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The sound of love batch 4

**Sarah’s pov continues**
I got home and parked my car outside our building, …
I walked in and found my mom and Valery watching cartoon
“hey mom” I said removing my jacket and placing it on the arm of the couch,
“mommy!” Valery [email protected]£ to hvg me and I leaned forward and k!$$£d her forehead.. I sat down on one of the couch and started to re-move my heels..
“let me help you with that mommy, you look tired” Valery said happily and moved closer to me but I shook my head negatively
“it’s fine honey I can manage” I say and she frowns and sat down next to me. . .
My mom stands up and head to the kitchen, while I turn to Valery
“valy dear have you eating”
“no I told grandma I’m going to wait for you ” she said and I smiled, mom [email protected]£ back with a plate of spaghetti tacos..
After eating, Valery sat beside me, and I didn’t know what was wrong with her actually, she didn’t stick like this before to me.. And later on she fell asleep and I tuck her in be-d, giving her a good night k!ss..
I went back to the living room remembering my car, I forgot to tell mom..
“mom I have to show you something ” I said
“who owns that car outside our yard” my mom said in a high pitched voice thinking it was someone else car,
“it’s mine” I said with happiness and my mom flin-ched
“yours?…how when, huh” my mom said confusingly
“i know it’s strange but my boss, he bought it for me and I don’t even know why” I said still smiling
My mom narrowed her eyes at me and said “tell me more about your boss” she said
“why? ” I ask
“are you sure he doesn’t have any feelings for you” my mom asked
“what, mom not.. He’s my boss and I’ve only known him for two days or three, how can he possibly fall for me and he knows I have a daughter and guys fall for single girls not grandmas like me” I said and my mom arched her eyebrow..
“look mom he just bought it for me as a token of his appreciation to me” I say not actually listening to my self
“okay.. ” my mom said and crossed her arm.
I sat on the couch and [email protected]£d a pillow, “mom don’t you Think Valery has been acting strange” I asked
“how strange?” my mom said
“sh.. she’s been acting kind of not-Valery, she just stick to me like taffy and she even insisted to re-move my shoe how weird is that , she’s acting like if I go she’ll. You know.. Break” I seethe and my mom laughed ..
“that’s because she’s missing you silly, everyday she keeps telling me how she wished you never got this job because you come back home late,” my mom said and I suddenly felt heart broken,..
“really?” I said lowly and my mom nods..
Well the next day approached fas-ter than I thought and i got up early, bath, brushed, morning stuff and I took Valery to school and she was damn happy, I parked my “car” at the parking lot in front of the marbella and walked straight to Zachary’s office, I hope he’s still not In a bad mood like yesterday cause he didn’t look fine and he didn’t even tell me goodnight..
“good morning sir” I say as I entered into the office
He looked up and nods
“you’re three minutes late” he remarks.
Three minutes.. Is he fv¢king serious, if he’s so pissed off about it he should just..
“I’m sorry sir” I apologize for the dumbest thing he just said
He nods and I sat down, why is he so angry… At me. Or.. What..
“take this to Owen.. Or no I’ll do it my self ” he said angrily and stood up with a book in his hand and walked out. Someone’s in a bad mood..
Few minutes later he walked in and sat Down, he seemed more angry and I wondered why,
He didn’t talk to me or tell me to do anything so I just stayed quiet and stare at my ball pen b!tt!g my bo-ttoml!p.. He suddenly sighed and I looked at him and we made eye contact
“look Sarah I’m sorry” he said
“for what sir” I asked knowing what exactly he was sorry for
“for being rude minutes ago I let my anger for another person fall on you am really sorry ” he said and sighed
“actually.. It’s okay ” I say truthfully and he let out a small smile.. And breathed out a sigh of relief..
“so have you eaten ” he asked and I nodded even though I haven’t eaten though..
“okay” he smiled
“I nee-d you to help type these out its not much” he said and I collected the papers he handed me
Finally, work..
I started to do what he asked me to do and I was done in no time so I handed it to him, he collected it with a smile and I felt happy..
I felt down again because I suddenly had a thought of Valery, she misses me, my daughter missed me. The thought of that made me a little misty and I sniffed
“are you okay? ” Zachary asked
“yeah. I’m fine” I say and coughed
“if there’s anything tell me I’ll…
“I’m fine thanks ” I interrupted him and he nodded and faced his work,
During lunch, I ate with Owen and we talked about a lot of things, and I find him very interesting…
***fast…. Forward***
Days pas-sed with me doing my job fine, mr Zachary’s still nice and l’ve alre-ady gotten closer to Owen and we hang out like a lot and he had alre-ady know about my harsh past.. I just couldn’t keep it from a friend..
It was Saturday I woke up by the sound of Valery’s voice calling ‘mommy’
“oh honey what is it” I ask as I opened my eyes..
“it’s Saturday I don’t have to go to school and you promised me you will take me to work today” she said happily and I smiled
“you really don’t forget things” I say and she smiled ex-posing her dimples..
