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The minister’s son Episode 1 & 2

The restaurant was obviously busy that evening, it was on a valentine evening and almost everyone walked in as a dual, a couple to be precise. It was a day that was special to many but same as other days to me. Love was just a hypocritical thing to be [email protected], you only say you love someone when attra-cted to something they posses. You only nee-d to announce the millions un-der your possession and all girls will swear upon their brea-sts that they love you. That explains to you why riche-st but ugly men marries the cutest ladies whereas handsome poor men die single or ends up marrying leftovers of the tycoons, jilted used exhausted ladies. I never believed in love, not even when in London for my studies, I stuck to sports and novels. I walked into the manager’s office to inform him about the minister’s conference which was to be held in our restaurant in two weeks time, I had just received the news from Dad via phone call.
I hated it when every worker around saluted me with respect and honour, I was just a minister’s son not the minister himself, I didn’t deserve all the honour. At the Manager’s office door I collided with a girl , she was carrying her suitcase so she stumbled and almost fell down. She turned to me sharply and I saw there was tears on her cheeks, her eyes were red. “Have you no eyes young man?!” She yelled.
“Am sorry, it was an accident…” I tried to explain. It was clear that she never knew whom I was. She cursed as she collected her suitcase and headed downstairs, by then everyone around had st©pped to witness, others with their mouths agape. Two securities rushed to arrest her as I got into the manager’s office to inquire in whom the girl was.
“Good evening sir, welcome.” The fat man greeted with respect.
“Thank you, tell me about the lady who has just left your office with a suitcase.” There was confusion on his face.
“She was just our customer sir, she wanted a room for her night on credit, her master has just thrown her out of the house.”
“She was a house girl?”
“Yes sir.” He answered.
“Did you give her the room?”
“No sir, you know we don’t operate on credit, its your father’s rule number one sir.”
There was a knock at the door and one guard stepped in.
“Sorry for interruption sir, we have arrested the girl that has just insulted you, we are about to take her to the police station. Thank you sir.” He headed to the door.
“Bring her upstairs and into this office.” I ordered.
“Right away sir.” He opened the door and I could hear his boots down the stairs.
I could see confusion on the manager’s face but he had no courage to ask me a single question. He was approximately my Dad’s age, I found her working in the restaurant when I was born, by then he was not as old as he seemed to be.
“Am sorry sir, I never knew it was you, plea-se forgive me.” She wept. There was something in her voice that seemed unique, something attrac-tive, something charming.
“Stand up, what’s your name?” She had been kneeling on the floor.
“Thank you sir, am Serena Wairimu.”
I ordered the two guards who had brou-ght her to get out, only the Manager and I were left to listen to her.
“You had tears when we met at the door, why were you crying?” She t©uçhed her eyes as though to confirm whether there were more tears.
“I don’t know where to sleep sir, its alre-ady late and master threw me out of the house.” She had flesh tears forming.
“But why would he do that?” I was eager, why would a man s£nd a girl out of the house at night? In such a dangerous city!
“His wife is not around, he wanted to sleep with me and I refused.” I should have guessed it. She was weeping uncontrollably as she explained that her home was in Embu where she had lived with her mother who was a local brewer , her mother had been arrested and she had no option than to drop out of school to follow her friends in the city seeking for a well known job, house helping .
The Mananger hesitated when I ordered him to giver her one of the VIP rooms in sixth floor, he had no option than to obey. I ordered a guard to carry her suit case to her room. I never knew why I did all that, one thing I was sure was that I was not in love. I didn’t know how sure I was but my valentine had just began.
I knocked the door number 768 VIP and she opened, my wrist watch re-ad 22.45 pm .
“Sir?” There was shock and confusion on her face.
“Am David not sir” I smiled to ease her tension . every [email protected] of her b©dy was visible throu-gh her red pyjama, indeed it was on a valentine night.
“Welcome sir.” She stood from her seat.
