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The sound of love finale

** Sarah’s pov continues **
Zack drove Valery and I home and as I was about to carry Valery inside he st©pped me and said I’ll do it, I didn’t argue with him because I feel pretty weak and now’s definitely not a good time, as he carried Valery in I followed him and opened the door for him, immediately my mom sp©tted us, she got on her feet in excitement and the worried look on her face seconds ago, actually disappeared and she smiled..
“oh my god I was worried sick what happened” my mom asked
“dont worry it was nothing” I lied I don’t nee-d her to get all misty and sympathetic..
She nods and Zack took Valery to her room, “he’s α real charmer you know” my mom said referring to Zack
“quit whining mom” I rolled my eyes and she smiled
“I’m complimenting him who’s not even here and you’re the one getting all flu-shed up uhh look at your cheeks it’s so red” my mom yanked pu-lling my cheeks..
“ugh st©p it” I say and my mom rolled her eyes still smiling, which made me smile too..
Zack [email protected]£. Out of Valery’s room with his car key in his index f!nger
“so I’m off now” he smiled
“I’ll esc-rt you out ” I say calmly and my mom nods totally agreeing with my kind gesture ..
As the door closes behind us I turned to Zack and Gave him a small smile
“thank you for today” I said
“no thank you if it wasn’t for you I don’t know where he would have taken Valery to thanks for talking some s-en-se into him” he replied and I smiled
“it was no biggie, he actually thought I didn’t love you” I laughed..
oops I can’t believe I just said that ..
“I don’t un-derstand you he thought you didn’t love me” He said
Oh. Good. Lord..
“just.. Just forget I said anything” I yanked
“no way, I can’t forget this you have to tell me or else I ain’t leaving” he sm-irked and I laughed a little.. The day had start to become dark and his eyes [email protected]£ sparkly un-der the little fluorescent light outside our porch..
“fine.. Owen said I said I didn’t love you but I.. ..i.. told him he was wrong that…i.. I.. ” I couldn’t complete my words Dang it that I’m not a straight forward girl.
“that you love me!!??” he completes it his answer coming at a statement and a question.. I slowly nod and gulped and as adorable grin was placed around his face and we both remained quiet
Okay this is awkward but great, I feel like no tables are turning it no tables were turned and I feel like me and Zack.. Oh. Goodness..
“so.. I.. have to go inside or back to work cause I haven’t really you know I’m..” I mixed my words and Zack laughed
“why do you work??..” I asked
“Huh? I don’t un-derstand” I said
“I mean you should quit cause I can actually provide for you and Valery” he offered charmingly and I was sudden speechless ..
“I.. I.. You know this is kind of. Awkward ” I admit
“what’s awkward about me trying to provide for my own daughter” he said and shifts uncomfortably
“I know you’re not just talking about Valery” I yanked and he bit hisl-ip.. And tried to hide his smiles
“okay you got me there but at least I’m trying to be a better dad” he yanked
“and I’m not being a better mom is that what you’re saying” I asked somewhat tea-singly
“ Not at all you’re the best and I really appreciate your effort and support I mean you’ve been there for her for six years and I’ve just known her weeks I want to be around her too” he suggest and I couldn’t help the sympathy that took over me for him
“awwn that’s so sweet of you” I tell him and he smile beams
“thanks” he tells me and I bat my eyelashes at him and he let out a sounding laugh. .
When he recovered from his laughter he sighed and said “so I’ll come by tomorrow to pick my car since you fired me” I say and he smiled
“okay, I’ll also come by tomorrow after work to see Valery ” he said and I nod..
“so good night then” I said
“yeah.. Good night” he tells me back the day has finally become dark I was surprised to see my self still standing outside instead of walking inside
“is it awkward that I don’t you to leave yet” I said almost in a whisper
“yes.. Yes it is” he laughed and I smiled.. And hit his arm pla-yfully, he ru-bbe-d it pla-yfully like it hurts him and I laughed and he surprises me by k!ss!ngme and I reciprocated
It’s actually the second time…
I can’t believe I’m busy counting our k!sses while I should be enjoying it while it lasts..
“okay good night for real this time” he said as he pu-ll-ed out From the k!ssand I nod..
When I walked in my mom gave me the most strangest look ever
“what?” I asked
“nothing,..i have a feeling you like Zack” my mom said and I roll my eyes
“I’ll take that as a yes” she said “I’ll go to my room” I announced
“you know I. Just think you should marry him” my mom said and I almost choked on my breath
“what? ” I yell
“what are you yelling about you two have a child and you love it each other” she seethe
“I don’t love him.. Who told.. y.. you that” I lie and could feel the hitting on my cheeks..
