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Waking up married Episode 13 & 14

(My husband is a billionaire)
Pen name: Aspiringcliche
One Week Later
Stella’s P.O.V
I walked over to Daisy’s [email protected] door
and knocked on it. I waited for her to
answer. She finally opened the door and
smiled at me.
“Hey,” I smiled at her.
“I missed you,” Daisy said before
hvgging me.
“I missed you too,” I said hvgging her
“So what did you want to do today?”
She asked me.
“Well, I was thinking of getting our nails
done and then lunch,” I told her.
“Sounds great. Come on,” Daisy said.
We went to the nail salon and sat in
tables next to each other.
“How are you and Jasper?” Daisy asked
“We’re good. We’re getting along great,” I
told her. “I don’t see any bruises or cuts
so that’s a good sign,” She told me.
“Daisy,” I said in surprise.
“I’m just saying,” Daisy said.
“How are you and the girls?” I asked.
“Good. Good. Did you see Sonya’s new
b©yfri£nd?” She asked me.
“Yeah. I think it’s nice that she has a
b©yfri£ndnow,” I told her.
“It is.”
After having lunch with Daisy, I dropped
her off home. I went back to the house
and went to my room. I saw a new
dress and heels by my closet door
ma-king me stare at it in shock. I saw a
note nearby them, ma-king me walk over
to it. I took it out and re-ad it.
Be re-ady by five p.m. and wear this.
I smiled at the note before looking back
up at the dress and heels. I decided to
take a bath instead of a shower. I lied in
the warm water, filled with bubbles as I
watched Keeping Up With the
After my bath, I got re-ady for tonight. I
first did my hair then my makeup. I put
on the rose gold dress and black heels
last. I smiled at myself in the mirror
before hearing the doorbell ring. I
walked over to the front door and
answered it.
“Ms. Matthews, Mr. Kline s£nt me to
pick you up,” A man said.
“Oh okay,” I smiled. I locked the door
and walked over to the car.
The driver took me to a fancy restaurant
in the city. The driver opened the car
door for me. He then helped me out of
the car, ma-king sure I wouldn’t fall.
“Thank you sir,” I said.
“Your welcome, Ms. Matthews,” I
walked inside the restaurant to go over
to the hostess.
“Hi, I’m Stella Matthews. I think I have a
[email protected] waiting for me,” I said nervously.
“Oh yes. Right this way,” The woman
said before walking me over.
She opened to a balcony area where
there were flowers along with beautiful
Christmas lights. I smiled as I looked
around in amazement. I walked over to
Jasper who was looking out at the view.
“This is amazing,” I said. Jasper turned
to smile at me.
“I’m glad you like it,” Jasper said.
“I’m as-suming that this has to do with
the marriage proposal,” I guessed.
“You are correct but I thought I’d make
this special for you,” Jasper told me. I
blu-shed over before I strolled over to the
table. I sat down as Jasper sat in front
of me.
“How was your day?” Jasper asked.
“I went to go get my nails done and
[email protected]£d lunch with Daisy. How was
yours?” I asked him.
“Boring. Same old paperwork,” He told
me. I smiled at him before looking over
at the view.
“The view is amazing,” I told him.
“Glad you like it. Reserved the whole
balcony for this moment,” Jasper told
“Really?” I questioned.
“Yeah. Thought since I’m asking you to
be [email protected] of my world to prove to my
parents and the media that I’m not what
they thought of me, I should go full out,”
Jasper explained.
“Jasper, I love all the things you’ve done
for me but I don’t nee-d all these fancy
stuff. I appreciate and grateful that
you’re doing this for me, don’t get me
wrong. I’m just okay with some simple
things,” I told him.
“Then I will take note of that,” Jasper
smiled at me. After ordering dinner, we
continued to talk. We talked about our
day and what we wanted to do in New
York. After dinner, we ate some dessert
as we looked over at the city.
“It’s beautiful huh?” He asked me.
“It is. I’m sad to see it go when we
leave,” I told him.
“New York will have the same amount of
beauty,” Jasper told me. I nodded at
“Well, I think it’s time now,” Jasper said
looking at his watch. I watched him
stand up as he looked down at me. He
reached his hand out ma-king me place
my hand in his. I stood up as Jasper
lead me to the side.
“Stella, I know we’ve only known each
other for a short amount of time but I
just want to be sure that you’re in this
with me,” Jasper told me. I could feel
my heart race. Jasper got down on one
knee before taking out a small ring box.
He opened it, revea-ling a beautiful, yet
medium sized ring.
“Stella Matthews, will you remarry me?”
He asked me. I smiled and giggled.
“Yes,” I nodded at him. Jasper smiled at
me before standing up. He slid the ring
on my left ring f!nger. I looked up at him
as I smiled. Jasper smiled down at me
before leaning down slowly. The next
thing I felt was hisl-ips on mine.