I took my bath and my mom helped me bath Valery and I took her to work and she just couldn’t st©p talking and pointing at buildings.. “look mommy that building’s so big ” she’ll say but I’ll just nod “look mommy that house Is very very ugly” she’ll say but still I’ll just nod..
Finally we got to work and I parked my car and me and Valery [email protected]£ down with me holding her little hand..
While entering the marbella I bu-mped into Owen
“oh hi ” I said and he smiled “this must be Valery right” he said and bent down to look at her closely “hello” Valery said and Owen smile beams.. “you’re one cute girl” Owen said and stood up
“so till lunch right” Owen said and I nod and he walked away while I [email protected]£d Valery and we went to my office..
As I walk in Mr Zachary wasn’t in the office and I was kind of happy, I don’t know how he’ll react seeing Valery.. “so Vally don’t act [email protected]ûghty okay my boss we’ll be here soon” I say
“boss? ” she tilts her head
“he’s someone you work for like the owner of something, he’s the owner of this big building” I explain and she nods in un-derstanding..
My hand mistakenly pushed the files on my table and it fell and scattered on the floor so I picked it and started to arrange it but st©pped by the sound of Valery’s voice saying
“mommy I can see everything from up here” she said and when I looked up she was standing on Zachary’s chair looking down the window
“Valery come down!!” I yell and immediately the door opened and Zachary entered inside..
Oh geez
He paused seeing Valery and she suddenly looked scared..
“uh-huh um good morning ” I said nervously
“is this..?
He pointed to Valery.
“I’m so sorry sir, Valery get down from there ” I yell and she [email protected]£ down slowly and ran to me..
I thought Zachary was supposed to be mad but he just smiled and stared at Valery..
“mommy he looks scary” Valery whispered to me but Zachary heard it and laughed..
He walked up to his seat and sat down still smiling. “I look scary” he said to Valery and she nods slowly..
“well I’ll tell you what, Valery I may look scary but I’m not” he said and Valery beamed a “really” and he nods
“so.. Sarah” he calls and I made eye contact with him
“the magazines are coming today and I nee-d you to get me three from the cloth sales [email protected] sorry for distributing” he says and I nod and gave Vally a smile before heading out..
I made my way to the CSD (cloth sales [email protected]) as fast as I could and when I walked in the manager said I was the best and when I looked in front of the magazine there was me.. A different beautiful girl like me.. I thanked him and head back to the office..
As I stepped in I met Valery sitting on Zachary’s table and they were both having a conversation
“so here it is” I said and Zachary Frowned.
“don’t you recognise me at all Sarah” Zachary tells me and I [email protected]£ confused but said no
“don’t you ever get a feeling that you know me before” he asked
“no” I shook my head he stood up and sighed I do but not really..
“well.. It’s me Zack.. Zack.. Your high school friend” he shouts and the books fell from my hands
Oh my goodness
It’s true
How could I not know this,
His smile and Valery’s smile are the same the same dimples and oh god this is so not good..
**Zack’s pov **
Oh no, I just made a mistake I shouldn’t have tell her that I’m Zack because the way she dropped the magazines made my heart skipped a beat, … “what’s wrong” Valery whispered in my ear as everywhere went silent Sarah stared at me I searched her eyes but didn’t re-ad anything, Valery got down from my table, she’s a very sweet little girl who asks a lot of questions.. She went to Sarah ah t©uçhed her
“mommy, what’s wrong” she asked
Sarah flin-ched and sighed “oh Valery I just had a thought of something.. She said she’s lying I know she’s sad and angry about it, she also looked very shocked and I felt like the ground should just open and swallow me.. Cause it just felt like my judgement day and I’ll do anything for her to forgive me..
A tear roll down her cheek and I tried to get close to her but she immediately muttered “don’t!! ” and I st©pped on my track…
¤¤¤Sarah’s pov ¤¤¤
“I’m sorry” Zachary… Zack’s voice cracks ..i couldn’t believe I was actually this stupid, I didn’t know what to do..
“why didn’t you tell me” I cried lowly..
“because I didn’t.. Because I felt that it wasn’t the right time I swear I could have told you but î was scared, but seeing Valery I felt like I should tell you, maybe she’s my child” he said
He’s not fv¢king serious
I cleaned my tears, I have to be strong in this..
“your child? , Valery is not yours and can never be yours” I said even though they both look bloody alike.. “but..
“I can’t believe you Zack” I cut him off and stared at his glossy eyes and quiveringl-ips..
“you know you’re such an idiot.. And is that the reason why I got this job, oh and the same reason you bought me a car, I can’t believe you, so you were trying to buy my forgiveness how can you be so low Zack.. How could you not notice you were being very stupid,” I yell and he sighed, oh no my eyes have start to water..
I tried to hold back my tears but I couldn’t the memory of me in my prom dress getting [email protected]£d by a guy that I thought was my friend pla-yed in my mental screen and I couldn’t help it but cry..