“hmm-mm” my mom. Looked at me and I rolled my eyes ,
and walked away I got on my be-d and re-moved my shoe today had been a day I’ll never forget.. I la-id on the be-d and started to think about Zack.. Strange Huh?
**Zack’s pov**
I got home happily form work, immediately I got in, I met my mom, dad my younger brother Xander and my baby sitter Nixie on the couch my mom was in tears and the sad expression on my siblings face made me felt a ti-ght knot in my stomach and my smile changed to a frown. What’s this old cargo doing here anyways
“hey mom. ” I greeted and she cleaned her tears and nod
What the hell happened
“you’re home early” my dad said
“what’s it to you” I yanked removing my jacket..
“be a little nicer to your father Zachary ” my mom tells me.
“nice my bu-tt mom do you even know he’s getting married” I yelled
“not anymore” my dad. Ch!pped in
“I realise I was ma-king a full time mistake of getting married to another woman you guys are my happiness I’ve alre-ady apologized to your mother and she forgives me and so did your brother and sister” he explained
“whatever” I say and my mom gave me a look,
“so you’re home early” my mom changed the subject
“yeah of course I wasn’t at work since like three In the afternoon”.i say taking my shoes off
“why?” my mom asked
“Valery got Kidnapped ” I said and Nixie got up from the couch
“OMG is she okay” she asked
“that poor thing” my mom adds
“she’s fine actually, ” I say and tossed my tie over the couch
“who’s Valery? ” my dad and Xander asked at the same time
“his daughter” Nixie replied
“oh.. You’ve seen her? ” Xander asked
“yeah she’s a cutey and a blabber beak” Nixie said and I rolled my eyes “don’t call her that” I said
“oh.. I thought you were joking on having a daughter” my dad said and I rolled my eyes at him and head upstairs.. To my room I think it’s about time I get my own house, but I can’t or else my mom would break
fv¢king great…
** Sarah’s pov **
The next morning I shrugged awake and the sweet smell of brownies filled the entire house That my mouths starts to water in my sleeps and I had to wake up.. I quic-kly brushed my teeth and head to the kitchen..
And met mom
“brownies!!” I said happily and my mom laughed
“like mother like daughter you go crazy for brownies and so does Valery” she said after taking a bite from two brownies I head to Valery’s room to wake her up and I did and she took her bath and I took her to school throu-gh a taxi
I got back to work to take back my car and unfortunately at the parking loft I met Zack parking his car.. He saw me and smiled and immediately got down from his car
“hey good morning ” I said
“morning to you too” he replied cheerfully and I smiled..
Suddenly an unexpected rain starts to pour
“come-on get In the car” he said and I got in the pas-s£ngers seat while he sat at the driver’s seat
“what kind of rain is that? ” I seethe and t©uçhed some strands of we-t hair on my head
“maybe it’s just pas-sing rain clouds” he said and I nod
“so you’re here to pick your car” he added and I nod
We both remained quiet staring at each other..
“what are we doing sarah” Zack said still his eyes on mine
“what? ” I replied
“I mean we have a daughter and all.. Just get married to me ” he said and I smiled, he’s right my mom’s right..
“is that suppose to be a proposal” I asked
And he laughed
“no no way but maybe I guess yes. I mean I’m not very good with it” he said
“you’re awful” I lied
“thanks it means a lot” he said and we both laughed
“you know I really love you sarah” he said
“I know.” I said with a low voice and throw my gaze somewhere else
“so is it a yes ” he asked and searches my eyes and I slowly nod and he smiled happily reveling his dimple and we k!$$£d…
** Sarah’s pov continues **
I drove by car home and when I got inside I met by mom sitting on the couch and drinking coffee, she takes too much coffee
“hey mom” I said and closed the door behind me
“hey darling you’re back” she said and dropped her coffee and I nodded
“er.. mom.. he proposed to me”I break the news
“Zach?” she called
“of course who else” I seethe and she smiled
“and what did you say was it a yes or a no” she asked
“I said no” I lied
“what.. Huh..why ” my mom mix her words and I couldn’t help but laugh
“what’s so funny about it” she said angrily
“you should have seen your face mom, I was joking I said yes” I replied and she breathe in a gave me an unplea-sant look
“so when is the wedding” she asked
“there will be no wedding” I seethe
“but why?? ” she asked with a frown , I sighed and said
“I just want a small court wedding and I feel like hvge weddings are bad luck”
“don’t say that, but okay what ever you say I just want you to be happy, ” she said
“thanks mom ” I said and she smiled
“well you better tell your husband about that” my mom said and I gave her a look “he’s not my husband ” I yell and walk away
“yet!!” she added
I walked in my room and brou-ght out my phone from my back pocket of my jeans..
