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What lies beneath Episode 10

Episode 10
Within a week I was able to deposit money for her treatment to commence.
The doctor asked if she has a family member during one of the visit before the main treatment commence and she said no that I was the only family she knows.
I couldn’t utter a word until we got home.
I asked her why she will tell the doctor that I was the only family member she has.
I told her that I was going to call her dad to inform him because if anything goes wrong I will be held responsible.
“During your early session, you told the doctor that I was the one that got you pregnant and asked you to go for an abortion. If anything happens you will also point at me and deny ever knowing another man…I kept quiet does not make me a fool Oby. Before anything your parents have to be aware. I will be calling your father this evening… I’m not in for long story.
“No…no. I never told the doctor that you’re responsible for anything. She asked me and if you are aware of the pregnancy and the abortion when it all happened and all I did was to nod. I didn’t want to start going into much details. The doctor as-sumed due to the way I replied her… I’m sorry…
I was just too tired, I sat ha-rd on the chair as she went on pleading.
“But you denied your family and now I have to inform them of what has been happening and my decisions. They have to know… I’m trying my possible best for you Oby. I’m not even [email protected] of your family member. We had an agreement and I kept my own [email protected] of the arrangements but you b!ow yours. You have no one to blame that mistake but yourself…
She suddenly fell on her knees in front of me holding onto my leg and crying.
” plea-se, don’t call my parents. If I did not tell the doctor that I have only you they will want me to call another family member which will either be my father or Mother. My parents can’t find out about this… plea-se. My Dad will skin me alive, he will kill me if he learnt of what I did back in school that resulted to… this. I beg you in the name of God… don’t call my Dad. I will do anything you want, I will even disappeared from your life never to be seen again. I will find something to tell my parents why you broke the engagement between us but I promise it will be to your favor… while I will take all the blames. But plea-se… I’m begging you in God’s name that you pray to not to expo-se me. Let it be a secret between us… I’m pleading. I will rather die than face my parents ridicule…and judgemental eyes…. plea-se.
I later had to change my mind from informing her parents.
But I hope it was the right thing because I know the risk I was taking because of Oby.
The treatment commence few days later.
She was in the hospital for a week within and after the whole corrective surgery.
I paid off the remaining balance after the whole treatment was done before bringing her home.
It took two good weeks for her to fully recover.
The be-dwe-tting st©pped, she was very happy and kept thanking me.
I was also happy even though I didn’t show it off.
But it was a big relief. I know the money was unplanned for but I was happy to help. And also thanked God that nothing went wrong in the process.
I told her about traveling with her to her village to meet her father.
My decision still stand. I was not going to tell them any of what she did, I was only going to meet her father to let him know that the initial plan of getting married to Oby has changed but I will as-sist in her education if nee-d be.
I was not interested again in having a future with her.
My decisions concerning that was still very strong.
My feeling for Oby has drained off, I feel nothing inti-mate for her again.
I just wonder how love can get so cold within a twi-nkle of an eye.
Initially, I was so much in love with Oby that all I think of was her and the beautiful things the future holds for us.
I was twenty eight when I took that decision and I have always looked forward in getting married before thirty or by thirty.
I’m alre-ady thirty years and moving to thirty one with all my hopes shattered to pieces.
I will get married some day when I meet the woman for me and is definitely won’t be Oby but until then I will be as clever as tortoise.
Oby has thought me a big lesson.
“You can’t do that…why do you want to do this to me? How many times do you want me to say that I’m sorry, what exactly do you want me to do? I know is not just because of the mistake I made in school, is mainly because of that lady I met at the open joint that day with you. I’m not even asking you to marry me again, because I know your mind is made up and you don’t want to have anything to do with me ever again but I’m more after my school. What will happen to my education…my parents won’t be able to pay by school fees and still care for my younger siblings. I will become a drop out… what will then become of me? Well, i know you have done a whole lot for me and my parents alre-ady…I don’t have any right to ask for anything else from you. I accept whatever you want to do with me… anything, is my cross…I accept it…
She walked away crying.
I planned traveling with her the following weekend.
On my way back from work within the week, I drove past a boutique where female wears were displa-yed.
I was having double mind st©pping. Before Oby [email protected]£ to Abuja, I told her that I will take her shopping before she goes back to school but after she [email protected]£ and the music changed from the normal beat I had to also change with it’s rythme.
I decided to st©p by and get few wears for her. I also got some undies from the female boutique for her.
From my observation, she [email protected]£ with just a black [email protected] and just two [email protected], two wra-pping short go-wn. Nothin else
I left some of my wear for her which she uses at home.
Since she will be traveling next week it will be like s£nd-off gifts to her even though she does not deserve anything from me again but I did it anyway.
