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The marriage battle Episode 9 & 10

Kemi: ‘Mami, why do you hate her so much’ she asked for they have forgotten that she is with them while lost in their conversation.
Kehinde: Don’t you want me to be your sister in-law Kemi?
Kemi: I don’t have a problem with that but if you f0rç£ him to marry you don’t you think that the both of you will be miserable for the rest of your life?
Mami: ‘Who called you into this conversation? Will you go to your room before I descend on you?’
Kemi: ‘looked at her mother and shook her head ‘When I want to get married Mami, don’t try this thing you are doing with Brother Ayo with me ooo for I won’t take it. Its either you accept the man I want to marry or you’re on your own ooo’ she said and went to her room.
*The next day*
Ayo: ‘Hello Kehinde’ he said as he shook hands with her ‘what brings you to my office and how come you know where I work?’
Kehinde: ‘Relax Ayo, I just [email protected]£ to say hello’ she said as Ayo ushered her a seat.
Ayo: Wow, thanks for checking up on me but how did you know where I work because the last time we spoke, I never told you my location.
Kehinde: You didn’t but Mami did and she told me to bring this food to you for she says that you haven’t eaten.
Ayo: My mother never cease to amaze me, when she sets her mind on something, she will do all she can to make it happen.
Kehinde: Yes she will but you have to put s£ntiment aside and eat her food at least. You can’t say you are angry with her not to eat her food.
Ayo: Hmmm, well you are right sha. He said, took the food flask from her, opened it and smiled at what he saw ‘My Favorite soup, Mami prepared my favorite soup, Ewedu soup with black Amala, this is a good one. He went to wash his hands, [email protected]£ back and started eating the food.
Kehinde: Hope you are enjoying the meal?
Ayo: Hmmm, so very well,this is so delicious. I thought Adaobi how to prepare it.
Kehinde: Serious?
Ayo: Yes and she is good but my mother is still the best. When I taste this meal any- where, I always misses home.
Kehinde: You mean your Mom?
Ayo: Yes! I know she wants the best for me but sometimes, she doesn’t want me to breathe on my own.
Kehinde: That’s a mother’s love.
Ayo: This food is so good, it’s been long I ate something like this.
Kehinde: Then it’s a good thing I [email protected]£.
Ayo: What do you mean?
Kehinde: Am glad I [email protected]£ with the food.
Ayo: Oh! Okay.
After he finished eating, Kehinde and Ayo talked about anything and everything, love, life and relationsh!p.
Ayo: Am glad you [email protected]£ though.
Kehinde: You sure or you are looking for a way to push me out?
Ayo: No, you are really a good company.
Kehinde: Wow, that’s nice to hear.
Ayo: ‘Yea’ Few minutes later he started feeling weak and dizzy.
Kehinde: Are you okay?
Ayo: Am kind of feeling dizzy and weak and my eyes seems to be blurry, maybe it’s because I have been on this seat for a long time or…
Kehinde: Or stress.
Ayo: Yea.
Kehinde: maybe you should rest a bit.
Ayo: ‘Yea, can you help me bring my car for me; it’s parked three blocks away from this building. I nee-d to go home’ he said as he handed her his car key.
Kehinde: ‘Sure’ she said and smiled. She collected the car key from his hand and walked majestically to the location where he parked his car.
Ayo couldn’t wait for her return because his head was aching so bad that he decided to call a cab to take him home while Kemi couldn’t locate his car for where he kept it was in a secluded area and it took the owners of the company around that area to show her where his car was parked because she kept calling him and he wasn’t picking his call.
Kehinde: Good Ayo, now I will make you mine forever. I am sure you are alre-ady asleep in the office for there is no point going to your home, we will just do it there. Thank God I am ovulating today for in the next two weeks, I will be giving you the result of what is about to happen.
Hhahaahahahaahaa…..hahaahahahaaha. she parked his car, went to his office and found his office empty. Ah, where is he? Maybe he is in the toilet, but how can we do it there if he is unconscious? Anyway sha, I will try. She went to the toilet and found it empty.
