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The minister’s son Episode 7 & 8

The line went dead. It was beyond doubts that my love Serena was in trouble, her mother was dead, according to the caller. I couldn’t fail to connect Dad with all that, he had alre-ady left the house with his b©dy guard. I knew he had hired goons to kidnap Serena , but why murder the innocent woman? Serena’s mother didn’t deserve to die. I felt like taking my pistol, finding Dad and shooting him to death. Our traditions would call it uncouth, maybe even a taboo or abomination. My eyes were full of tears, there was no doubts that I had caused Serena mother’s death. I shouldn’t have persisted in marrying her, maybe my mother was right, Dad was a monster, he wouldn’t hesitate in having Serena killed. I couldn’t imagine that, I wouldn’t hesitate killing him either.
Brian found me in the dressing room and I told him everything, i feared for his job and life too, if Dad would know that he had supported me in the plan, his life would be in danger, Dad was a monster, I had no doubt. There were rumours that he used his position as the minister of internal security to import and traffic drugs, in [email protected]!pwith Ndegwa who was the minister for transport and communication. He was my Dad and I loved him, i had taken all the rumours as mere allegations by his political opponents, but then he had so much wealth for a minister. He was still my Dad and I didn’t like the allegations anyway, imagining them being true was a sin too. But I knew he was a tough man, popular in and outside the country.
Brian advised me against risking Serena’s life, Judas advised me the same, according to them, I had no choice than to do the wedding with Joyce.
“David you have to be wise, can’t you see your persistence has alre-ady claimed an innocent life? Do you want Serena to die too? If you love her, do it for her, wed with Joyce and save the poor girl’s life.” Judas advised.
“Really? Will she ever listen to me? What will happen to her and the unborn?” I was desperate, I nee-ded an advise, an appropriate one.
“Look David, Serena may never forgive you for keeping the information from her, besides, she will be so bitter discovering that you have caused the death of her mother.” Judas was annoying but his words were true. Causing Serena’s death wouldn’t be the sign of love. I had no choice. Involving the police would have been a better solution, but then, my Dad was the boss of all the police in the country. They would take his command and kill Serena than save her.
“But who told Dad about my plan? It was only between the three of us.” I asked suspiciously. I trusted both of them, I couldn’t imagine any of them.
“Who else if not your illiterate servant.” Judas suggested.
“You mean Brian?”
“Of course, this cheap guys can sell your n£¢k for just a few coins.” He said confidently.
“Well, according to me, Brian might not be learned and wealthy as well but he will never ever betray me?” I was so confident. I had known him for long, he was like a brother I never had, he would do anything for me, just to see me happy. He was always a loyal servant.
“So its me? Or who else then? We were three of us!” He seemed agitated.
“Come on bro! Of all the people, you would be the last to suspect, st©p being funny you dummy.” I [email protected] his shoulder as I tea-sed him, he smiled.
There was not much to record in the wedding, much happened but I was so stressed up to recognize them. Ministers and their as-sistants gave speeches and their gifts. His Excellency the president gave us a new limousine and a cheque of six million, his deputy gave us a new BMW and a cheque of two million shillings. The others gave envelops full of cheques and cash as well. The wedding was broadcasted by four of the most popular TV stations, Dad had paid for that. I didn’t enjoy even a single moment, all I wanted is for the cursed event to be over, I would rush to see Serena. I knew she was in real mess and trouble.
My inability to control my tears as I placed a ring around Joy’s f!nger was the headline in the newspapers the following morning, the rumour writers so known as journalists wrote that, I was so happy such that I couldn’t control my tears. I hated the irony.
The honeymoon was planned to take place in Britain but I declined it, I objected it by claiming that I was unwell.
“In that case Serena dies.” That was a text that [email protected]£ immediately ten minutes after I objected the journey to Britain.
I had no option again, I had to do everything to save Serena, provided I wont make love to Joyce.