When I got home, I was perceiving food aroma.
She [email protected]£ out to greet me.
“, Good evening…how was work today? I cooked…I made jellof rice with fried turkey meat. Can I serve you…is delicious. I used the ingredients at home and it tastes great… plea-se, don’t say no… just have a taste… plea-se
“Yes, you can put it on the dining let me take my bath first. I got something for you…here, have it.
She was reluctant at first as I stretched out the two full boutique bag towards her.
She was grinning as she collected it shyly.
She muted a thank without opening the bags
I walked into my room, showered and [email protected]£ out for dinner.
I ate the food she prepared, she [email protected]£ out and was filled with smile.
“Everything fits perfectly. I love it… thank you so much. I didn’t know how to tell you that I wanted to buy one or two wears…I really wasn’t expecting anything after everything you did for me. I’m forever grateful… God bless you mightily…
I nooded and try to f0rç£ a smile.
“….Hope you like the food? She asked as I was munching on it.
I nodded without looking at her.
After dinner, I moved to the sitting room while she cleared the table and washed the dishes.
She [email protected]£ to the sitting room
“Can I show you how some of the clothes looks on me… hope you don’t mind?
I asked her to go ahead and wears the clothes.
She rushed into the guest room and within a short time [email protected]£ out with one of the jean trou-ser and t©p.
I nodded with a sm-irk face without word.
She cat walked a little and went back inside, changed into one of the flower [email protected]
It was beautiful on her too.
I nooded slightly and return my look to the television.
She cat walked back into the room and later [email protected]£ out again.
This time I had this puzzled face as I looked at her and her appearance.
She stood right in front of me and I just stare at her from head to toe.
Why will she wear one of the new [email protected] and [email protected] out to show me when she still has like three more clothes she haven’t tried on. This are supposed to be undies.
“Uhmmm… is okay”
I managed to say after staring at her for a while.
I suddenly thought of her showing off the same way to some school b©yfri£ndand ti-ght£ñed my fist angrily.
I waved off the scene pla-ying in my mind.
She was beautiful and has a fine figure.
“You like it… can I atleast wear it for you… maybe tomorrow or next before I finally travel back…”Oby asked holding her two palms together.
“Do whatever you feel like doing Oby… I’m cool.
I managed to look away from her.
“Can I hvg you… plea-se…”she asked again while moving closer
“Go put on some clothes first Ob….yy” I quic-kly said st©pping her before she gets to me.
She smiled and left and I didn’t see her again.
I checked the time and it was 9pm. Time to say night prayer and head to be-d.
I thought of Oby, I didn’t know why I suddenly wanted to check up on her but I ignored the feeling and went into my room.
I turned down the air condition because the room was too cold.
There was a knock, I know that was Oby.
I asked her what she wanted, she said she wanted to show me something.
I asked her to come in, she was wearing another cloth from the collection of today’s shopping.
A Kelvin Jean go-wn with belt. It was beautiful.
“What do you think?
“Is fine… I’m happy that all the clothes fit and you like it. Is time for my be-dtime Oby, so..I..
She walked up to me and wra-pped her hand around me.
“You asked me to put on clothe before hvgging you, I did exactly that. Thank you once again…I de-eply appreciate.
She said like a whisper while holding on to me.
She was not putting on [email protected] again as her b©dy pressed into my che-st
She later loos£ned up and looked up at me. She tried to k!ssme but I gently pushed her back.
She bit herl-ips, fighting tears which was clouded up in her eyes. I was alre-ady used to her tears and didn’t fright.
I looked from her eyes to herl-ips and quic-kly turned away.
She bent her head in shame, muttered another”thank you” before turning to leave.
I opened my mouth to call her back but no word [email protected]£ out.
It was when she got to the door, her name left my mouth.
I called her and she st©pped but didn’t turn.
I guess she was still battling with her emotions and do not want to give in to it.
Her hand was on the door knob when I walked up to her.
My feeling for her diminished ever since the night I found out what she did in school.
I have not looked at her the same way ever since then and never imagined another form of intim-acy between us.
Even after paying the hvge hospital bills for her treatment, and the be-dwe-tting st©pped, my Stan continued, I wanted nothing with her.
I wasn’t moved by whatever thing she does to get my attention.
I don’t know what I was thinking at this moment as I walked to her.
Maybe I was letting my emotions get the best of me too but just a k!sswill calm the atmosphere.
“Just a k!ssand nothing more”
I try to as-sure myself but I was afraid that there will be probably more.
I wasn’t even sure if I wanted more than just holding and k!ss!ngher.
I just hope I’m not ma-king a mistake.
“Austin, you’re the man….Just a k!ss…”
I as-sured myself again as I turned her over to me.

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