Mogbe! Where has he gone to? She quic-kly went to the receptionist ‘Hey you, where is your boss?
Receptionist: My boss? He stepped out few minutes ago.
Kehinde: What do you mean he stepped out few minutes ago and why did you allow him to?
Receptionist: I don’t un-derstand you Ma, what do you mean why did I allow him to go when he is my boss?
Kehinde: ‘Never mind’ she said as she rushed out to go look for him ‘Where has he gone to now and where can I find him? He left his phone in the office and I hope he is okay where ever he is ooo or should I go to his house? She asked herself when she walked down two streets looking for him and didn’t find him ‘she decided to go to his house’.
Adaobi was about to open the gate to her house when she sighted a cab man trying and screaming at an unconscious man in his car.
Cab Man: Oga! Oga abeg wake up na, we don reach?Which kind wahala be this one wey I don put myself now.
Adaobi: Hello, is everything okay? She asked as she approached him?
Cab Man: Nothing is okay ooo Madam, this man wey I bring come this location no wan wake up, I no no we-tin dey do am and I don dey here for over two hours.
Adaobi Went close to the man to see if she can be able to identify him but was surprised to see that it was Ayo her man ‘Ayo, Ayo! She tapped him but he didn’t respond. She felt his pulse to see if he was still breathing and was relaxed to know he is alive. ‘Abeg, help me carry am inside my house’.
Cab Man: Madame, you know am?
Adaobi: Yes I know am, he is my fiancé
Cab Man: Ah Thank God oooo.
Adaobi : But what happened to him?
Cab Man: No idea ooo he just enter my car say make I carry am go him house, na him as we reach him house him dey shout my head, my head say him no wan go him house make I carry am come here. As we don almost reach here, I no hear him voice again. I turn to check whether him dey okay or make I carry am go hospital na him I meet am like this till now.
Adaobi: ‘It’s okay, plea-se help me, lets carry him inside’ she said and they took him inside where she la-id him on her be-d,quic-kly paid the cab man for all his troubles and he left. Few minutes later, she called her doctor friend to plea-se come and check on Ayo for she didn’t know what to do and he [email protected]£.
Adaobi: How is he and is he going to be okay?
Doctor Obiora: He is, you have nothing to worry about.
Adaobi: But what is really wrong with him?
Doctor Obiora: He seems fine, except for the headache you talked about. I have been able to administer some drugs on him,he should be awake soonest. I also took his blood sample for a test.
Adaobi: So you can’t really say what the problem is?
Doctor Obiora: I think it is better we wait for the result to be out first.
Adaobi: Alright and thank you doctor.
Doctor Obiora : It’s no big deal, just give him the drugs when he wakes up.
Adaobi: Alright.
Ayo sle-pt throu-ghout the night and woke up only to find himself n-ked and in an unfamiliar room he looked again, searched the house with his eyes and saw that he was in Adaobi’s house. He quic-kly stood up, went to the sitting room and met her still slee-ping on the cushion. He was confused as to how he got there and went to her.
Ayo: Ada! Ada! He tapped her gently and she stirred for she was really tired ‘Ada! Wake up plea-se’.
Adaobi: quic-kly stood up and looked at him ‘Are you okay Ayo, is your head still aching you? Let me get you your drugs.
Ayo: What drugs and what am I doing here?
Adaobi: I should be the one asking you that question Ayo, what happened to you?
Ayo: What do you mean what happened to me?
Adaobi: Can’t you remember what happened yesterday?
Ayo: ‘What happened yesterday? What happened yesterday’ he said out loud ‘I remember gisting and chatting with Kehinde while eating the food she said my mother asked her to give me….thats all.
Adaobi: Is that all you remember?
Ayo: I remember telling her that I want to go home and she should plea-se help me get my car that is three block away from my building.
Adaobi: You didn’t remember telling any cab man to bring you here, or entering a cab?
Ayo: No, is that how I got here?
Adaobi: Yes and you were so messed up. If not that I found you yesterday outside the house with the cab man while you were unconscious, I wonder what would have happened. But what really happened?