I took my idea book where I stored Zack’s phone number and I called him..
“hey zack” I said as he picked up
“oh hey, Sarah I was just about to call you” He replied
“well I won” I said and he laughed
Okay this is going to get awkward somehow..
“so I told my family the news” zack said
“me too” I replied
“are we going to have a wedding or..
“yes we are” I cut him off
“but I don’t a hvge wedding let’s just take court” I added
“okay, so when do you think it’s a good time” I asked
“I don’t know maybe tomorrow” He said
Is tomorrow not to early??
“tomorrow’s perfect” I said ,
“okay.. Bye then.. I love you” he said
“bye.. I love you.. too” I said and hunged up, that wasn’t so bad..
** Zack’s pov **
I couldn’t help but smile after ma-king a phone call with Sarah I can’t believe I’m getting married to her after tomorrow it will just be about me, her and Valery no one else..
My office door flung open and my mother walked in looking overly dressed and wearing a heavy makeup, her hair was curled and perfectly trimmed ..hmm and my father was behind her, I still haven’t forgive him..
“hey mom ” I say
“hey son” she walked up to me smiling, ..
“what a surprise visit” I said referring to both her and my dad
“actually I [email protected]£ here to see if I find Sarah so she, Nixie and I can go shopping for her wedding dress” my mom said and I sighed
“there will be no wedding dress just buy a normal dress okay we’re having a court wedding” I replied
“court wedding?? ” my dad ch!pped in and the expression on my mom’s face made me laugh a little..
“have you seen this girl mom? She doesn’t like hvge things like you, she’s a nice quiet and gentle girl who doesn’t like too much of attention I’ve known her for years okay” I explain
“okay, court it is” my mom sighed
“I can’t believe your dad and I haven’t seen the girl my son is getting married to but I’ve heard about her crazy right? ” she said and laughed
“dad have seen her but haven’t met her ” I said
“I have? ” he asked
“yeah, she’s the model I used for the clothes sales [email protected]” I said
“oh my.. she’s pretty ” he smiled and i rolled my eyes
“oh really are you with the pictures I have to see her plea-se” my mom whined and I smiled and brou-ght out the magazine from the drawer and gave it to her ..
“oh my.. She is a very beautiful girl she looks so young and just like Valery look at that smile I can’t wait to meet her so when can I meet her” my mom squeaked happily still staring at the book
“mom you’re drooling on her ” I tease and she laughed
“so where is she I must meet her” she said
“I just finished talking to her on the phone she’s at home” I replied
“gimme her address I nee-d to meet her and her mother” my mom yanked
“really? I’m busy maybe later” I said and she gave me a wicked look I haven’t seen on her face before “okay whatever” I said and finally gave her the address and she smiled and walked away, talk about dramatic.
** Sarah’s pov *”
Me and my mom had just finished talking with me telling her that I’m getting married tomorrow and stuff and I just feel like it should just come and go, I dont like hvge things.. Suddenly a knock [email protected]£ on the door, “I got it” I tell my mom and got up from the couch and to the door when I opened it I saw Zack’s mom, I recognised her immediately even though it’s been six years ago when she [email protected]£ to school for Zack when he broke the principal’s window Zack and I haven’t actually been friends then, he was very popular..
“oh hi there you must be Sarah” she said and smiled and I nod
“oh hi there Mrs Anderson” I said and opened the door wi-der and she entered with her husband behind her..
“mom this is Mr and mrs Anderson Zack’s parents” I introduced
“oh call me rose” she insisted and I nod and did my mom
“oh my I can’t believe I’ve finally gotten to meet you, you look more prettier and taller in person” she squeaked and I couldn’t help it but smile
We talked about the “”wedding”” and I had to repeat my self telling that only family members are allowed there and Zack saved me from the outrageous conversation by telling me he’s going to pick Valery from school and I agreed…
**** fast forward ****
It’s the day after our wedding Zack’s mom was crying and sitting on the couch we we’re at their house my mom and Valery beside me and Nixie and Xander beside their mom while his father stood behind the couch staring at us as we stood still with our luggage
“come-on mom it’s not like I’m going to die” Zack gro-an ed
“I know I know.. I mean you can’t just leave I’ve trained you for years and you’ve grown up and you have a family now and I’m just so proud of you” she cried and Nixie couldn’t help it but laugh.. And his mom rolled her eyes at her
And then stood up
“that’s the point mom, I have a family now” Zack protested.. “can’t you guys just live here” she pouts and looked at me and I gave her a small smile and glanced at Zack
“no mom we can’t, goodbye and goodnight we would have gotten here like two hours ago if it wasn’t for you” Zack laughed and she sighed
“good night .. I’ll. Come visit every single day” she said and hvgged me, then Zack
Finally we’ll be moving to our own new house I can’t wait to see it..