“Sarah seriously I’m sorry” he said and it seemed like it wasn’t only my mouth and head that was angry but also my hand and immediately I [email protected] him the door opened and someone walked in, I didn’t bother to turn to him because all my attention had been set on, Zack , I felt like.. I Felt like ripping his head off
“you’re sorry, you’re sorry, that’s what you’re going to say, you think when you say that you’re forgiven, no.. You’re not, ” I yelled and sniffed and cried even more
“did you even know what I went throu-gh after you did that, I felt pains for weeks , and after that I was pregnant for her, I started having this traumas about you freaking out every minute my mom thought I was going crazy , she took me to a mental institution I didn’t get any treatment because they found out I wasn’t crazy after all, ..but the doctor said Valery could die if care wasn’t taken, after taking meditation clas-ses , it took my traumas away and I was fine and now you want me to forgive you after everything, you’re the most selfish person I’ve ever seen ” I tell him and cleaned my tears.. He wanted to speak but he couldn’t..
“oh and here if you think you can buy me with your car or any of these” I say and gesture my hand in the air before throwing his keys at him and dragging Valery hand and walking away, I’ve got to stay away from him..
“Sarah” I hear him calling me but I’m not a fool to answer …
I took the elevator and as the door closes I cried.. “mommy what’s wrong” Valery said crying too..
I didn’t give her a reply because she’s too little to un-derstand..
I cleaned my tears and turned to her “everything’s fine, honey but don’t worry I just quit my job and I’ll be spending time with you okay” I say but she didn’t nod.. She still wore frown on her face,
As the elevator door went open I drag Valery hand and walked out, we were in the cafeteria re-ady to bur-st out the exit door to get out of this goddamned building when I heard my name, Zack’s calling me..
I turned and saw him running up to me and then st©pped Like five feet away from me..
“what!” I yell and my voice echoed in the whole cafeteria that the people pas-sing st©pped just to look at Me and the person I’m yelling at.. And was thri-lled to Zack their ‘boss’
“I’m sorry ” Zack yelled back.. And everyone watches the show surprisingly.. I rolled my eyes
“you’ve got to be kidding me” I said and was about to go when he slowly went on his knees ..and the people watching [email protected]
“I’m so sorry” he said again and it seemed like he will break down in tears any minute “you hurt me Zack and sorry can’t fix that, I’m sorry too because I’m not the Sarah I was in high school, go look for your sarah” I say and drag Valery out..
I took the bus even though the people in there were very crowdy, I didn’t care, I carried Valery on my th!gh and I faced the glas-s as the bus went moving, i couldn’t help it but cry.. Zack caused a lot pains in my life, physical, emotional and mental
I thought I was going to die at sixteen when I haven’t even lived yet, but all thanks to my thera-pist, and meditation clas-ses which helped me get rid of bad traumas and nightmares I was fine, I cried remembering all that happened when the bus st©pped I quic-kly cleaned my tears and [email protected]£ down with Valery, immediately I opened the door and walked in with Valery my mom knew something was wrong
“what’s wrong” she asked
Instead of replying I cried even more and she glanced at Valery who was dozing beside me..
“go to your room, I’ll take Valery to be-d, she must have had a long day too, cause she doesn’t sleep during afternoons” my mom smiled maybe trying to cheer me up but I Just couldn’t get a hint.. As my mom took Valery to her room I went to my room and sat tiredly on my be-d before my mom walked in..
“okay now.. What’s wrong” she asked
“it’s Zack.. I met..him” I crack
“I don’t un-derstand” my mom eyes flutter and I cleaned my tears and cleared my throat in attempt to talk clearer..
“I.. I didn’t realise Zachary, my boss was actually zack” I cried and my mom say beside me and ru-bbe-d my back. “so that was the reason he bought you a car” my mom said and I nod
“and he told me to forgive him that he’s sorry but I can’t forgive because I know what I felt mother” I cried..
“don’t say am taking his side I’m taking neither sides but I think you should forgive him” my mom said
“what? Mom you know exactly what I went throu-gh” I yanked and my mom nods
“I know but, its all in the past now, everything happened for a reason sweetie and it has alre-ady happened you can’t shift time, you just have to let go and forgive him, because if you don’t the anger will just stay within you and festered and it will end up hurting you” my mom said
“no way mom. I can’t believe you’re actually saying this” I yanked and cleaned my tears, she sighed and said
“look think whatever you want to but, just forgive him, be thankful he admits, accepts and begged, be thankful because Valery was the best thing ever! Don’t you see like I said every disappointment is a blessing.. And yours is.. ”
“Valery was a mistake mom” I say and regretted I said that
“she is but not anymore she’s your pricest possession, at least she’ll have a father think about this hon huh” my mom said and u sighed.. I don’t want to forgive Zack.. It’s just so ha-rd even my mom don’t get me.. . Just then we heard the door bell go and my mom stands up and head out.. To the living room..
“sarah” she calls
I sniffed and cleaned my face with my hand and head to the living room to see Zack sitting on the couch impatiently, immediately I [email protected]£ in his eyes lit.. His face looks pale like he had been crying and his hair was all rou-gh and his nose was red and his eyes soa-ked and looks heavy
If he’s here for forgiveness then he’s wasting his time..
T. B. C

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