Ayo: I don’t know, I only ate the food Kehinde brou-ght to me.
Adaobi: Who is Kehinde sef?
Ayo: The lady Mami wants me to marry.
Adaobi: Wow! And I wasn’t aware?
Ayo: it’s nothing, we are just friends.
Adaobi: A friend that brou-ght you food to your office is not just a friend.
Ayo: Mami s£nt her.
Adaobi: it’s obvious she likes her for a daughter in-law.
Ayo: Don’t start.
Adaobi: I am not starting anything other the fact that you should have gone to Kehindei’s house instead of my house.
Ayo: I said we are not having anything serious going between us.
Adaobi: Okay, but what really happened?
Ayo: I don’t know, it beats my imagination.
Adaobi: Were you drugged?
Ayo: I have no idea and I don’t think so.
Adaobi: Okay, we will find out soon.
Ayo: what do you mean?
Adaobi: Because a doctor attended to you and your blood sample was taken.
Ayo: When will the result be out?
Adaobi: it should be out soon.
Ayo: alright, it’s still early, let’s go in and catch some sleep.
Adaobi: are you sure you are okay?
Ayo: I am fine, just a little headache.
Adaobi: Arent you hungry?
Ayo: I am okay, let’s go to be-d.
Adaobi: I can’t.
Ayo: Why?
Adaobi: Because you are not feeling too well and I don’t trust myself around you.
Ayo: Hahahahaah I am fine, let’s go to be-d.
Adaobi: I said no.
Ayo: Why are you refusing me when you have never refused me before?
Adaobi: I don’t want us to do anything stupid based on what is happening to us lately.
Ayo: Lets go to be-d and I promise you that we won’t be stupid.
Kehinde tried all she could for three days to find out the location of where Ayo could be and to know if he is alright but didn’t succeed.
She went to Ayo’s mother to know whether her son has called her or If she has heard from him but she said she hasn’t and also asked Kemi if she knew where Ayo could be but she too wasn’t able to help.
Mami: What happened my daughter, ever since I told you to deliver the food to him, you haven’t told me how everything went. What did you guys talk about?
Kehinde: Nothing serious Mami, we didn’t discuss anything personal.
Mami: Did you guys have any misun-derstanding?
Kehinde: No Mami, why did you ask?
Mami: because he hasn’t called me to thank me and it’s been three days alre-ady. Do you know that I went out of my way to prepare that special meal for him?
Kehinde: Ermmm, he was so happy when he saw the meal you gave to him.
Mami: Really?
Kehinde: Yes Mami.
Mami: But why haven’t I heard from him?
Kehinde: I don’t know Mami, I don’t know. I am really worried about him.
Mami: ‘What do you mean you are worried……..just then, a call [email protected]£ in’ she picked it and said Yes hello, who is this?
Ayo: Hello Mami, it is Ayo.
Mami: Ah Ayo my son, I was just asking Kehinde about you, are you okay?
Ayo: Yes Mami, I am okay, I just called to say hello.
Mami: Really, okay thank you but won’t you speak with Kehinde and why are you calling with a strange number?
Ayo: ‘My phone has been switched off and say me hi to her for I am in a hurry, Bye’ he cut the line.
Mami: This one he cut the line on me, hope all is well.
Kehinde: is that my Ayo, what did he say and is he okay?
Mami: Young lady, which one is, is that Ayo? I thought you two are in good terms, what is wrong with you and why are you panicking?
Kehinde: Mami, was that Ayo and is he okay?
Mami: Yes he is okay and what is wrong?
Kehinde: Mami, I did something very wrong to him.
Mami: What did you do?
Kehinde: I drugged him thinking that I could take advantage of him but it didn’t work.
Mami: I don’t un-derstand, what do you mean you drugged him, how? Where? When?
Kehinde told him all that transpired with them when she went to deliver the food, how she drugged him and how she failed at her attempt.
Mami: Ah! You drugged my son, what if you had killed him?
Kehinde: I know what I did was wrong and I am so sorry Mami, I don’t know what to do again. Infact, I don’t think I can stand him for what I did was so shameful because I was so desperate.