“bye mom” I tell her she now lives with Zack’s family because Mrs Anderson insisted and without me and valery in that house there’s no home.. She hvgged me and smiled
“I’m so proud of you honey” she said and I smiled, “make my brother proud” Xander said behind me and I gave him a warm smile and hvg. Nixie jumped in front of me and hvgged me ti-ght that I couldn’t breathe
“you’ve been the best sister in law ever I know Xander’s wife isn’t going to be like you” she said
“I don’t even have a girlfriend” Xander ch!pped in and Nixie laughed and let go of me.
“bye ” she tells me and I nod
“I’m sleepy” Valery said ru-bbing her eyes
“it’s getting late we’ll be leaving now” Zack announced
“maybe Valery should sleep here and you two should leave” his mom. Said.
Seriously she is so twitchy
“no fv¢king way” Zack breathed and took Valery from me and start to head outside “goodbye son” his father said
“thanks dad” he replied and he walked out and I carried my bag and waved everyone goodbye before trailing behind him…
We got to our house and it was amazing a medium sized building just for us three or else we have more children..
“wow this house is amazing” I said staring at the arranged living room and wow I was speechless “glad you like it” Zack says
“I love it” I added and he smiled
“well I have to take Valery to her room now she’s finally asleep ” he said and I nodded “wait. She has a room alre-ady” I asked
“we do too” he replied and I rolled my eyes
Valery room was painted and furnished with pink and white and it was magical her be-d was enormous and four pink curtains surrounded it, it was beautiful and wi-de likewise her old manageable room..
“who told you she likes pink that her room had to be pink and white” I said to Zack and we walked in our own room
“all girls like pink” he said
“right” I added sarcastically and rolled my eyes but st©pped seeing our room it was wi-de and all white.. Seriously Zack spent a lot on this place
“wow” I breathed out
“what do you think” he bit hisl-ips
“there are no words to describe it” I said and jumped on the be-d
“this feels magical” I say and he laughed and closed the door behind us
“and we also have our personal bathroom” he said and smiled and when he showed me I almost la-id down on the floor.. The bathtub was made out of glas-s instead of ceramics..
“I wanted everything to be perfect” he whined and closed the bathroom door and I rolled my eyes.
“thank you for everything” I tell him
“no thank you ” he replied
“I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I’m with you I love you not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you’re ma-king of me, I love you for the [email protected] of me that you bring out” he added and my smile changed brightly
“awwn that’s so sweet” I said and bat my lashes at him
“you’re not gonna cry like my mom right” he tea-sed
“as-s-hole” I replied And he laughed
“can you help me with the Zi-pper this dress is killing me” I said and moved my hair one side and he unZi-pped my dress
“you have an amazing b©dy” he said
“shut up” I ponjured
“I’m gonna head to the shower first ” I said packing my hair in ponytail
“how about we have our bath together” he said
“what!! No fv¢king way” I repeat his words from earlier
“come-on you’re my wife now” he pouts
“yeah, I know that duh! But it’s kind of you know.. Awkward” I blurt out
“there you go again, ninety nine percent of married couple have their bath together” he said
“and we’re not them. Where’s the towel ” I asked
“in the bathroom ” he pointed and I laughed at his frowned face and head to the bathroom I closed the door but quic-kly take a quic-k glance at him before slamming it I pu-ll-ed my dress over my head, and then my inner wears before heading to the bathtub, I turned on the h0t water and the steams were clouder than I thought
The door cli-cks open and a figure stands in front of It n-ked I couldn’t see the person clearly
“mind if I join”
“oh my god Zach you’re disgusting” I say sounding loud “if I am and so are you ” he said and Joins me in the tub..
“I’m in now and there’s no going back” he said and I rolled my eyes he leaned closer to me and k!$$£d me and I sat upright so he can be comfortable and we k!$$£d un-der the cool warm water..
THE END!!!!!!

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