A whole week in Britain was like a whole week in hell to me. Judas and Brian were among the people who had accompanied me. Trying to twist Joyce so that we couldn’t make love wasn’t easy. With Judas and Brian, we still made a plan. On the third night of the honeymoon , all of us got drun!k, including her, in fact I made sure she was totally drun!k. I had promised to make love to her that night, that was after threatening to call home and report that I was avoiding her.
I carried her into the be-droom, she was talking uncontrollably out of drun!kardness. She was still calling my name, I gave her the k!sses she demanded. She held my waste and rolled her ton-gue in my mouth, it tasted alcoholic. I ca-ressed her t–s and k!$$£d her n£¢k, her [email protected]!st was broader than that of Serena, I thought Serena’s was the best. She got hold of my belt and made it loose, by then her eyes was closed and her hands felt week. She was still determined to push my trou-ser downward, she didn’t manage but her hand pene-trated un-der my [email protected] and she was holding it! There was no doubt I had £r£¢ted. She ru-bbe-d around it and I knew trouble was knocking. That wasn’t our plan with Judas and Brian. I was confused whether to do it or arou-se her completely, undress her and then call Judas who had agreed to break her vir-ginity. My hand st©pped when I remembered Serena who was obviously mourning her mother’s death.
On st©pping, Joyce opened her eyes and pu-ll-ed me closer .
‘Is she really drun!k?’ I feared that someone had told her our plan, maybe she wasn’t that drun!k. The way her hand worked un-der my [email protected], she knew what she was after.
“Am all yours David, break me tonight.” Her voice was more steady and sober this time.
I was scared, I knew I had messed up alre-ady. Tears started ma-king their way when she held my hand and pushed it un-der her Sk-irt and [email protected] She pushed down my trou-ser successfully and my [email protected] followed. By then both of us were we-t, both of us were in nee-d. Yes we were. I accept, I nee-ded S-x, but, S-x with her? I wasn’t sure yet, but why then did I push her [email protected] down?
I was almost getting into it when the lights went off…
I pretended as though heading for the switch which was near the door, I was sweating as I opened the door and got out as Judas entered. We had used the same perfume that day, my prayer was that Joyce was completely drank. I still questioned our plan, what if it demands me to remain with Joyce? I would be living with a girl that Judas had sle-pt with and broke her vir-ginity, I still doubted if she was a vir-gin. But then I had nothing to worry about, by the following weekend, Serena and I would be out of the country. I would then write a letter to Joy, informing her the whole truth, if at all she kills herself well and good, Dad was to blame for everything. I had still failed to catch Serena via the phone, but my mother confirmed to me that she wasn’t in trouble, but something had happened , she had alre-ady shifted from Umoja to the village where she had come from. I pleaded with my mother to do me a favour, I wanted her to as-sist in burying Serena’s mother. I wanted her to be pres£nt but then, I never knew how dangerous that was. On seeing my mother, Serena had rushed to her with a machete, she believed that we had s£nt goons to kill her mother, she confessed that I had pla-yed with her minds and according to her, I wanted her dead after using her b©dy. The guards had to fire their guns to scare away the angry villagers, they believed that my mom and the two guards had gone to kill Serena, the same way they killed her mother. My mother explained all this via phone call, I was so distressed, I wondered whether Serena would ever trust me again, will she ever believe that I loved and wanted to be with her forever?
The game of getting drun!kand Judas ma-king love with Joyce having impersonated me went on to the last day, it was very successful, Judas seemed to be the biggest beneficiary, it was his honeymoon not mine, I had lots of stress to enjoy any moment. His disappointment was that Joy wasn’t a v!rg!nas she had lied to me.
“The path was wi-de enough for a train.” He joked, He was a nice friend, very [email protected]ûghty but I liked him.
On returning into the country, my first trip to plan was to Serena’s home. My mother tried to caution me but I was so determined to listen. I promised her that I wouldn’t go but I had to, I knew Serena would listen to me, she loved me, it was in her eyes each time I looked into them. I took Brian with me, with him, mother will believe that I wasn’t going far.
It was on Tuesday, at around 09:00hours when Brian we drove along the supper highway towards Thika, by then few words had pas-sed between Brian and I, my mind was so worked up, I was trying to figure out my best explanation to Serena, I knew she had seen the news about my wedding with Joyce, it was all over inthe newspapers.