Mami: Hmmm, to think that I was even the one that said you should get pregnant for him at all cost, I am to be blamed. I hope he gets to forgive us if he finds out the truth and that is if he hasn’t found out alre-ady.
Kehinde: Mami, what do I do now?
Mami: I don’t know my child, I will give him some time to get himself and probably get over his anger and after that I will have a talk with him.
Kehinde: Okay Mami.
Two months later, Ayo paid a visit to his mother accompanied by Adaobi for she called her to inform him that he will be coming after so many persuasion from his mother. Mami also called Kehinde to come to the house for her son was coming to pay them a visit.
Ayo: ‘Good day Mami’ he said as he entered the house.
Adaobi: Good day Mami.
Mami: ignored Adaobi and hvgged his son ‘My son, welcome home, it’s been a long time.
Kemi: Brother Welcome.
Kehinde: ‘Welcome Ayo’ she said with head bent.
Ayo: ignored Kehinde’s greeting and asked Kemi ‘How is studies Kemi?
Kemi: Fine brother.
Ayo: Sweetheart, plea-se make yourself at home he told her and she sat down beside him. Turning to Mami he asked ‘Why is Kehinde here today again?
Mami: Just because you two had a little disagreement doesn’t mean she is now the enemy na, the enemy is the one beside you.
Ayo: Hmmm is that why you told me to come here? To listen to this ru-bbish talk?
Mami: ru-bbish ke? When has my talk become ru-bbish in your ears?
Ayo: Mami, if not because you are my mother, I would have cut ties with all that you did to me. Did you know that because of this your motherly love and advice, I would have died?
Mami: Died ke? How do you mean?
Ayo: did you know that food was drugged by her?
Mami: she is sorry; she never meant me any harm. She told me all about it.
Ayo: Is that all you will say Mami?
Mami: What more can I say if not that and to even think of it, I am [email protected] to be blamed for it.
Ayo: Well, since you decided to go against all odd to drug me, I decided to go against all odd to get married.
Mami: No you won’t get married to this woman here, no way.
Ayo: if that is the case, there is nothing you can do about it now.
Kehinde: Ayo I am very sorry, what I did to you was wrong.
Ayo: You should be and you are forgiven but from now on, I don’t want to see you in my house, office or any- where close to my family.
Kehinde: Ayo plea-se! Lets forget the past and move on.
Ayo: That is exactly what I am doing, moving on and forgetting the past otherwise, I would have locked you up for what you did.
Kehinde: Give me a second chance let’s get to know each other better for I promise to be the best wife and a good friend ever.
Ayo: I wish but that won’t be possible ever again.
Mami: Ever again, why? Why can’t you just forgive, forget and move on with her, she is sorry na.
Ayo: Anyway, I didn’t come here to talk about this, in fact, I wouldn’t want to come here for a very long time if not because my sweetheart here told me to and since I am here, it’s better we all know what nee-ds to be known.
Mami: What is that?
Ayo: Meet your new daughter in-law and Kemi your new sister in-law. It’s your decision if you want to accept her with your whole heart or not.
Mami: Have you done the nee-dful?
Ayo: Yes I have since you were not in support; I felt there was no nee-d to get you involved.
Kemi: Welcome to the family.
Adaobi: Thank you.
Mami: I thought I was so important, how could you take such a drastic decision without telling me?
Ayo: You alre-ady know why I did and if you won’t accept her for my sake then be re-ady to lose a son for she is carrying your grandchild alre-ady.
Mami: Hmmm…looking at them for a few minutes and remained quiet.
Kehinde: ‘No! Mami, say something, say something plea-se’ she said crying.
Mami: My hands are tied but since they are alre-ady married and expecting my grandchild, you are welcome to the family my child.
Adaobi: Thank you Mami.
Kehinde: NO!No!No! She said and left the house quic-kly.
Mami: ‘I hope I will be given a second chance to be the mother you de-sire? I am sorry for everything’ she said and hvgged her and smiled wickedly.
This is just the beginning.

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