my room mate… plea-se”
“Alright… I’m transferring 20k. plea-se Oby don’t let me regret my efforts. I’m over here planning for our future…i have left the past to remain in the past as we forge ahead. I don’t want you to give me reason to worry. That’s why I’m doing all I can for you to be happy. Focus on your studies and make me and your parents proud. I want us to get married immediately you graduate. I don’t want any more carryover or keeping of bad companies. Stay away from friends that doesn’t contribute positively to your life. I love you… you know I really do. Go back to be-d now… you will get the alert in the next 10minutes. Goodnight…
I transferred the money after dropping the call.
Within two weeks I have s£nt almost hundred thousand to Oby for just upkeep and textbook.
I nee-d to speak to her more next time, I don’t want her to start over demanding for money because I noticed that since she retuned back to school she was always talking about money.
I have to make her un-derstand that I don’t plug the money, I work for it and she should learn how to also save and manage whatever I s£nd so that we can plan for the future with the remaining.
Is over six months that I decided to forgive her past fault and focus on the future.
It wasn’t easy at first but I knew I have to free my mind of every hate and bitterness that she caused with her careless living back in school.
I forgived her totally and promised to continue as it used to be.
Her parents did not have to know of anything, she was my future wife and I have to protect her in anyway possible.
Oby was obviously sorry, she pleaded and I knew de-ep down she meant it.
I have to let it all go and move on loving her.
My utmost de-sire is to have a great future with her.
When next she visit I will introduce her to my Mom and Dad throu-gh video call as the woman that I intend to marry.
By then she will have just one year to go and the waiting won’t be long again.
My parents don’t have to also know that I met her from the village or sponsoring her in school.
My Mom will st©p troubling me with marriage issue soon.
Oby will make a great wife, she got carried away in the past and have learnt her lesson
She won’t dare misbehave ever again.
I sle-pt all throu-gh my Saturday morning.
Towards afternoon Chuka called me to come so we can chill out together in one of those exotic joints.
I did sanitation around the house before getting re-ady for the evening outing
I later got dressed, took my wallet, car key and left.
Getting there Chuka was seated with Jerome, they were drinking.
I didn’t know he also invited Jerome, is not like that would have st©pped me from going because me and Jerome are cool.
We put our differences aside few months ago and [email protected] peace for old time sake.
Chuka was the architect of the whole settlement.
We all exchanged a hand shake and plea-santries.
They ordered drink for me and we went drinking and talking about everything in general.
Chuka talked about how he was pla-ying his daddy duty perfectly to his six months old son.
He asked us to do and marry so we will also experience the joy of having a family.
Jerome laughed and said he will be getting married next year if he sees any woman that will capture his heart.
But before then he has to enjoy life to the fullest before any sort of commitment.
Ladies in revea-ling clothes walked pas-s our table, Jerome beckoned on one of them and she told him that she was coming.
“Won’t you like to have one too…? He asked me and before I will say anything he continued.
“…chuka alre-ady got a wife but he can also have a chick who ru-bs his back outside without his wife knowledge but is your choice man. My main focus is with Austin who is still very single and successful just like me. Look at all this girls, they’re h0t and I nee-d them to set my b©dy on fire… hahahaha.
He began to laugh as he lifted the bottle of drink to his mouth, gulp it down and took another. He was alre-ady drun!kbut won’t admit to it.
Chuka asked him to take it easy but he as-sured him that he was fine.
I reminded Jerome of Oby. I told him that I have a serious woman in my life and don’t nee-d another. Oby was enough for me
I said as I try to change the t©pic to something else.
But Jerome refused to drop it.
“, How can one woman be enough, you are not even married to her like chuka. What is even so special with this your Oby… aside the fact that she is fine what other value does she have. You praise the village gir far too much. I’m not hating but I won’t pretend. Oby is not any special, she wasn’t even a vir-gin. I personally knew she wasn’t…
I looked at him puzzled before looking back at chuka who raised up his two hands in defence.
“I really don’t know where Jerome got that from but but I can as-sure you Austin I never mentioned anything to him. It wasn’t from me he heard it…
I looked back at Jerome with questions in my eyes.
He was laughing like a crazy person.
“Chuka didn’t tell me anything, I just knew it. Right from the first day I [email protected]£ and met her while you were away I knew she wasn’t. She said you haven’t t©uçhed her yet when we got talking inti-mately. She likes me and it wasn’t unlikely. I expected it because I know the way ladies fall for me, even my shadow sweeps them off their feet. Oby…she was sweet in the middle and soft that…
He paused as the lady he was beckoning earlier cat walked to our table.
He pushed the lady to sit on his [email protected]
I was trying to control my temper but I was almost going insane while pla-ying calm.
Jerome looked up at me again and said
“…Austin, Oby’s th!gh is almost same with this pretty lady here. But this damsel with me is far prettier than she is and. Oby’s hidden as-set” you know what I mean can swallow my fist, this my queen here, her honey room will be more ti-ght than that of your “precious self acclaimed v!rg!nOby….
Chuka cautioned him that it was enough but Jerome was high and enjoying himself vomiting trash.
I couldn’t sit still any longer, I pounced on him, punched him ha-rd on the nose.
The lady with him flee as Jerome fell heavily on the ground.
Chuka [email protected]£ to hold me back.
I stormed out of the place angrily and drove back to the house.
With so much pain in my heart, I called Oby immediately I stepped down from my car.
All i wanted was a honest answer from her, nothin more.
She nee-ds to tell me everything she did with Jerome and how Jerome knows so much within few hours of my abs£nce that day.
I was afraid of the answers I seek yet I want to know everything she kept as secret that Jerome just blew open to my face.
Oby has to tell me all that happened during my abs£nce that Sunday.
I remember Jerome’s belt was loos£ned up and his shi-t was un-bu-ttoned.
They obviously had a great time and I have to know what they did.
“,Oh God, let it not be what I’m thinking… let it not be what I’m thinking God…
I kept muttering to myself as I waited for Oby to pick up call.

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