It would be difficult but if she loved me then she would believe, that’s what I thought.
“Yes Brian?”
“What if the villagers threaten to attack us? Shouldn’t we have gone with a guard or two ?” Brian sounded scared.
“Come on Brian, I don’t nee-d guards to go and convince my wife, in fact, with a guard, we will be suspected to have come with bad motives.” He nodded to my words but I saw that he wasn’t convinced.
Brian was a good driver too, I had taught him on how to drive. I liked his ability to un-derstand things fast. He therefore used to as-sist me in driving whenever we traveled together.
At around noon, we made a u-turn and parked just outside their main house, the place seemed so quiet and gloomy. It was three days since Serena’s mother was buried, I had carried a bunch of flowers to [email protected] her grave.
There was no sign of anyone though the door was open. I requested Brian to be left into the car as I got out with my flowers.
On just getting out, I saw the grave just some yards behind the kitchen. I decided to go and show my last respect to my mother in-law . The cross was white and contained her three names. By the time I arrived there tears were all over my face, I knew I had caused her death, I shouldn’t have fallen in love with her daughter. I couldn’t help weeping as I bent down to place the flowers on her grave.
“Mother, plea-se forgive me, I loved your daughter and I will die for her, if my death will pave way for our marriage and justice then, I will prefer to die. Rest in peace my mother in law .” I had merely completed saying those words when something heavy landed behind my n£¢k. I fell on t©p of the grave and felt so dizzy and weak to stand. I struggled to open my eyes but I saw just darkness. I could hear voices from a distance, my nostrils would smell petrol, it was now all over my b©dy. They wanted to burn me alive. Someb©dy dragged me away from the grave, this time I managed to open my eyes, I couldn’t see clearly but I couldn’t fail to recognize Serena who was holdings match box, re-ady to strike and burn me alive, behind her was a multitude armed with machetes and other weapons. I opened my mouth to call her name but I was struck again, this time on my head. Blood sprinkled ahead of me and ….
Will David die in the hands of Serena?
For justice and love?
What a pity!
Its true that death doesn’t come when you terribly nee-d it, had I anything to live for? How would I live without Serena? My rejection by Serena was more painful than the fire that would have burnt me to death.
Brian sat beside on my hospital be-d, he smiled broadly to see me open my eyes. There was a lot of pain at the back of my heard, every [email protected] of my b©dy seemed so heavy to raise.
“How do you feel sir?” Brian was concerned.
“What happened Brian? Where on earth are we?” I knew we were in a hospital, but then in which hospital?
“We are in Aga-Khan hospital, you were attacked sir, by the villagers.”
“Wait,,,,so,,,,who saved me?” I was curious, I remember feeling petrol all over my b©dy, I remember seeing Serena re-ady to strike a match box to roast me. I felt some tears, the only girl I loved was re-ady to kill me.
“I saved you sir.” Brian said proudly.
“You saved me?” I was shocked, a servant boy? The young Brian saved me from the midst of angry villagers? Armed villagers? I was sure he had called the police, but how soon? I would be dead by the time they would be arriving.
“I had to use your gun sir, i fired it to scare away the crowd and drag you into the car with one hand as I held the gun with the other, we escaped narrowly..”
“Wait,,,,but I left my pistol in the house, you have a gun?”
“I knew it was important so I carried it for you, for emergency in case it…”
“You took my gun and carried it,,,,then you,,,,Brian,,,you,,,,a boy,,saved me using it?” It was interesting, I still felt like an idiot.
“Yes sir, I saved my master.” He smiled.
“Does anyone know about this? Me being attacked and you saving me?” I was curious.
“Yes.” He answered shortly, increasing my curiosity, incase my Dad [email protected]£ to know of that then Serena would die the same evening, some villagers would be killed too. I still never wanted to loose Serena, not throu-gh her death. As a matter of fact she had tried to kill me out of anger and desperation. It is painful when the person you love hates you to a position of trying to kill you, using her own hands, not even hiring an as-sas-sin. If not Brian I would be dead, dead by her own hands.