“David” I corrected her ones more.
“Am sorry sir, welcome sir David.” I couldn’t help laughing. The more I tried to correct her the more she seemed embarras-sed. I saw her glance at the clock on the wall, she was no doubt wondering what I had come for at that time of the night. My stare on her well expo-sed b©dy might have gave her an idea. The wrong idea for that matter, I was there to see how I could help her, I wasn’t there for her [email protected]
I sat on one of the simple chairs some metres away from where she sat.
“Am sorry I forgot your name.” I said to break the silence. She seemed so uncomfortable, very embarras-sed, maybe due to the fact that the biggest [email protected] of her b©dy was expo-sed. I could tell that her [email protected] was off, I wasn’t sure about her [email protected] All I knew was that she was re-ady to sleep.
“Am Serena sir.” She said humbly.
“Yeah, that’s it, so, tell me Serena, what’s your plans?”
“What do you plan to do tomorrow? Go back to Embu?” She was still staring to the ground in embarras-sment. Girls are funny sometimes.
“I would like to go back but I have to find a new job in order to clear my debt in your restaurant and as well get some money to get a lawyer for my mother.” I saw tears forming in her eyes, her voice was getting thick with emotions. It was a sad voice that pene-trated somewhere in my heart. de-ep within me I made a vow to do anything to help her. I had never felt for anyone the way I was feeling for her. Its like some connections were growing between us. I still never wanted to think it in a direction of love. For how long can a man escape from the jaws of love?
At the back of my mind I knew there was Ndegwa’s daughter, Ndegwa was the minister for transport and communication, he was the closest friend to my Dad who was the minister for internal security. My Dad had alre-ady made it known to me that I was supposed to marry Hon. Ndegwa’s daughter to strengthen their friendsh!p. Besides of them being close friends, Dad and Ndegwa were business [email protected]
Ndegwa’s daughter was famously known, her name was Joy. She was doing her masters degree in law in the united states. It was alre-ady seven years since I met her in their home in Karen where her Dad had arranged a big [email protected] for her birthday. By then both of us were shy, we had nothing to talk about. If it wasn’t my Dad’s demand, I wouldn’t have accompanied him.
*Back to my Serena*
“Don’t mind about the bill, I will take care of that.” I saw her face brighten.
“Thanks a lot sir! I never knew such good people would exist in the city.” Her words made me laugh.
“They do, now I have to take my leave, don’t leave before you see me tomorrow.” I stood to leave.
“Thanks a lot sir. I will see you sir.” She stood to open the door for me, ex-posing more than I had alre-ady seen. 😋 It seemed to me my valentine was well spent.
“Enjoy your night.” I said as I stepped outside.
“You too sir, thank you.” I don’t know whether she closed the door or she spent with it open because I could still feel her eyes on my back as I walked along the pavement.
I had very little sleep that night, her image was all over my mind. I couldn’t even concentrate in my favourite series, Merlin. It was not until dawn that I got some sleep and dreamt with her.
At exactly 8.15 a.m I was in my favourite car outside the restaurant, I had s£nt my driver Ken to get her. In ten minutes time Serena and Ken arrived.
“Put her bag at the back seat.” I ordered or rather requested as I got out of the car.
“Good morning Serena.” She looked so confused, I had not told her anything.
“Good morning to you sir.”
“Get into the car, I want to take you home.” I opened the door for her.
“Am sorry sir, I can’t, plea-se give me my bag.” She said with a serious tone.
“I must find a job and get money for my mother’s lawyer.” She complained taking her bag from Ken.
“That’s why we are going home, I will take Care of that, I am a professional lawyer.” I saw her face brighten with shock.
“Sir I can’t take all that favour from you,thank you for the offer, its so big for me, goodbye.” Her voice was sad again.
“You want your mother to rot in jail? Do you have an idea of what she must be pas-sing throu-gh?” I was getting even with her stubbornness .
