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Waking up married Episode 7 & 8

(My husband is a billionaire)
✍️ SEVEN✍️
Stella’s P.O.V
I sat on the couch as I stared at my phone. Should I call my parents? Maybe I should.
“What are you thinking about?” Jasper asked, coming over.
“How to tell my parents that I’m getting engaged to a billionaire,” I told him.
“Nervous?” Jasper asked me.
“Nope. I really just don’t want to do this,” I told him.
“Why don’t you want to talk to your family?” Jasper asked me.
“I have a rou-gh past with them,” I told him.
“Well, if we’re going to make this believable, you gotta tell them,” Jasper told me.
“Fine,” I told him getting up from the couch.
I walked over to the kitchen and leaned against the counter. I called up my younger brother who I knew would answer his phone. After the third ring, he picked up.
“Hey, sis,” He said.
“Hi, Calvin. quic-k question, do you know when the next family reunion is?” I asked.
“There’s a [email protected] on Saturday for Kelsey’s birthday,” Calvin told me. “Did I nee-d to RSVP?” I asked him.
“No. Why? Are you actually coming over? It’s not even Thanksgiving or Christmas,” Calvin pointed out.
“I just have someone you all should meet,” I told him.
“Really? Wow. Okay. I’ll go tell mom and dad,” Calvin told me.
“Tell them after we talk. I don’t want to talk to them until the [email protected],” I told him.
“Alright. I’ll see you Saturday,” Calvin told me.
“See you Saturday,” I sighed.
I hung up the phone and went to the fridge. I took out a water bottle to help calm my nerves. I took a few sips before leaning against the counter again.
“I take that the phone call went well?” Jasper asked, coming inside.
“Was it obvious?” I asked him.
“You weren’t yelling,” Jasper pointed out.
“Fair point,” I smiled a little.
“If you’re ever re-ady, will you tell me about your relationsh!pwith your parents?” Jasper asked me.
“Of course. You’re my husband and you’re paying me to be married to you so I think you have the right to know,” I told him.
“Thanks. So when am I going to meet my in-laws?” Jasper asked me.
“Saturday,” I told him.
“This Saturday?” He asked.
“It’s just a birthday [email protected] for my younger cousin,” I told him.
“I can clear my schedule,” Jasper told me.
“You don’t have to do that,” I as-sured him.
“No, I should. I think it’ll be better for the both of us,” Jasper told me.
“Alright,” I nodded. We sat in silence for a bit.
“We should get her a pres£nt,” Jasper told me.
“I’ll see what I can get her,” I told him.
“I said we. I wouldn’t mind spending money on your family. You’re helping me from an arrange marriage. It’s the least I can do,” Jasper said.
“That’s really sweet of you,” I told him. Jasper smiled at me before getting up.
“Work?” I asked him.
“Yup. I’m just going to tell them that I won’t be in for Saturday,” Jasper told me.
“Alright,” I nodded.
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Stella’s P.O.V
I watched as we pu-ll-ed up to the house. I could see most of everyone here alre-ady. I started to feel a little sick.
“You okay?” Jasper asked me.
“Not excited to be here,” I told him.
“Stella, we don’t have to be here,” Jasper told me.
“Kinda too late. Let’s just break the news, gr-ab some cake, and leave,” I told him.
We got out from the car and walked to the door. I knocked on the door to see my aunt had opened it.
“Stella! How are you?” She asked, giving me a hvg.
“Good. How are you?” I asked, hvgging back.
“Good. Good.”
“Aunt Teresa, this is Jasper,” I told her.
“Hello, it’s a plea-sure to meet you,” Jasper smiled at her. He gave her a handshake as she was a little shocked.
“Nice to meet you too, Jasper,” Aunt Teresa smiled.
“Is my family here?” I asked her.
“Over in the living room with the rest of the family,” She told me. Join us to re-ad more of these intriguing story from our telegram page throu-gh ome on+233544142683. nodded and we walked over. I saw my parents talking to my other aunt and uncle.
“Hi guys,” I said.
“Stella!” I saw Calvin walk over and give me a hvg.
“Did you grow taller?” I asked him.
“A little,” He smiled.
“Mhm. Calvin, this is Jasper. Jasper, this is my younger brother, Calvin,” I introduced the two.
“No hello to your mother?” My mom asked me.