“Serena and the villagers know about it, you and I too.” He explained .
“Nob©dy else? You didn’t call home?”
“I didn’t, I feared for my job, your Dad would even have me arrested for allowing you to travel such a dangerous journey, my biggest fear was for Serena’s life .” Brian was so wise, he was a wonderful young man. I admired his wisdom, sometimes I wondered what he would be if he had gotten a chance to study.
I thanked him and insisted that no one should know about it, but, obviously, Judas was to know.
The first step was to leave the hospital by 1900hours which was against the doctor’s will. I never wanted to raise any alarm at home. I was glad to hear from Brian that no journalist had arrived by the time we drove away from the village.
There was no doubts that my Mother or Joyce had tried to reach me via my phone which was off. Brian had heard it ring when I was still unconscious and had switched it off.
The doctor handed a receipt to me after transacting the money into his mobile phone. He had written three types of medicines for me to collect at the pharmacy.
“Thank you doctor.” I thanked.
“Welcome sir.” I was shocked to hear him call me sir. My bigger shock was to get out of his office and see Brian in handcuffs, Four police were surrounding him. I was confused, I had to save him before they took him away.
“Leave him!” They all turned to me and by the time I discovered it, I was in handcuffs.
“David Kamau, we have an order of arresting you , for allegedly being involved in the death of an old woman by the name Janet. You have an option to remain guilty…” I couldn’t believe it.
At the same time, I was shocked to see Dad come out of the reception office. I was sure he would order them to re-lease me at ones. He was their boss, I saw them bow to him.
He looked at me angrily.
“I warned you idiot, now face the music!.” He roared .
“But Dad…” I started.
“Boys ?!”
“Yes sir!” The police saluted.
“Take them away!”
I had never imagined being in police cells, not throu-gh my Dad, not when he was the boss to all the police. My mother had tried to plead to him but he was determined to have me suffer for what he knew very well was a false allegation. My love for Serena and her mother was too much, I wouldn’t hurted any of them, leave alone killing Serena’s mother. I wondered whether Serena really loved me, if she did, she would have come to see me in the police custody. According to Judas, Serena was busy getting a case against me file in court. I thought it was the high time I gave Judas’ advice a second thought, his advice was that I should forget Serena and marry Joy, he said that it was clear that Serena didn’t love me.
“If she could try to kill you, what more prove do you nee-d for you to discover that she doesn’t love you?” Judas had a point, according to him, Serena had only accepted my hand in marriage due to my family status, she wasn’t different from any other girl, she was only lucky and a better actress than the rest.
On the other side, Brian, who spent days and nights in the police cells, regardless of my pleading to them for his re-lease, he advised me positively. He felt that Serena was mislead by someone, according to Brian, there was a misun-derstanding.
“Serena loves you sir, I saw it in her eyes even when she held the matchbox, tears were all over her face, she had no courage to do it, just give her time Sir.” Brian advised. “Time? I give her time to file a case against me or to realize that am innocent? If she loved me, she should have not believed the allegations, where is she now?” I felt so bitter with Serena, de-ep within me , I knew it would be difficult to forget her, but then there wasn’t an option.
On that evening, Joyce visited me in the cells, she was accompanied by Angela who was her newly employed maid. Joy had made it a routine to visit me every day, now that Serena wasn’t there for me, Joy’s visits comforted me. I was still wondering whether we had made the right thing, having Judas make love to the girl I was legally married to. At the back of my mind, I doubted the wisdom of our action. It was Judas’ suggestion, he had of course benefitted.
“How have you been hunnie?” She pe-cked me, we were in the waiting room.
“Just fine, not bathing for two days, slee-ping on floor with no blanket, a very nice life, don’t you think so?” She got my joke and smiled.
“I still can’t get it, why and how could your Dad allow this to happen? I have tried to plead with him, all he says is that you don’t respect him, tell me exactly what happened.”It was interesting that none of us had told Joyce the truth, she believed that I had a fight in the village where I had gone to see a friend and I was arrested. She thought it a mere mistake to have a minister’s son to spend even a minute in police cells.