“OK then, let’s go.” I smiled at her words, I don’t know why I smiled but all in all, I smiled.
“Yes sir.”
“Today your services won’t be nee-ded, plea-se rest.”
“But sir…..”
“Tell Dad I went to see a friend in Umoja.” I started the car with Serena beside me.
At around 11pm we arrived at Wang’uru cells where Serena’s mother was being detained, she had never been taken to court.
” I thought you said she is in jail.” I turned to Serena whose face was alre-ady showing her curiosity in meeting her mother.
“Yes, she is jailed here, they never even took her to court.” She said sadly.
“These are police cells, they are breaking the law by detaining her without trial. Its unjust and against the constitution.” I said
It was very annoying to see how poor people were mistreated. Rich people especially politicians murdered and went free, on the other hand a poor man would die in prison for being suspected of killing a rich man’s dog. I refused to let wealth ha-rd en my heart against the poor. The government official failed to discover that their salary was from the lower clas-s and middle clas-s taxations. A roadside banana seller would spend months in jail for not paying tax as the MP months in jail for not paying tax as the MPs pas-sed bills for their salaries not to be taxed. That was the nation, the country we lived in. The poor people were slaves in their own nation.
I stepped out of the car and opened the door for Serena, she still seemed afraid of all that I did for her.
“Thank you sir.” She almost bowed, I didn’t like it.
“For heavenly sake drop that term ‘sir’ it st©ps my digestion. plea-se.” I tried to sound more serious.
“Sorry sir, no, am sorry, I will try my best sir.” She held her mouth. There was no point on warning her, it seemed it was [email protected] of her breath.
On the reception there were two police, both ladies. None of them raised her face even after greeting them, police are very arrogant. They never hesitate in being used by rich people to haras-s their fellow poor people. Its worse when a police is a lady. Very arrogant.
“My name is David and my wife here Serena.” One of the ladies raised her face but her colleagues seemed busy on her phone. I felt agitated. I knew my introduction had shocked Serena, there was no time to consider that.
“Go ahead.” The Lady said rudely as she opened the OB book.
“We are here to see lady Mary Wangechi, the information am getting is that you arrested and have detained her for two months now, without trial.” Both ladies were now staring at me. They smiled at each other and giggled, it was obviously an insult.
“Thanks for the long story but point of correction, its two and a half months now, not just two.” One of them shouted as her friend continued laughing.
” For your information, you won’t see her today. plea-se get lost!” She ordered raising her lace. I felt like laughing,Serena was obviously holding her breath.
“I nee-d to see the police inspector. plea-se show me his office.” My request was met by an irritating laughter.
I had no choice than to find a solution, I never wanted to reveal myself so fast. The gateman was to be my solution. He hesitated but on giving him a thousand shillings note, he gave me the direction and the number of the inspector’s office. Serena walked beside me.
I knocked the office and the harsh voice welcomed us in. A tall black man man sat on a swinging chair. He raised his face and I saw shock on it.
“David?.” Had he recognized me?
I did not answer, he [email protected]£d one of the newspapers on the table. My arrival from London was [email protected] of the headlines, I was known nationally due to Dad’s fame in politics.
He looked at the picture then at me, again and again until he was contem-pted that it was me.
“Sir? What an honourable visit? plea-se sit down.” He stood up, removing her cap.
“Thank you sir. We don’t have much time, am here to see my mother in law. Mary Wangechi. She was arrested two months ago, she is being detained here with no trial. I want to act as her lawyer.” I said, I gues I was harsh.
” No nee-d sir, we will re-lease her at ones, I never knew you were related.” He pleaded.
“Related or not, justice is a right to every citizen. I must see every unjust action against her punished.”
The man pleaded more when I informed him the misconduct of his police at the OB.
He made two calls, one ordering Serena’s mother to be set free. The other call ordering the two rude ladies to report to his office.
The ladies arrived first.
It was clear that they were shocked to find us in the Inspector’s office.

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