“Hi mom,” I said, smiling a bit. I gave her a hvg and gave my dad a hvg as well.
“Hi, Aunt Eva and Uncle Jerry,” I said giving them hvgs as well.
“Stella, are you going to introduce us to your friend?” My dad asked me.
“I was just about to,” I told him.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” My dad asked me.
“Everyone this is Jasper. We’re together,” I told everyone as I held Jasper’s hand. Jasper smiled and walked over to my dad.
“Hello, Mr. Matthews. plea-sure to meet you sir,” Jasper smiled.
“You have a b©yfri£nd?” I heard. I turned around to face my little sister.
“Yes, I do,” I said.
“How come you never bring him to reunions or mention him?” She asked.
“Keeping things pri-vate. You don’t nee-d to know everything about my life,” I snapped a little.
“We kinda do, sweetie,” My mom said.
I looked at Jasper as he was with my dad and uncle, talking about whatever. I looked at my brother who was on his phone.
“Look up for once,” I joked as I stole his phone.
“Dude! Give me my phone back,” Calvin said. I tossed him back his phone.
“Stella, can I talk to you in the kitchen?” My mom asked me.
We walked over to the kitchen where I took a ch!pand di-pped it in salsa. I ate it before looking over at her.
“How come you never mentioned or brou-ght Jasper over before?” She asked me.
“Like I said, we want to keep our relationsh!pa little pri-vate,” I told her,
“Even from us?” She asked. I could see the small hint of disappointment in her eyes.
“Sorry mom,” I said. I walked back to the room and saw my sister talking to Jasper.
“Jasper, you want to eat?” I asked him.
“Sure. Excuse me, Layla,” He said before leaving my sister.
We went into the kitchen and got some food. I [email protected]£d a plate and filled it up with some food.
“Your family seems nice,” Jasper told me.
“They are to other people,” I muttered.
“We can leave early,” He suggested.
“But then I feel bad if we do. You cleared your whole schedule for today,” I told him.
“I can think of some other things we can do,” Jasper told me.
“Like what?” I asked him in confusion.
“We can go see your friends, go to the beach, we can do whatever you want if you feel uncomfortable or unhappy here,” Jasper suggested.
“Really?” I asked him.
“Of course.”
“You’re really sweet,” I told him.
“Thank you. But before we leave, I have to get your dad’s blessing,” Jasper softly told me.
“Right. We can leave in an hour,” I told him.
“Sounds fine to me.”
(My husband is a billionaire)
✍️ EIGHT✍️
Stella’s P.O.V
“Well, it was great to see you guys but we have to get going,” I told everyone.
“Aw. You can’t stay any longer?” My aunt asked.
“Sorry. Jasper had a big day at work tomorrow,” I told them.
“Oh really?” My mom asked.
“Yeah. I’ll see you guys later,” I said before giving them hvgs. We went back to where Jasper, my dad, and my uncles were who were just talking.
“Jasper, you re-ady to go?” I asked him.
“Yeah. It was a plea-sure to meet you all,” Jasper smiled.
“Great to meet you too, Jasper. Remember, Saturday,” My dad told him.
“Of course sir,” Jasper nodded.
I gave everyone my farewells before Jasper and I walked out of the house. I got inside the car and let out a de-ep breath.
“You okay?” Jasper asked me. I looked over at him and nodded.
“I’m fine,” I told him.
“Well, if you want to take a nap, go ahead. We have one place to go before we go home,” Jasper told me.
“Thanks,” I smiled softly before leaning my head to the window. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
“Stella, wake up,” I woke up to see Jasper smiling at me.
“Where are we?” I asked.
“A bar. Come on,” Jasper told me.
We got out the car and walked out of the parking garage. Jasper wra-pped an arm around me as we went inside. The bar was filled with people.
“Let’s go to the back,” Jasper told me as we walked over to a booth. I sat down first and scooted for him to sit next to me.
“What do you want to drink?” He asked me.
“Let’s get some beers,” I told him.
“Alright. Coming right up.”
He got up to get them while I scrolled throu-gh my social media. I noticed Jasper coming back at the corner of my eye. I looked up and smiled at him.
“One beer for you and one beer for me,” Jasper said sitting next to me.
“Thank you,” I said.
“So, how come you avoid your family a lot?” Jasper asked me.
“You really want to know?” I asked him.
“Yes. You’re my wife after all,” Jasper said.