To be continued
Someone said this story is related to
Spanish . I’ve written married at
sixteen since when I was still in
secondary and luckily I find it and added
some sauce then post it on Facebook
and mind you I don’t even have a phone
(My husband is a billionaire)
Pen name: Aspiringcliche
Stella’s P.O.V
I announced the engagement on
Instagram. I disabled the comments so I
wouldn’t have to see anyone’s thoughts
on this. Although, I did get a bunch of
confusion from my group of friends.
“I have to explain something to them,” I
told Jasper.
“I know.”
“What should I do?” I asked him.
“Go our with the girls and explain to
them that I wanted to remarry you in a
proper way,” He told me.
“Okay,” I nodded.
“Invite them here. We can both tell
them,” Jasper said.
“Are you sure?” I asked him.
“I’m very sure.”
I called up my friends and told them to
come over. I gave them the address
before fixing up the house a bit.
“You nee-d to relax,” Jasper said.
“What do you mean?”
“I can see that you’re nervous,” Jasper
“No I’m not,” I protested.
“You are,” I felt his arms around me. I
st©pped cleaning for a moment. I looked
up at Jasper.
“Just relax,” He said. I leaned back
against him.
“I’m just tired,” I told him.
“It’s going to be alright,” Jasper as-sured
“Can we order pizza?” I asked him.
“Yeah. I can pick up some drinks for
you,” Jasper said.
“plea-se,” I said.
“Okay. I’ll be back,” Jasper said before
k!ss!ngmy cheek and walking out.
All the girls [email protected]£ sometime after Jasper
left. Once they were all here, we all sat
on the couch.
“So, are you going to explain to us about
what’s going on?” Sonya asked.
“Jasper and I fell in love and he decided
to re propose to me,” I said.
“And you’re doing this now?” Mallory
“It’s complicated but once this wedding
is done, everything won’t be as
complicated,” I told them.
“Stella, he’s not forcing you into doing
this right?” Sarah asked me.
“No. No. No. He’s not,” I as-sured her.
“Besides, I was also hoping that you
guys would be my bridesmaids,” I said.
“Of course we will!” Mallory said happily.
“I got the drinks,” Jasper said from the
“We bought pizza so let’s go eat and
talk,” I said.
“How did your parents take the news?”
Daisy asked me.
“They’re happy but still a little confused
on why I never mentioned Jasper,” I told
“I would be as well,” Daisy told me
before we went to the kitchen with
everyone else.
Wedding Day
Stella’s P.O.V
This was it. The day of the wedding. I
got dressed into my wedding dress after
my hair and make up was done. The
girls were helping me get prepared for
the day.
“You look good,” Mallory said.
“And these dresses. Damn,” Sonya said.
“One quic-k selfie. Come on,” We all
posed in front of the mirror before Sarah
took the picture.
“At least we’ll remember this wedding,”
Daisy joked. We all laughed a little.
I stared at myself in the mirror.
Hopefully, after today, everything will
“Stella, may I come in?” I heard Gwen
“Of course,” I said.
“The wedding is re-ady. How about you?”
She asked me.
“I’m re-ady. Just nervous,” I told her.
“Don’t be. You’re going to be fine. Now,
shall I get your father for you?” She
asked me.
“Sure,” I nodded.
“I’ll get everyone re-ady then. Come on
ladies,” Gwen said. They all walked out
with her. Daisy gave me a quic-k hvg
before walking out.
I walked out as well with my bouquet. I
went to the side where I was hidden and
waited for my dad. I saw him walk over,
giving me a smile.
“You look beautiful,” He told me.
“Thanks dad,” I said.
“You know, this is a big step in your life.
You ba-rely [email protected]£ home with Jasper. We
met him twice then you’re suddenly
getting married. If you want to back out
right now, you can,” My dad told me.
“This is my decision. You don’t get to
choose my decisions anymore,” I told
We went to the aisle where the music
started to pla-y. We started to walk down
the aisle where Jasper was smiling at
me. I smiled back at him as I walked
towards him. Once we reached to the
end, my dad k!$$£d my cheek before
walking to his seat next to my mom.
“You look beautiful,” Jasper told me.
“Thanks, handsome,” I said.
“We are gathered here to day to join
Jasper Brooks Kline and Stella Sophia
Matthews in marriage. If there’s anyone
here who thinks that these two should
not be married, speak now or forever
hold your peace,” The priest said. When
no one said anything, I looked up at
Jasper and gave him a small smile.
As we got to the vows, Jasper went
first. I started to feel nervous. I never
liked doing speeches in school or in
front of large groups of people.
“Stella, I vow to keep you safe from any
harm that comes to you. I vow to keep
you loved. I vow to be respectful to you.
I vow to be there for you no matter
what,” Jasper told me.
“And now the bride’s vows.”
“Jasper, I vow to support you on
whatever it may be. I vow to stay by
your side throu-gh the rou-gh times. I vow
to be faithful to you. I vow to be beside
you no matter what,” I said.
“By the power invested in me. I now
pronounce you husband and wife. You
may k!ssthe bride,” The priest said.
Jasper pu-ll-ed me in gently before
placing a k!sson myl-ips. I k!$$£d back
as I smiled into the k!ss.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To be

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