“Don’t worry my dear, I must pay for my sins.” I wondered whether I should tell her the whole truth, what would she do to discover that she had been married to me by f0rç£? That I was f0rç£d? That I didn’t at even a single time made love to her but Judas, a single mother’s boy, a peasant intellectual did? I thought it was so weighty for her to bear. I pitied the innocent Joy, she wasn’t to blame, my Dad and her Dad were to blame. They had known that I loved Serena, yet they were so selfish to let me have my way.
A f0rç£ de-ep within me pushed my words into the mouth, I opened my mouth to tell her the truth.
“Joyce..” I started.
“David, I know you are hungry sweetheart, let me serve you.” She reached for the bag.
“No plea-se, Brian and I will eat later.”
“Okey my husband” She st©pped to look at my face. Her eyes were bright, she stared into my eyes as though re-ading my mind. She moved closer along the bench. She placed her left hand around my n£¢k and k!$$£d me lightly. I saw Angela get out of the room shyly. Joyce stared ones more in my eyes, her face was not happy, there was something behind the look. I tried to guess it in my mind but I couldn’t.
“David, do you still love me?” I felt like laughing, was that what made her look so pregnant? What if I told her that in my entire life I had only loved one girl, Serena, the girl who was breaking my heart.
“Why do you ask?”
“Because I nee-d to know, nee-d for an as-surance maybe.” She k!$$£d me ones more, as though putting an answer into my mouth.
“Well, tell me about mother, she isn’t coming today?”
“Comeon David!” She sounded offended, she knew my plan of diverting from question.
“OK, the answer is yes.” She hold me ti-ghtly, studied my face as though to confirm whether I meant my words.
“David, I have a news for you.” She looked over her shoulders as though confirming that we were alone in the room. By then , my heart was ma-king prolonged pauses, I was afraid, afraid of the unknown.
“Go on dear.” I feared for the worst.
“Its three weeks now since we made our first love” she paused to study my face, I had no strength to say a word. She proceeded, I hated the long she took to say it, my b©dy was shaking. “Are you alright?”
“Will you say whatever you have to say and be gone?” I was agitated by her suspense.
“I am pregnant David, I carry your child.” She said it at last. I stood up slowly , looked at her and headed for the door.
“See you later Joyce.” I stormed out and the cop at the door took me back into the cell. I had no one to discuss the issue with , other than Brian who shared a cell with me, my servant boy, now my cell mate. Brian was as confused as I was. I remembered advising Judas to use protec-tion on her, he obviously violated my advice. Within the next ten minutes, a cop [email protected]£ to call me again.
“David, you have a visitor.” I knew it was Joyce who wanted to see me again, to bother me ones more.
“I don’t want any visitor plea-se.” I answered with finality. The cop moved away.
Soon my mother was at the door to our cell.
“Mother? It was you?”
“Yes son, you don’t nee-d a visitor?” We hvgged.
“My mother isn’t a visitor, I never knew it was you mom.”
My mother seemed happy that day, not like on the other days when she looked so sad to see her only son in the cells. Was it because Dad had travelled to Australia on that day? I wondered whether she had a plan to get me out of the cells in his abs£nce. But something dawned to me, Joyce might have told her about her pregnancy, that was the cause of her joy. I was disappointed.
“My son, someb©dy told Serena that you had a plan of killing her and her mother, you saw them as a stumbling block between your marriage and Ndegwa’s daughter.” She informed after a short conversation outside the cells, two cops were closely behind me.
“Who told you all these? Who told her? Who lied to her?” I couldn’t figure out, my Dad? But how and where?
“You want to know him?” She smiled.
“Yes mother.” I was curious.
“Come.” She led me towards the waiting room.
She stood aside and let me face the door.
“Push it and get in.” She instructed, I obeyed.
I pushed the door and…I couldn’t believe whom I saw. “Serena my love?” I moved and she rushed to meet me.
“David my love!” We [email protected], I felt her tears at the back of my shoulder…

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