“Just keep an open mind alright,” I told him.
“Growing up wasn’t the greatest. My sister got praised all the time for getting better grades, my brother was the only boy in the family besides my dad. I felt like I didn’t belong. My aunts and cousins didn’t make it better either. So I thought maybe if I just slowly disappeared from my family, they wouldn’t notice. My brother wanted me to stay around which is why I only talk to him rather than everyone else,” I told him.
“Wow,” Jasper said. I nodded before taking a sip of my beer.
“Yeah. So that’s my sad back story,” I said.
“I don’t want to hurt you like that, Stella,” Jasper told me. I looked up at him.
“Yes. Look, I know we still nee-d to know each other and get use to each other but I would never want to hurt you in any way,” Jasper told me.
“Is this from pity or-”
“No. I un-derstand why you want to get away from your family now. You got hurt by the people who are suppose to be there to help and support you,” Jasper told me.
“I probably sound like some emo teenage kid,” I said before taking a sip of my beer.
“You don’t. Trust me,” Jasper told me.
“So you know about my sad back story. What about you?” I asked him.
“Well my parents were rich but they didn’t pay attention to me as much. Like for instance, they didn’t really care on where I went or who I was hanging out with,” Jasper told me.
“I’m surprised you’re not in a gang or overdosed on drugs,” I said.
“Me too. I guess my conscious was very strong on me,” Jasper said.
“What did my dad mean on Saturday?” I asked him.
“He didn’t seem too happy that I asked for his blessing since we’ve never met before. Hi ohene ome on+233544142683 to re-ad more stories from unlimited story platform ,fresh story Kingdom, house of story room, sweet and nice story room. So he said that we should get to know each other a bit more on Saturday so he can see if he’ll give me his blessing,” Jasper said.
“It’s okay. This is going to work out,” Jasper as-sured to me.
“I hope so,” I told him.
✍️ Aspiringcliche ✍️
Stella’s P.O.V
“I have to go to work today but you should start on the wedding plans,” Jasper told me.
“Right. Can I see Daisy so she can help me on the plans?” I asked him.
“Of course. She’s your best friend after all,” Jasper said.
“If you want to use one of my cars you may. I haven’t used them in a while,” He told me.
“You sure?” I asked him.
“Of course.”
Later during the day, I met up with Daisy for lunch. I met her at Panera Bre-ad so she can help me discuss about the wedding details.
“You’re going to get remarried again?” Daisy asked me.
“Yeah,” I nodded.
“I’m worried about your, Stella,” Daisy told me.
“If it makes you feel any better, I have no bruises or any injury marks on me,” I told her.
“I know but something just feels off,” She told me.
“I’m fine. Honest,” I said.
“Okay. Okay. Well, what did you have in mind?” She asked me.
“I was thinking about a fall wedding. Sounds nice to have,” I told her.
“You’re right. So short sleeve dress or long sleeved?”
“I was thinking short sleeved,” I told her.
“We should have the other girls here,” Daisy said.
“Yeah but it’ll be a lot of opinions,” I told her.
“True. What about color of bridesmaid dresses?” She asked.
“I think a nice lavender dress would be perfect,” I told her.
“That sounds nice.”
“And I was hoping you’d be my maid of honor,” I told her.
“Aw. Of course. I’d be honored to be your maid of honor,” Daisy smiled.
I felt a buzz on my pocket ma-king me look down. I took out my phone to see Jasper’s ID on the screen.
“Excuse me,” I said before getting out of the booth. I answered the call and went outside.
“Hello?” I said.
“Hey. How’s everything?” He asked.
“I just wanted to let you know that on Friday, we have an evening gala to go to. I was thinking after the gala, we can announce that we’re engaged on social media,” He told me.
“Sounds like a good plan. Does this mean I have to go dress shopping again with Gwen?” I asked.
“Alright. I should go back. I kinda left Daisy at our booth,” I told him.
“Oh right. Sorry. I’ll see you at home,” Jasper said.
I walked back inside to see that our food had arrived. I sat back down ma-king Daisy get off her phone.
“Who was it?” She asked.
“Jasper. I have to attend a gala with him on Friday,” I told her.
“Oh have fun,” Daisy told me.
“Thanks. Now, let’s talk on what we should definitely have at the wedding,” I said.
✍️To be continued ✍️

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